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No sleeve yet rate it gun clubdeath party SFTRI-741 1983CD
rate it cheetah chrome & jeff dahlstill wanna die SFTRI-016 19897"
rate it the pooh sticksthe pure styx 7" SFTRI-033 19897"
rate it garage monsterspowerhouse! SFTRI-034 19907"
rate it sav xblast-o-platter SFTRI-045 19907"x2
rate it holethe first session SFTRI-053 1990CD ep
rate it holeretard girl SFTRI-053 19907"
rate it turbonegroroute zero SFTRI-068 19907"
rate it the pooh stickstime to time SFTRI-076 19907"
rate it melvinswith yo'heart not yo'hands SFTRI-081 19907"
rate it steel pole bath tub and his gangarizona garbage truck SFTRI-082 19907"
rate it steel pole bathtubvoodoo chile SFTRI-082P 19907"
rate it jonestowntwenty five years SFTRI-089 19907"
rate it satin chickensst SFTRI-096 19907"x2
rate it gila monster the pooh stickssplit 7" the stickboy song contest winners SFRTI-161 19917"
rate it snailboyspoo heaven SFTRI-106 19917"
rate it calamity janemy spit SFTRI-107 19917"
rate it atomic 61rip SFTRI-114 19917"
rate it olivelawnbeautiful feeling SFTRI-116 19917"
rate it honeymoon killersvanna white SFTRI-125 19917"
rate it teenage larvaei'm so lonesome i could cry SFTRI-129 19917"
rate it god bullieshow long can you go SFTRI-130 19917"
rate it the dwarvesi wanna kill your boyfriend SFTRI-132 19917"
rate it garage monsterssafari to mumbooba! SFTRI-134 199110"
rate it chrome cranksway-out lover SFTRI-135 19917"
rate it turbonegrovaya con satan SFTRI-143 19917"
rate it slugbreathe the things out SFTRI-153 19917"
rate it bad religionatomic garden SFTRI-158 19917"
rate it prisonshakesomeone else's car SFTRI-124 19927"
rate it cmx liimanarina paska radiopuhelimet generators faff-bey death tripv/a: if it ain't the snow it's the mosquitos SFTRI-156 19927"x2
rate it gas huffermole SFTRI-171 19927"
rate it gas huffermole SFTRI-171 19927"
rate it ethyl meatplowqueenie SFTRI-173 19927"
rate it flufgarbage truck SFTRI-185 19927"
rate it spectrumtrue love will find you in the end SFTRI-188 19927"x2
rate it frank kozik & sonic boomloser SFTRI-191 19927"
rate it blunder tonguelong tall willie SFTRI-192 19927"
rate it atomic 61white christmas SFTRI-198 19927"
rate it skullflowerevel knievel SFTRI-202 19927"
rate it rocket from the cryptboychucker STRI-179 19927"
rate it teenage larvaesongs for pigs SFTRI-203 199310"
rate it spectrumsuper sympathy-spectrum stocking stuffer SFTRI-209 19937"
rate it slughambone city SFTRI-210 19937"
rate it bad religionamerican jesus SFTRI-232 19937"
rate it ramleh8 ball corner pocket SFTRI-235 19937"
rate it man or astroman?postphonic star exploration SFTRI-250 19935"
rate it oilerscarif SFTRI-252 19937"
No sleeve yet rate it turbonegrosteinkampf (he's a) grunge whore SFTRI-254 199310"
rate it free kittenoh bondage up yours! SFTRI-256 19937"
rate it hand over headevil guru SFTRI-259 19937"
rate it oilermissing part one SFTRI-263 1993CD
rate it skullflowerponyland SFTRI-275 19937"
rate it trumans waterskyjacker SFTRI-255 19947"
rate it supernovaelectric man SFTRI-289 19947"
rate it acid kingten inch SFTRI-316 199410"
rate it workdogsa tribute to sonny boy williamson SFTRI-324 19947"
rate it bad religionstranger than fiction SFTRI-326 19947"
rate it rocket from the cryptboychucker 7" from the original sympathy masters pog man fever STRI-179 19947"
rate it rocket from the cryptthe state of art is on fire SFTRI-320 199510"
rate it rocket from the cryptthe state of art is on fire SFTRI-320 1995CD ep
rate it ramlehnight hair child SFTRI-337 19957"
rate it spacemen 3
for all the fucked up children of this world we give
you spacemen 3
first ever recording session, 1984
SFTRI-368 1995CD
rate it rocket from the cryptplays the music machine SFTRI-373 19955"
rate it servotronmeet your mechanical masters SFTRI-426 19957"
rate it skullflowertransformer SFTRI-325 1996CD
rate it the honeymoon killerssing sing (1984-1994) SFTRI-369 1996CDx2
rate it supernovamonsta!! SFTRI-392 19965"
rate it supernovahow much more SFTRI-428 19967"
rate it the chrome cranksdyin' style SFTRI-504 19977"
rate it the shitbirds the vacant lot the nomads the supersuckers ron urini the pooh sticks the muffs jonestown the coneheads hole god bullies el vez trash can school black flies the friggs thee headcoats trbngr crowbar salvation rocket from the crypt the zeros sludge chrome cranks the dwarves red planet rocketts american soul spiders devil dogs the love dolls panther burns monsieur jeffrey evans thee headcotees the daggers the humpers bored penetration moonv/a: their sympathetic majesties request a decade of obscurity and obsoletes 1988-1998 SFTRI-200 199812"x2
rate it the muffs banana erectors the grown ups detroit cobras candypants the friggs supersnazz the chubbies sacred miracle cave the barbarellas lunachicks the eyeliners lo-hi holly golightly april march buck hole the bags starpower the revillos april march & makers the neptunas the red aunts calamity jane the shitbirds the 5,6,7,8's trinket fur thee headcoatees the haves the trip inger loree and motel shootout geraldine fibbers phenobarbidols third grade teacher free kitten stool pigeons april march & los cincos the cougars the honeymoon killers electrocutes dark carnival little porkchop the pebbles earl lee grace pussy crush candy 500 satan's cheerleadersv/a: alright, this time just the girls SFTRI-576 1999CDx2
rate it the white stripesthe big three killed my baby SFTRI-578 19997"
rate it gogogoairheart syncopationsplit 12" SFTRI-580 199912"
rate it hot snakesautomatic midnight SFTRI-602 200012"
rate it the upholsterersmakers of high grade suites SFTRI-611 20007"
rate it the white stripeshello operator SFTRI-619 20007"
rate it the white stripeshello operator SFTRI-619P 20007"
rate it the white stripeslord, send me an angel SFTRI-645 20007"
rate it sultansst SWA-006 / SFTRI-633 2000CD ep
rate it sultansghost ship SWA-007 / SFTRI-633 200012"
rate it tourettes lautrecred all SWA-008 / SFTRI-644 2000CD
rate it the white stripeswhite blood cells 200112"
rate it the white stripesdead leaves and the dirty ground SFTRI-662P 2001CD ep
rate it eugene kellyman alive SFTRI-763 2003CD
rate it mr. airplane man the white stripes rizzo bantam roosterv/a: it takes two, baby SFTRI-663P 20047"
rate it rocket from the crypton the prowl SFTRI-666 20047"
ORIGIN usa california long beach

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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