Known discography of YOYO
(aka yo-yo, yo yo)
(12 records found)
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rate it kicking giant bikini kill gravel unwound al larsen lumihoops mecca normal burl some velvet sidewalk superchunk glad courtney love candice peterson oklahoma scramble cannanes heavens to betsyv/a: throw the yoyo studio compilation YOYO-001 199212"
rate it kreviss heavens to betsy cub bratmobile kicking giant slowpoke crayon young ginns karp tattle tale nikki and rachel slant 6 long hind legs rockin' rod and the strychnines lync fruit bat adickdid chorea tiger trapv/a: julep YOYO-002 1993CD
rate it mukilteo fairies go sailor excuse 17 fitz of depression love as laughter tummy ache raggedy ann cub the crabs appleseed bloodthirsty butchers neutral milk hotel long hind legs tattle tale team dresch copass grinderz beckv/a: periscope YOYO-003 1994CD
rate it the rickets excuse 17 bloodthirsty butchers godheadsilo heavens to betsy fitz of depression the halo benders copass grindez mukilteo fairies girl trouble karp beck cub new bad things the stinky puffs mecca normal codeine mary lou lord team dresch neutral milk hotel dig yr grave the softies the crabs kicking giant georgia and ira versus satellite crayon nuzzle long hind legs some velvet sidewalk lois hush harbor blair mailer unwoundv/a: yo yo a go go YOYO-004 1996CDx2
rate it sonido faction little red car wreck kitty spit'n fire kirihito nikki mcclure timonium the lookers some velvet sidewalk tummy ache seagulls screaming kiss her kiss her the drivers the cannanes skirts loud machine 0.5 rosenthal old time relijun jason traegerv/a: overboard YOYO-005 1996CD
rate it the cannanestiny frown YOYO-009 1998CD ep
rate it jason traeger seagull screaming kiss her kiss her some velvet sidewalk dead moon sleater-kinney the feelings kirihito behead the prophet n.l.s.l. loud machine 0.5 dub narcotic sound system the mountain goats jenn kliese & khaela maricich little red car wreck mecca normal nikki mcclure mirah modest mouse lois the need karp buit to spill elliott smithv/a: yoyo a go go another live compilation YOYO-010 1998CD
rate it the kg get the hell out of the way of the volcano the need c*average iqu mirah dennis driscell lois maffeo bluebirdsky ashtray boy little red car wreck super duo rabbit rabbit the microphones the drivers eucalyptus nova scotia the nervous system the low down the newlyweds loud machine 0.5 rebecca pearcyv/a: projector YOYO-012 1999CD
rate it c*average mirah the mountain goats mecca normal marine research the moools sleater-kinney ramsted bratmobile the need super duo old time relijun the low down tight bros from way back when red monkey the cannanes loud machine 0.5 the microphones rebecca pearcy the crabs negativlandv/a: yoyo a go go YOYO-018 1999CD
rate it sleater-kinney sarah dougher internal/external the need mirah aislers set gossip marine researchv/a: yoyo a go go YOYO-021 1999CD
rate it the mountain goatsdevil in the shortwave YOYO-020 200112" ep
rate it kickballABCDEFGHIJKickball YOYO-024 2006CD
OWNER pat maley
ORIGIN usa washington olympia

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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