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rate it 18th dyeplay w/you matador
rate it 2bad steakknifesplit 7" x-mist
rate it 5ive stylekiki's cookout sub pop
rate it a minor forestso, were they in some sort of fight? dustbowl
rate it acmest machination
rate it action patrolup and running buddy system
No sleeve yet rate it alboth!freivogel record junkie
rate it all natural lemon and lime flavorsthat familiar look to you hidden agenda
rate it amber innserenity in hand ebullition
No sleeve yet rate it amber innlife instantaneous sunney sindicut
rate it amber inn current wallside car vs. driverv/a: capsule capsule
rate it ambulance driver la gritonasplit 7" reproductive
rate it anasarcaeast bunk hill yuletide
rate it anasarcast
rate it anasarca anonymoussplit 7" planaria
rate it anita lanethe world's a girl mute
rate it anomie peu êtresplit 7" stonehenge / ape records / le brun le roux
rate it apartment 213 thugsplit 7" bovine
rate it appendix outice age palace
rate it archers of loafharnessed in slums alias
rate it archers of loafmutes in the steeple classic rock is for pussies esther
rate it archers of loafprivate street for bu-bu- alias
rate it arcweldercaptain allen touch and go
No sleeve yet rate it armsimple victim spanish fly
rate it armatron as good as deadsplit 7" uncontainer
No sleeve yet rate it atomic 61sold by desire super 8
rate it aunt wormsaucy young lady man's ruin
No sleeve yet rate it autumnwire hangers seven one seven / nevermore
rate it avulsion lacerationsplit 7" clean plate
No sleeve yet rate it babes in toyland hole l7 stpv/a: ... and everything nice
rate it baby harp seal kosjer dsplit 7" genet / caught offside
rate it back of dave walkersplit 7" polyvinyl
rate it bakamonogypsy big jesus enterprises
rate it bare minimumnight we streak, divine failure sub pop
rate it bastiansitting still screaming our fears heart in hand
rate it beaconst subjugation
rate it beamtrap tantrumsplit 7" 21 again rdz.
rate it bear bardo pondsplit 7" ché
rate it beckall in your mind k
rate it behead the prophet n.l.s.l.no lord shall live outpunk
rate it belmondoknow yourself and own yourself k
rate it benchmarkst file thirteen
rate it bev. clonest self-released
rate it bhang dextroonly ten bucks common cause
rate it bhang dextrohedwig satan's pimp
rate it big damn crazy weighttijeras resin
rate it bikini killi like fucking kill rock stars
rate it bisdisco nation 45 chemikal underground
rate it bistransmissions on the teen-c tip! acuarela
rate it bis the golden mile the delgados merzbowv/a: ché trading limited presents... ché
rate it blonde redhead10 feet high smells like records
rate it blonde redheadrough trade singles club november 1995 rough trade
rate it bluetippast tense dischord / hellfire
No sleeve yet rate it bob "bondex" johnstondrop out liquid meat
rate it bob bondex johnstoncrash test bodies x-mist
rate it bob tiltonsongs of penknife and pocket watch subjugation
rate it bobaphett starfishsplit 7" big enormous / trance syndicate
rate it boredoms supernova chokebore love 666 bailter spacev/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume nine amphetamine reptile
rate it boss hog cowssplit 7" porn four of four amphetamine reptile
rate it botchfaction world of hurt / threshold
rate it braidim afraid of everything polyvinyl / grand theft audio
rate it braid beezussplit 7" mud
rate it brineoperation manual amendment
rate it broadcast choirthe chapel song palace
rate it broadcast choirsongs that sunk the titanic palace
rate it broccolibroken rumblestrip
rate it broccoliall smiles rumblestrip
rate it broccolirelent rugger bugger
rate it bruce gilbertinstant shed vol 1 sub pop
rate it brutal juiceall american city man's ruin
rate it built to spilldistopian dream girl up
rate it bull tacoin my day out of step
rate it butterglorycursive little brother
No sleeve yet rate it c-clamppassing seek lamp
rate it cable (UK)oubliette krunch!
