Known discography of TOUCH AND GO
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rate it necrosst T&G-001 19817"
rate it the fixvengeance T&G-002 19817"
rate it necros9 songs T&G-003 19817"
rate it necros meatmen negative approach youth patrol toxic reasons violent apathy mcdonalds fixv/a: process of elimination e.p. T&G-004 19817"
rate it the fixjan's rooms T&G-005 19817"
rate it the meatmenblud sausage T&G-006 198212"
rate it negative approach10-song ep T&G-007 198212"
rate it the meatmencrippled children suck e.p T&G-008 198212"
rate it necrosconquest for death T&G-009 19837"
rate it blightst T&G-010 19837"
rate it flesh columnsschweigew vor dem sturm T&G-011 19847"
rate it the meatmendutch hercules T&G-012 198412" ep
rate it butthole surferspsychic, powerless ...another man's sac TG-005 198412"
rate it killdozersnakeboy TG-006 198512"
rate it butthole surferscream corn from the socket of david TG-014 198512" ep
rate it butthole surfersrembrandt pussyhorse cream corn from the socket of david TG-008 1986CD
rate it cargo cultstrange men bearing gifts TG-010 198612"
rate it butthole surfers killdozer scratch acid hose happy flowers big blackv/a: gods favorite dog TG-011 198612"
rate it killdozerburl TG-017 198612"
rate it big black
the incredibly corporate whorish big black interview
T&GINT-001 198712"
rate it scratch acidberserker TG-018 198712"
rate it butthole surferslocust abortion technician TG-019 1987CD
rate it big blackheadache+heartbeat package TG-020 198712" ep+7"
rate it big blackheartbeat TG-021 19877"
rate it big blackheartbeat first pressing TG-021 19877"
rate it no trendtritonian nash - vegas polyester complex TG-022 198712"
rate it big blackhe's a whore the model TG-023 19877"
rate it big blacksongs about fucking TG-024 198712"
rate it laughing hyenasmerry go round TG-025 1987CD
rate it killdozerlittle baby buntin' TG-026 198712"
rate it killdozerlittle baby buntin' test pressing TG-026 198712"
No sleeve yet rate it killdozerlittle baby buntin' TG-026 198712"
rate it the urge overkilllineman TG-027 19877"
rate it laughing hyenasyou can't pray a lie TG-038 198712"
rate it butthole surfershairway to steven BFFP-029 / TG-029 198812"
rate it rapemanhated chinee TG-031 19887"
rate it arsenalmanipulator TG-032 198812" ep
rate it flours/t TG-033 198812"
rate it rapemantwo nuns and a pack mule TG-036 198812"
rate it butthole surferswidowermaker! T&G-050 198912"
rate it urge overkilljesus urge superstar TG-037 198912"
rate it killdozerfor ladies only TG-039 198912"
rate it killdozerfor ladies only 7"x5 TG-039 19897"x5
rate it killdozerfor ladies only picture disc TG-039 198912"
rate it the jesus lizardpure TG-043 198912"
rate it killdozeryow! killdozer TG-044 19897"
rate it killdozerintellectuals are the shoeshine boys of the ruling elite TG-047 198912"
rate it killdozertwelve point buck TG-048 198912"
rate it flourluv 713 TG-049 198912"
rate it the jesus lizardchrome TG-053 19897"
rate it silverfishcockeye TG-056 1989CD
rate it urge overkillamericruiser T&G-052 199012"
rate it arsenalfactory smog is a sign of progress TG-046 199012" ep
rate it the jesus lizardhead pure TG-054 1990CD
rate it the jesus lizardhead TG-054 199012"
rate it urge overkillticket to l.a. TG-055 19907"
rate it chromealien soundtracks TG-057 199012"
rate it chromehalf machine lip moves alien soundtracks TG-058 1990CD
rate it laughing hyenaslife of crime you can't pray a lie TG-061 1990CD
rate it die kreuzenpink flag TG-062 19907"
rate it laughing hyenashere we go again TG-065 19907"
rate it the jesus lizardmouth breather TG-066 19907"
