Known discography of ROUGH TRADE
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(267 records found)
rate it pere ubuthe modern dance ROUGH-007 197812"
rate it metal urbainparis marquis RT-001 19787"
rate it cabaret voltaireextended play RT-003 19787"
rate it subway sectambition RT-007 19787"
rate it essential logicst RT-008 197812"
rate it swell mapsdresden style RT-012 19787"
rate it spizzoil6,000 crazy RTSO-001 19787"
rate it swell mapsa trip to marineville GEAR-005 / ROUGH-002 197912"+7"
rate it swell mapsloin of the surf GEAR-005 / ROUGH-002 19797"
rate it the raincoatsst ROUGH-003 197912"
rate it the monochrome sethe's frank RT-005 19797"
rate it kleenexhedi's head RT-009 19797"
rate it the raincoatsfairytale in the supermarket RT-013 19797"
rate it kleenexÜ RT-014 19797"
rate it dr mix and the remixno fun RT-017 19797"
rate it cabaret voltairenag nag nag RT-018 19797"
rate it the monochrome seteine symphonie des grauens RT-019 19797"
rate it swell mapsreal shocks RT-021 19797"
rate it the feeliesfa cé-la RT-024 19797"
rate it the monochrome setthe monochrome set RT-028 19797"
rate it essential logicpopcorn boy (waddle ya do?) RT-029 19797"
rate it delta 5mind your own business RT-031 19797"
rate it dr mix and the remixi can't control myself! RT-032 19797"
rate it swell mapslet's build a car big maz in the country ...then poland RT-036 19797"
rate it wireour swimmer RT-079 19797"
rate it spizzoilcold city : 4 RTSO-002 19797"
rate it spizzenergisoldier soldier RTSO-003 19797"
rate it spizzenergiwhere's captain kirk? RTSO-004 19797"
rate it essential logicbeat rhythm news - waddle ya play? Y-005 / ROUGH-005 197912"
rate it pere ubuthe art of walking 198012"
rate it young marble giantscolossal youth ROUGH-008 198012"
rate it the pop groupfor how much longer do we tolerate mass murder? ROUGH-009 / Y-002 198012"
rate it the falltotale's turns' ('it's now or never') ROUGH-010 198012"
rate it the falllive ROUGH-010 198012"
rate it the pop groupwe are time ROUGH-012 / Y-005 198012"
rate it swell mapsswell maps in ''jane from occupied europe'' ROUGH-015 / 198012"
rate it robert rental & the normallive at west runton pavillon, 6-3-79 ROUGH-017 198012"
rate it the fallgrotesque ROUGH-018 198012"
rate it stiff little fingers delta 5 the slits essential logic television personalities swell maps the pop group spizz energi kleenex cabaret voltaire the raincoats young marble giants scritti politti robert wyattv/a: wanna buy a bridge? ROUGH-US3 198012"
rate it the pop groupwe are all prostitutes RT-023 19807"
rate it robert wyattarauco RT-037 19807"
rate it delta 5anticipation RT-041 19807"
rate it the prats1990's pop ep RT-042 19807"
rate it young marble giantsfinal day RT-043 19807"
rate it liliputdie matrosen RT-047 19807"
rate it the fallhow i wrote elastic man RT-048 19807"
rate it pere ubudatapanik in the year zero-a RT-049 19807"
rate it essential logiceugene RT-050 19807"
rate it television personalitiessmashing time RT-051 19807"
rate it robert wyattat last i am free RT-052 19807"
rate it essential logicmusic is a better noise RT-053 19807"
rate it the falltotally wired RT-056 19807"
rate it missing scientistsbig city bright lights RT-057 19807"
No sleeve yet rate it blue orchidssymbolscrash RT-065 19807"
rate it tv personalitieswhere's bill grundy now? RTO-033 19807"
rate it athletico spizz 80no room RTSO-005 19807"
rate it the pop group the slitssplit 7" Y-001 / RT-039 19807"
rate it the slitsman next door Y-004 / RT-044 19807"
rate it spizzenergispizz history rough trade singles ROUGH S-001 198112"
rate it the raincoatsodyshape ROUGH-013 198112"
rate it the red crayola & art and languagekangaroo? ROUGH-019 198112"
rate it pere ubusong of the bailing man ROUGH-021 198112"
rate it swell mapswhatever happens next... ROUGH-021 / 198112"x2
rate it pere ubu390 degrees of simulated stereo ubu live: volume one ROUGH-023 198112"
rate it television personalities...and don't the kids just love it ROUGH-024 1981CD
rate it this heatdeceit ROUGH-026 198112"
rate it wiredocument and eyewitness ROUGH-029 198112"x2
rate it swell mapscollision time ROUGH-041 198112"
rate it the gistthis is love RT-058 19817"
