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rate it (young) pioneersfood stamps vermiform
rate it 16felicia bacteria sour
rate it 16tocohara bacteria sour
rate it 16 excruciating terror iabhorher cattlepress lack of interest fleabag dystopia factoria de miedo despise you stapled shutv/a: cry now, cry later vol.2 theologian / pessimiser
rate it 16 fresh american lambsplit 7" pessimiser #4 bonus record theologian / pessimiser
rate it 16 griefsplit 7" theologian / pessimiser
rate it 16 the american psycho bandsplit 7" no lie
rate it 18th dyef*4 the flower shop
rate it 3Dshey seuss merge
rate it 5ive stylewaiting on the eclipse sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it 7 year bitchantidisestablishmentarainism
rate it a handful of dustin the house of voluntary poverty siltbreeze / corpus hermeticum
rate it a minor forestco-ed as hell karate brand
No sleeve yet rate it airbomb repeaterdubious rebel mobstar
rate it alan licht a handful of dustsplit 7" crank #4 crank
rate it alastair galbraithintro version roof bolt
rate it anal babes brainbombssplit 7" demolition derby / pit's bull
rate it angel hairnew rocket gravity
rate it angel hair bare minimumsplit 7" titanic / gsl
rate it angel hair fisticuffs bluffsplit 7" unleaded
rate it angel hair kerosene 454split 7" strict
rate it angel hair kerosene 454split 7" strict
rate it another wallglobe doghouse
rate it antimonyred herring dischord
rate it antiseenmasters of the sky pit's bull
rate it apartment 213vacancy dark empire
rate it apes with gunshiroshima certified
rate it archers of loafwhat did you expect? alias
rate it archers of loafthe results after the loafs revenge what did you expect? merge
rate it armsuddenly sorry the generic label
rate it ashtabulaunbearable lightness silt breeze
rate it asshole paradebury you belladonna
No sleeve yet rate it asshole parade ansojuansplit 7" belladonna
rate it at the drive-inhell paso western breed
rate it at the drive-inhell paso off time / cargo
No sleeve yet rate it baby harp sealst subjugation
No sleeve yet rate it babyland kryptonite nixonbabyland vs kryptonite nixon flipside
No sleeve yet rate it babyland tourist trapsplit 7" flipside / st. thomas
rate it bad religionstranger than fiction sympathy for the record industry
rate it badgewearerthis is not a door guided missile
rate it bagpipe operationmt. lavaty harriet
rate it bakamonokansas karate brand
rate it bakamonoultra hi-fidelity anti-sound serene sandrine
rate it bardo ponddragonfly compulsiv
rate it bästardthe hunt self-released
rate it bastard noise bizarre uproarsplit 7" thumbprint press
rate it bastard noise personas non gratassplit 7" indignant
rate it beekeeperhuman torch magnatone
rate it beltainestructure watermark
rate it beltainerototillthesky atomic action
rate it big boyswipe out fear and loathing
rate it big drill carnothin' at all goldenrod
rate it bikini killpeel sessions
rate it biscuit 3 day stubble the mountain goats the mountain goats & wckr spgtv/a: cool beans! #4 bonus record cool beans!
rate it blamelessrough trade singles club february 1994 rough trade
rate it blankpiotrville vermin scum
rate it blankgauge vermin scum
rate it blank headlice listless horse breedv/a: hot rock action vol.1 reptilian
rate it blonde redheadvague smells like records
rate it blonde redhead sammysplit 7" nipple hardness factor zine #7 bonus 7" nipple hardness factor / misha
rate it blood sausagehello dere k
No sleeve yet rate it bluest gatemouth
rate it blues explosionafro matador
rate it blues explosionlive !! 11-23-93 dead wax
No sleeve yet rate it bob tilton bugeyed dead wrong kitchener kitov/a: nothing new the kwyjibo corp / armed with anger
No sleeve yet rate it bob tilton fingerprint tribute dead wrongv/a: autotomy subjugation
rate it boris the sprinklergrilled cheese
rate it born against man is the bastardsplit 8" vermiform
rate it boss hog cows melvins helmet cosmic psychos chokebore today is the day guzzard janitor joe hammerheadv/a: dope guns and destroying your video deck #3 amphetamine reptile
rate it boys life vitreous humorsplit 7" crank!