rate it didjitsfuck the pigs TG-072 19907"
rate it flourmachinery hill TG-063 1991CD
rate it slintspiderland TG-064 199112"
rate it the jesus lizardgoat TG-068 1991CD
rate it the jesus lizardgoat picture disc TG-068 199112"
rate it daddy longheadcheatos TG-074 1991CD
rate it brick layer cakecall it a day TG-075 199112" ep
rate it die kreuzenbig bad days TG-079 19917"
rate it the jesus lizardlive at brixton academy 9th may, 1992 fear and loathing #21 bonus 7" 7DPROMS21 / / RCRPA-005 19927"
rate it big blackit's toasted BBSAMP 1992CD
rate it scratch acidthe greatest gift TG-076 1992CD
rate it big blackpig pile TG-081 199212"
rate it the jesus lizardwheelchair epidemic TG-087 19927"
rate it big blacklungs TG-089 199212" ep
rate it big blackbulldozer TG-090 199212"
rate it big blackil duce TG-095 19927"
rate it the jesus lizardliar TG-100 199212"
rate it the jesus lizardliar picture disc TG-100 199212"
rate it polvocor-crane secret TG-101 199212"
rate it laughing hyenascrawl TG-102 199212" ep
No sleeve yet rate it didjitslittle miss carriage! TG-103 1992CD ep
rate it tarteetering TG-104 19927"
rate it arcwelderraleigh TG-105 19927"
rate it the jesus lizardgladiator TG-110 19927"
rate it big blackin my house pig pile vhs bonus 5" it's toasted TGV+2 / TG-081V 19925"
rate it tar jawboxsplit 7" DIS-077,7 / TG-113,3 19937"
rate it the jesus lizard nirvanasplit 7" TG-083N 19937"
rate it big boysthe skinny elvis TG-098 1993CD
rate it big boysthe fat elvis TG-099 1993CD
rate it tartoast TG-106 1993CD
rate it tartoast TG-106 199312"
rate it arcwelderpull TG-108 199312"
rate it tarclincher TG-109 1993CD
rate it seamkernel TG-112 1993CD ep
rate it polvotoday's active lifestyles TG-114 199312"
rate it girls against boysbullet proof cupid TG-115 19937"
rate it girls against boysvenus luxure no.1 baby TG-117 199312"
rate it seamthe problem with me TG-118 1993CD
rate it don caballerofor respect TG-120 199312"
rate it the jesus lizardlash TG-121 19937"x3
rate it killdozerthe pig was cool TG-122 19937"
rate it shellacthe rude gesture a pictorial history shellac record no.1 TG-123 19937"
rate it shellacuranus shellac record no.2 TG-124 19937"
rate it the jesus lizard(fly) on (the wall) TG-128 19937"
rate it slinttweez TG-138 1993CD
rate it killdozer
uncompromising war on art under the dictatorship of t
he proletariat
TG-082 199412"
rate it arcwelderxerses TG-126 199412"
rate it brick layer caketragedy - tragedy TG-127 199412"
rate it girls against boyssexy sam TG-129 1994CD ep
rate it the jesus lizarddown TG-131 199412"
rate it slintglenn TG-132 199410"
rate it girls against boyscruise yourself TG-134 199412"+7"
rate it girls against boys(i) don't got a place TG-137 19947"
rate it shellacat action park shellac record no.4 TG-141 199412"
rate it dirty threest 1995CD
rate it laughing hyenashard times TG-136 1995CD
rate it killdozergod hears pleas of the innocent TG-139 199512"
rate it girls against boyskill the sexplayer TG-140 1995CD ep
rate it seamare you driving me crazy? TG-142 1995CD
rate it seamare you driving me crazy? TG-142 199512"
rate it don caballerodon caballero 2 TG-143 1995CD
rate it new wet kojakst TG-144 199512"
rate it tarover and out TG-145 199512"
rate it brainiacinternationale TG-146 1995CD ep
rate it arcweldercaptain allen TG-153 19957"
rate it the jesus lizard shellac sebadoh june of 44 the coctails guided by voices archers of loaf bad livers yo la tengo mekons superchunk seam tortoise rachel'sv/a: the lounge ax defense & relocation compact disc TG-130 1996CD
rate it killdozer alice donut kill donutmichael gerald's party machine presents... TG-146 1996CD ep