rate it cable (USA)st
rate it cable (USA) malcolm's lostsplit 7" moo cow
rate it calabash casein boston wrenched
rate it cambriait could be for me self-released
rate it carbombyoug heart attack e.p. buddy system / carmelyta
rate it carbomb ezra poundsplit 7" buddy system
rate it carbomb the fisticuffs bluffsplit 7" the U.F.O. invasion troubleman unlimited / youthstrikechord
rate it cardinalif you believe in christmas tree flydaddy
rate it carolprefabricated per koro
rate it cars get crusheddeja vu belmondo
rate it cars get crusheddrag explosive
rate it caustic resinyeah right up
rate it ceilishrine2 foresight
No sleeve yet rate it chinchillabatman goldenrod
rate it chino hordethis is done council
rate it chokeborethin as clouds amphetamine reptile
rate it choresoda noise westside audio laboratories
rate it choremagic marker redemption westside audio laboratories
rate it chris cochrane don caballero duotron the flying luttenbachers gneissmaker jackwacker l-r duo zeena parkins elliott sharp whitev/a: sixty second compilation coat-tail
rate it chris knoxone fell swoop flying nun / mushroom
rate it christie front drive in/humanity baby harp seal torches to rome solar bomb kit kurtv/a: for want of... x-mist
rate it christie front drive jimmy eat worldsplit 7" wooden blue
rate it christie front drive sineatersplit 7" hellkite
rate it chrome cranksstuck in a cave demolition derby
rate it chrome cranks kim salmon and the surrealistssplit 7" echostatic / space baby
No sleeve yet rate it chrome cranks psyclone rangerssplit 7" carbon 14 issue #4 bonus record carbon 14
rate it chrome cranks the coctailssplit 7" insipid
rate it chumbawambaugh! your ugly houses! one little indian
rate it circlegatharian fourth dimension
rate it clemwichita coolidge
rate it coaright down japan overseas
rate it coleman elements of need the fisticuffs bluff amber innv/a: inspirit a compilation benefiting victims of sexual violence... ancestry / static
rate it comet gainmillion and nine wiiija
rate it comet gainthe getting ready e.p. wiiija
rate it constatine sankathiwho killed the killed kid arcade kahca
rate it constatine sankathibaby unicorn spearfinger
rate it convergeunloved & weeded out heliotrope / orionquest
rate it convergepetitioning the empty sky ferret
rate it converge overcastsplit 7" twin terror hearsay
rate it copyrightsuck on this, baby !aNGRr!
No sleeve yet rate it corrindespair rides on angel wings hydra head
rate it corruptedanciano horrible: el tren lo partio en dos! japan overseas
rate it corrupted griefsplit 7" H.G. fact
No sleeve yet rate it cosmonauts hail satanbirazze and tortuous rituals of the primitive world secret devil
rate it couch (USA)new friends 99 insignificant
rate it couch (USA)this lifes ep lookout
rate it country teasersanytime, cowboy crypt
rate it cows headcleanerv/a: erase yer head n° 2 pandemonium / sugar & spice
rate it credit to the nation ash noise addict supergrass gorky's zygotic mynci tribute to nothingv/a: crazed and confused fierce panda
rate it creeper lagoonvs. the dead c ratfish
rate it crown roastgeorge unclean
rate it crown roastthree coarse meal little deputy
rate it crowsdellsugar-coated trunk big cat
rate it currentis 4 council
rate it custom floorthe handsome young air force lieutenant analog sound
rate it cutteenage face théâtre
No sleeve yet rate it dahlia seed garden varietysplit 7" mint tone
rate it daily planets arthur kaossplit 7" weird / mélodie
rate it dale croverdrumb man's ruin
rate it damad in/humanitysplit 7" passive fist
rate it dandruff deluxesatan is real x-mist / crippled dick hot wax !