rate it braidrainsnowmatch polyvinyl / enclave
No sleeve yet rate it brain policedrain bgr
rate it brainbombslive action at rock all, oslo big ball
rate it brainiac lazysplit 7" simple solution records
No sleeve yet rate it branch managerspirit boy 2000 level
rate it breadwinner"the burner" supplementary cig merge
rate it brise glacecomic book and record set in sisters all and felony skin graft
rate it broccoli muppet mulesplit 7" chute
rate it brown velvet couchonce in a very blue moon roof bolt
rate it brownies & blue grass aluminium queen carly mansite cardinal sin liquorball icky boyfriends bullet in the head math cornelius gomez galen mr. velocity hopkins the many moods of marlon magasv/a: enjoy bulb today blackjack / bulb
rate it brutal truthgodplayer earache
rate it bughummerionesco standard
rate it built to spillcar city slang / up
rate it built to spilldub narcotic disco plate k
rate it built to spillin the morning city slang
rate it built to spillso and so so and so saturnine
rate it built to spillcar atlas / face the music
rate it bunny brainsyou got it pit's bull
No sleeve yet rate it bunny brainsnew mucus seminar matador
No sleeve yet rate it bureau of the gloriousmiss g eating blur
rate it bureau of the glorious pivotsplit 7" sunney sindicut
rate it butthole surfersgood king wenceslaus trance syndicate
rate it buzzov-enunwilling to explain allied
No sleeve yet rate it buzzov-en god and texassplit 7" kustom kitchen
rate it buzzov-en random killing wordbug union morbide useful idiotv/a: sing along with... an international sampler stichting de wijde wereld
rate it cable (UK)hydra krunch!
rate it cap'n jazzwe are scientists underdog
rate it car vs. driverhome lunchbox
rate it car vs. driver barrel bite rebarv/a: an atlanta compilation innovation
rate it car vs. driver spirit assemblysplit 7"
rate it catherinerough trade singles club december 1994 rough trade
rate it catpowerheadlights the making of americans
No sleeve yet rate it cavity dead silence angel hair bunny genghisv/a: rocky mountain arsenal black plastic
rate it ceilishrineeighth grade foresight
rate it charles bronsonst six weeks
rate it chavezrepeat the ending matador
rate it chiselsunburn gern blandsten
rate it christie front drive4010 free will
rate it christopher robindethel ether repercussion
rate it chrome cranks the railssplit 7" pussycat #4 bonus record manx
rate it coalescest chapter records / soylent green
rate it coffeerold gecord blackjack
rate it colemanst heliotrope
rate it coloring booksand in my shoes queenie label
rate it comewrong side beggars banquet
rate it comein/out matador
rate it comet gainholloway sweethearts ep soul static sound
rate it condense foodsplit 7" spore!
rate it cop shoot copmoney drunk flipside bonus 6" interscope
rate it cop shoot copinterference interscope / subvert entertainment
No sleeve yet rate it copass grinderz blood thirsty butcherssplit 7" k
No sleeve yet rate it cornershopborn disco; died heavy metal merge / wiiija
rate it cornershop blood sausagesplit 7" clawfist
rate it cowscow island tour 7" amphetamine reptile
No sleeve yet rate it critical beatdown fuck the bureaucracy cranial structure mob action los crudosv/a: chicago hardcore c.s. productions
rate it crown heights firesidesplit 7" american
rate it cubvolcano mint records
rate it cuckooland rugrat phantom pregnancies monkhouse wat tyler spizzmas paul wellerv/a: last christmas i gave you my heart damaged goods
rate it current chino hordesplit 7" council / file thirteen
rate it current chino hordesplit 7" council / file thirteen
rate it dahlia seedteas theologian
rate it daisy agedans les étoiles disco 2000
rate it daisy chainsawlove me forever one little indian
rate it daisy spotbring down the nite echonet
rate it dame darcy & the coctailstardvark hi-ball
rate it daniel johnstonhappy time seed
rate it davenport(thank god for) hurricanes dada
rate it dawnbreedamoklaufgefühl beyond
rate it dawnbreedunvollkommenheit flex!
rate it dawsonsmall eared rank outsider earth summit ep project a bomb
rate it dead and goneno one vinyl communications
rate it dead silence tit wrenchsplit 7" two dogs vital communications
rate it deadguywork ethic engine
rate it deadguywhitemeat dada
rate it death wish kids
there's nothing in school they can't teach you on the
rate it def. masterthe fear of god H.G. fact
rate it def. master discordance axissplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it deluxfloating away
rate it des garçons ordinaires sonneville newell katerine les tender whiskers superdrug polar bear boyracer elliott in the bus diabologum cody les molies v/a: the onion most dangerous game aliénor
rate it designer (SWI)boyz from the woodz black forest breed
rate it disnicolae south east
rate it discordance axis plutocracysplit 7" slap a ham
rate it dogmeatbite suggestion
rate it donkeybustin' nuts for big scorin' guided missile / wormer bros.
