Known discography of RUGGER BUGGER
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No sleeve yet rate it thatcher on acidst SEEP-001 198812"
rate it thatcher on acidflannel 905 DUMP-003 19907"
rate it sofa headinvitation to dinner DUMP-004 19907"
rate it gold, francisness and disk drive sore throat danbert nobacon generic political asylum chumbawamba culture dick thought police wat tyler whothehell thatcher on acid snuff why sofahead ex pistolsv/a: abey raid 1 fuck emi SEEP-002 199112"
rate it schwartzeneggargoodbye to all that ALLIED-019 / DUMP-011 / GAP-005 19927"
rate it j churchsleep DUMP-014 19927"
rate it guns 'n' wankerspop DAMGOOD-045A / DUMP-020 19947"
rate it guns 'n' wankershardcore DAMGOOD-045C / DUMP-021 19947"
rate it guns 'n' wankersmetal DAMGOOD-045E / DUMP-022 19947"
rate it godstarglasgow DUMP-017 / 19947"
rate it leatherfacewin some, lose some DUMP-018 19947"
rate it huggy bearmain squeeze DUMP-019 / TROUBLE-03 19947"
rate it rugratrhubarb DUMP-023 19947"
rate it schwartzeneggarthe way things are....and other stories ep SEEP-009 / GAP-023 1994CD ep
rate it popejohnpaulgeorgeringo SEEP-017 199412"
rate it SPDFGH pansy division chumbawamba mambo taxi doom wat tylerv/a: gay pride (you don't know what your missing) whoever whenever whatever DUMP-024 19957"
rate it frankie stubbsunhinged DUMP-025 19957"
rate it jessierant DUMP-029 19957"
rate it broccolirelent DUMP-030 19957"
rate it wat tyler oi polloi wormv/a: bollox fuck shit arse wank piss cunt prick it's big it's tough it's clever swearing DUMP-031 19957"
rate it leatherfacelive in oslo SEEP-010 1995CD
rate it j churcharbor vitae SEEP-015 199512"
rate it jessieindestructable DUMP-034 19967"
rate it broccolilean DUMP-035 19967"
rate it dogpisssmells like... canine urine DUMP-037 19967"
rate it jessehandful of earth DUMP-039 19967"
rate it broccoli choppersplit 7" DUMP-040 / CAT-010.5 19967"
rate it dogpisslay öff the türps DUMP-042 19967"
rate it broccolis/t SEEP-019 / GAP-039 199612"
rate it jesse hooton 3 carjapanese tour split 7" DUMP-043 19977"
rate it broccolihome SEEP-023 199812"
rate it jessejesse SEEP-024 199812"
rate it wat tylermr. crust DUMP-049 19997"
rate it j church discountsplit 12" 200012"
ASSOCIATED LABELS damaged goods, gap recordings, meantime, famous monsters of filmland, crackle
ORIGIN uk london

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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