Known discography of VIRGIN
(238 records found)
rate it captain beefheart and his magic bandunconditionally guaranteed 197412"
rate it captain beefheart and his magic bandbluejeans & moonbeams 197412"
rate it robert wyattrock bottom 197412"
rate it nicothe end... 1974CD
rate it tangerine dreamphaedra 2933 723 197412"
rate it henry cow & slapp happyin praise of learning 197512"
rate it klaus schulzetimewind 200612 197512"
rate it iggy popthe idiot 197712"
rate it sex pistolsnever mind the bollocks here's the sex pistols V2086 / VDJ24 197712"+7"
rate it motors penetration the table avant gardener xtc roky erickson poet and the roots x-ray spexv/a: guillotine VCL-5001 197710"
rate it xtcscience friction VS-188 19777"
rate it xtc3D EP VS-188 197712" ep
rate it x-ray spexoh bondage up yours! VS-189 197712" ep
rate it penetrationdon't dictate VS-192 19777"
rate it devoQ: are we not men? A: we are devo! 197812"
rate it magazinereal life 197812"
rate it public image ltd.first issue 197812"
rate it the motorsapproved by the motors 197812"
rate it xtcgo 2 197812"
rate it xtcwhite music 197812"
rate it penetrationfiring squad 19787"
rate it penetrationlife's a gamble 19787"
rate it iggy poptv eye live 197812"
rate it devocome back jonee 15 815 AT 19787"
rate it captain beefheart and his magic bandshiny beast (bat chain puller) CDV-2149 1978CD
rate it the fall john cooper clarke joy division the drones (UK) steel pulse buzzcocksv/a: short circuit live at the electric circus VCL-5003 197810"
rate it the fall john cooper clarke joy division the drones (UK) steel pulse buzzcocks john dowiev/a: short circuit live at the electric circus VCL-5003 197810"+7"
rate it devoQ: are we not men? A: we are devo! VP-2106 197812"
rate it xtcgo+ VS 233 197812" ep
rate it magazineshot by both sides VS-200 19787"
rate it xtcstatue of liberty VS-201 19787"
rate it magazinetouch and go VS-207 19787"
rate it xtcthis is pop? VS-209 19787"
rate it public image limitedpublic image VS-228 19787"
rate it xtcare you receiving me? VS-231 19787"
rate it magazinegive me everything VS-237 19787"
rate it magazinesecondhand daylight 197912"
rate it the membersoffshore banking business 197912" ep
rate it simple mindslife in a day 197912"
rate it xtcdrums and wires 197912"
rate it penetrationcome into the open 19797"
rate it penetrationdanger signs 19797"
rate it rutssomething that i said 19797"
rate it devosecret agent man 19797"
rate it rutsthe crack 197912"
rate it sparksNo.1 in heaven 197912"
No sleeve yet rate it mike oldfieldguilty 19797"
No sleeve yet rate it xtcchain of command L-37,059 19797"
rate it devoflimsy wrap LYN-6260 / VDJ-027 19797"
rate it penetrationcoming up for air V-2131 197912"
rate it devoduty now for the future V2125 197912"
rate it magazinerhythm of cruelty VS-251 19797"
rate it xtclife begins at the top VS-259 19797"
rate it essential logicwake up VS-261 197912" ep
rate it devothe day my baby gave me a suprize VS-265 19797"
rate it rutsbabylon's burning VS-271 19797"
rate it public image limiteddeath disco VS-274 19797"
rate it public image limiteddeath disco VS-274-12 197912" ep
rate it xtcmaking plans for nigel VS-282 19797"
rate it pilmemories VS-299-12 197912" ep
rate it the mekonswork all week VS-300 19797"
rate it magazinethe correct use of soap 198012"
rate it david bowiescary monsters 198012"
rate it simple mindsi travel 198012" ep
rate it xtcblack sea 198012"
rate it magazineplay 198012"
rate it the motorstenement steps 198012"
rate it iggy popsoldier 198012"
No sleeve yet rate it ultravoxthree into one 198012"
rate it orchestral manoeuvres in the darkst 198012"
rate it the revillosscuba scuba 102 029 / 19807"
