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rate it sun carriage th'faith healers silverfish mega city 4 the unbelievers honey smugglers the heart throbs snuffv/a: now that's disgusting music live at the sausage machine PURE-001 1990CD
rate it th'faith healerspop song PURE-002 199012" ep
rate it stereolabswitched on 31022 / PEUR-001 1991CD
rate it th'faith healersa picture of health ep PURE-003 199112" ep
rate it stereolabsuper electric PURE-004 199110"
rate it pj harveydress PURE-005 1991CD ep
rate it th'faith healersin love PURE-006 199112" ep
rate it th'faith healersL' 21023 1992CD
rate it pj harveysheela-na-gig PURE-008 1992CD ep
rate it moonshakesecondhand clothes PURE-009 1992CD ep
rate it moonshakesecondhand clothes PURE-009 199212" ep
rate it pj harveydry PURE-010 1992CD
rate it stereolabpeng! PURE-011 1992CD
rate it th'faith healerslido PURE-012 199212"
rate it moonshakebeautiful pigeon PURE-013 1992CD ep
rate it moonshakebeautiful pigeon PURE-013 199212" ep
No sleeve yet rate it stereolablow fi PURE-014 199210"
rate it moonshakeeva luna PURE-016 199212"
rate it pramiron lung e.p. PURE-017 1992CD ep
rate it stereolabspace age batchelor pad music PURE-019 1992CD
rate it th'faith healersdon't jones me and then some 1993CD ep
rate it voodoo queenssupermodel-superficial PURE-021 19937"
rate it moonshakebig good angel PURE-022 199312"
rate it th'faith healersimaginary friend PURE-027 1993CD
rate it th'faith healerseverything... dub edit PURE-027 199312" ep
rate it laika44 robbers 1994CD ep
rate it moonshakethe sound your eyes can follow PURE-033 199412"
rate it stereolab pj harvey th'faith healers voodoo queens seefeel pram moonshake minxus laika mouse on marsv/a: pop (do we not like that?) PURE-034 1994CD
rate it laikaantenna ep PURE-038 1994CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it long fin killiebutterbelly PURE-039 199412" ep
No sleeve yet rate it minxussilk purse PURE-040 19947"
rate it laikasilver apples of the moon PURE-042 199412"
No sleeve yet rate it pramsargasso sea PURE-004 1995CD
rate it minxuspabulum PURE-043 1995CD
rate it long fin killiethe heads of dead surfers hollywood gem PURE-044 1995CD ep
rate it long fin killiethe heads of dead surfers hollywood gem PURE-044 19957"
rate it long fin killiehoudini PURE-047 1995CD
rate it long fin killievalentino PURE-054 199612"
rate it long fin killiehands and lips PURE-058 1996CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it seelyjulie only PURE-061 1996CD
rate it laikasounds of the satellites 1997CD
rate it laikabreather PURE-067 1997CD ep
rate it laikaalmost sleeping PURE-071 1997CD ep
rate it long fin killieamelia PURE-074 1997CD
rate it long fin killie7" super single (1 of 3) TOO PURE-047.1 19977"
rate it long fin killie7" super single (2 of 3) TOO PURE-047.2 19977"
rate it long fin killie7" super single (3 of 3) TOO PURE-047.3 19977"
rate it bowsbig wings PURE-082 1999CD ep
rate it bowsbush PURE-090 1999CD
rate it laikagood looking blues PURE-089 2000CD
rate it laikauneasy PURE-091 200012" ep
rate it bowscassidy PURE-104 2001CD
rate it mcluskylightsabre cocksucking blues PURE-121 20017"
rate it laikalost in space volume one (1993-2002) PURE-110 2002CDx2
rate it mcluskymclusky do dallas PURE-117 2002CD
rate it mcluskyto hell with good intentions PURE-124 2002CDep
rate it mcluskyalan is a cowboy killer PURE-130 20027"
rate it mcluskymy pain and sadness is more sad and painful than yours PURE-132 2003CD
rate it mcluskythere ain't no fool in ferguson PURE-134 2003CD ep
rate it laikawherever i am i am what is missing PURE-141 200312"
rate it mcluskyundress for success PURE-145 20037"
rate it electrelaneon parade PURE-146 2003CD ep
rate it scout nibletti'll be a prince PURE-149 20037"
rate it electrelanethe power out PURE-142 2004CD
rate it mcluskythe man will not hang PURE-153 2004CD ep
rate it mclusky
the difference between me and you is that i'm not on
PURE-154 2004CD
rate it electrelanethis deed PURE-156 2004CD ep
rate it mcluskyshe will only bring you happiness PURE-157 20047"
rate it scout niblettkidnapped by neptune PURE-161 2005CD
rate it electrelaneaxes PURE-162 2005CD
rate it electrelanerock it to the moon PURE-169 2005CD
rate it young peoplefive sunsets in four days PURE-173 2005CD ep
rate it stereolabkyberneticka babicka PURE-174 20057"
rate it shooting at unarmed mensoon there will be... PURE-178 2005CD
rate it electrelanetwo for joy PURE-185s 20057"
rate it electrelanesingles, b-sides & live PURE-166 2006CD
rate it young peopleall at once PURE-181 2006CD
rate it the roger sistersthe invisible deck PURE-186 2006CD
rate it the roger sistersnever learn to cry PURE-191 20067"
rate it shooting at unarmed menyes! tinnitus! PURE-192 2006CD
rate it mcluskymcluskyism PURE-197 2006CDx3
rate it the roger sisterswhy won't you PURE-198 20067"
rate it shooting at unarmed mengirls music PURE-199S 20067"
rate it electrelaneno shouts no calls PURE-201 2007CD
rate it future of the left fingers become thumbs! PURE-202 2007CD ep
rate it future of the left adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood PURE-203 20077"
rate it future of the left curses PURE-206 200712"
rate it electrelaneto the east PURE-209 20077"
rate it future of the left small bones small bodies PURE-210 2007CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it shooting at unarmed mensometimes the best thing you can do is die PURE-224 20077"
rate it electrelanein berlin PURE-226 20077"
rate it foot villageclub traxxx 1-3 PURE-221 20087"
rate it shooting at unarmed mentriptych PURE-223 2008CDx3
OWNER richard roberts paul cox
ASSOCIATED LABELS rough trade, virgin, elektra, labels

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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