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absolute zero 1996 no escape
bloodsport god's acre mojo wishbean & trippy squashblossum urge overkill precious wax drippings the garden big black the defoliants permabuzz sapphires ungh material issue end result 1987 v/a: hog butcher for the world WNUR 89.3 a chicago compilation
channels 3 and 4 beak full of rubies coughs child abuse john wiese silver daggers lakes tg huts antifamily kit micose and the mau maus stefan udell axolotl bromp treb we quit can't deerhoof my little red toe dim diamond yellow swans shoplifting ghost to falco 2006 v/a: zum audio vol. 3
coco 2007 play drums + bass
davy jones locker 1993 ultimate
hero of a hundred fights insidious hero of a hundred fights tintoretto 2003 v/a: a four way stop
jad fair 1984 monarchs
krupted peasant farmers cowboy killers celibate commandos jesus chrust misery agent 86 process of elimination filth momido 7 bazooka joe sludgeworth mega city four bubble eyed dog boy spongetunnel capitol punishment the commonwealth sanity assassins the rise gear apocalypse hobokin seven league boots circus lupus 1990 v/a: built on blood
les savy fav 2000 the cat and the cobra
nico 1974 the end...
pj harvey 2004 uh huh her
ratcat 1991 blind love
scorn 1994 evanescence
spectre 1999 the end
spits aaiiee!! pleasureboaters intelligence artificial limbs chinese warning : danger! coconut coolouts pierced arrows leaders a-frames toe tag le shat noir strap straps nice smile pist'uns fucking eagles bill collectors reptilian civilian stuck-ups superdestroyers aurora roarers snacks pyramids partman parthorse steel tigers of death cute lepers paper dolls the girls anxieties the heels tacocat autolite strike the headliners rc5 pure country gold generation & monica nelson jaguar paw zack static sect howlin' houndog & the infamous loosers android hero digger & the pussycats new luck toy reptilian civilian the hacks pranks thee manipulators space cretins teenage harlets the hands 2008 v/a: the funhouse comp thing II
the beatles 1968 abbey road
the cravats 1979 the end
the doors 1967 st
the melvins 2005 the end
the melvins 2008 the end
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