rate it doo ragtrudge in the red
rate it doubleboarwrong bovine
No sleeve yet rate it DQEtell me why the ivy twines colossal
rate it drinking womanst three little girls
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate dub narcotic k
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate fuck shit up k
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate booty run k
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate bite k
No sleeve yet rate it dumpyou & i 18 wheeler
rate it dunkel:heitmore than meets the third eye suggestion
rate it earls of suavein my dreams vinyl japan
rate it east river pipeah dictaphone hell gate productions
rate it eggplantbecause some things are meant to be throwaway pop narcotic
No sleeve yet rate it eggsgenetic engineering teenbeat
No sleeve yet rate it el fino imperials gacy landscapingsplit 7" one hour
No sleeve yet rate it element of crimekarate hairdresser soul static sound
rate it elevatejudas the flower shop
rate it eleventh dream dayorange moon atavistic / city slang
rate it elixirst suggestion
rate it elliott smith & pete krebsshytown slo-mo
rate it emperor julian joeyfat hood wat tyler ligament fabric (UK)v/a: big-bollocked bonfire blow-up 5th november 1994 ka-boom!
No sleeve yet rate it envelopetrophy remora
No sleeve yet rate it eric's tripopening song shine
rate it eternal temperance frail disregardv/a: through the haze overdose
rate it everclear pond m 99 caveman shoestorev/a: value pack tim kerr
rate it evergreen (KY)pants off hi ball
rate it evil wienerst amish
rate it evil wiener spatulasplit 7" stay free!
rate it exene cervenkawordcore volume 7 kill rock stars
rate it eyehategodruptured heart theory bovine
rate it eyehategod 13split 7" ax/ction
rate it fabric (UK)colossus whole car
rate it fabric (UK)dislocations whole car
rate it fabric (UK)feel good hit of the year machination
rate it feci del signoreseeing in and out sanguine
rate it female hercules cruiser pincher martin the knocking shopv/a: raisins and vomit four irish bands volume 2 ratfish
No sleeve yet rate it fennsinister minister
rate it finger printwe may be brothers stonehenge
rate it flaming lipsbalming run skingraft
rate it flat tire-
rate it floorloanin' dirge
rate it floorevery happy slumber bovine
rate it floor spazzsplit 7" bovine
rate it flufmoody as the day is young! goldenrod
rate it fluf24-7 years silver girl
rate it flufskyrocket headhunter
rate it fly ashtray rats of unusual size youth gone mad sea monkeys uncle wiggly smack dab the workdogs pig pen lunachicks artless john s. hall dave the spazz iron prostate dogbowl alice donut the see me feel me orchestrav/a: you know my name (look up the number) dumbrock vol.5 vital music
rate it foetus chrome crankssplit 7" pcp
rate it foreheads in a fishtankmr whippy newt
rate it foreskin 500highway 69 basura! / priority
rate it forktapeworm begat tapeworm medical
rate it forkeyegrinning skull human condition
rate it frailblister yuletide
rate it frailidle hands hold nothing kidney room
rate it frail elements of needsplit 7" static
rate it frances gummsubtraction it won't go flat
rate it françoizlittle female cook bilbo product
rate it franklin bruno the mountain goats guiding genius dump marcellus hall buttergloryv/a: i like walt! walt
rate it free kittensex boy radiation
rate it frodustreasure chest gnome
rate it frontierg.i.d.
rate it fruitthe queen of old compton street rough trade singles club july 1994 rough trade
rate it fudge tunnelthe joy of irony earache
No sleeve yet rate it furry thingshide rise
No sleeve yet rate it fuzz ted bundy's volkswagon steakdaddy six shivv/a: get off my wagon #2 bonus 7" imminent rock / get off my wagon
rate it gag (UK)the thing i loathe but still ignore hemiola
rate it gamma raysst funky mushroom
rate it garden variety hell nosplit 7" reservoir
rate it garment bladder designer (SWI) monoshock unholy swill mystery trackv/a: fuck that weak shit volume 3 pit's bull
rate it gauntsolution speed kills #5 bonus 7" snap crackle punk / speed kills
rate it gear jammerhorsepower 2000 amphetamine reptile
rate it girls against boys(i) don't got a place touch and go
rate it girls against boysb.p.c. your choice
rate it girls against boys karp unsane chokeborev/a: jabberjaw no.3 mammoth
rate it glamoürpuss the patty duke syndromesplit 7" blast-o-platter
rate it glendalematchbox martyr art monk construction
rate it glo-wormholiday somersault
rate it gobadonis satan's pimp
rate it gobhogatha's space pal satan's pimp
rate it gob freakazoid robot 2000split 7" gob
rate it gob wink martindaletogether at last split 7" slap a ham
rate it god is my co-pilotootko sä poika vai tyttö ? trash can
rate it god is my co-pilotthis is no time to be frail! rough trade singles club april 1994 rough trade
rate it god is my co-pilotkittybait ajax
rate it god is my co-pilotsharon quite fancies jo ep soul static sound
rate it god is my co-pilotykt flot!
