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No sleeve yet a.r. kane 1992 americana
agoraphobic nosebleed 1997 st
alternative TV here and now 1978 what you see... is what you are
ambassador 990 1998 s/t
anodyne 2001 berkowitz
baby harp seal kosjer d 1995 split 7"
bailter space 1987 nelsh bailter space
No sleeve yet bambi davidson 2000 el flaco
bilderine 1984 split seconds
bitch magnet 1988 star booty
bitch magnet 1988 star booty
bitch magnet 1989 umber star booty
bitch magnet 2011 ben hur umber star booty
boredoms 1999 vision creation newsun
boredoms 2000 vision creation newsun
breach 1996 old songs vs. new beats
cell 1992 fall
No sleeve yet charm city suicides 2001 st
charm city suicides 2001 st
chickenhead emily's sassy lime men's recovery project elliott smith solid gold delightful little nothings pansy division fitz of depression black fork red #9 worst case scenario shaken 69 no talent crumbs deerhoof gambling sounds peechees waydowns the couch of eureka bonus track excuse 17 potatomen kitty cat spy club gashley snub bonnot gang third sex mr t experience executioners sunnychar bomb bassetts frumpies teamsters go sailor dig yr grave rickets lice tourettes cub pussycat trash mary lou lord 1995 v/a: a slice of lemon
cleaner raein the third memory katyn daïtro my precious room two37 utarid la quiete the apollo program francis brady bravo fucking bravo snowman wilderness medicine humousexual the pine catena collapse belle époque the machines will take over lobo's son a light in the attic sheltek simfela gantz tidal 2004 v/a: this is your life
cop shoot cop 1994 release
coptic light 2007 dotlinecircle
crippled old farts 2014 free drinks in hell
cult of luna 2002 the beyond
damon edge 1985 the wind is talking
dana lynn 1989 demo tape
dana lynn 1991 circle
No sleeve yet dance naked pilgrim celestial orgy the venus fly trap the beat of the beast lean steel playground attrition instigators thrilled skinny consumptives bastard kestrel them philistines salad speech the ghost train 1988 v/a: cloth ears five
david bowie 1971 the man who sold the world
david bowie 1982 ziggy stardust: the motion picture
david bowie 2000 bowie at the beeb BBC radio sessions 68-72 BBC radio theatre london june 27.2000
deity guns 1991 stroboscopy
dissent instigators scoundrels 16 blasare utan hjarna crib death libido boyz tit wrench flitox s.s.d.c. president fetch 1989 v/a: beautiful music for beautiful people
divorce 2012 st
drill for absentee 1998 circle music
dropdead 1993 st
emotion zero usurp synapse 1999 split 7"
enemymine 2000 the ice in me
envy 1998 from here to eternity
éric aldéa & ivan chiossone 2003 kabul
expose your eyes flying luttenbachers asm duotron hyware dog to live and shave in la k salvatore malta noggin rock paper scissor cock esp 1996 v/a: ignivomous records presents holiday abstractions : easter, puberty& amplifiers
felt 1987 the final resting of the ark
fiddlehead 1991 moneyman
friendly fire 2006 demo 2006
fudge tunnel 1994 the complicated futility of ignorance
godflesh 1996 songs of love and hate
godflesh 1997 love and hate in dub
godflesh 2001 in all languages
godflesh 2008 love and hate in dub in all languages
gold circles 2002 goldcircle dance song
guided by voices 1992 propeller
harriet the spy 1995 circle-a-indication
harriet the spy 1998 anthology of selected recordings
honeywell 1993 industry
No sleeve yet honeywell 2000 industry
in/humanity 1998 occultonomy
No sleeve yet indigo zeros 1988 act I: circle turning round upon itself
inspiral carpets 1989 the peel sessions
j church 1995 analysis, yes, very nice
j church 1996 the drama of alienation
j'm'en fous 2013 j'm'en fous n'aime pas les tranches sur les 33 tours
japanther panthers 2003 split 7" seven inch lovers vol.1
john zorn 1998 the circle maker issachar masada string trio zevulun bar kokhba sextet
johnboy 1994 claim dedications
No sleeve yet jonathan richman 1985 i'm just beginning to live
judas priest 1981 point of entry
kim phuc 2007 demo
kim phuc 2009 weird skies
la gritona 1994 frank white
