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2 foot flame amoeba(raft boy) harvey sid fischer eletfa richard davies margaret leng-tan danielson familyjames kochalka superstar the mekons baby steps vic chesnutt jin hi kim bubble planet philly pest 5000 zusaan kali fasteau momus quintron logical nonsense ronald thomas clontel & tom scharpling intro:the price is beans(exerpt) spaceheads uz jsme doma rancid vat chris butler original sins phillip johnston's transparent quartet suddenly tammy! loren mazzacane connors mark eitzel karen mantler & michael evans the kropotkins the frogs silver apples lynnfield pioneers the renderers untamed youth oblivians happiest guys in the world 1998 v/a: live music from a dead campus
aa action beat best fwends big bear bilge pump bipolar bear books on tape collin mel craig colorusso crime in choir crito & doily double dagger dynamite arrows ecstatic sunshine fat day fathers day flying fuck buttons golden error the good good gowns high places ho-ag hunting lodge insect factory japanther jerk justice yeldham leaders lovid lucky dragons maps and atlases matt and kim monster dudes mr. baby necking neptune featuring can't numbers the oh sees oneida parts & labor the pope pterodactyl raccoo-oo-oon shooting spires the show is the rainbow shy child these are powers trey told 'em tunnel of love tuxedo killers the usa is a monster vaz voltage when dinosaurs ruled the earth wilderness zs 2008 v/a: love and circuits: a cardboard records compilation from aa to zs
arcwelder 1999 everest
bent leg fatima party of helicopters tristeza lowercase make-up les savy fav atombombpocketknife cars get crushed murder city devils rah bras your adversary novasonic down hyperspace sunshine ex-ignota engine down 2000 v/a: [technology] a compilation of remixes skyscraper magazine
buildings 2014 it doesn't matter
daniel johnston 1985 respect
don bajema lydia lunch hubert selby henry rollins 1990 v/a: our fathers who aren't in heaven...spoken word
don caballero 1993 for respect
don caballero 2008 punkgasm
flying saucer attack 1997 new lands
gordz 2003 charge
No sleeve yet grin shout 1998 split 7" vérole de split!
half japanese 1984 our solar system
half japanese 2000 our solar system
inept feci del signore 1998 split 7" dogprint #2
love + respect 1989 deep + heartfelt
love + respect 1990 deep + heartfelt
lydia lunch emilio cubeiro 1989 split 7" catalogue #70
lydia lunch emilio cubero 1989 split 7" the catalogue bonus flexi 7"
man sized action 1983 claustrophobia
No sleeve yet one blood 1990 untitled
peu être carther matha rachel 1996 split CD
prohibition (FR) 1995 cobweb-day
prohibition (FR) 1995 cobweb-day
No sleeve yet proud crass fools propoganda (USA) exmo-6-desmo todlachen rifle sport radio for teens ground zero willful neglect red meat man sized action hüsker dü 1982 v/a: kitten
proud crass fools propoganda (USA) exmo-6-desmo todlachen rifle sport radio for teens ground zero willful neglect red meat man sized action hüsker dü 1999 v/a: kitten
rags conclude dog on a rope dropdead muder fear complex society gone madd i.a.f. barflies government collapssed humpy s.o.d bad acid trip total fury control mechanism black army jacket ebola railway terminal disgust agathocles oppressed conscience thieves demesne judas iscariot dekadent change of mind reinhardt seven foot spleen jesusexercise crude cavemen discord teenage warning forgardur helvitis e-150 confusion abstain envy nothing laceration rakitis crusty hi charge desecration warfare vilently ill kat new york against the belzebu stagnation's end bitchslap sub rosa fall to flake jobbykrust global holocaust infect gaudy gawks gore beyond necropsy more dead men kangaroos in tilt wind of pain 1997 v/a: no fate3
ricaine the van pelt lover the low frequency in stereo feverdream barra head abilene rant pilot to gunner rujan spacecamp candies zintrah 2001 v/a: animal rights benefit : a zerobros compilation
No sleeve yet shake before use kidsgofree 2007 split 7"
sofa head 1989 pre marital yodelling [1127 walnut ave.]
No sleeve yet sofa head 1990 pre marital predicament
sofa head 1991 twat! e.p.
No sleeve yet sofa head 1992 acres of geeses
tar babies 1985 respect your nightmares
television personalities 1989 i still believe in magic
No sleeve yet test dept 1987 a good night out
testikul atrophy benoit hixe la bougnasse alain bertrand dj stiff e mc beaucoup mc prepuceless intermde bartoket the bad fuckers les supers cradovision manu salut mega x pourri toussaint giafrelli m.x + ou lady vagina featuring madonna intermde bartoket 2 testikul atrophy rene ringard lethal decapitation clyde mansfield & the mechatronix putrella forever dj bjorn bjork featuring mc prepuceless & lady vagina dick in your brain? charles puepal carlos groenland honore de balzac pourri performing live featuring trux motordog st devil cognault 2001 v/a: !
the rolling stones 1978 some girls
the wolfgang press 1984 scarecrow
the wolfgang press 1985 the legendary wolfgang press and other tall stories
No sleeve yet trottel 1991 the final salute in the name of human misery
vanishing heat noise unit shock therapy psyche new mind delerium vampire rodents chrome marque moon shock therapy psyche new mind vanishing heat front line assembly controlled bleeding & joined at the head radius paul lemos 1992 v/a: dossiers
xtc 1980 black sea
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