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rate it melvinsyour blessened SLAP-A-HAM-002 19898"
rate it neanderthalfighting music SLAP-A-HAM-004 19897"
rate it melvinslove canal SLAP-A-HAM-013 19905"
rate it crossed out man is the bastardsplit 7" SLAP-A-HAM-014 19907"
rate it g-anx no comment demise neanderthal hellnation nuclear roach chemical dependency extreme noise terror boom and the legion of doom boneheads anal cunt jesus chrust hellocaust atrocity exit 13 go! can't deny skeletal earth generica agathocles assuck infest born against stikky impetigo psycho mothfart citizens arrest cocofonia psycho sin confrontation 7 minutes of nausea piledriver bloody mess and the skabs bulge mindrot mork hotel napalm breath nam land meat shits splatterreahv/a: bllleeeeaaauuurrrgghhh! - the record 41 bands 64 songs SLAP-A-HAM-007 19917"
rate it charred remains pink turds in spacesplit 7" SLAP-A-HAM-007,5 19917"
rate it intense degree capitalist casualties dicktator disrupt skimmed rupture purgative klyster plutocracy cripple bastards buka t.m.p. traitor sarcasm putrid offal extreme smoke slave state supuration macabre hiatus a.m. gibbed arse destroyer arnes plasthjarna audiostench sockeye rottrevore dischange man is the bastard crossed out crazy fucked up daily life (c.f.d.l.) cum dumpster tt task debilana phobia destroy brutal personal resist duh guillotine terror patareni eggs i.a.h. filthy charity cemetarium t.e.k. toxic noise ringworm melvins b.g.t. phlegm jump back jesus intestational loudnessv/a: son of bllleeeeaaauuurrrgghhh! 52 bands 69 songs SLAP-A-HAM-012 19927"
rate it man is the bastardD.I.Y. SLAP-A-HAM-022 1993CD
rate it spazz cfdlsplit 7" SLAP-A-HAM-023 19937"
rate it eyehategod 13split 7" SLAP-A-HAM-024 19937"
rate it suppression despise yousplit 7" SLAP-A-HAM-026 19947"
rate it discordance axis plutocracysplit 7" SLAP-A-HAM-027 19947"
rate it noothgrushembraced by the anti-self SLAP-A-HAM-030 19947"
rate it spazz jimmie walkersplit 7" SLAP-A-HAM-031 19947"
rate it gob wink martindaletogether at last split 7" SLAP-A-HAM-033 19947"
rate it lack of interest excruciating terror bludgeon dystopia no comment cavity plutocracy discordance axis phobia agents of satan locust gob enemy soil nuclear armed hogs man is the bastard stapled shut no less his hero is gone noothgrush spazz evolved to obliteration crossed out benumb m.d.c. cattlepress cop out hellnation utter bastard capitalist casualtiesv/a: fiesta comes alive ! SLAP-A-HAM-040 199412"
rate it final conflict lack of interest 324 avulsion noothgrush suppression slight slappers melt-banana godstomper deadbodieseverywhere gob the dread burned up bled dry mk ultra slobber ruido benumb mexican power authority combat wounded veteran assspatula fanatics senseless apocalypse vilenty ill nice view quadiliacha disassociate palatka flash gordon japanese torture comedy hour judas iscariot scalp lock enemy soil charles bronson real reggae mange egotismo disney violence tomsk 7 excruciating terror brother inferior black army jacket smiss army blanket bad acid trip beast devoid of faith despise you harsh misanthropists bastard noise dismal marsh gas in/humanity rash of beatings asstroland los crudos locust society of friends agorophobic nosebleed utter bastard resin pretentious assholes little princess action jackson no less pound hated principles your mother gasp seventh victim none of your fucking business no think gyga degradev/a: bllleeeeaaauuurrrgghhh! - a music war 72 bands SLAP-A-HAM-042 19957"
rate it melt-bananaeleventh SLAP-A-HAM-039 19977"
rate it ancient chinese secretcaveat emptor SLAP-A-HAM-050 1998CD
rate it infest neanderthal stikky fu manchu no comment hellnation assuck charred remains capitalist casualties crossed out dischange man is the bastard melvins spazz lack of interest slavestate rupture iabhorer c.f.d.l. eyehategod plutocracy despise you suppression discordance axis enemy soil phobia noothgrush benumb gob melt-banana no less final conflict 324 avulsion fuck on the beach godstomper gasp burned up bled dry burning witch doctor bombay p.h.c. the spazz 1" tracks the slight slappers 2" tracksv/a: ham slappin' hits SLAP-A-HAM-053 1998tape
rate it spazzsweatin' 3 skatin' satan & katon SLAP-A-HAM-060 2000CD
rate it noothgrushfailing early, failing often SLAP-A-HAM-063 2001CD
OWNER chris dodge

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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