No sleeve yet rate it dartsleepless ché
rate it das große fressencontra mutant suggestion
rate it de ku dilachtelectric shock self-released
rate it deepdrinkdeepdreams suggestion
rate it deerhoof33 rpm EP insignificant / children of hoof
rate it deerhoofthe return of the wood m'lady kill rock stars
rate it deerhooffor those of you on foot insignificant
No sleeve yet rate it deerhoofpick up night
rate it def. master spine wrenchsplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it default unsettled laceration disdain ulcer apartment 213v/a: prototype clean plate
rate it delicate vomitjack in the box scooter swing
rate it delicate vomitspoddy man underwear
rate it dempseyst indecision
rate it dempsey kill holidaysplit 7" indecision
rate it desert stormwake-up call sea note
rate it desert stormthe other side of the story sea note
rate it dis- panel donorsplit 7" lombardi
rate it dogbowl & peter parkernuage nuage lithium
rate it doo ragswampwater mop down drunken fish
rate it drive blind mushsplit 7" rock hardi #25 rock hardi
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate industrial breakdown k
rate it dub narcotic sound system & the make updub narcotic disco plate r u a believer k
rate it duotron xerobotsplit 7" coat-tail
No sleeve yet rate it dystopia suffering lunasplit 7" theologian / pessimiser
No sleeve yet rate it dystopia suffering lunasplit 7" life is abuse / misanthropic
rate it e-ormike palace
rate it EA 80gladbach soll brennen
rate it edgar tetsuo (NY)split 7" mountain
rate it edselno.5 recitative jade tree
rate it edsel heartworms low andrew beaujonv/a: indie rock flea market part 2 flip
rate it elements of needscale fountainhead / tied down
rate it elements of need jasminesplit 7" kidneyroom
rate it elevatetwo stray insight the flower shop
rate it elevate bob tilton snuff lung leg quickspace supersport prolapsev/a: easter egg-splosion basketcase
rate it elliott smithneedle in the hay kill rock stars
No sleeve yet rate it embassyst belladonna
rate it engine kidheater sweats nails troubleman
rate it evolved to obliterationst clean plate
No sleeve yet rate it evolved to obliterationst hemorrhage
rate it eyehategod floor despise you apartment 213 thugv/a: loud n' ugly volume 2 'creeping, crawling, flesh-eating music!' bovine
rate it falling forward metroschiftersplit 7" acoustic initial
rate it fat daybound for glory 100% breakfast!
No sleeve yet rate it fibulatorstupidedly silly bird
rate it finalflow manifold
rate it final conflict lack of interest 324 avulsion noothgrush suppression slight slappers melt-banana godstomper deadbodieseverywhere gob the dread burned up bled dry mk ultra slobber ruido benumb mexican power authority combat wounded veteran assspatula fanatics senseless apocalypse vilenty ill nice view quadiliacha disassociate palatka flash gordon japanese torture comedy hour judas iscariot scalp lock enemy soil charles bronson real reggae mange egotismo disney violence tomsk 7 excruciating terror brother inferior black army jacket smiss army blanket bad acid trip beast devoid of faith despise you harsh misanthropists bastard noise dismal marsh gas in/humanity rash of beatings asstroland los crudos locust society of friends agorophobic nosebleed utter bastard resin pretentious assholes little princess action jackson no less pound hated principles your mother gasp seventh victim none of your fucking business no think gyga degradev/a: bllleeeeaaauuurrrgghhh! - a music war 72 bands slap a ham
rate it five-ost file thirteen
rate it floodgatei choose danger no idea
rate it floor ed matus' strugglesplit 7" no idea / space cadette
rate it floor slothsplit 7" self-released
rate it foetusverklemmt sony / columbia
rate it folk implosionpalm of my hand the communion label
rate it frailnew harmony bloodlink
rate it frankie stubbsunhinged rugger bugger