rate it god is my co-pilotmore pretty girls than one hedonist
rate it godplowfry lucid 227
rate it godstarglasgow rugger bugger / half a cow
rate it gondolierst westside audio laboratories
rate it grain harriet the spysplit 7" fkg!
rate it green day flying medallions fabric (UK) understand china drum joeyfatv/a: built to blast six snorts of aural nutrate fierce panda
rate it green river... dude, party! drunk smart-ass alchy
No sleeve yet rate it greyhouse dahlia seedsplit 7" troubleman
rate it greyhouse fabric (UK)split 7" simba
rate it grifters fluffy kittysplit 7" cherry smash
rate it gumballwhatcha gonna do dry hump
rate it guns 'n' wankersmetal damaged goods / rugger bugger / gap recordings
rate it guns 'n' wankershardcore damaged goods / rugger bugger / gap recordings
rate it guns 'n' wankerspop damaged goods / rugger bugger / gap recordings
rate it guns 'n' wankers solid gold hell chug david kilgoursilly fear and loathing #27 bonus 7" fear and loathing
rate it gusless than dirge
rate it guttersnipea dozen large organizations which control one's fate divot
rate it gut gloriumsplit 7" powernap
rate it guv'nercurry favor ep wiiija
rate it guzzard today is the day chokeborev/a: clusterfuck tour 7" amphetamine reptile
rate it half life in/humanitysplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it half man kisses and hugssplit 7" mountain
rate it hammerhead (USA)duh, the big city amphetamine reptile
rate it harry pussynazi usa blackjack
rate it headache recusantsplit 7" flat earth
rate it headbuttdisillusioned fourth dimension
rate it headcleanertake a ride dental
rate it hell nosuperstar chop wardance / x-mist
rate it hellchild discordance axissplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it hemlockleg room goldenrod
No sleeve yet rate it hilkathe pipe trashcan
rate it hillbilly devilspeakrevenge of the micronauts bgr
rate it honeywellelectric kool aid monotone supersounds
No sleeve yet rate it hot boxst funky mushroom
rate it hot toastersfish and doctor drag city
rate it house of large sizes film starsplit 7"
rate it hubcapumberhulk actionboy 300
rate it huegeniusdrink fight + fun damaged goods
rate it huggy bearlong distance lovers gravity
rate it huggy bearmain squeeze rugger bugger / famous monsters of filmland
rate it hurlmadison earful my pal god
rate it i'm being goodwe have the balleeeen infinite chug
rate it ice nine gadjesplit 7" ebullition
rate it iceburnmoon art monk construction
rate it impetus interpr of rpm public relations of rotations per minute cerebellum
rate it impetus interyouth jihad e.p. bloodlink
No sleeve yet rate it in/humanitygreener eyes
rate it in/humanitygets killed by robots raging rose
rate it indian summer from ashes of... third rail rhyme embassy cap'n jazz braidv/a: ghost dance slave cut
rate it indian summer ordination of aaronsplit 7" speed kills inchworm
rate it inspiral carpetsi want you mute / moo!
rate it j churchmy favorite place honey bear
rate it jacob's mousehawaiian vice wiiija
rate it jacob's mousefandango widewheels wiiija
rate it janitor joe atomic 61 superconductor sinatra chrome cranksv/a: up! helter skelter
rate it jarawe are all downwinders sovereignty records
rate it jawboxabsenter bacteria sour
rate it jawbreakerlive at 924 gilman st.
rate it johnboy quitters clubsplit 7" imminent rock
rate it juliaat the window of vulnerability bloodlink / river ends
rate it junctionmouth as a gun art monk construction
rate it karptumwater T-birds punk in my vitamins
rate it kepone295 alternative tentacles
rate it kick joneseswer hat in mein bier gepisst? ritchie
No sleeve yet rate it kimusawea ambush zorn hitlerv/a: andersen stigma
rate it king konghot dog days drag city
rate it kitchenerprice of progression ep flat earth / nabate
rate it knutthis side self-released
rate it kosjer dtrue? genet
rate it kurtminerals -273°C
rate it la gritonafrank white chainsaw safety
rate it la gritona v. cardsplit 7" reproductive
rate it labradfordjulius merge
rate it lambchopmy cliché sunday driver
rate it laurelstoothless silver girl
rate it lawn sausageswhite noise annoise natural casing
No sleeve yet rate it lazy susan phleg camp sleeping body stand upv/a: 4 bands i like familyman
rate it leatherfacewin some, lose some rugger bugger
rate it lee ranaldobroken circle starlight furniture company
rate it les blind tantrum kim david watts v/a: old young calme plat
rate it ligamentthree dimensional pumping heart the flower shop
rate it lincolnsugarloaf art monk
rate it linus pussycat trash comet gain skinned teenv/a: some hearts paid to lie wiiija
No sleeve yet rate it little my sandycoats chixdigme fibulator ubzub and meghan atkinsv/a: get off my wagon #4 bonus 7" imminent rock / get off my wagon
rate it loaddoes dead godflesh smell?
