Known discography of SKIN GRAFT
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rate it mother's day dazzling killmensplit 7" comic book and record set GR-001 / SLUG-001 19917"
rate it strangulated beatoffsa skin graft double record and comic book set GR-002 / SK-002 19927"x2
rate it dazzling killmencomic book and record set medicine me GR-003 / GRAFT-004 19937"
rate it fruitcakecomic book and record set patty lane GR-004 / GRAFT-004 19937"
rate it mount shastacomic book and record set nodule GR-005 19937"
rate it mama tickcomic book and record set horsedoctor GR-006 19937"
rate it shortycomic book and record set kaput GR-007 19937"
rate it dazzling killmenlounge ax live 2/25/93 GR-008 1993tape
rate it zeni gevacomic book and record set autofuck GR-009 19937"
rate it space streakingscomic book and record set sexual aesthetic salon after school GR-010 19937"
rate it dazzling killmenface of collapse GR-012 199312"
rate it ufo or diecomic book and record set shock shoppers GR-011 19947"
rate it mount shastaput the creep on GR-013 199412"
rate it shortyfresh breath ep GR-014 199410"
rate it brise glacecomic book and record set in sisters all and felony GR-015 19947"
rate it the denison/kimball triowalls in the city GR-016 199412"
rate it brise glacewhen in vanitas... GR-017 199412"
rate it space streakings7-toku GR-018 199412"
rate it u.s. maplestuck GR-019-7 19957"
rate it yona-kityona-kit lp GR-020 / NUX-011 199512"
rate it the denison/kimball triosoul machine GR-022 199512"
rate it melt-bananacomic book and record set it's in the pillcase GR-024 / NUX-EP01 19957"
rate it shellac big'n brise glace us maplev/a: double seven inch and comic book set ac/dc tribute series sides 1-4 shellac record no.7 GR-025 / GB-012 19957"x2
rate it mount shastawho's the hottie GR-031 199512"
rate it big'ndiscipline through sound GB-010 / GR-023,5 199612"
rate it yona-kitfrankenbitch radio GR-023 19967"
rate it space streakingscomic book and record set taco beya GR-032 19967"
rate it u.s. maplelong hair in three stages GR-033 199612"
rate it u.s. maplelong hair in three stages GR-033 1996CD
rate it melt-bananascratch or stitch GR-034 / NUX-014 199612"
rate it shakuhachi surprisespace streakings sighted over mount shasta GR-035 199612"
rate it the flying luttenbachersrevenge of the flying luttenbachers GR-037 / UG-007 199612"
rate it zeni geva superunitnai-ha GR-040 / NUX-015 199612"x2
rate it palace contribution zeni gevav/a: seven inch and comic book set ac/dc tribute series sides 5-6 GR-026 / GB-013 19977"
rate it dazzling killmenrecuerda GR-036 1997CD
rate it you fantastic!riddler GR-038 1997CD ep
rate it lake of draculast GR-039 1997CD
rate it you fantastic!pals GR-042 1997CD ep
rate it colossamiteall lingo's clamor GR-043 1997CD
rate it u.s. maplesang phat editor GR-044 199712"
rate it ruinsrefusal fossil unreleased tracks & live with guests GR-045 1997CD
rate it the flying luttenbachersgods of chaos GR-046 / UG-008 1997CD
rate it colossamiteeconomy of motion FREE-007 / GR-055 199812"+7"
rate it mount shasta denison kimball trio zeek sheck killdozerv/a: double seven inch and comic book set ac/dc tribute series sides 7-10 GR-027 / GB-014 19987"x2
rate it strangulated beatoffsst GR-049 1998CD
rate it the flying luttenbachersdestroy all music GR-051 1998CD
rate it colossamiteeconomy of motion GR-055 1998CD
rate it you fantastic!homesickness GR-056 1998CD
rate it zeek sheck rules the cloud people but not for longgood luck suckers GR-059 1998CD
rate it quintronthese hands of mine SG-057 1998CD
rate it colossamitecamera within ep GR-048 1999CD ep
rate it the browns u.s. maple the flying luttenbachers lake of dracula yona-kit you fantastic! ufo or die zeke sheck care company chuck falzone telepath shakuhachi surprise melt-banana strangulated beatoffs monitor radio colossamite flossie and the unicorns shorty zzzzz cheer-accident the denison kimball trio ruins akaten omoide hatoba last of sg's mount shasta dazzling killmen quintron bobby conn nood ham tortured machine space streakings zeni geva f'stein brise-glacev/a: camp skingraft (!) now wave volume 1-3 GR-050 1999CD
rate it mount shastawatch out GR-052 199912"
rate it hatewaves/t GR-058,5 199912"
rate it arab on radarsoak the saddle GR-060 199912"
rate it arab on radarsoak the saddle GR-060 1999CD
rate it the flying luttenbachers...the truth is a fucking lie... GR-061 / UG-010 1999CD
rate it cheer-accidentsalad days GR-062 1999CD
rate it zeek sheck hotlines for the childreni love you GR-047 2000CD
rate it zeek sheck rules the cloud peoplegood luck remix GR-059 / FREE-006 200012"
rate it arab on radaryahweh or the highway GR-066 200112"
rate it cheer-accidentgumballhead the cat GR-067 2001CD
rate it ruins1986-1992 GR-068 2002CD
rate it cheer-accidentintroducing lemon GR-071 2002CD
rate it quintronthe frog tape GR-072 200212"
rate it the chinese starsturbo mattress GR-069 2003CD ep
rate it the chinese starsturbo mattress pre-ejaculation limited edition GR-069 2003CD ep
rate it gorge trioopen mouth, o wisp GR-070 2004CD
rate it point line planesmoke signals GR-073 2004CD
rate it yowiecryptooology GR-074 2004CD
rate it ruinsvrresto GR-076 2004CD
rate it high on fire ruinssplit 7" comic book and record set GR-075 20057"
rate it made in mexico koenjihyakkei gorge trio point line plane yowie ruins cheer-accident the flying luttenbachers the chinese stars quintron arab on radar strangulated beatoffsv/a: the blueghost party flavor GR-080 2005CD
rate it made in mexicozodiac zoo SG-077 200512"
rate it holy smokestalk to your kids about gangs GR-082 2006CD
rate it aids wolf & athletic automatonsplit 12" clash of the life - force warriors GR-084 200712"
rate it athletic automatona journey through romans empire GR-088 2007CD
rate it preepic fits GR-089 2007CD
rate it yowie colossamite pre mulev/a: double seven inch and comic book set ac/dc tribute series sides 11-14 GR-028 / 20087"x2
rate it arab on radarsoak the saddle vinyl reference master GR-060LTD 200812"
rate it arab on radaryahweh or the highway vinyl reference master GR-066 200812"
rate it aids wolfcities of glass GR-091 2008CD
rate it made in mexicoguerillaton GR-092 200812"
rate it gay beastsecond wave GR-093 2009CD
rate it satanizedtechnical virginity GR-103 201112"
rate it chrome jacksonchrome forest GR-105 2011CD
rate it doomsday studenta jumper's handbook GR-106 / ABRN-010 2011CD
rate it xaddaxcounterclockwork GR-107 201212"
rate it u.s. maplelong hair in three stages GR-033 201312"
OWNER mark fischer
ASSOCIATED LABELS nux organization, gasoline boost, relapse
ORIGIN usa missouri st. charles illinois chicago uk london

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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