rate it free kittenfree kitten's punks suing punks e.p. kill rock stars
rate it friends of dean martinezpolena sub pop
rate it frodusformula lovitt / shute
rate it frodus the trans megettisplit 7" art monk construction
rate it frumpiesbabies & bunnies ep kill rock stars
rate it full service quartetlionel richie file thirteen
rate it furry thingsstill california trance syndicate
rate it gag (UK) god is my co-pilotsplit 7" grow your own country wide primary school band ep guided missile
rate it galaxiedeep space 9 ubik
rate it gastr del sol tony conradthe japanese room at la pagode table of the elements
rate it genebe my light, be my guide sub pop
rate it glazed baby season to risksplit 7" affa
rate it glo-wormtravelogue k
rate it glo-wormwishing well slumberland
rate it glula face rekin
rate it gluà genoux rekin
rate it gnomes of zürichwhere poland meets africa sister
rate it god bulliesmillenium radial
rate it god is my co-pilotan appeal to reason runt
rate it goldenst happy go lucky
rate it golden starletcorps of the hard slampt
rate it golden starletcheap tartlets slampt
No sleeve yet rate it goober patrol ron ron clou hi-standard middi shade wat tylerv/a: somehow it don't bother me a tribute to snuff II snuffy smile
rate it gorge triohe bringith me low noisebag forces in motion
rate it green river mudhoney nirvana tad soundgarden screaming trees beat happening seaweed fastbacksv/a: screaming life: a chronicle of the seattle music scene sub pop
rate it gregorst
rate it grief suppressionsplit 7" bovine
No sleeve yet rate it griverno conversation self-released
rate it guapohell is other people power tool
rate it guided by voicesmotor away matador
rate it guided by voices new radiant storm kingsplit 7" chunk
rate it guv'nerbaby's way cruel wiiija
rate it guv'nerjousters do it knightly wiiija
rate it guv'ner tsunami bügsküll marmaladev/a: compulsiv III compulsiv
rate it halo bendersdon't touch my bikini fire
rate it halo of fliesrubber room revisited amphetamine reptile
rate it halo of kitten hammerhead (USA)split 7" porn one of four amphetamine reptile
rate it harriet the spycircle-a-indication donut friends
rate it harry pussyzéro de conduite audible hiss
rate it headache marker polaris stalingrad underclassv/a: a u.k. punk cooperation common cause
rate it headbutti fix shit project dark
rate it heavy vegetablehead rush couch headhunter
rate it heck rory commadore boyracer cornershopv/a: around the world with sticky records sticky
rate it hegoatedict allied
rate it héliogabale crooner of doomsplit 7" ubik
rate it hellchildthe scent of summer rain H.G. fact
rate it hellchild multiplexsplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it help me refrigerator wallpaper irving klaw trio the mountain goats good horsey new bad things bugskullv/a: i present this union pole
rate it hentchmenypsilanti's newest hit makers estrus
rate it hose.got.cableantidisestablishmentarianismesque tenderizer
rate it hot water musiceating the filler toybox / kung fu zombie
rate it hovercraftzero zero zero one repellent
rate it hurlbessemer process peas kor
rate it i'm being good small thingssplit 7" destroy all music
rate it ice nineredeemer or
rate it icky boyfriendsend of lust blackjack
rate it in ano failsafe barrel the sovietsv/a: what april showers bring... ape
rate it indian summer current boilermaker allure shroomunion embassy juliav/a: eucalyptus flutterby tree conspiracy
rate it inkwellshine so bright heliotrope / my last wish
rate it international strike force taking pictures airport girl kooky monsterv/a: coffee coffee fortuna pop
rate it irony of lightfootst
rate it irving klaw trio national rockombo soul junk trumans water howardianv/a: wantcompdeux wäntage
rate it j churchlama temple damaged goods
rate it j churchivy league college broken rekids
rate it j churchraked vagrant
rate it j churchyour shirt honey bear