rate it long hind legs karpsplit 7" karate brand
No sleeve yet rate it los huevoskiss my cruiser moo-la-la
rate it lou barlow & friendsanother collection of homerecordings mint records
rate it lou barlow dymaxion john davis rula lenskav/a: sick & tired + dark beloved cloud compilation sick & tired / dark beloved cloud
rate it love 666xtc amphetamine reptile
rate it low barlow's acoustic sentridohnatural nature lo-fi
rate it lowercasetwo songs punk in my vitamins?
rate it lung legnegative delinquent autopsy piao!
rate it lunkmighty sword ratfish
rate it lushrupert the bear 4ad / soil X samples
rate it lush splendora jale ivy solar race fuzzyv/a: six sparks of effervescence from greer to eternity fierce panda
rate it m.o.t.o.street where love lives hi-ball
No sleeve yet rate it mainspring roosevelt's inaugural paradesplit 7" ... and all the hills echoed
rate it mama tickaction city three little girls
rate it mama tick faucetsplit 7" noise vacuum
rate it man ignoorgy face roscoe
No sleeve yet rate it man is the bastardour earth's blood vermiform
rate it man is the bastard sinking bodysplit 7" protein vermiform
rate it man or astroman?the brains of the cosmos demolition derby
rate it man or astroman?inside the head of mr. atom fore brain hind brain estrus
rate it man or astroman?in orbit shake it!
rate it man or astroman?astro-launch estrus
rate it man or astroman? huevos rancherossplit 7" get hip
rate it marjan crashgraze atomic action
rate it maximillian colby rye coalitionsplit 7" irony / rent-a-records
rate it mazey fademilk white cripple domino
No sleeve yet rate it meanfaceking of hell gsl
rate it meathead zeni gevasplit 7" show you their duelling banjos sub/mission
rate it meatjacklloyd geaditz merkin
rate it medfield, ma portobello bones johnny blue mysterious asthmatic avenger paska doom mugv/a: no tears anymore forked tongues
rate it melt-bananahedgehog charnel music
rate it melt-banana god is my co-pilotsplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it melvinshag me melvins full blast live gasatanka
rate it melvinsmagic pig detective
rate it mens recovery projectmake a baby vermiform
rate it mercury 4°Fcrawl saftlos
rate it mercury 4°Fyou throw me up bovine
rate it milfno name rough trade singles club january 1994 rough trade
rate it milk cult dosed berniesplit 7" box dog sound
rate it mineeadge wood common cause
rate it mineralgloria caulfield / the audio concept
rate it minnowpieta ahc
No sleeve yet rate it minxussilk purse too pure
rate it miss murgatroidshadows on my wall worry bird
rate it mission of burma spore (MAS)split 7" taang!
rate it modest mouseblue cadet-3, do you connect? k
rate it modest mouseworms vs. birds hit or miss
No sleeve yet rate it mohinderthe mission gravity
No sleeve yet rate it mohindertransient sequences unleaded
rate it mohinderto satisfy unleaded
rate it monopoly queenlet's keep it friendly sub pop
rate it monoshockprimitive zippo womb
rate it mothmanmotive flatleaver
rate it moviolaall by myself ratfish
rate it mr. wrongfights the system wrong records
rate it mudhoneytouch me i'm sick (demo) diseased discs
rate it mudhoney george clinton & parliament funkadelicsplit 7" fox
rate it mukilteo fairies las mordidassplit 7" honey bear
rate it muskellungedear pino oxo
rate it naked istep inside mad minute
rate it napalm parade god is my co-pilot flying saucer princess superstar the mad scene s!t!o!i!n!k!v/a: sympathy for count pococurante vol. 1 dark beloved cloud
No sleeve yet rate it narholiday routine moo-la-la
rate it neutral milk hoteleverything is cher doll
No sleeve yet rate it new bad thingsthe dirge punk in my vitamins?
