Known discography of UGEXPLODE
(aka ug explode)
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(25 records found)
artist title ref year format
No sleeve yet rate it the flying luttenbacherslive at WNUR 2-6-92 destructo noise explosion! UG-002 1992tape
rate it the flying luttenbachers546 seconds of noise UG-003 / Q-001 19927"
rate it the flying luttenbachers1389 seconds of noise UG-004 / Q-003 19937"
rate it the flying luttenbachersconstructive deconstruction UG-005 / Q-006 199412"
rate it the flying luttenbachersdestroy all music UG-006 / GRRLA-001 199512"
rate it the flying luttenbachersrevenge of the flying luttenbachers GR-037 / UG-007 199612"
rate it the flying luttenbacherslive at WNUR 2-6-92 destructo noise explosion! UG-002 / CT-006 1996CD
rate it the flying luttenbachersgods of chaos GR-046 / UG-008 1997CD
rate it the flying luttenbachersretrospektiw III UG-009 / Q-010 1998CD
rate it the flying luttenbachers...the truth is a fucking lie... GR-061 / UG-010 1999CD
rate it the flying luttenbachers...the truth is a fucking lie... UG-010 199912"
rate it the flying luttenbacherstrauma UG-013 / / / IG-082/083 / 200112"x2
rate it the flying luttenbachersinfection and decline TMU-078 / UG-014 200212"
rate it the flying luttenbachersretrospektiw IV more flying luttenbachers non-lp tracks 1996-2000 UG-015 / MNTNCIA-027 2002CD
rate it the flying luttenbacherssystems emerge TMU-122 / UG-016 200312"
rate it the flying luttenbachersspectral warrior mythos volume one UG-018 2006CD
rate it the flying luttenbacherscataclysm UG-019 2006CD
rate it weasel walter quartetrevolt music UG-020 2006CD
rate it weasel walterfirestorm UG-022 2007CD
rate it the flying luttenbachersincarceration by abstraction UG-023 2007CD
rate it gianni gebbia & damon smith & weasel walterlichens UG-024 2007CD
rate it mary halvorson & weasel walteropulence 2008CD
rate it peter evans / weasel walter groupoculus ex abyssus UG-028 200812"
rate it weasel walter & mary halvorson & peter evansst UG-035 2009CD
rate it barr shea dahlst UG-059 2012CD
OWNER weasel walter
ASSOCIATED LABELS quinnah, troubleman unlimited, flemish masters, the house of grob, ignivomous, X+Z=0, the mountain collective for independent artists
ORIGIN usa illinois chicago

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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