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rate it franklin brunosuggestion box: home recordings 1984-1990 SHR-008 1990tape
rate it refrigeratorlonesome surprise SHR-013 1991tape
rate it refrigeratorrael SHR-025 1992tape
rate it the mountain goatsthe hound chronicles SHR-033 1992tape
rate it john davis the mountain goats paste franklin bruno joey burns party of onev/a: hard core acoustic a shrimper compilation SHR-037 1992tape
rate it refrigerator shoeface franklin bruno sentridoh satnam puppets jim bishop wckr spgt halov/a: ghost of a rollercoaster SHR-701 19927"
rate it goosewindgoosegg SHR-702 / BABY-004 19927"
rate it refrigeratormusic for hi-fi bugs songs with a story SHR-703 19927"
rate it buzzsaw bugskull simon wickham smith & bill & karl smog mincemeat oar nothing painted blue lil' johnny h pastev/a: swing set SHR-704 19927"
rate it the mountain goatssongs for petronuis SHR-705 19927"
rate it refrigeratorcar alarm SHR-706 19927"
rate it the mountain goatstaboo VI: the homecoming SHR-027 1993tape
rate it franklin brunoetudes for voice & snackmaser SHR-044 1993tape
rate it the mountain goatshot garden stomp SHR-045 1993tape
rate it god is my co-pilotwhat doctors don't tell you SHR-046 1993tape
rate it colonial awards of 1984 the extra glenns the bux nothing painted blue sentridoh goosewind shoeface will simmons insect feelings the mountain goats junket massengil joey burns (creamy original) wckr spgt punk rock diskothi-q franklin bruno halo paste primordial undermind guffey refrigerator simon wickham smith & bill + karl john davis ah bus buzzsaw bügsküll the jim bishop guitar army carne-a satnam puppets jive party of one lil' johnny h lou barlowv/a: abridged perversion a shrimper compilation of shrimper compilations SHR-098 1993CD
rate it pastelearning from las vegas SHR-707 / BABY-008 19937"
rate it wckr spgtcream SHR-708 19937"
No sleeve yet rate it soul junk1950 free shrimp 1994tape
rate it low barlow's acoustic sentridohwasted pieces '87 - '93 SHR-048 1994tape
No sleeve yet rate it the ah club will simmons iacocca primordial undermind chicken damage god is my co-pilot massengil furniture huschle party of one jack knife the extra glennsv/a: fantasy band (a shrimper compilation) SHR-710 19947"
rate it soul-junk1951 SHR-056 1995CD
rate it the secret starsst SHR-060 1995tape
rate it the mountain goatssweden SHR-068 199512"
rate it refrigeratoranchors of bleed COMM-040 / 1996CD
rate it the mountain goatsbeautiful rat sunset SRP-099 199610"
rate it john davisblue mountains SHR-090 199712"
rate it refrigeratorst SHR-101 1997CD
No sleeve yet rate it the secret starsst SHR-080 199812"
rate it the secret starsgenealogies SHR-107 1998CD
rate it refrigeratorglitter jazz SHR-113 1999CD
rate it refrigeratorcomedy minus one SHR-128 2001CD
rate it simon joynerblue melody: live from the south SHR-140 2003CD
OWNER dennis callaci
ASSOCIATED LABELS the communion label, baby huey
ORIGIN usa california upland

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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