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsloverman mute
rate it ninefingerincendiary rhetoric
rate it ninefingerst deaf american recordings
rate it nirvanaa tribute to the vaselines
rate it nirvanalove buzz sessions sub pop
rate it nirvanapennyroyal tea geffen / sub pop
rate it nirvanasaturday night live
rate it nitwits mohindersplit 7" unleaded / stinky feet
rate it nomeansnoleave the seaside fear and loathing
No sleeve yet rate it none left standinglaura rhetoric
rate it none left standing everlast mean season within a liev/a: cold war foresight / stability
rate it noothgrushembraced by the anti-self slap a ham
rate it nubblue climber jackass
rate it nuzzlest mollycoddle / whaleboy
rate it okaraenough already self-released
rate it one armtreat self-released / zoorganization
rate it ordination of aaroneli bloodlink
rate it pachinkoi naked... satan's pimp
rate it pachinkowho shaved pachinko? rhetoric
rate it palace songshorses drag city
rate it palace songso how i enjoy the light palace
rate it pale horse riders lawrence ferlinghettisplit 7" delmore
rate it party diktatorstand behind me amphetamine reptile
rate it pavementhaunt you down crooked rain, crooked rain bonus 7" matador
rate it pavementblack out matador
rate it pavementjohn peel session
rate it pavement medusa cyclonesplit 7" third gear
rate it pegboylive amputation CBGB's 7-16-91 unnecassary surgery records
rate it pete chiacchierisonya's web drunken fish
No sleeve yet rate it picasso triggert'ain't alias
rate it pig iron brudhasplit 7" limbo discs
rate it piledriverst suggestion
rate it pipegutterball merge
rate it pitchblendepsychic power control fist puppet
rate it pitchblendeyour own arturo matador
rate it pitchblende eggssplit 7" balls! balls! jade tree
rate it plainfieldlot 120 ave. a eyelet
rate it plainfieldnot enough food depression
rate it plainfield circus bocussplit 7" smelly
rate it plainfield melvinssplit 7" smelly
rate it plunger blanksplit 7" flutterby
rate it plunger william martyr 17split 7" spearfinger
rate it plunger william martyr 17split 7" spearfinger
rate it poison 13love me sub pop
rate it polaris baby harp sealsplit 7" the kwyjibo corp / one brave face too many
rate it polvo new radiant storm kingsplit 7" ... and then i'm gone penny farthing
rate it pondmoth sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it ponyprizefighter fire
rate it portastaticsan andreas crouch esther
rate it portastaticst 18 wheeler
rate it portraits of past bleedsplit 7" ebullition
rate it potholderunsure pop bus
rate it powerwagon exit (USA)split 7" pinecone
rate it prehensile monkeytailed skinki'm a gorilla blackjack
rate it prickcommunique nothing / interscope
rate it prozac memorychisel tone faye
rate it puffycome home to a house built of flame ratfish
rate it puppy love bombrough trade singles club march 1994 rough trade
rate it pussycat trashla la ovular ep slampt
No sleeve yet rate it radio to saturnpiedmont unskilled labor
rate it ramlehwelcome format supremacy
rate it randy wilson boredoms & david yowsplit 7" E-Z prey
rate it reach out honeywellsplit 7" anomaly / chrysanthemum
No sleeve yet rate it reach out honeywellsplit 7" belladonna
rate it red eyespecial delivery to my heart dischord / decomposition
rate it red red meatidiot son sub pop
rate it ritual devicelive mafia money
rate it rocket from the cryptboychucker 7" from the original sympathy masters pog man fever sympathy for the record industry
rate it rocket from the cryptufo>ufo>ufo burn mouth off liar with punk heat blast merge
rate it rocket from the crypt bloodthirsty butcherssplit 7" bacteria sour / pusmort
rate it roky ericksonwe are never talking trance syndicate
rate it rosa motaspanish fly club the flower shop
rate it royal truxmercury domino
rate it rugratbulltaco double dutch damaged goods
rate it rugratrhubarb rugger bugger
rate it ruins schlongsplit 7" H.G. fact
No sleeve yet rate it rustbucketquicksand limited potential records
rate it rwa freicoresplit 7" amanita
rate it rye and the coalitionteen-age dance session troubleman
rate it rye and the coalitionteen-age dance session detroit edition troubleman
rate it s*m*a*s*h done lying down mantaray action painting! blessed ethel these animal menv/a: six bursts of hyperexcitment shagging in the streets fierce panda
rate it S.W.A.T.the soundtrack to the new police state amphetamine reptile
No sleeve yet rate it samuellives of insects art monk construction
rate it schwermut forestnischenoperation kollaps
No sleeve yet rate it screamersdemo
rate it screeching weaselsuzanne is getting married lookout!
