Known discography of SONIC YOUTH
(aka ciccone youth, cushion toy, sonic death)
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(38 records found)
rate it sonic youthst 198212" neutral
rate it sonic youthconfusion is sex 198312" neutral
rate it sonic youthsonic-death early sonic sonic-youth live 1981-83 1984tape ecstatic peace!
rate it sonic youthbad moon rising 198512" homestead / blast first
rate it sonic youthevol 198612" blast first
rate it sonic youthwalls have ears 198612"x2 not / blast first
rate it sonic youthevol 1986CD sst
rate it sonic youthsister 1987CD sst
rate it ciccone youththe whitey album 1988CD geffen
rate it sonic youthdaydream nation 1988CD blast first
rate it sonic youthsonic-death early sonic sonic-youth live 1981-83 1988CD sst
rate it sonic youthgoo 1990CD geffen
rate it sonic youthgoo demos 199012" goo
rate it sonic youthgoo demos 1991CD sonic death
rate it sonic youthdirty 1992CD geffen
rate it sonic youthwhores moaning oz '93 tour edition 199312" geffen
rate it sonic youthexperimental jet set, trash and no star 1994CD geffen
rate it sonic youthconfusion is sex kill yr. idols 1995CD geffen
rate it sonic youthlive in bremen 199512"
rate it sonic youthmade in USA 199512" rhino
rate it sonic youthwashing machine 1995CD geffen
No sleeve yet rate it sonic youthblastic scene: ao vivo em lisboa, 14.7.93 1995CD moneyland
rate it sonic youtha thousand leaves 1998CD geffen
rate it sonic youthsilver session for jason knuth 1998CD sonic knuth
rate it sonic youthgoodbye 20th century syr 4 1999CDx2 SYR
rate it sonic youthnyc ghosts & flowers 2000CD geffen
rate it sonic youthSYR 5 2000CD SYR
rate it sonic youthmurray street 2002CD geffen
rate it sonic youth & i.c.p. & the exin the fishtank 9 200212" in the fishtank / atomic / konkurrent
rate it sonic youthnurse 2004CD geffen
rate it sonic youthgoo deluxe edition 2005CDx2 geffen
rate it sonic youthkoncertas stan brakhage prisiminumui SYR 6 2005CD SYR
rate it sonic youthrather ripped 2006CD geffen
rate it sonic youthst 200612"x2 goofin'
rate it sonic youthj'accuse ted hughes agnès b musique SYR 7 2008CD SYR
rate it sonic youth mats gustafsson merzbowandre sider af sonic youth SYR 8 2008CD SYR
rate it sonic youththe eternal 2009CD matador
rate it sonic youthbattery park, nyc july 4th 2008 2009CD matador
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