rate it image publique au printemps OVED-050 198012"
rate it mr. partridgetake away the lure of salvage V-2145 198012"
rate it captain beefheart and his magic banddoc at the radar station V-2172 198012"
rate it the rutsgrin & bear it V-2188 198012"
rate it magazinea song from under the floorboards VS-321 19807"
rate it xtcwait till your boat goes down VS-322 19807"
No sleeve yet rate it magazineupside down VS-334 19807"
No sleeve yet rate it the rutswest one (shine on me) VS-370 19807"
rate it mag and the suspectsthousands dead 198112" ep
rate it simple mindssons and fascination 198112"
rate it simple mindssister feelings call 198112"
rate it public image limitedflowers of romance 198112"
rate it taxi girlseppuku 198112"
rate it iggy popparty 198112"
rate it deutsch amerikanische freundschaftgold une liebe 198112"
rate it étienne dahomythomane 70546 198112"
rate it devonew traditionalists V-2191 198112"
rate it deutsch amerikanische freundschaftalles ist gut V-2202 198112"
rate it xtc5 senses VEP-308 198112" ep
rate it public image limitedflowers of romance VS-397 19817"
rate it public image limitedflowers of romance VS-397 198112" ep
rate it devothrough being cool VS-450 19817"
rate it modern englishafter the snow 198212"
rate it téléphonedure limite 198212"
rate it simple mindsnew gold dream (81-82-83) 198212"
rate it simple mindspromised you a miracle 198212" ep
rate it xtcenglish settlement 198212"
rate it xtcwaxworks some singles 1977-1982 198212"
rate it xtcsenses working overtime 198212" ep
rate it captain beefheart and his magic bandice cream for crow 1982CD
rate it captain beefheart and the magic bandice cream for crow 19827"
rate it holly & joey holly and the italiansi got you babe VS-478 19827"
rate it xtcball and chain VS-482 198212" ep
rate it captain beefheart & the magic bandlight reflected off the oceands of the moon VS-534 198212" ep
rate it the pale fountainsthank you VS-557 198212" ep
rate it the pale fountainsthank you VS-557 19827"
rate it the pale fountainsthank you VSY-557 19827"
rate it public image limitedlive in tokyo 198312"x2
rate it marc sebergst 198312"
rate it simple mindswaterfront 198312" ep
rate it simple mindsspeed your love to me 198312" ep
rate it marc sebergsylvie 19837"
rate it xtcmummer 198312"
rate it the pale fountainspalm of my hand VS-568 198312" ep
rate it orchestral manoeuvres in the darkdazzle ships / V2261 198312"
rate it the red guitarsslow to fade 198412"
rate it cocteau twinsthe spangle maker 198412" ep
rate it the pale fountainspacific street 198412"
rate it microdisneyeverybody is fantastic 198412"
rate it modern englishricochet days 198412"
rate it simple mindssparkle in the rain 198412"
rate it simple mindsup on the catwalk 198412" ep
rate it xtcthe big express 198412"
rate it orchestral manoeuvres in the darkjunk culture 198412"
rate it feltmy face is on fire compilation 206 074 198410"
rate it téléphoneun autre monde 70248 198412"
rate it the pale fountainsunless VS-614 198412" ep
rate it the pale fountainsdon't let your love start a war VS-668 198412" ep
rate it the pale fountainsjean's not happening VS-737 198412" ep
rate it pilbad life VS675 198412" ep
rate it the woodentopsstraight eight bushwaker 198512"
rate it cocteau twinstiny dynamine 198512" ep
rate it the pale fountains... from across the kitchen table 198512"
rate it marc sebergle chant des terres 198512"
rate it simple mindsonce upon a time 198512"
rate it rita mitsouko marc seberg taxi girl étienne daho graziella de michele aliss terrellv/a: les enfants du velvet 198512"
rate it marc sebergl'éclaircie 19857"
rate it marc sebergl'éclaircie 198512" ep
rate it marc sebergle chant des terres 19857"
rate it étienne dahotombé pour la france (version maximum) 198512" ep