lee ranaldo 1994 broken circle
lemonheads 1988 lick
loop 1988 black sun
loop 1989 eternal the singles 1988
mary's child prohibition (FR) deadly toys swell greedy guts hems a subtle plague dum dum boys cryptones drive blind sloy arthur kaos bästard & hint subside daily planets el inquilino comunista the wakes latimer moonstruck D.I.T. straw dogs 1995 v/a: collection teen a silvernoise and vicious circle compilation
mega city four 1990 there goes my happy mariage
melt banana 1999 MxBx 1998 13000 miles at light velocity
melt-banana 1998 charlie
No sleeve yet melted men 1997 flame retarded
mudhoney 2002 since we've become translucent
napalm death 1990 harmony corruption
nofx free kitten melvins the holez d generation mike watt & j mascis ruined eye the posies o-matic white flag that dog flea sator the wrens matthew sweet gumball meat puppets puzzled panthers L7 monkeywrench hovercraft 1996 v/a: germs (tribute) a small circle of friends
olivelawn 1991 sophomore jinx!
parkinson tekken 2003 split 7"
peacocks porf lts snakkendu densk bambix esxtinction of mankind planet joe coreporation rawside fleish misery cwill aurora sabot bodybag colossamite concrete sox melt-banana skalariak moped lads skunk wwk guts pie earshot bagger prejudice poison ivvy strike scally doom antikörper nostromo ka 2002 v/a: KuZeB 92'-02'
pôle emploi trotski nautique lausen le crabe youth avoiders marylin rambo jad fair tonnerre mecanique manuel j grotesque gerard moroder le singe blanc chapelle 59 seasick6 yann nada desecrator daymare nightmare anita & rosita taulard philippe petit anne laplantine daikiri no-d lichen profondo rosso jay-hm prout prout fabien porée jean-hervé marouin don vito meurtre abdullah sheraton le chevalier de rinchy x-or lobster killed me uzbeks demokhratia mur(s) andrea rottin anne laplantine pneu louise mitchels pavé le fond de l'air effraie classic dracula v zea guilhem all grrzzz raimon rivage pizzza judas donneger batalj seb & the rhaa dicks it's all good in the woods trashley ultracoït pron flavurdik bonne humeur provisoire subtle turnhips le death to mankind dr snuggle & mc jacqueline unlogistic abject object krinator tc43 mr marcaille crippled old farts sadique reverse hopopop fraud peur panique soeur fantôme nunc est bibendum bile clinton zombies are pissed crabs kalicia katakov oso el roto klaus legal bitpart courge koengstein youth llamame la muerte serendhi pity howdoyoudance besoin dead mon cul 2013 v/a: la compile à deux balles #2
pram murcof juana molina the man from uranus momus robotobibok ninki v asja auf capri cartertutti no bra germlin misshawaii noxagt the lonesome organist david gr oddfellows casino oxbow this is the kit vanishing breed benge 2007 v/a: you are hear sessions 2002-6 Resonance 104.4 FM
No sleeve yet proud crass fools propoganda (USA) exmo-6-desmo todlachen rifle sport radio for teens ground zero willful neglect red meat man sized action hüsker dü 1982 v/a: kitten
proud crass fools propoganda (USA) exmo-6-desmo todlachen rifle sport radio for teens ground zero willful neglect red meat man sized action hüsker dü 1999 v/a: kitten
r.e.m. 1983 murmur
radon asshole parade fay wray panthro u.k. united 13 small brown bike palatka i hate myself elmer hot water music twelve hour turn anklebiter anthem eighty eight rumbleseat clairmel usuals ham 2001 v/a: no idea 100: redefiling music
rein sanction 1989 st
reveille 2013 broken machines
rubbish heap 1999 st
ruts 1979 the crack
ruts 1990 the crack
screaming trees 1988 invisible lantern
shrimp boat 1989 speckly
shudder to think sunny day real estate 1994 split 7" tour support record
siouxsie and the banshees 1982 a kiss in the dreamhouse
No sleeve yet sld fat day asshole parade eurich mrtva budoucnost kung-fu rick dead end president's choice d.p.p.s. autoritär vilently ill katastrofialue palatka chapter 13 pretentious assholes crooked cops epajarjestys warsore denak godstomper the end of the century party 2002 v/a: the icing on the gravy
some velvet sidewalk 1997 generate!
