Known discography of LANCE OAKI
lance oaki is a MEMBER in ...
rate it cringerperversion is their destiny 19897" vinyl communications
No sleeve yet rate it cringer
tikki tikki tembo no sa rembo chari bari ruchi pip pe
ri pembo
199012" vinyl communications
rate it cringerkarin 19907" lookout
No sleeve yet rate it cringerrain 19927" vinyl communications
rate it j churchshe said she wouldn't sacrifice 19927" allied recordings
rate it j churchsleep 19927" rugger bugger / 10 past 12
rate itv/a: surprise your pig a tribute to R.E.M. 199212"+7" staple gun
rate it j churchthis song is for kathi 19927" broken rekids
rate it j churchquetzalcoatl 1993CD allied
rate it j churchshe has no control 19937" dead beat
rate it j churchprophylaxis 1994CD allied
rate it j churchprophylaxis 199412"+7" allied
rate it j churchtide of fate 1994CD ep broken rekids
rate it j churchanalysis, yes, very nice 199510" allied recordings
rate it j churchthe precession of simulacra the map precedes the territory 1995CD ep jade tree
rate it the frank spencer blues explosion j churchsplit 7" 19957" suspect device
rate it j churchnostalgic for nothing 199512"x2 broken rekids
rate it j churchwhorehouse: songs and stories 199612" damaged goods
rate it j churchthe drama of alienation 199612" honest don's
rate it j churchcamels, spilled corona and the sound of maricachi bands 199612" broken rekids
rate it j church restos fosilessplit 7" 19987" sniffing recording industries
rate it j churchtravels in hyper-reality 199810" panic
rate it j churchturn to stone 7" #1 19987" damaged goods
rate it j churchturn to stone cd ep 1998CD ep damaged goods
rate it j churchturn to stone 7" #2 19987" damaged goods
rate it j church discountsplit 12" 200012" rugger bugger
rate it j churchleni riefenstahl's tinder box 20007" love boat
rate it j church off with their headssplit 7" grin and bear it e.p. 20067" 1-2-3-4 go! / newest industry
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