No sleeve yet rate it orchestral manoeuvres in the darkcrush 198512"
rate it the pale fountains... from across the kitchen table VS-750 198512" ep
rate it the woodentopsgiant 198612"
rate it public image ltd.12 inch single 198612" ep
rate it public image ltd.album 198612"
rate it xtcskylarking 198612"
No sleeve yet rate it red guitarsamerica and me 198612" ep
No sleeve yet rate it red guitarsnational avenue (sunday afternoon) 198612" ep
rate it red guitarstales of the expected 198612"
rate it étienne dahopop satori 70429 198612"
rate it depeche modeblack celebration 70436 198612"
rate it the moon and the melodiesthe moon and the melodies CAD-611 198612"
rate it that petrol emotiongenius move 198712" ep
rate it new order jumpin' jesus cabaret voltaire dominique the hood arthur bakerv/a: salvation original soundtrack 198712"
rate it public image limitedhappy? 198712"
rate it marc seberglumières & trahisons 198712"+12" ep
rate it simple mindsin the city of light 198712"x2
rate it simple mindssimple minds live promised you a miracle 198712" ep
rate it magazinerays and hail: 1978-1981 1987CD
rate it microdisneycrooked mile 198712"
rate it the weather prophetsjudges, juries & horsemen 198812"
rate it that petrol emotionend of the millenium psychosis blues 198812"
rate it go-betweens16 lovers lane 198812"
No sleeve yet rate it the house of love nick cave & the bad seeds arno the woodentops the weather prophets morrissey sandie shaw julian cope pixies that petrol emotion momus the lilac time marc minelliv/a: un automne 88 1988CD
rate it microdisney39 minutes 198812"
rate it étienne dahopour nos vies martiennes 198812"
rate it my bloody valentineisn't anything CRE-040 / 198812"
rate it that petrol emotioncellophane VST 1116 198812" ep
rate it a.r. kanecrack up 198912" ep
rate it simple mindsballad of the streets ep 198912" ep
rate it xtcoranges & lemons 198912"x2
rate it bob mouldworkbook 198912"
rate it bob mouldsee a little light 198912" ep
rate it simple mindsstreet fighting years 198912"
rate it the go-betweens james xtc it's immaterial the band of holy joy the nits the feelies pixies my bloody valentine happy mondays étienne daho & bill pritchard devine & statton jérôme soligny wim mertensv/a: un printemps 89 1989CD
rate it mano negraputa's fever 198912"
rate it that petrol emotiongroove check ep VSA-1159 198910"
rate it that petrol emotionchemicrazy 199012"
rate it cocteau twinsiceblink luck 199012" ep
rate it cocteau twinsheaven or las vegas 1990CD
rate it rutsthe crack 1990CD
rate it bob mouldblack sheets of rain 1990CD
rate it bob mouldpoison years 1990CD
rate it the monochrome setstrange boutique love zombies 1990CD
No sleeve yet rate it the stone roses the beautiful south the field mice the sundays lush a.r. kane a certain ratio james the jesus & mary chain the house of love miracle legion st. christopher galaxie 500 lloyd cole jean-louis muratv/a: un printemps 90 1990CD
rate it mano negrapas assez de toi live a la cigale 80530 199012" ep
rate it that petrol emotionsensitize VSAX-1261 199010"
rate it that petrol emotionabandon VST 1242 199012" ep
rate it that petrol emotionhey venus VST 1290 199012" ep
rate it iggy popbrick by brick VUS 017 199012"
rate it iggy poplivin' on the edge of the night VUSTE 018 199012" ep
rate it pixiesmotorway to roswell 1991CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it the la's my jealous god the charlatans happy mondays pale saints the high throwing muses the field mice it's immaterial ocean colour scene ride cocteau twins lush the verlaines robert forster peter astor world of twist blur v/a: un printemps 91 1991CD
rate it the sneetches1985-1991 30900 1991CD