rate it screeching weasel born againstsplit 7" lookout
rate it scrogcatalyst schematics
rate it scrogthe sacred masses NL-002
No sleeve yet rate it scudthe edwin incident bgr
No sleeve yet rate it scud (UK)po face bgr
rate it scud mountain boys steve westfield & the slow bandsplit 7" chunk
rate it sebadohrebound domino
rate it sebadohskull sub pop
rate it sebadohskull domino
No sleeve yet rate it second story windowbottleopener gravity
No sleeve yet rate it shades of al daviscomfort parasol
rate it shatter the myth undonesplit 7" stonehenge
No sleeve yet rate it shivmyrrh atomic action
No sleeve yet rate it shonen knife shudder to thinksplit 7" radiopaque recordings
rate it shotmakerbelieve in kung fu - manticore
rate it shudder to thinkx-french tee shirt sub pop
rate it shudder to think sunny day real estatesplit 7" tour support record sub pop
rate it silkwormquicksand my pal god
rate it sinister six gas huffer big foot chester sugar shackv/a: P13 - Texas - Evil a tribute to poison 13 bag of hammers
rate it sinksad but true mcr
rate it six horsedon't doubt annie three little girls
rate it skinned teenkarate hairdresser soul static sound
rate it skullflowerwhite fang #2 freek
rate it skullflowerchoady foster helter skelter
rate it sleater-kinneyyou ain't it! villa villakula
rate it sleepyhead june of 44 half calf experimental pollen #69v/a: magic eye singles #1 magic eye
rate it slotlast tuesday's child third gear
rate it slughogfossil super 8 / slughog
rate it slughoghangman self abuse / slughog
rate it so nichtvraish ep record junkie
rate it solid gold hellsugar bag flying nun
rate it some velvet sidewalkfree from it k
rate it soul junk1949 holy kiss rex
rate it sparkalepsyheather's overbite vertical
rate it sparkalepsy unconvincedsplit 7" soul static sound
rate it sparkmarkerfistfull of god final notice
rate it sparkmarkeratomos no idea
rate it spatularadio helmet the now sound
rate it spatula tinselsplit 7" over the counter
No sleeve yet rate it spavidunreleased stuff unreleased
rate it spazz jimmie walkersplit 7" slap a ham
rate it spirit assemblyold joe the eternal... motherbox / ancestry
rate it spitboymi cuerpo es mio allied
rate it splinteredhilt pit's bull
rate it splintered no tomorrow charliesplit 7" hated in holland fourth dimension
rate it spore (MAS)active in the yard taang!
rate it steel pole bath tubfruites aux sept liqueurs (live in europe) box dog video
rate it stereolabwow and flutter duophonic super 45's
rate it strictly ballroomtearjerker chou-chou
rate it struggle unbroken honeywell groundworkv/a: lacking mindset spoonfed
rate it stuntman (USA)st
rate it sugarsweetheart nutra sweet treats
rate it suicietyunlearn repercussion
No sleeve yet rate it sulfurwater song lungcast
rate it superchunkthe first part merge
No sleeve yet rate it superchunki'll tell you the truth merge
No sleeve yet rate it superchunkprecision auto merge
rate it superchunk tsunamisplit 7" honey bear
rate it superconductor stymie crackerbash trash can schoolv/a: teriyaki asthma volume nine c/z
rate it supernovaelectric man sympathy for the record industry
rate it supersuckers rev. horton heatsplit 7" sub pop
rate it suppressionst fetus / chaotic noise
rate it suppressionst sludge
rate it suppression despise yousplit 7" slap a ham
rate it sweetheartbranchline bad vugum
rate it swellsummer songs sub pop
rate it swervedrivermy zephyr (sequel) the flower shop
rate it swimmingcut her out rough trade singles club may 1994 rough trade
No sleeve yet rate it swing kidsdisease three one g
rate it swing kidsdisease kidney room
rate it symptom of isaacseek me out laissez-nous jouer
rate it systralmaximum entertainment per koro
rate it television personalitiesnot like everybody else little teddy recordings
rate it terminal cheesecakeoily hot knife jackass
rate it terry edwardsrough trade singles club june 1994 rough trade
rate it th'faith healers mambo taxisplit 7" 01/94 clawfist
No sleeve yet rate it the ah club will simmons iacocca primordial undermind chicken damage god is my co-pilot massengil furniture huschle party of one jack knife the extra glennsv/a: fantasy band (a shrimper compilation) shrimper
rate it the american psycho band well fed smilesplit 7" lil deputy
rate it the backbeat bandmoney dry hump
rate it the batslive at WFMU merge
rate it the bluetones thurman create! the weekenders the nubiles alvin purplev/a: six blasts of technicolour shrapnel return to splendour fierce panda
rate it the bunny brains bbq youngsplit 7" tribute to gg allin pit's bull
rate it the cleanlate last night dark beloved cloud
rate it the crabssore knw-yr-own
No sleeve yet rate it the creepsinvading your pleasure zone karate brand
rate it the end of the century partyst valrico
rate it the family catgoldenbook dedicated
rate it the feelingsdearling darling darla
rate it the flying luttenbachers no safetysplit 7" coat-tail
rate it the flying luttenbacher gneissmaker jackwacker whitev/a: hunter's safety midwest noise compilation volume 1 coat-tail
rate it the folk implosionopening day ubik
rate it the folk implosionwalk thru this world with... drunken fish
No sleeve yet rate it the hairy patt bandst not released choke
rate it the hairy patt band the white outssplit 7" burnt sienna
rate it the halo benderscanned oxygen atlas
rate it the hassassinsfury III vermin scum
rate it the hentchmenhot rod millie norton
rate it the jeff humphrey triosmashing bloke troubleman unlimited
rate it the jesus and mary chaincome on blanco y negro
rate it the metroschifterfor the love of basic cable foresight
rate it the mountain goats & alastair galbraithorange raja, blood royal walt
rate it the mountain goats simon joynerwhy you all so thief? sing, eunuchs!
