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artist title year format label
rate it shockabillygreatest hits 198312" red music
No sleeve yet rate it shockabillyearth vs. shockabilly 198312" rough trade
No sleeve yet rate it shockabillycolosseum 198412" rough trade
rate it ...
bongwater... & & &
v/a: the 20th anniversay of the summer of love 1967-1987 198712" shimmy disc
rate it bongwaterbreaking no new ground! 198712" ep shimmy disc
rate it b.a.l.l.period 198712" shimmy disc
rate it jad fairgreat expectations 198812"x2 bad alchemy
rate it ...
b.a.l.l.... & & ...
daniel johnston...
v/a: mondostereo away from the pulsebeat 198812" the tinnitus label
rate it half japaneseu.s. teens are spoiled bums 19887" 50 skidillion watts
rate it bongwateryou don't love me yet 19887" shimmy disc
rate it jad fair & kramerroll out the barrel 198812" shimmy disc
rate it ...
bongwater... ...
v/a: the bridge a tribute to neil young 1989CD n° 6
rate it half japanesethe band that would be king 198912" 50. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000 watts
rate it galaxie 500on fire 198912" rough trade
rate it b.a.l.l.trouble doll 1989CD shimmy disc
rate it shockabillylive ...just beautiful 1989CD shimmy disc
rate it when people were shorter and lived near the waterbobby 198912" shimmy disc
rate it bongwatertoo much sleep 1989CD shimmy disc
rate it galaxie 500rain 19907" caff corporation
rate it galaxie 500this is our music 199012"+7" rough trade
rate it galaxie 500fourth of july 199012" ep rough trade
rate it daniel johnston1990 1990CD shimmy disc
rate it b.a.l.l.four 199012" shimmy disc
rate it bongwaterdouble bummer 199012"x2 shimmy disc
rate it b.a.l.l.four 1990CD shimmy disc
rate it bongwaterthe power of pussy 1990CD shimmy disc
rate it bongwaterthe big sell-out 199212" shimmy disc
rate itv/a: virus 100 199212" alternative tentacles
rate it kramerthe guilt trip 199312"x3 shimmy disc
rate itv/a: great jewish music: burt bacharach 1997CDx2 tzadik
rate itv/a: great jewish music: serge gainsbourg 1997CD tzadik
rate it hyperjinx tricycle
the songs of jack medecine, daniel johnston & ron eng
2001CD soft skull shortwave
rate it the mabusesmabused! 2007CD pi recordings
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