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rate it lungfishnecklace of heads DIS-050,5 / SMR-002,5 199012"
rate it the hated lungfish edsel geekv/a: wedge SMR-001 19907"
rate it juliana luecking holy rollersv/a: wheel SMR-002 19907"
rate it geek seaweed superchunkv/a: three's company the single that goes with the tour SMR-002.33 19907"
rate it chokekingdom of mattresses VS-008 / SMR-000,5 19907"
rate it bricks my new boyfriend nation of ulysses the mommyheadsv/a: pulley SMR-003 19917"
rate it candy machine jawbox geek velocity girlv/a: screw SMR-004 19917"
rate it severin scrawl autoclave circus lupusv/a: lever SMR-005 19917"
rate it late!pocketwatch SM-TOOL-003 1992tape
rate it tsunami superchunk rodan unrestv/a: inclined plane SMR-006 19927"
rate it the cannanes velocity girl leaky chipmunk scrawl seaweed thurston moore & kim gordon & epic soundtracks geek love child unrest superchunk fish and roses whorlv/a: fortune cookie prize a tribute to beat happening SMR-007 1992CD
rate it sugartimeawestruck SMR-009 19927"
rate it breadwinner coral burma jam fudge tear jerks candy machine slack false face society bratmobile late! lilys whorlv/a: neapolitan metropolitan richmond baltimore washington dc SMR-010 19927"x3
rate it tear jerkschances are SMR-011 19927"
rate it the hatedawl TOOL-004 1992tape
rate it scrawlyour mother wants to know 19937"
No sleeve yet rate it tsunami24 hour service SMR-016 19937"
rate it scrawlvelvet hammer SMR-020 199312"
rate it lungfish the tinklerssplit 7" working holiday february SMWH-002 19937"
rate it eggs johnny cohen and the shoe treessplit 7" working holiday april SMWH-004 19937"
rate it my dad is dead rastro!split 7" working holiday june SMWH-006 19937"
rate it nothing painted blue loissplit 7" working holiday july SMWH-007 19937"
rate it small factory tsunamisplit 7" working holiday august SMWH-008 19937"
rate it jawbox crackerbashsplit 7" working holiday september SMWH-009 19937"
rate it the grifters crainsplit 7" working holiday october SMWH-010 19937"
rate it pitchblende swirliessplit 7" working holiday november SMWH-011 19937"
rate it superchunk caterpillarsplit 7" working holiday december SMWH-012 19937"
rate it scrawlbloodsucker SMR-017 1994CD
rate it tsunamiheart's tremolo SMR-025 199412"
rate it scrawl versus the tinklers lungfish codeine the coctails eggs jonny cohen & the shoe trees veronica lake my dad is dead rastro! nothing painted blue lois small factory tsunami jawbox crackerbash the grifters crain pitchblende superchunk caterpillar mc jason noble danielle howle david greenberger archers of loaf bricks jonny cohen rodan franklin bruno no artistv/a: working holiday SMR-026 1994CDx2
rate it rodan tsunami eggsv/a: the monsters of rock volume II SMR-029 1994CD ep
rate it the raymond brakenew wave dream SMR-037 19957"
rate it liquoricestalls SMR-038 19957"
rate it secret starswait SMR-040 19957"
rate it retsinsalt lick SMR-042 199510"
rate it retsinegg fusion SMR-046 1996CD
rate it monorchiddistortion SMR-048 19967"
rate it monorchidlet them eat... the monorchid SMR-049 / DIS-115,5 / LOV-006 1997CD
ORIGIN usa virginia arlington

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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