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- oxymorons gary lou pico puff tube revellers blue cobra verde haynes boys syrup vivians clay muzzle campfire walkers steamshovel sosumi flaming telepath dock ellis supie t lord burger cage wax tadpole scrawl rainy day saints brainiac skullbank quazimodo new bomb turks g-spot tornados kaj mi nuka creature satellites ass ponys rc mob pet ufo one riot one ranger girly machine honk, wail, and moan gem gaunt 1997 v/a: ubu dance party: a tribute to pere ubu (38 ohio bands pay tribute to cleveland's legendary pop combo)
- regard extrême alcide nekropo no comment refuge monument the village act of cruelty hems corpus delicti porca miseria the crowd westland alcide nekropo act of cruelty corpus delicti tidy throes alcide nekropo refuge monument renaissance noire voix et résonnace in vitro porca miseria hems in zhe gaza megakitsch & paquito bolino 1993 v/a: freak show
- zygote resist sofa head vex crisis of faith tvtv$ section 46 celibate commandos mutiny academy 23 in/humanity capitalist casualties political asylum culture shock moss icon gag order insyte - 1992 v/a: powerless II: no more flowers, no more ribbons a benefit for the war resisters league
808 state 1996 don solaris
a house 1994 wide eyed and ignorant
a.r.e. weapons 2001 st
ahleuchatistas 2003 on the culture industry
an albatross 2001 eat lightning, shit thunder
an albatross 2001 eat lightning, shit thunder
asshole parade 1999 student ghetto violence
atom and his package 2004 hair: debatable
broccoli 1993 demo
bugskull 1994 phantasies and senseitions
c.o.c.o. 2002 the sound of coco
carbomb 1998 total eclipse
circle takes the square 2004 as the roots undo
condense 1995 live
controlled bleeding fat hacker joined at the head techno animal headbutt new mind force fed fudge tunnel cable regime jouissance multicide splintered painkiller meatfly techno animal typhoid mary god (UK) 1992 v/a: spreading the virus sentrax productions anti-censorship compilation
cop shoot cop 2003 live from vienna '91
cursed 2005 II
customers 2007 shut up! (we're dead...)
de la soul 1989 3 feet high and rising
deity guns 1991 electricity live in italy
dilute 2000 the gypsy valentine curve
donald the nut thinking fellers union local 282 fibulator little my three day stubble vomit launch o-type the molecules sun city girls mecca normal c.c.c.c. caroliner rainbow scrambled egg taken for a wife ruins vacuum tree head sticks and stones pluto blowjob rova saxophone quartet & rubber city gendreau & fred lonberg-holm & shiraishi the splatter trio crawling with tarts speed the parting guest 2000 v/a: live from the afterworld lounge oakland
fatal flying guilloteens 2003 get knifed
flour 1988 s/t
No sleeve yet friends forever 2002 motion picture soundtrack
garbage collector 1988 st
gaucho surrealista un festin sagital radikal satan manuel de la pileta onda bidón tomates rocky los siquicos litoralenos manuel j. grotesque musicos del metro kellies dadalú caballo loco collectivo no o+yn pibes de merlo los pastores de gelatina radio chilena oso y los mongos freneticos 2010 v/a: arte popular chileno y argentino gauchito gil contra colo-colo
har mar superstar 2003 you can feel me
hour of the star 1997 a love letter
hour of the star 1997 a love letter first pressing
icon zero 1997 vacuum logic
indian summer 1994 hidden arithmetic
joseph derouselle & angie hart lois maffeo al larsen & carrie brownstein rachel carns kathleen hanna I/E tae won yu sue p. fox slim moon & K.O. joseph derouselle & kanako wynkoop justin trosper calvin johnson 2000 v/a: internal/external
jps experience 1993 bleeding star
jubilé 2016 tu m'obéis
jumbo's killcrane 2004 slow decay
kathy mccarty 1994 dead dog's eyeball songs of daniel johnston
kerosene 454 1995 situation at hand
konono N°1 2007 live at couleur café
krmtx 2003 as ratz in the basement
les savy fav 1997 3/5
les thugs 2012 come on, people!
libraness 2000 yesterday ...and tomorrow's shells
lollipop 1996 dog piss on dog
love lost but not forgotten 2000 st
lovelostbutnotforgotten 2002 upon the right, i saw a new misery
make up 2006 untouchable sound
man or astroman? 1994 live! transmissions from uranus
mayyors 2008 megan's lolz
meltdown 1997 senior year was the best
melvins 2008 melvins vs minneapolis
men's recovery project 1997 the golden triumph of naked hostility
mystery brinkman pleasurehorse 2000 split 12" brinkmangled twat motel the split load series vol. 1
nausea final conflict neurosis 411 extreme noise terror 1991 v/a: discharged from home front to war front
neil hagerty the sea note players smog the sea note players palace brothers the sea note players royal trux the sea note players neil hagerty 1996 v/a: the drag city hour
nirvana 1996 from the muddy banks of the wishkah
pain teens trailor trash jesus penis pleasure center turmoil in the toybox sacred cows gut logic fortunes of vice 1991 v/a: manifestation
pg. 99 waifle 2001 split 12" tour 2001 document #10
pogo the clown lonely moans helios creed tar god bullies 1989 v/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume two
pulp 1993 intro the gift recordings
pussy galore 1986 1 Yr live
red red meat 1993 flank
rocket from the crypt 2008 R.I.P.
No sleeve yet rodan 1993 aviary
royal mcbee corporation 2008 natural drive
servotron 1998 entertainment program for humans (second variety)
sexual surrogate 1999 knochenleitung
shithaus 1985 live crush 84-85
shockabilly 1989 live ...just beautiful
sleepers 1981 painless night
sleepers 1996 the less an object
smelly kelley paradise island - william elliott whitmore let's be active FT [the shadow government] - FT [the shadow government] - william elliott whitmore - paradise island smelly kelley 2004 v/a: keep the fuzz off my buzz
No sleeve yet smelly kelley paradise island - william elliott whitmore let's be active FT [the shadow government] - FT [the shadow government] - william elliott whitmore - paradise island smelly kelley 2006 v/a: keep the fuzz off my buzz
so much hate 1988 blind alley
song of zarathustra 2000 the birth of tragedy
sonic youth 1985 bad moon rising
sonic youth 1989 candle (edit)
supernova 1997 live at the lava room
swans 1987 feel good now
sweat engine tit wrench artefakto pain emission bostich unknown artist retro tech things with knobs behind the orange curtain unknown artist sweat engine secret secret bostich apparition ford proco hans fjellestad oricom ford proco se artefakto 1992 v/a: below san onofre
swell 1991 ...well?
the apes 2001 the fugue in the fog
the apes 2003 oddeyesee
the convocation of... 2000 lab remix series 3
the fall 1980 totale's turns' ('it's now or never')
the fall 1980 live
the stairs 1992 mexican r 'n' b
the young gods 1993 live sky tour
u-men the thrown-ups lonely moans helios creed surgery cows halo of flies mudhoney tar god bullies tad king snake roost god bullies pogo the clown 1989 v/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume 1-3
u.x.a. dirk dirksen sleepers negative trend tuxedomoon 2003 v/a: miners' benefit
unlogistic 2006 capitulation re-capitulation décapitulation
violent femmes 1993 add it up 1981-1993
No sleeve yet wgmz radio vostok: c.r. niminauh II dixie blood mustache danny thomas hekinah degul butterfield 8 project medaglia d'oro orchestra melted men nipples for days the band with the drummer who was inspired by the music on the album the noisettes black swan network japancakes 1998 v/a: festival of failure presents: sounds to soothe a nervous robot
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