rate it young marble giantstestcard RT-059 19817"
rate it liliputeisiger wind RT-062 19817"
rate it television personalitiesi know where syd barrett lives RT-063 19817"
rate it blue orchidsthe flood RT-065 19817"
rate it pere ubunot happy RT-066 19817"
rate it blue orchidswork RT-067 19817"
rate it essential logicfanfare in the garden RT-074 19817"
rate it the pratsgeneral davis RT-080 19817"
rate it epic soundtracksjelly babies RT-084 19817"
rate it the gistlove at first sight RT-085 19817"
rate it lora logicwonderful offer RT-087 198112" ep
rate it the fallslates RTO-71 198110"
rate it david thomasvocal performances TRADE-005/12 198112" ep
rate it the go-betweenssend me a lullaby 1982CD
rate it lora logicpedigree charm ROUGH-028 198212"
rate it blue orchidsthe greatest hit (money mountain) ROUGH-036 198212"
rate it liliputliliput ROUGH-043 198212"
rate it the raincoatsrunning away RT-093 19827"
rate it epic soundtracks & jowe headsoundtracks & head rain, rain, rain RT-104 198212" ep
rate it virgin prunespagan lovesong RT-106 198212" ep
rate it the go-betweenshammer the hammer RT-108 / MISS-033 19827"
rate it spizzenergi 2mega city 3 RTSO-006 19827"
rate it spizzenergi 2jungle fever RTSO-007 19827"
rate it weekendthe view from her room RTT-097 19827"
rate it weekenddrumbeat for baby RTT-116 19827"
rate it shockabillythe dawn of... shockabilly RTT-120 198212" ep
rate it violent femmesgone daddy gone LASH-001 19837"
rate it jazzateersst ROUGH-046 198312"
No sleeve yet rate it shockabillyearth vs. shockabilly ROUGH-048 198312"
rate it the go-betweensbefore hollywood ROUGH-054 1983CD
rate it the fallperverted by language ROUGH-062 198312"
No sleeve yet rate it dislocation dancemidnight shift ROUGH-063 198312"
rate it the raincoatsmoving ROUGH-066 198312"
rate it this heat the blue orchids the go-betweens mofungo the virgin prunes cabaret voltaire the red crayola lora logic david gamson tan tan the raincoats epic soundtracks & jowe headv/a: selezioné rough trade vol. 2 RT-011 198312"
rate it television personalitiesa sense of belonging RT-109 19837"
rate it the go-betweenscattle and cane RT-124 19837"
rate it the gistfool for a valentine RT-125 19837"
rate it shockabilly19th nervous breakdown RT-127 19837"
rate it the fallthe man whose head expanded RT-133 19837"
rate it the pastelsi wonder why RT-137 19837"
rate it dislocation danceshow me RT-142 198312" ep
rate it the fallkicker conspiracy RT-143 19837"x2
rate it the go-betweensman o'sand to girl o'sea RT-144 19837"
rate it liliputyou did it RTD-001 19837"
rate it violent femmesugly RTD-012 / 198312" ep
No sleeve yet rate it liliputsome songs RTD-015 198312"
rate it blue orchidsagents of change RTT-117 198312" ep
rate it the smithshand in glove RTT-131 19837"
rate it the smithsthis charming man RTT-136 198312" ep
rate it the smithsthis charming man RTT-136 19837"
rate it aztec camerahigh land, hard rain / CEL-6643 198312"
rate it microdisneyeverybody is fantastic 198412"
rate it the smithsst ROUGH-061 198412"
No sleeve yet rate it shockabillycolosseum ROUGH-068 198412"
rate it rainy dayst ROUGH-070 198412"
rate it the smithshatful of hollow ROUGH-079 198412"
rate it the raincoatsanimal rhapsody RT-153 198412" ep
rate it microdisneymicrodisney 82-84 we hate you south african bastards RTM-155 198412"
rate it sandie shawhand in glove RTT-130 198412" ep
rate it sandie shawhand in glove RTT-130 19847"
rate it microdisneydolly RTT-135 198412" ep
rate it the smithswhat difference does it make? RTT-146 198412" ep
rate it the smithswhat difference does it make? RTT-146 198412" ep
rate it the smithsheaven knows i'm miserable now RTT-156 198412" ep
rate it the woodentopsstraight eight bushwaker 198512"
rate it jeremy kiddpetals + ashes (a song for emma goldman) 198512" ep
rate it the smithsmeat is murder ROUGH-081 198512"
rate it microdisneythe clock comes down the stairs ROUGH-085 198512"
rate it robert wyattold rottenhat RT-069 198512"
No sleeve yet rate it jonathan richmani'm just beginning to live RTT-154 198512" ep
rate it the woodentopsit will come RTT-169 198512" ep
rate it microdisneyin the world RTT-175 198512" ep