rate it the norman mayer grouppoint blank dischord / mira
rate it the phantom pregnancies rent boy assasssinsplit 7" damaged goods
No sleeve yet rate it the pushkinslotuseater jackass
No sleeve yet rate it the schrammsheart not within matador
rate it the sneetchesa good thing the bus stop label
rate it the thronesreddleman punk in my vitamins?
rate it the vandermark quarteteight ball hi ball
rate it the walking timebombshey o.j. double naught
rate it the webazuza damn entertainment
rate it the wedding presentget flexed again overcome (UK)
rate it the yah mosoff your parents e.p. moo-la-la
rate it the yah mosoff your parents e.p. recess
rate it the yummy fur
music by walt disney but played by yuri gagarin thus
a political record ep
rate it thee stashsuave as old arseholes damaged goods
rate it therapy?femtex big money inc
rate it third agenatural law atomic action
rate it thumbnailthe sound of thumbnail file thirteen
rate it tiger trap henry's dresssplit 7" astronautical music festival slumberland
rate it tindersticksplus de liaisons tindersticks II bonus 7" this way up
rate it tindersticksno more affairs this way up
rate it toxic village of savoongasplit 7" flatline / i.c.r.
rate it trans am thigh masterssensplit 7" skam
rate it treepeople archers of loafsplit 7" sonic bubblegum
rate it trumans waterskyjacker sympathy for the record industry
rate it trumans waterspazzrockdanceinferno 06/94 clawfist
rate it trumans waterjubileeeee the way out sound
rate it tse tse flyscaffolding cherry red
rate it tugboat:3001 back off cupids portastatic steve fisk soul-junk the yak fellaheen o. low barlow's acoustic sentridohv/a: ow, quit it vol. 2 volvolo
rate it ufo or diecomic book and record set shock shoppers skin graft
rate it ulcerdistort the meaning fetus
rate it ulcer failure facesplit 7" burrito
rate it ultra bideafrica heart first
rate it unbrokenand 31G
rate it undonest stonehenge / kleines mädchen
rate it union of uranus immoral squadsplit 7" the great american steak religion / doomsday machine
rate it unsanebody bomb matador / atlantic
rate it unwoundmkultra kill rock stars
rate it unwoundnegated troubleman
No sleeve yet rate it velocipede the kill city babies!split 7" donut friends
rate it venus beadsshackled equator
rate it vinerough trade singles club 1994 rough trade
No sleeve yet rate it virgo snakessad train wreck entertainment
No sleeve yet rate it vitapupsyphilis merry dogger
rate it von ryan's expressghetto pose sub pop
rate it voodoo muzak cosmonauts hail satan mousetrap drag kingv/a: fuck that weak shit volume 4 pit's bull
rate it voorhees kito stand off nailbomb ironside submission understandv/a: consolidation armed with anger
rate it walkerfair harmless
rate it walleyestale air jade tree
rate it wandering lucyhit cat-er-waul
rate it wat tyler mambo taxisplit 7" honey bear
rate it weston sticks and stonessplit 7"
rate it widermain third gear
rate it william martyr 17 crown of glorysplit 7" almut
rate it wingtip sloatreturn of the night of the ardent straggler vhf / sweet portable junket
rate it workdogsa tribute to sonny boy williamson sympathy for the record industry
No sleeve yet rate it wounded kneepsycho path strive
rate it wreck vexed engine kidv/a: three on the tree c/z
rate it wrong pipeten remora
rate it zoinks!sapsucker sluggo satan's pimp
rate it zoinks! freakazoid robot 2000 loadstar gobv/a: a worldwide release from the ass of kill us if you think we should stop satan's pimp
rate it zoinks! narcissistic fredssplit 7" satan's pimp
No sleeve yet rate it zoopsiaassisi jackass
rate it zornheftig aufflammender unwill equality
No sleeve yet rate it zorn zelotsplit 7" spring
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