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rate it spermbirds walter elfsplit 7" don't forget the fun XM-001 7"
rate it cocks in stained satinwelcome to the trasherdome XM-002 12"
rate it everything falls apart challenger crewsplit lp XM-004 12"
rate it skeezicksthere's a charlie brown in everyone of us XM-003 19867"
rate it challenger crew unwanted youth spermbirds jump for joy skeezicks p.m.a. antitoxinv/a: trust XM-005 / RM-004 19877"
rate it l'attentatmade in g.d.r. XM-006 198712"
rate it apes of wrath (DE)stronzo XM-007 19887"
rate it skeezicksselling out XM-008 198812"
rate it crowd of isolatedi try to tell about a way ,,, XM-009 198812"
rate it spermbirds walter elf skeezicksv/a: x-mist collection of 7" XM-010 198812"
rate it attent!onhearts of stone XM-011 198812"
rate it so much hateblind alley XM-012 198812"
rate it 2badget fat and die XM-013 198812"
rate it crowd of isolatedbad actors XM-014 19887"
rate it crowd of isolatedbad actors XM-014 19887"
rate it ugly foodst XM-015 198912"
rate it 2bad happy ever aftersplit 7" XM-016 19897"
rate it spermbirds12XU XM-016,5 19897"
rate it happy ever afterroberspierre's mirror in giovanni's room XM-017 19897"
rate it stand to fallst XM-018 198912"
rate it seven siouxst XM-019 199012"
rate it walter elf stand to fall 2 bad seven sioux crowbar spermbirds happy ever after so much hate crowd of isolated ugly foodv/a: x-press XM-020 199012"
rate it 2badidiot tree get fat & die XM-021 / XM-013 1990CD
rate it spermbirdscommon thread XM-022 199012"
rate it walter elfdedication XM-023 199012"
rate it ugly foodseneca boulevard XM-024 199012"
rate it crowd of isolatedmemories and scars XM-025 1991CD
rate it so much hateseein' red XM-026 199112"
rate it walter elfhomo sapiens XM-027 199112"
No sleeve yet rate it trottelthe final salute in the name of human misery XM-028 199112"x2
rate it seven siouxan other XM-029 199112"
rate it so much hatea day at the station XM-030 19917"
rate it b.s.g.warm inside XM-031 199112"
rate it spermbirdseating glass XM-032 199212"
rate it collection twist and shout XM-033 199212"
rate it spermbirdsjoe XM-034 199212"
No sleeve yet rate it crowbarshapshapnahoowapwap XM-035 199212"
rate it seven siouxkind XM-036 1992CD
rate it 2badthings to do today XM-037 19927"
rate it kinaparlami ancora XM-038 199212"
rate it 2badanswermachine XM-039 1993CD
rate it so much hatelies XM-040 199312"
rate it hammerhead (DE)stay where the pepper grows XM-041 199312"
rate it ankry simonssome people will do anything for money XM-042 1993CD
rate it 2badlong way down XM-043 199312" ep
rate it hell nosuperstar chop / XM-044 19947"
rate it bob bondex johnstoncrash test bodies XM-045 19957"
rate it luzifers mob golgathasplit 12" XM-046 199512"
rate it dandruff deluxesatan is real XM-047 / 19957"
rate it 2bad steakknifesplit 7" XM-048 19957"
rate it steakknifethe day larry talked XM-049 19957"
rate it christie front drive in/humanity baby harp seal torches to rome solar bomb kit kurtv/a: for want of... XM-050 19957"x2
rate it hell no!adios armageddon! XM-051 / RSVR-007 1995CD
rate it hell no!adios armageddon! XM-051 / RSVR-007 199512"
rate it steakknifegod pill XM-052 199512"
rate it kurtst XM-053 199612"
rate it monochrome (DE)prozac barrito XM-054 19967"
rate it the world / inferno friendship society the dawnbreed and monochrome collectivesplit 7" introduction to music a guide to good listening XM-055 / 19977"
rate it the party of helicoptersabracadaver XM-056 / DF-044 199712"
rate it kurtschesaplana XM-057 199812"
rate it atom and his packagea society of people named elihu XM-058 199812"
rate it soezapicking a man off the ground XM-059 19997"
rate it men's recovery projectresist the new way XM-060 199912"
rate it the world / inferno friendship societyi wouldn't want to live in a world without grudges XM-061 20007"
rate it guyana punchlineirritainment for the masses XM-062 20007"
rate it les savy favreprobate's resumé XM-063 20007"
rate it pretty girls make gravesst XM-067 200012"
rate it winterbrieffamous shoppers XM-069 200012"
No sleeve yet rate it plot #22 featuring culturcideindustrial band XM-073 20007"
rate it vazdemonstrations in micronesia XM-082 200012"
rate it the flamingo massacresmassacre r&b tour XM-064.5 20017"
rate it the flamingo massacreswearing your heart on the front of your shirt XM-064 / ADA-002 200112"
rate it ten volt shockthe incident XM-066 20027"
rate it bad neighbor policy heroin men's recovery project & le tigre body part convocation of... six finger satellite fast forward tara tavi hail mary towel born against thrones rah bras skull kontrol auto da fé mutician amps for christ & thrones sinking body & bastard noise moss iconv/a: false object sensor XM-068 / VMFM-011.5 200212"
rate it the secondsY XM-070 200212"
rate it ex models the secondssplit 7" raw wild love XM-071 20027"
rate it the oliver twistnew tricks and traps XM-072 200212"
rate it kurtla guard XM-068 200312"
rate it eniacken and barbie XM-074 20037"
rate it vazdying to meet you XM-075 200312"
rate it ex modelszoo psychology XM-076 / PSYCHOTICA-010 200312"
rate it fuck u is my namecatelbrow XM-077 / MM-002 20037"
rate it eniacoh? NOVA-022 / XM-079 200412"
rate it the yellow pressst XM-078 / CR-009 200412"
rate it ten volt shockst XM-080 / CR-011 200412"
rate it kurt popular shapessplit 7" XM-081 / OOS-007 20047"
rate it big boyslullabies help the brain grow
no matter how long the line is at the cafeteria, ther
es always a seat!
XM-085 200412"x2
rate it skeezicksthere's a charlie brown in everyone of us XM-003 / BOLZ-001 20057"
rate it trendpatientenverfügung XM-086 20057"
rate it ex models & kid millionschrome panthers XM-087 / PSY-014 200512"
rate it world / inferno friendship societyme v. angry mob XM-088 / TCWTGA-012 200512"
rate it wrangler brutestape XM-089 200512"
rate it telemarkviva suicide XM-083 200612"
rate it kurtrmxd XM-084 200612" ep
rate it fuckuismynamestay gold, falconass! XM-090 / MM-010 200612"
rate it ten volt shock6null3 XM-091 / BAKO-011 / LABIL-002 200612"
rate it eniacnews ticker XM-092 20067"+DVD
rate it ten volt shock loisirssplit 7" XM-093 / THEATRE-011 / REJU-019 20077"
rate it this moment in black historyit takes a nation of assholes to hold us back XM-094 200712"
rate it hostages of ayatollahanthoalogy XM-095 200812"x2 + DVD
rate it telemarkinformat XM-096 / SAH-007 2009CD
rate it ten volt shock78 hours XM-097 / SAH-009 / BAKO-029 201012"
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