rate it microdisneybirthday girl RTT-185 198512" ep
rate it the woodentopsgiant 198612"
rate it the smithsthe queen id dead ROUGH-096 198612"
rate it primal scream the mighty lemon drops the soup dragons the wolfhounds the bodines mighty mighty stump bogshed a witness the pastels the age of chance shop assistants the close lobsters miaow half man half biscuit the servants mackenzies big flame we've got a fuzzbox and we're gonna use it mccarthy the shrubs the wedding presentv/a: nme C86 ROUGH-100 198612"
rate it the smithsthe world won't listen ROUGH-101 198612"
rate it feedtimeshovel ROUGHUS-035 198612"
rate it the weather prophetsdiesel river RTD/CRE 2-40 198612"
rate it the woodentopsmove me RTT-165 198612" ep
rate it the woodentopsgood thing RTT-177 198612" ep
rate it the woodentopseveryday living RTT-178 198612" ep+7"
rate it the feeliesno one knows RTT-180 198612" ep
rate it the smithspanic RTT-193 198612" ep
No sleeve yet rate it the cradleit's too high RT-202 19877"
rate it the smithsstrangeways, here we come RTD-060 198712"
rate it the motorcycle boybig rock candy mountain RTT-210 198712" ep
rate it loopfade out CHAP-034 / RTD-097 198812"
rate it the obi men the hamsters the lowthers john the postman's puerile john the postman and the legendary lost beatrice god (??) mr. a. valler andrew berry the next step philip johnsonv/a: the disparate cogscienti COG-002 / ROUGH-046US 198812"
rate it a.r. kane69 ROUGH-119 198812"
rate it feedtimecooper s ROUGHUS-039 198812"
No sleeve yet rate it a.r. kaneup home! RTT-201 198812" ep
rate it the band of holy joytactless RTT-223 198812" ep
rate it a.r. kanecrack up 198912" ep
rate it jamesone man clapping ONEMAN-001 / 198912"
rate it the band of holy joymanic, magic, majestic ROUGH-125 198912"
rate it scrawlhe's drunk ROUGH-138 198912"
rate it galaxie 500on fire ROUGH-146 198912"
rate it this picturenaked rain RT-237 19897"
rate it jamescome home RT-245 19897"
No sleeve yet rate it pigsick city RTD N28 198912"
rate it the sundayscan't be sure RTT-218 198912" ep
rate it jamessit down RTT-225 198912" ep
rate it the band of holy joyevening world holiday show RTT-233 198912" ep
rate it the perfect disasterup / RTD-116 198912"
rate it the sundaysreading, writing and arithmetic 199012"
No sleeve yet rate it fm einheitfrühlingserwachen 1990CD ep
rate it the perfect disasterrise BLAZE-043 199012" ep
rate it the perfect disasterheaven scent FIRE-027 / GROWL-001 199012"+7"
rate it the cleanvehicle ROUGH-143 199012"
No sleeve yet rate it walter salas-humaralagartija ROUGH-144 199012"
rate it the band of holy joypositively spooked ROUGH-155 199012"
rate it galaxie 500this is our music ROUGH-156 199012"+7"
rate it mazzy starshe hangs brightly ROUGH-158 / 1990CD
rate it jackofficersdigital dump RT-100 / NBX-003 199012"
rate it einstürzende neubautenfeurio RTD-065 / 19903" CD
rate it ned's atomic dustbinbite RTD-140 / 1990CD
rate it butthole surfersthe hurdy gurdy man RTT-240 199012" ep
rate it the boo radleyskaleidoscope RTT-241 199012" ep
rate it carter the unstoppable sex machineanytime anyplace anywhere RTT-242 1990CD ep
rate it the band of holy joyreal beauty passed through RTT-243 1990CD ep
rate it galaxie 500blue thunder (w/ sax) RTT-246 199012" ep
rate it galaxie 500fourth of july RTT-249 199012" ep
rate it pale saintsthe comforts of madness / RTD-140 199012"
No sleeve yet rate it bradfordshouting quietly / RTD-155 / DAN-036 1990CD
rate it ultra vivid scenejoy 1967-1990 / RTD-160 199012"
rate it einstürzende neubautenheiner müller: die hamletmaschine 1991CD
rate it nova mobadmiral of the sea 199112" ep
rate it robert wyattdondestan 1991CD
rate it god's eyelove's a bargain 1991CD
rate it levitationrough trade singles club october 1991 45REV01 19917"
No sleeve yet rate it sweet jesusrough trade singles club november 1991 45REV02 19917"
rate it inrainrough trade singles club december 1991 45REV03 19917"
rate it shrimp boatduende A-HANON-022 / R-2781 199112"
rate it the boo radleysevery heaven e.p. R-20112710 199112" ep
rate it nova mobthe last days of pompeii R-208 1991CD
rate it paul learythe history of dogs R-263 1991CD
