Known discography of SATAN'S PIMP
(34 records found)
artist title ref year format
rate it zoinks!dump-eye PIMP-003 19937"
rate it gob loadstarsplit 7" PIMP-005 19937"
rate it gobwinkie PMP-004 1993CD
rate it zoinks!sapsucker sluggo 19947"
rate it zoinks! freakazoid robot 2000 loadstar gobv/a: a worldwide release from the ass of kill us if you think we should stop PIMP-007 19947"
rate it zoinks! narcissistic fredssplit 7" PIMP-008 19947"
rate it gobhogatha's space pal PIMP-010 19947"
rate it pachinkoi naked... PIMP-012 19947"
rate it gobadonis PIMP-013 19947"
rate it bhang dextrohedwig 19957"
rate it white
life on the ranch of elisabeth clare prophet (isn't a
ll it's cracked up to be)
PIMP-014 19957"
rate it croatanwrong hole, dumbass! 19967"
rate it wadge maisie forced expression vilently ill enemy soil agoraphobic nosebleedv/a: grind in the mind volume 1 BO-034 / PIMP-020 19967"
rate it croatanup your butt and out the door PIMP-014 19967"
rate it pachinko gob jackwacker exit designer (SWI) bhang dextrov/a: accidental death through misadventure & mayhem! volume two PIMP-015 19967"
rate it sap poliosplit 7" PIMP-018 19967"
rate it apartment 213 maisie noothgrush everskwelch fork gobv/a: accidental decapitation through masturbation! volume three PIMP-019 19967"
rate it vae victisst PMP-029 / MOT-001 199612"
rate it spazz gobsplit 5" 702-010 / PIMP-02? 19975"
rate it scalp-lockseven songs 7" PIMP-022 19977"
rate it tomsk-7 idi aminsplit 7" PIMP-026 19977"
rate it deadbodieseverywherest 625-024 / PIMP-027 199812"
rate it laceration agoraphobic nosebleedsplit 7" PIMP-021 19987"
rate it suppression no less tomsk 7 laceration agents of satan burnt rat's paramecial wedding society of friends black army jacket deadbodieseverywhere agoraphobic nosebleed dyslexis coup scalp-lock vilently ill facade burned black gob pig destroyer scabies sss exhumed benumb combat wounded veteran last remaining pinnaclev/a: accidental double homicide! volume four PIMP-024 19987"x2
rate it ahriman vae victissplit 7" PIMP-025 19987"
rate it short hate temper amps for christ benumb crank sturgeon cattle decapitation sockeye opstand judas iscariot utter bastard facialmess volume eleven tear you a new a**hole gigantopithecus noothgrush tinf human extermination project entrails massacre soiled zed no comply cock esp a**hole parade vilently ill tender love ruido praparation h mindset building of gel black mayonaise captain three leg society of friends herbivore ruido de odio quintron hellnation sound antenna necrolust tggdrasil none of your f*cking business iron maiden lord zillablaster idi amin richard ramirez hated principles yokozuna noisegate misopsychia self help spazz earwigs jalopaz autodefenstration hermit gob dahmer sonic disorder pus del recto bastard noise suppression rupture gnob locust experimental farm black army jacket dyslexis coup agoraphobic nosebleed guernica paindriver enemy soil bologna farm the servants of earth transaxis oracle lack of integrity everskwelch bucket holds water you purchase dance harvey and the bad vapor bubbles autoerotichrist pain jerk merzbow emil beaulieau laceration the japanese torture comedy hour maisie lockweld love power electronics seven minutes of nausea end of silence jermflux shadowed veil let's put the x in sex third world planet charles bascomb f.l.o. muzumuzu suru k. shipley last remaining pinnacle men's recovery project facade burned blackv/a: audio terrorism the soundtrack for weirdness and blind hostility 1999CD
rate it fall silentsuperstructure 702-022 / PIMP-028 199912"
rate it cattle decapitationhuman jerky PMP-031 199912"
No sleeve yet rate it ruinacrest PMP-032 199912"
rate it gobthe kill yourself commandment PMP-033 199912"
rate it jesus philbinsubterranean electronic blasphemy PMP-035 2000CD
rate it iron lung teen cthulhusplit 7" tentacled breathing 20017"
No sleeve yet rate it molehillthousand mile regret 200112"
rate it shed dwellazredwood city's most hated PMP-038 200112"
OWNER john kortlandteree barnes
ASSOCIATED LABELS bovine, 702, black mot, 625
ORIGIN usa nevada reno

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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