Known discography of TRANCE SYNDICATE
(aka trance)
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(67 records found)
rate it medium mediumlive in holland TCLP 4.00529 J 198812"
rate it crustsacred heart of crust TR-001 199012" ep
rate it pain teens crust lithium x-mas ed hallv/a: love & napalm vol. 1 TR-002 19907"
rate it pain teensborn in blood case histories TR-003 1990CD
rate it pain teensborn in blood TR-003 199012"
rate it drainblack fist TR-004 19917"
rate it crusts/t TR-005 1991CD
rate it crustfeelings TR-006 19917"
No sleeve yet rate it feelingsst TR-006 19917"
rate it ed halldeth TR-007 19917"
rate it drain pain teens crust ed hallv/a: love & napalm vol. 2 TR-008 19917"
rate it ed hallgloryhole TR-009 199112"
rate it pain teensstimulation festival TR-010 199212"
rate it drainpick up heaven TR-011 1992CD
rate it cherubs (USA)pink party dessert TR-012 19927"
rate it cherubs (USA)icing TR-013 199212"
rate it cherubs (USA)carjack fairy TR-018 19927"
rate it ed hall crust drain johnboy cherubs pain teens john boy cherubs (USA)v/a: love & napalm TR-015 199312"
rate it johnboypistolswing TR-016 199312"
rate it pain teensdestroy me, lover TR-017 199312"
rate it ed hallmotherscratcher TR-020 199312"
rate it bedheadWhatFunLifeWas TR-021 1993CD
rate it cruntst TR-019 199412"
rate it distorted ponyinstant winner TR-022 199412"
rate it crustcrusty love TR-023 199412"
rate it cherubs (USA)heroin man TR-024 199412"
rate it johnboyclaim dedications TR-027 199412"
rate it roky ericksonwe are never talking TR-028 19947"
rate it bedhead4 songs ep TR-029 1994CD ep
rate it butthole surfersgood king wenceslaus TR-030 19947"
rate it starfish sixteen deluxe bedhead desafinado my dad is dead furry things sweetpea cherubs pain teens crust lowbrow ed hall drain johnboy a.c. acoustics cherubs (USA) butthole surfers roky ericksonv/a: cinco años! 1995CD
rate it bobaphett starfishsplit 7" BE-003 / 19957"
rate it butthole surfersthe hole truth... and nothing butt TR-035 1995CD
rate it ed hallla la land TR-036 199512"
rate it furry thingsstill california TR-039 19957"
rate it starfishstellar sonic solutions TR-040 1995CD
rate it pain teensbeast of dreams TR-041 199512"
rate it furry thingsthe big saturday illusion TR-043 199512"
rate it crown heightsdear sir 19967"
rate it drainregional action! 199612"
rate it bedheadthe dark ages TR-042 199610"
rate it bedheadthe dark ages TR-042 1996CD ep
rate it windsor for the derby desafinadosplit 7" TR-045 19967"
rate it windsor for the derbycalm hades float TR-046 199612"+7"
rate it cherubs (USA)short of popular TR-048 1996CD
rate it drainoff speed and in there TR-049 1996CD
rate it bedheadbedheaded TR-050 1996CD
rate it sweet peachris hate wes TR-051 / 1996CD
rate it alastair galbraithmorse gaudylight / EJ-008 1996CD
rate it my dad is deadshine(r) / EL-005 1996CD
rate it trumans waterfragments of a lucky break EJ-023 / 1997CD
rate it cherubs (USA) fuckemossplit 7" TR-026 19977"
rate it starfish7'' TR-052 19977"
rate it furry thingshedfones TR-053 1997CD ep
rate it windsor for the derbymetropolitan then poland TR-054 199712"
rate it starfishfrustrated TR-055 1997CD
rate it windsor for the derby drainthe kahanek incident volume 1 TR-057 199712" ep
rate it electric company furry thingsthe kahanek incident volume 2 TR-058 199712" ep
rate it labradford stars of the lidsplit 12" the kahanek incident volume 3 TR-060 199712" ep
rate it windsor for the derbyminnie greutzfeldt TR-063 199712"
rate it furry thingsfrequent lunacy TR-064 1997CD ep
rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deads/t TR-066 1997CD
rate it monroe mustang alastair galbraith pip proud furry things frontier bedhead paul newman ...and you will know us by the trail of dead half japanese windsor for the derby to rococo rot eight frozen modules my dad is dead the american analog set the mountain goats electric companyv/a: waiting to exhale 1998CD
rate it starfishthe instrumental ep 1998CD
rate it alastair galbraithmirrorwork EJ-022 1998CD
rate it bedheadtransaction de novo TR-067 1998CD
rate it bedheadlepidoptera TR-069 199810"
OWNER king coffey
ASSOCIATED LABELS emperor jones, my very first label, astralwerks
ORIGIN usa texas austin uk london

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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