Known discography of TEMPORARY RESIDENCE
(aka the temporary residence limited)
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No sleeve yet rate it the (concord anthology) process nerosplit 7" TRR-001 19967"
rate it fuck windsor for the derby wino the for carnationv/a: sounds of the geographically challenged winter solstice nineteen ninety-seven TRR-006 / TRR-007 199712" ep
rate it retsinsweet luck of amaryllis SAKI-021 / TRR-014 1998CD
rate it tarenteltravels in constants vol. 3 TRR-003 1999CD ep
rate it papa mtravels in constants vol. 5 TRR-013 / TIC-005 1999CD ep
rate it sonna paul newmansplit 7" TRR-016 19997"
rate it cerberus shoalhomb TRR-024 1999CD
rate it paul newmantravels in constants vol. 8 TRR-013 2000CD ep
rate it sonnatravels in constants vol. 6 TRR-013 / TIC-006 2000CD ep
rate it bonny billytravels in constants vol. 7 TRR-013 / TIC-007 2000CD ep
rate it lowtravels in constants vol. 9 TRR-013 / TIC-009 2000CD ep
rate it rumah sakitst TRR-026 2000CD
rate it sonnawe sing loud sing soft tonight TRR-029 200012"
rate it lumen
the man felt on iron hand grasp him by the hair, at t
he nape, not one hand, a hundred hands seized him, ea
ch by the hair, and tore him head to foot, the way yo
TRR-030 2000CD
rate it cerberus shoaltravels in constants vol. 10 TRR-013 2001CD
rate it rumah sakittravels in constants vol. 11 TRR-013 / TIC-011 2001CD ep
rate it mogwaitravels in constants vol. 12 TRR-013 / TIC-012 2001CD ep
rate it appendix outtravels in constants vol. 13 TRR-013 / TIC-013 2001CD ep
rate it songs:ohiatravels in constants vol. 14 TRR-013 / TIC-014 2001CD ep
rate it sybaritetravels in constants vol. 15 TRR-013 / TIC-015 2001CD ep
rate it explosions in the sky
those who tell the truth shall die, those who tell th
e truth shall live forever
TRR-034 2001CD
rate it at right anglestravels in constants vol. 16 TRR-013 / TIC-016 2002CD ep
rate it cerberus shoalmr boy dog TRR-039 2002CDx2
rate it rumah sakitobscured by clowns TRR-049 2002CD
rate it explosions in the skythe earth is not a cold dead place TRR-061 2003CD
rate it nice nicechrome TRR-063 2003CD
rate it kilowatthourstravels in constants vol. 17 TRR-013 / TIC-017 2004CD ep
rate it colophontravels in constants vol. 18 TRR-013 / TIC-018 2004CD ep
rate it matmos ruins grails four tet curtis harvey trio paul newman the anomoanon racebannon greenness and philly gv/a: everything comes & goes a tribute to black sabbath TRR-040 2004CD
rate it fridge howard hello kilowatthours tarentel rumah sakit explosions in the sky kammerflimmer kollektief sybarite parlour halifax pier sonnav/a: thank you TRR-050 2004CD
rate it the anomoanonjoji TRR-069 2004CD
rate it explosions in the skythe rescue travel in constant series vol. 21 2005CD ep
rate it the drift (USA)travels in constants vol. 19 TRR-013 / TIC-019 2005CD ep
rate it eluviumtravels in constants vol. 20 TRR-013 / TIC-020 2005CD ep
rate it crainspeed TRR-083 2005CD
rate it explosions in the skyhow strange, innocence TRR-085 2005CD
rate it bellinismall stones TRR-087 2005CD
rate it eluvium caroline lazarus cex & nice nice the ladies sleeping people by the end of tonight the drift (USA) mono the anomoanonv/a: thankfull TRR-100 2006CD
rate it prints rob crow sybarite grails mono the ladies miss violetta beauregarde fridge eluvium envy explosions in the sky caroline tarentel maserativ/a: destroy independent music 2007CD
rate it monotravels in constants vol. 22 the phoenix tree TRR-013 / TIC-022 2007CD ep
rate it christopher florestravels in constants vol. 23 TRR-013 / TIC-023 2007CD ep
rate it explosions in the skyall of a sudden i miss everyone TRR-099 2007CD
rate it rob crowliving well TRR-114 2007CD
rate it sleeping peoplegrowling TRR-123 2007CD
rate it young widowsold wounds cover design #1 of 3 TRR-138 200812"
rate it young widowsold wounds cover design #2 of 3 TRR-138 200812"
rate it young widowsold wounds cover design #3 of 3 TRR-138 200812"
rate it young widows bonnie 'prince' billysplit 7" young widows split series part 1 of 4 TRR-151 20097"
rate it young widows melt-bananasplit 7" young widows split series part 2 of 4 TRR-152 20097"
rate it young widows pelicansplit 7" young widows split series part 3 of 4 TRR-153 20097"
rate it young widows my discosplit 7" young widows split series part 4 of 4 TRR-154 20097"
rate it the black heart processionsix TRR-157 2009CD
rate it bitch magnetben hur umber star booty TRR-150 2011CDx3
ORIGIN usa maryland baltimore

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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