Known discography of SECRETLY CANADIAN
(aka secretly fuckin' canadian)
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(38 records found)
rate it songs:ohiaone pronunciation of glory SC-002 19967"
rate it ativinmodern gang reader SC-003 19967"
rate it songs:ohiast SC-004 199712"
rate it songs:ohiahecla & griper ep SC-008 1997CD ep
rate it ativingerman water SC-011 199712"
rate it the panoply academy glee clubrah! SC-019 1998CD
rate it ativinsumming the approach SC-023 1999CD ep
rate it the panoply academy glee clubwhat we defend SC-025 1999CD ep
rate it sharon topper & fly appendix out mia doi todd mark kozelek drunk nikki mcclure pedro the lion jandek dave fischoff the grifters swearing at motorists david grubbs the japonize elephants danielson famile modest mouse richard buckner & p.w. long jarboe mimi parker & alan sparhawk damien jurado elliot sharp suzanne langille songs: ohia tim foljahn & margaret munchheimer the panoply academy die-cast cadetsv/a: the unaccompanied voice: an a capella compilation SC-007 2000CD
rate it the panoply academy corps of engineersconcentus SC-033 2000CD
rate it songs: ohiaghost tropic SC-040 200012"
rate it ativininteriors SC-031 2001CD
rate it the panoply academy legionnairesdiurnally yours SC-038 20017"
rate it the panoply academy legionnairesno more dead time SC-039 2001CD
rate it nikki suddenwaiting on egypt the bible belt SC-051 2001CDx2
rate it nikki suddentexas dead men tell no tales SC-052 2001CDx2
rate it songs: ohia scout niblettsplit 7" SC-061 20017"
rate it racebannonsatan's kickin' yr dick in pts I & II SC-069 20017"
rate it nikki suddengroove crown of thorns SC-053 2002CDx2
rate it jacobitesjacobites SC-054 2002CD
rate it jacobitesrobespierre's velvet basement SC-055 2002CDx2
rate it jacobitesthe ragged school SC-056 2002CD
rate it nikki sudden&rowland s. howardkiss you kidnapped charabanc live in augsburg SC-057 2002CDx2
rate it racebannonsatan's kickin' yr dick in the story of rhonda delight SC-079 2002CD
rate it ativinnight mute SC-059 2003CD
rate it the magnolia electric cost SC-076 2003CD
rate it the panoply academyeverything here was built to break SC-058 2004CD
rate it nikki suddentreasure island SC-077 2004CD
rate it windsor for the derbywe fight til death SC-110 2004CD
rate it magnolia electric cotrials & errors SC-098 200512"x2
rate it magnolia electric cowhat comes after the blues SC-102 2005CD
rate it windsor for the derbygiving up the ghost SC-128 2005CD
rate it windsor for the derbyempathy for people unknown SC-136 200512" ep
rate it windsor for the derbycalm hades float reissue SC-142 2006CD
rate it windsor for the derbyminnie greutzfeldt reissue SC-143 2006CD
rate it nikki suddenthe truth doesn't matter SC-153 2006CD
rate it nikki sudden songs:ohia suzanne langille early day miners damien jurado dave fischoff danielson june panic ativin swearing at motorists havergal racebannon cornelius boots jens lekman marmoset the impossible shapes the panoply academy the japonize elephantsv/a: SC100 SC-100 2007CD
rate it windsor for the derbyhow we lost SC-141 2008CD
OWNER ben swansonchris swanson jonathan cargill
ORIGIN usa indiana bloomington

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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