soundgarden 1988 ultramega O.K.
spacemen 3 1988 revolution
split cranium 2012 st
strangelove 1993 rough trade singles club may 1993
No sleeve yet stratego 1998 st
suicide nation 1999 a requiem for all that ever mattered
swell treepeople capsize fernando golden delicious quasi magnetic fields j. hell the dambuilders king black acid spurge hazel ventilator mercury rev 1996 v/a: crash course for the ravers a tribute to the songs of david bowie
teen idles the untouchables state of alert minor threat void youth brigade government issue scream iron cross red c deadline artificial peace faith skewbald marginal man gray matter rites of spring beefeater the snakes dag nasty embrace soulside egg hunt one last wish fire party ignition three shudder to think happy go licky fugazi lungfish fidelity jones the nation of ulysses holy rollers jawbox severin the high-back chairs autoclave circus lupus branch manager slant 6 hoover trusty smart went crazy the crownhate ruin the warmers the make-up bluetip faraquet q and not u teen idles teen idles untouchables state of alert minor threat minor threat government issue government issue & ian mackaye minor threat youth brigade rozzlyn rangers void void scream deadline faith marginal man dag nasty fugazi fugazi shudder to think circus lupus slant 6 interview 2002 v/a: 20 years of dischord
thalia zedek 2001 been here and gone
the 13th floor elevators 1968 bull of the woods
the 13th floor elevators 1988 easter everywhere bull of the woods
No sleeve yet the burgundy romance 1998 st
the clean 2001 gateway
the dentists 1985 you and your bloody oranges
the groove farm five year plan the golden dawn remember fun benny profane the flatmates the beat hotel close lobsters the rosehips st christopher rodney allen this poison the field mice cud stitch 1989 v/a: airspace
the holez the monkeywrench 1993 split 7"
No sleeve yet the house of love the cure the mission element of crime james xymox the wonder stuff siouxsie and the banshees the fall the teardrop explodes x-mal deutschland eat 1990 v/a: art of rock
the kissoffs university of texas afro-caribbean ensemble the thumbs the meat purveyors helium don walser transona 5 zulu as kono vidi vitties intonarumori and you will know us by the trail of dead daniel johnston east babylon symphony and jalahna ensemble deep sombreros the pilot ships the horton bros to rococo rot um ting tum superfecta 1998 v/a: educational program KVRX local live volume 3
the luddite clone 1999 arsonist and architect
the male nurse 1997 magic circle in the sky
the new looks for spring division of laura lee the last forty seconds nikad the atlantic monthly jeff caudill koufax pale kettcar dina wedekind fresnel yage the cotton weary 2001 v/a: postcards from the heartland ...making emo punk again...
the republic of freedom fighters 1996 st
the ruts 1980 cold distant lights (why not vote socialist)
the skull defekts 2007 the black circle
the skull defekts daniel menche knell james plotkin joshua convey zaïmph sachiko suzuki junzo tabata mitsuru 2008 v/a: arc
the spitters 1993 st
thinking fellers union local 282 1992 mother of all saints
thrilled skinny 1989 they said we wouldn't but we did
tomsk-7 idi amin 1997 split 7"
totimoshi 1999 totimoshi
ulcer 1994 distort the meaning
ulcer 1998 discography
usurp synapse 2003 disinformation fix
versus 1994 the stars are insane
wat tyler j church 1997 tour only e.p.
with love 2006 a great circle
wonky alice 1992 sirius
yo la tengo big black kilslug moving targets 1988 v/a: happiness is dry pants
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