Known discography of MOUNTAIN
(aka the mountain cooperative, the mountain collective for independent artists)
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(25 records found)
artist title ref year format
rate it campaignnumb MTN-001 19937"
rate it half manforce field MTN-002 19937"
rate it half man kisses and hugssplit 7" MTN-003 19947"
rate it devoid of faith bleed kisses and hugs horace pinker benchmark abnormal behavior coleman ox floodgate silence equals three studies for a crucifixion raze dead inside policy of 3v/a: education compilation MTN-004 199512"
rate it edgar tetsuo (NY)split 7" MTN-005 19957"
rate it three studies for a crucifixion colemansplit 12" crucifixion of coleman lp MTN-008 199512"
rate it the republic of freedom fightersst LINKWORK-002 / MTN-010 199612"
rate it eucharistst MTN-006 199612"
rate it breakwater closuresplit 7" MTN-007 19967"
rate it botch merrimac amber inn closure guyver one breakwater milhouse slowsidedown bor perilisium cantos in/humanity curllv/a: i can't live without it MTN-009 199612"
rate it judas iscariotharrison bergeron bound? a collective provocation by the MTN-011 19977"
rate it closurest MTN-012 199712"
rate it so i had to shoot him c.r. devoid of faith the judas iscariotv/a: save you MTN-013 / BOOM-001 19977"
rate it render uselessthe relationship between a 1/4 note and a 1/8 note MTN-014 19977"
rate it devolaplaying the game of revenge and winning every time MTN-016 1997CD
rate it irei discern an overtone of tragedy in your voice MTN-017 199812"
rate it saetias/t MTN-019 1998CD
rate it atom and his packagea society of people named elihu XM-058 199812"
rate it seein' red the judas iscariotsplit 12" LKW-00512 / MTN-018 199912"
rate it seein' red the judas iscariotsplit 12" LKW-00512 / MTN-018 199912"
rate it countdown to putschhandbook for planetary progress MTN-021 1999CD
rate it forstella fordinsincerity down to an artform MTN-023 2000CD
rate it antiproduct seven days of samsara atom & his package a smile for weakness fermented reptile bloodpact dave awl a satellite crash countdown to putsch remus & romulus nation submission hold bumble bee staircasev/a: farm sanctuary benefit compilation MTN-022 2001CD
rate it the flying luttenbachersretrospektiw IV more flying luttenbachers non-lp tracks 1996-2000 UG-015 / MNTNCIA-027 2002CD
rate it kitessuperior moon MTN-033 20033" CD
OWNER chris jensen
ASSOCIATED LABELS x-mist, fallout, coalition, linkwork, ugEXPLODE
ORIGIN usa new york brooklyn

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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