rate it pierre étoilein the sun R-2723 1991CD ep
rate it the boo radleysboo up! e.p. R-2750 199112" ep
rate it the mabusesst R-2772 1991CD
rate it band of susansthe word and the flesh RTD-157 199112"
rate it liberty horsesbelieve 1992CD ep
rate it tom verlainewarm and cool 1992CD
rate it fm einheit & ulrike haagesteinzeit 1992CD
rate it the batsfear of god 30979 1992CD
rate it liberty horsesrough trade singles club january 1992 45REV04 19927"
rate it the nailsrough trade singles club february 1992 45REV05 19927"
rate it mercury revrough trade singles club march 1992 45REV06 19927"
rate it ultramarinerough trade singles club april 1992 45REV07 19927"
rate it butterfly childrough trade singles club may 1992 45REV08 19927"
rate it puressencerough trade singles club june 1992 45REV09 19927"
rate it jacob's mouse!rough trade singles club july 1992 45REV10 19927"
rate it holy joyrough trade singles club august 1992 45REV11 19927"
rate it vic godardrough trade singles club september 1992 45REV12 19927"
rate it flower sermonrough trade singles club october 1992 45REV13 19927"
rate it the vulgar boatmenplease panic R-2812 1992CD
rate it sweet jesusphonefreak honey R-2843 1992CD ep
rate it epic soundtracksrise above R-2932 1992CD
rate it shrimp boatcavale R-3002 1992CD
rate it caspar brötzmann massakerder abend der schwartzen folklore RTD-195.1248 1992CD
rate it liberty horsesjoyland T2922 1992CD
rate it trumans waterof thick tum 1993CD
No sleeve yet rate it fm einheitstein 1993CD
No sleeve yet rate it fm einheiteducacăo 1993CD ep
rate it papa sprainrough trade singles club january 1993 45REV14 19937"
rate it the auteursrough trade singles club february 1993 45REV15 19937"
rate it tindersticksa marriage made in heaven rough trade singles club march 1993 45REV16 19937"
rate it the harmony ambulancerough trade singles club april 1993 45REV17 19937"
rate it strangeloverough trade singles club may 1993 45REV18 19937"
rate it mazzy starrough trade singles club june 1993 45REV19 19937"
rate it starpowerrough trade singles club july 1993 45REV20 19937"
rate it st johnnyrough trade singles club august 1993 45REV21 19937"
rate it silverrough trade singles club september 1993 45REV22 19937"
rate it steven robackrough trade singles club october 1993 45REV23 19937"
rate it drugstorerough trade singles club november 1993 45REV24 19937"
No sleeve yet rate it blessed ethelrough trade singles club december 1993 45REV25 19937"
rate it the raincoatsmoving R3062 1993CD
rate it caspar brötzmann massakerkoks ofen RTD-195 1993CD
rate it vinerough trade singles club 1994 19947"
rate it milfno name rough trade singles club january 1994 45REV26 19947"
rate it blamelessrough trade singles club february 1994 45REV27 19947"
rate it puppy love bombrough trade singles club march 1994 45REV28 19947"
rate it god is my co-pilotthis is no time to be frail! rough trade singles club april 1994 45REV29 19947"
rate it swimmingcut her out rough trade singles club may 1994 45REV30 19947"
rate it terry edwardsrough trade singles club june 1994 45REV31 19947"
rate it fruitthe queen of old compton street rough trade singles club july 1994 45REV32 19947"
rate it catherinerough trade singles club december 1994 45REV35 19947"
rate it the mabusesthe melbourne method R-3132 1994CD
No sleeve yet rate it F.M. einheit & caspar brötzmannmerry christmas RTD-195.1571 1994CD
rate it blonde redheadrough trade singles club november 1995 45REV36 19957"
rate it the raincoatsdon't be mean R-4043 1995CD ep
rate it des man diablofever 45REV39 19967"
rate it nubfall guy 45REV40 19967"
rate it the raincoatslooking in the shadows R-4031 199612"
No sleeve yet rate it the strokesis this it RTRADE-030 2001CD
rate it the band of holy joylove never fails RTRADE-044 2002CD
rate it a.r.e. weaponsst CYCLE-012 / 2003CD
rate it the strokesroom on fire RTRADE-130 2003CD
ASSOCIATED LABELS y, rather records, chapter 22, cycle, world service, creation, fire, too pure, bar none, barclay, celluloid, self-drive, ego, naked brain
ORIGIN uk germany herne

origine, provenance, formé ŕ, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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