Known discography of TROUBLEMAN UNLIMITED
(aka troubleman)
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(97 records found)
rate it 123 and three shades of dirty sticks and stones iconoclast husaipungo one blood sleeper born against matter of fact avail greyhouse heroin struggle assuck hey suck my balls unknown band twilight yoda 1.6 band crashwagon moss icon freak beans rorschach hoonah crisis of faith chisel merel spork tsunami shudder to think 3 dudesv/a: superpowers TMU-000 1992tape
rate it unwoundnegated TMU-001 19947"
No sleeve yet rate it greyhouse dahlia seedsplit 7" TMU-002 19947"
rate it rye and the coalitionteen-age dance session TMU-004 19947"
rate it rye and the coalitionteen-age dance session detroit edition TMU-004 19947"
rate it the jeff humphrey triosmashing bloke TMU-005 19947"
rate it jeff humphreyfolklore AUTO-002 / TMU-021 19957"
rate it karp rye coalitionsplit 12" TMU-006 199512" ep
rate it rye coalition karpsplit CD TMU-006 1995CD
rate it carbomb the fisticuffs bluffsplit 7" the U.F.O. invasion TMU-007 / YSC-005 19957"
rate it engine kidheater sweats nails TMU-008 19957"
rate it the phantom pregnanciesspecial child ep TMU-010 19957"
rate it the speedking triodevilina TMU-012 19957"
rate it unwound versussplit 7" TMU-015 19957"
rate it dahlia seed mothmantour 7" 19967"
rate it the hal al shedads/t BS-005 / TMU-017 199612"
rate it dahlia seedsurvived by TMU-011 199612"
rate it shotmakermouse ear [forget-me-not] TMU-013 199612"
rate it worst case scenariocheckin out TMU-014 19967"
rate it okara mothmansplit 7" TMU-018 / RKT-001.5 19967"
rate it the hal al shedadtextures of tomorrow BS-008 / TMU-030 199712"
No sleeve yet rate it sea tigerthe cyberporpoise EP TMU-021 199712" ep
rate it the hateddesmond outcast and the transplanted heroes TMU-023 19977"
rate it the hal al shedadhuman again TMU-024 / BS-007 19977"
rate it red monkeythe time is right TMU-025 19977"
rate it lyncremembering the fireballs (part 8) TMU-027 / K-073 1997CD
rate it red monkeymake the moment TMU-028 / SLAMPT-050 199812"
rate it harriet the spyunfuckwithable TMU-029 199812"
rate it harriet the spyunfuckwithable TMU-029 1998CD
rate it red monkeydifficult is easy TMU-032 / SLAMPT-058 1998CD
rate it harriet the spy1998 summer tour 7" TMU-033 19987"
rate it three penny operast TMU-034 199812"
rate it red monkey atom and his package small black pig monorchid bilge pump assembly line people program missy x russia bette davis and the balconettes old hearts club peechees sally skull (young) pioneers milky wimpshake computer cougar tunic replikants witchknot full boney international strikeforcev/a: taking a chance on chances TMU-035 / SLAMPT-055 199812"
No sleeve yet rate it sea tigerthe teenage bandit TMU-032 1999CD
rate it nuzzlesan lorenzo's blues TMU-036 1999CD
rate it slavesthe devil's pleasures TMU-039 199912"
rate it fisticuffs bluffst TMU-020 2000CD
rate it song of zarathustrathe birth of tragedy TMU-040 / 2000CD
rate it black diceblack dice #3 TMU-042 200010"
rate it camera obscurato change the shape of an envelope TMU-047 200012"
rate it the hexno car ep TMU-053 2000CD ep
rate it american heritage
through the age of quarrel and into the era of puttin
g up with it
TMU-066 2000CD
rate it love lifethe rose he lied by TMU-070 200012"
rate it the red scare (TX)*strangers die everyday HHH-011 / TMU-063 / TRT-30.24 200112"
rate it subtonix glass candysplit 7" TMU-041 20017"
rate it mile davies lightning bolt burmese crash smash explode the red scare (TX) rah bras blonde redhead crom-tech harriet the spy red monkey the hex petty crime !!! xbxrx the bad form the convocation of... melt-banana song of zarathustra flying luttenbachers black dice the fucking champs the monorchid the crainium the intima sean na na & lois lovesick sunshine secret stars turn-offs excelsior barry white men's recovery project pixeltan outhud the locust love life glass candy and the shattered theatre the lack radio 4 sea tiger currituck county the six parts seven unwound erase errata all-scars kepler subtonix bride of no no touchdown total shutdown pink and brownv/a: troubleman mix-tape TMU-050 2001CDx2
