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bedlam rovers j church jawbreaker steel pole bath tub strawman timco 1992 v/a: the mission district
company flow 1999 little johnny from the hospitul (breaks and instrumentuls vol.1)
david bowie 1977 heroes
dead and gone 1997 god loves everyone but you
devo 1978 mechanical man
intense degree capitalist casualties dicktator disrupt skimmed rupture purgative klyster plutocracy cripple bastards buka t.m.p. traitor sarcasm putrid offal extreme smoke slave state supuration macabre hiatus a.m. gibbed arse destroyer arnes plasthjarna audiostench sockeye rottrevore dischange man is the bastard crossed out crazy fucked up daily life (c.f.d.l.) cum dumpster tt task debilana phobia destroy brutal personal resist duh guillotine terror patareni eggs i.a.h. filthy charity cemetarium t.e.k. toxic noise ringworm melvins b.g.t. phlegm jump back jesus intestational loudness 1992 v/a: son of bllleeeeaaauuurrrgghhh! 52 bands 69 songs
lush 1994 split
pure pain browneye the queeweed spjuver derivata the orphans cruel when complete 99 systems disharmonikerna lucky stroke brainbombs 1992 v/a: enfants terribles a collection of swedish underground music
scorn 1993 colossus
splatter trio fuehler ron anderson RWA miss murgatroid scrooge shunatao phased 4° circle figurehead badgewearer zuno men D.A.R.K. happy new year TV pow climax golden twins konic thtr gino robair raeo voodoo muzak spaceheads fin de siècle headbutt the molecules trottel keuhkot pest nid 1997 v/a: does time affect memory?
sugar shack 1992 charmer
swans 1983 filth
the 1985 1997 seven inch record
the larks fallout assassins the band of holy joy bourbonese qualk many happy returns nocturnal emissions language max closure and the graves the hafler trio lustmord annie anxiety and the asexuals 1985 v/a: here we go
zeni geva 1990 maximum money monster
zeni geva 2007 maximum money monster
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