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rate it captain beefheart and the magic bandlick my decals off, baby RS-6420 197012"
rate it alice cooperkiller 197112"
rate it black sabbathparanoid 197112"
rate it public image ltd.second edition 197912"x2
rate it devolive 198012" ep
rate it devofreedom of choice 198012"
rate it princedirty mind 198012"
rate it gang of fourspecial edition four-track ep 198012" ep
rate it zz topel loco 198112"
rate it devobeautiful world WBSP 49826 19817"
rate it gang of fouranother day another dollar 198212" ep
rate it zz topeliminator 198312"
rate it devoshout 198412"
rate it prince and the revolutionpurple rain 198412"
rate it prince and the revolutionaround the world in a day 198512"
rate it zz topafterburner 198512"
rate it hüsker düsorry somehow 19867"x2
rate it black sabbath featuring tony iommiseventh star 198612"
rate it hüsker düsorry somehow 198612" ep
rate it hüsker düdon't want to know if you are lonely 198612" ep
rate it hüsker dücandy apple grey 1986CD
rate it prince and the revolutionparade WX 39 198612"
rate it hüsker düwarehouse : songs and stories 198712"x2
rate it hüsker düice cold ice 198712" ep
rate it princelovesexy 198812"
rate it jane's addictionnothing's shocking 198812"
rate it 198812"
rate it princebatman 1989CD
rate it jungle brothersdone by the forces of nature 198912"
rate it john calewords for the dying 198912"
rate it elvis costellospike 198912"
rate it princegrafitti bridge 199012"x2
rate it jane's addictionritual de lo habitual 199012"
rate it angelo badalamentimusic from twin peaks 199012"
rate it r.e.m.losing my religion 199112" ep
rate it dinosaur jrgreen mind 1991CD
rate it r.e.m.out of time 199112"
rate it r.e.m.near wild heaven 1991CD ep
rate it elvis costellomighty like a rose 7599-26575 199112"
rate it prince & the new power generationthe love symbol album 1992CD
rate it the flaming lipshit to death in the future head 1992CD
rate it 1992CD ep
rate it r.e.m.automatic for the people 1992CD
No sleeve yet rate it david byrnegirls on my mind 1992CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it the flaming lipsshe don't use jelly 1993CD ep
rate it dinosaur jrwhere you been 1993CD
rate it the flaming lipstransmissions from the satellite heart 1993CD
rate it 1994CD
rate it the flaming lipsproviding needles for your balloons 2-45748 1994CD
rate it the flaming lipsclouds taste metallic 199512"
rate it the flaming lipssoil x samples 23 PRO-S-7198 19957"
rate it built to spilluntrustable 19977"
rate it boredomssuper roots 7 199812"
rate it boredomssuper roots 8 199812"
rate it boredomssuper roots ae 1998CD
rate it the flaming lipsthe soft bulletin 1999CD
rate it built to spillcenter of the universe PRO-S-9594 19997"
rate it the flaming lipswhite christmas 2000 to all the deserved supporters... 20007"
rate it built to spilllive 2000CD
rate it r.e.m.reveal 2001CD
rate it built to spillancient melodies of the future 2001CD
rate it built to spillsabonis tracks 2001CD ep
rate it built to spillstrange 20017"
rate it the flaming lipsyoshimi battles the pink robots 2002CD
rate it built to spillfreebird 2002CD ep
rate it doug martschnow you know 2002CD
rate it built to spillconventional wisdom 20067"
rate it built to spillyou in reverse 2006CD
rate it built to spillthey got away 20077"
rate it remaccelerate 2008CD
rate it built to spilldon't try 20087"
rate it remsupernatural superserious W798CDX 2008CD ep
rate it built to spillwater sleepers 20107"
ORIGIN usa california burbank

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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