rate it red monkeyget uncivilised TMU-054 20017"
No sleeve yet rate it the anasazi
calculating components and compound formulas for mass
population reconstruction... a.k.a measurement & con
TMU-055 200112"
rate it keplerfuck fight fail TMU-058 2001CD
rate it atom and his packagealpha desperation march going to ames: a tribute to the mountain goats TMU-065 / TMUSSS-010 20017"
rate it red monkeygunpowder, treason, and plot TMU-068 2001CD
rate it "new" terror classdid you hear that we fucked...? TMU-076 2001CD
rate it pixeltanst TMU-079 200112" ep
rate it black dice erase erratasplit 7" TMU-080 20017"
rate it erase errataother animals TMU-081 200112"
rate it ABCSst TMU-082 2001CD
rate it champagne kissdancing in the pockets of thieves TMU-083 2001CD
rate it the lackst TMU-090 2001CD
rate it orthrelm touchdownsplit cd TMU-096 2001CD
rate it numbers erase erratasplit 7" TMU-128 20017"
rate it shotmakerthe complete discography 1993-1996 TMU-059 2002CDx2
rate it the flying luttenbachersinfection and decline TMU-078 / UG-014 200212"
rate it enonevidence TMU-085 20027"
rate it party of helicoptersspace...and how sweet it was TMU-086 2002CDx2
No sleeve yet rate it the meta-maticscomplete discography TMU-087 2002CD
rate it subtonixtarantism TMU-091 200212"
rate it orthrelmasristir vieldriox TMU-093 200212"
rate it song of zarathustraa view from high tides TMU-098 200212"
rate it panthersare you down?? TMU-099 200212"
rate it the roger sisterspurely evil TMU-101 2002CD
rate it the roger sisterscalculator TMU-101 20027"
No sleeve yet rate it glass candy and the shattered theatre pixeltan erase errata the rogers sisters wolf eyes song of zarathustra orthrelm the meta-matics the flying luttenbachers subtonix panthers abcs the walkmen kepler red monkey the lack touchdown milky wimpshake pussycat trash numbersv/a: troubleman sampler TMU-109 2002CD
rate it octistwevim ilelengr troubleman solo singles series 14 TMU-073 20037"
rate it wolf eyesdead hills TMU-104 200312"
rate it numbersee-uh! TMU-108 2003CD
rate it california lightningpenitentiary TMU-111 20037"
No sleeve yet rate it glass candyexcite bike single TMU-116 20037"
rate it erase errataat crystal palace TMU-119 2003CD
rate it the flying luttenbacherssystems emerge TMU-122 / UG-016 200312"
rate it glass candy & the shattered theatre pixeltan erase errata the rogers sisters wolf eyes song of zarathustra orthrelm metamatics the flying luttenbachers subtonix panthers ABCS the walkmen kepler red monkey the lack touchdown milky wimpshake pussycat trash numbersv/a: troubleman sampler 2004CD
rate it the king cobrast TMU-124 2004CD
rate it the roger sistersthree fingers TMU-129 2004CD
rate it die monitr batssgirls of war TMU-132 2004CD
rate it the flying luttenbachersthe void TMU-133 200412"
rate it octisocrilim TMU-135 20047"
rate it crom-techcrom-tech x-mas TMU-136 20047"
rate it keplerattic salt TMU-155 2004CD
rate it octis ocrilimocrilim ostronogorth TMU-140 2005CD
rate it prurientchurch of ammunition TMU-141 20057"
rate it chariots (america north)congratulations TMU-144 2005CD
rate it the roger sistersles imaginations sont gentilles TMU-146 20057"
rate it mouthusslow globes TMU-154 200512"
rate it mouthusslow globes TMU-154 200512"
rate it chromaticshealer TMU-160 200512"
rate it meneguari was born at night TMU-174 2005CD
rate it meneguarbury a flower TMU-178 20067"
rate it hair policestrict TMU-181 20077"
OWNER mike simonetti
ASSOCIATED LABELS youthstrikerecord, buddy system, auto-stop, rocket science, ugexplode, slampt
ORIGIN usa new jersey bayonne

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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