Known discography of SST
(aka solid state transformer)
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(79 records found)
rate it black flagnervous breakdown SST-001 19787"
rate it black flagnervous breakdown 2nd press SST-001 19787"
rate it minutemenparanoid time SST-002 19807"
rate it black flagjealous again SST-003 198012" ep
rate it black flagthirsty and miserable BOGUS-001 19817"
rate it black flagsix pack SST-005 19817"
rate it saccharine trustpagan icons SST-006 198112" ep
rate it black flagdamaged SST-007 198112"
rate it black flaglouie louie SST-175 19817"
rate it descendentsmilo goes to college NAR-012 / SST-142 198212"
rate it meat puppetsmeat puppets SST-009 198212"
rate it minutemenwhat makes a man start fires? SST-014 198212"
rate it the stainsst SST-010 198312"
rate it minutemen meat puppets saccharine trust black flag overkill the stains wurm hüsker düv/a: the blasting concept SST-013 198312"
rate it dickskill from the heart SST-017 198312"
rate it hüsker dümetal circus SST-020 198312" ep
rate it black flagmy war SST-023 198312"
rate it hüsker düzen arcade sampler PSST E27 198412"
rate it meat puppetsmeat puppets II SST-019 198412"
rate it saccharine trustsurviving you, always SST-024 198412"
rate it hüsker düeight miles high SST-025 19847"
rate it black flagfamily man SST-026 198412"
rate it hüsker düzen arcade SST-027 1984CD
rate it minutemendouble nickels on the dime SST-028 198412"x2
rate it black flagslip it in SST-029 198412"
rate it black flaglive '84 SST-030 1984tape
rate it black flagloose nut SST-035 1984CD
rate it hüsker dücelebrated summer 19857"
rate it black flagtv party 95006 / 19857"
rate it descendentsi don't want to grow up NAR-026 / SST-143 198512"
rate it black flagtv party repress SST-012 19857"
rate it black flagtv party repress SST-012 19857"
rate it hüsker dünew day rising SST-031 198512"
rate it meat puppetsup on the sun SST-039 198512"
rate it black flagin my head SST-045 198512"
rate it saccharine trustworldbroken SST-046 198512"
rate it minuteflagyes, this is the way i want to... SST-050 198510"
rate it hüsker dümakes no sense at all SST-051 19857"
rate it hüsker düflip your wig SST-055 198512"
rate it minutemen3-way tie (for last) SST-058 198512"
No sleeve yet rate it minutemenparanoid time SST-917 198510"
rate it meat puppetsout my way SST-049 198612" ep
rate it sonic youthevol SST-059 1986CD
rate it black flagwho's got the 10½? SST-060 198612"
rate it firehoseragin', full-on SST-079 198612"
rate it descendentsall SST-112 198712"
rate it firehose"if'n" SST-115 198712"
rate it dinosaur're living all over me SST-130 1987CD
rate it screaming treeseven if and especially when SST-132 198712"
rate it sonic youthsister SST-134 1987CD
rate it brian ritchiethe blend SST-141 198712"
rate it meat puppetshuevos SST-150 198712"
rate it meat puppetssam SST-150 19877"
rate it dinosaur jrlittle fury things SST-152 198710"
rate it descendentsliveage ! SST-163 198712"
rate it hüsker düland speed record SST-195 198712"
rate it soundgardenultramega O.K. SST-021 198812"
rate it screaming treesother worlds SST-105 198812"
rate it sonic youthsonic-death early sonic sonic-youth live 1981-83 SST-181 1988CD
rate it screaming treesinvisible lantern SST-188 198812"
rate it volcano sunsfarced SST-210 198812"
rate it dinosaur jr.bug SST-216 1988CD
rate it dinosaur jrfreak scene SST-220 19887"
rate it revolution 409 sonic youth das damen project jenny with revolution 409v/a: mini plot SST-234 19883" CD
rate it grant hartintolerance SST-215 198912"
rate it soundgardenflower SST-231 198910"
rate it firehosefromohio SST-235 198912"
rate it screaming treesbuzz factory SST-248 198912"
rate it painted willie sonic youth dez cadena redd zepp john press l7 brewer tendencies the hellcows chemical people revolution 409 celebrity skin algebra suicide project jenny das damen i love you brews springstein d. c. 3v/a: the melting plot SST-249 1989CD
No sleeve yet rate it buffalo tomst SST-250 198912"
rate it volcano sunsthing of beauty SST-257 198912"x2
rate it grant hartall my senses SST-262 199012" ep
No sleeve yet rate it no man (USA)whamon express SST-267 199012"
rate it hüsker düeight miles high makes no sense at all SST-270 1990CD ep
rate it descendentssomery 1991CD
rate it no man (USA)how the west was won SST-281 199112"
rate it no man (USA)diamondback SST-912 19917"
rate it dinosaur jrfossils SST-925 199110"
rate it minutemenintroducing the minutemen 1998CD
OWNER greg ginnjoe carducci
ORIGIN usa california lawndale

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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