rate it killdozer alice donutmichael gerald's party machine presents... TG-146 19967"
rate it girls against boyshouse of GVSB TG-149 199612"
rate it uzeda4 TG-152 199612" ep
rate it 3RA1N1AChissing prigs in static couture TG-155 1996CD
rate it arcwelderentropy TG-158 1996CD
rate it girls against boyssuper-fire TG-160 1996CD ep
rate it delta 72triple crown TG-161 19967"
rate it polvoexploded drawing TG-162 1996CD
rate it girls against boysdisco six six six TG-166 1996CD ep
rate it new wet kojaknasty international TG-164 1997CD
rate it blonde redheadfake can be just as good TG-169 1997CD
rate it shellac mulesplit 7" shellac record no.8 TG-171 19977"
rate it storm and stress
this is the teenage we are bright and broken so shock
ed we can only think of one thing but never the same
TG-173 199712"x2
rate it 3RA1N1ACelectro-shock for president TG-174 1997CD
rate it p.w. longwe didn't see you on sunday TG-178 1997CD
rate it don caballerotrey dog's acid TG-181 19977"
rate it the exstarters alternators EX-074 / TG-198 1998CD
rate it seamthe pace is glacial TG-175 1998CD
rate it don caballerowhat burns never returns TG-185 1998CD
rate it uzedadifferent section wires TG-186 1998CD
rate it blonde redheadslogan TG-188 19987"
rate it monorchidwho put out the fire? TG-190 199812"
rate it p.w. long & reelfootpush me again TG-192 1998CD
rate it blonde redheadin an expression of the inexpressible TG-196 199812"
rate it shellacterraform shellac record no.10 TG-200 199812"
rate it don caballerosingles breaking up vol. I TG-184 1999CD
rate it the black heart procession2 TG-194 199912"
rate it skull kontroldeviate beyond all means of capture TG-195 199912"
rate it arcweldereverest TG-204 1999CD
rate it storm and stressunder thunder and fluorescent light TG-203 2000CD
rate it the jesus lizardbang TG-207 2000CD
rate it the black heart processionthree TG-210 200012"
rate it shellac1000 hurts shellac record no.11 TG-211 200012"+CD
rate it the for carnationst TG-214 2000CD
rate it skull kontrolzzzzzz... TG-215 2000CD ep
rate it blonde redheadmelody of certain damaged lemons TG-216 2000CD
rate it don caballeroamerican don TG-218 200012"x2
rate it blonde redheadmélodie citronique TG-219 200012" ep
rate it the exdizzy spells EX-085 / REVERB-053 / TG-221 2001CD
rate it the new yearnewness ends TG-220 2001CD
rate it brick layer cakewhatchamacallit TG-222 2002CD
rate it silkwormitalian platinum TG-229 2002CD
rate it the black heart processionamore del tropico TG-232 2002CD
rate it enonhigh society TG-235 200212"
rate it !!!me and guiliani down by the school yard (a true story) TG-247 2003CD ep
rate it enonhocus pocus TG-249 200312"
rate it p.w. longremembered TG-255 2003CD
rate it pinbacksummer in abaddon TG-237 2004CD
rate it the new yearthe end is near TG-256 2004CD
rate it silkwormit'll be cool TG-257 2004CD
rate it the exturn TG-261 2004CDx2
rate it the black heart processionthe spell TG-271 2006CD
rate it uzedastella TG-298 200612"
rate it the black heart processionthe mark TG-299 20067"
rate it shellacexcellent italian greyhound shellac record no.13 TG-303 200712"
rate it the new yearst 2008CD
rate it the jesus lizardliar TG-400 200912"
rate it the jesus lizardgoat TG-468 2009CD
rate it the jesus lizardinch record store day 2009 april 18, 2009 TG-489 20097"x9
OWNER corey rusk
ASSOCIATED LABELS bone air, dirter promotions, fear and loathing, laff & go, quaterstick, dischord, blast first
ORIGIN usa illinois chicago ohio maumee michigan lansing

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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