rate it stereolabswitched on 31022 / PEUR-001 1991CD
rate it that petrol emotiontingle CST 1312 199112" ep
rate it dr phibes and the house of wax equationsmr phantasy SA3208 1991CD ep
rate it yo la tengoupside-down 1992CD ep
rate it yo la tengomay i sing with me 1992CD
rate it hypnolovewheelangel food 1992CD
rate it pilthat what is not 1992CD
rate it daisy chainsaweleventeen 1992CD
rate it xtcnonsuch 1992CD
rate it th'faith healersL' 21023 1992CD
rate it american music clubmercury 1993CD
rate it bellystar CAD-3002 1993CD
rate it frank blackfrank black CAD-3004 1993CD
rate it the auteursnow i'm a cowboy HUT-016 / 1994CD
rate it the backbeat bandsongs from the original motion picture backbeat V2729 199412"
rate it the backbeat bandmoney VSA-1489 199410"
rate it rocket from the cryptscream, dracula, scream! 1995CD
rate it girls against boys honeymoon stitch moby low codeine further stanton-miranda starchildren kendra smith versus desert storm godheadsilo face to face tortoisev/a: a means to an end the music of joy division 1995CD
rate it the smashing pumpkinsmellon collie and the infinite sadness 1995CDx2
rate it techno animalre-entry machinery dream heavy lids 1995CDx2
rate it jacques dutronc & étienne dahotous les goûts sont dans ma nature 1995CD ep
rate it the disciples spring heel jack mister bubbles automation bedouin ascent the rootsman coil the omni trio laika new kingdom tortoise skull & ice bud alzir extremadura 4hero the golden palominos mad professor wagon christ scorn tricky iration steppas & dennis rootical bandulu earthlingv/a: macro dub infection vol. 1 AMBTLP7 1995CDx2
rate it the chemical brothersexit planet dust XDUST-001 / 1995CD
rate it the auteursafter murder park 1996CD
rate it smashing pumpkins1979 1996CD ep
rate it spiderbait ddt fitz of depression trigger happy one ton shotgun lloydsrocket poison idea rhythm pigs killdozer ultra bidé fireballs engine kid blood sausage show business giants dirty threev/a: hardcore holiday 1996CD
rate it maurizio bill laswell rome rhys chatham & martin wheeler pin him zulutronic magnet plug mouse on mars tao alec empire skull eardrum porter ricks the disciples gedulah & cheesecake andré gurov units prince paul jammin' unit bio muse third eye foundation spectre ice & palace v/a: macro dub infection vol. 2 AMBTLP14 1996CDx2
rate it the walkaboutsnighttown 1997CD
rate it the chemical brothersdig your own hole DUST-002 199712"x2
rate it rocket from the cryptrftc 1998CD
rate it techno animalreality versus techno animal 1998CD
rate it massive attackmezzanine 1998CD
rate it smashing pumpkinsadore HUT-051 / 1998CD
rate it at the drive-inrolodex propaganda 2000CD ep
rate it magazinemaybe it's right to be nervous now 2000CD
rate it magazinewhere the power is 2000CD
rate it the smashing pumpkinsmachina / the machines of god 2000CD
rate it at the drive-ininvalid litter dept. 2001CD ep
rate it lambchop madrugada featuring neil mcnasty the webb brothers calexico featuring valerie leulliot johnny dowd st etienne featuring nathan bennet st thomas jarvis cocker & richard hawley erlend oye the amazing pilots kathryn williams tindersticks stephen jones & luke scott calvin johnson & mark pickerel evan dando & sabrina brooke kid loco featuring tim keeganv/a: total lee! the songs of lee hazelwood 2002CD
rate it the smashing pumpkinsearphoria 2002CD
rate it massive attack100th window 2003CD
rate it the thrillsso much for the city 2003CD
rate it the stoogesthe weirdness 2007CD
ASSOCIATED LABELS cherry red, creation, hut, 4ad, alias, beggars banquet, les disques du crépuscule, deva

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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