rate it j churchasshole honey bear
rate it j churchkittums in a coma broken rekids
rate it j church the phantom pregnancies mr. hansenwe are bacteria honey bear
rate it ja-lo-paz deerhoof tongue bucket self-helpv/a: leg meat comp leg meat
rate it jad fair & phono-combin a haunted house derivative
No sleeve yet rate it jarafriend ebullition
No sleeve yet rate it jasta 14scaffold centrifuge
rate it jawboxabsenter desoto
rate it jawbreaker monsula nuisance cringerv/a: brouhaha broken rekids
rate it jeff humphreyfolklore auto-stop / troubleman unlimited
rate it jessierant rugger bugger
rate it jihadgod forsaken people schema
rate it jim o'rourke tony conrad richard youngs faust keith rowev/a: in god we trust table of the elements
rate it joeyfatlittle big man love train / fierce panda
rate it jolly mortalsst whirled
rate it juliakathy signature
rate it karatedeath kit the self starter foundation
No sleeve yet rate it karate the lunesplit 7" lonesome pine
rate it karenzast sun and moon
rate it karpwe tear apart k
rate it kurt cobain & courtney love holeit's closing soon
rate it la merikago let the shadows die the flower shop
rate it ladies who lunchpresent: kims we love grand royal
rate it lambchopyour life as a sequel mute america
rate it lambchop the nonpareils bartlebeessplit 7" contrast international
rate it laughing hyenascovers: stolen tapes '92-'94
rate it ligament scarfo joeyfatv/a: three thumping spurts of slunchcore suzi quatro lives in chelmsford fierce panda
rate it ligament space bikesplit 7" ché
No sleeve yet rate it lil' bunniescarrot belly bunny rock moo-la-la
rate it linusdriven thing, dripped shit bone records
rate it liquor bikehome improvement kit superface thick
rate it liquoricestalls simple machines
rate it little mypaint that tree silly bird
rate it long fin killiethe heads of dead surfers hollywood gem too pure
rate it loomis slovak1917 - 2917 1000 year reign of terror youthstrikechord
rate it los crudoslas injusticias caen como pesadillas lengua armada
rate it los crudos huasipungosplit 7" lengua armada
rate it lowercasecadence amphetamine reptile
rate it loxiranst per koro
No sleeve yet rate it lunachicksC.I.L.L. vital music
rate it lung legshagg the tiger e.p. piao!
rate it lungfish10 east walker / dischord
rate it luxo champduster over the counter
rate it mis the thirteenth letter palace
rate it M.I.T.B. bastard noise nationofhatesplit 7" insurgence
rate it madball offsetsplit 7" fear and loathing bonus 7" fear and loathing
rate it maincoderays syntactic
rate it make-upblue is beautiful black gemini
rate it make-up the meta-maticssplit 7" black gemini
rate it male slut
the church should be for the outcasts, not a church t
hat casts people out
stomach ache
rate it mamarrachofifty-nine destroy all music
rate it mambo taxi breedsplit 7" echostatic / space baby
rate it man is the bastardabundance of guns S.O.A.
rate it man is the bastard agathoclessplit 7" theologian / pessimiser
rate it man or astromanespanto del futuro fear and loathing #31 bonus 7" fear and loathing
rate it man or astroman?world out of mind! estrus
rate it man or astroman?return to chaos homo habilis
rate it man or astroman?needles in the cosmic haystack east side
rate it man or astroman? anachronautssplit 7" disjointed parallels erie materials
No sleeve yet rate it maximillian colbysparcely nervous wreck kids
rate it meathead babylandsplit 7" you can never do to us what we've done to ourselves sub/mission
rate it meathead cop shoot copsplit 7" kill a cop for christ and bring us his head sub/mission
rate it meatjackblack juice coolidge
rate it mecca normalthe bird that wouldn't fly matador
rate it melt-bananacomic book and record set it's in the pillcase skin graft / nux organization
rate it melt-banana discordance axissplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it melt-banana pencilnecksplit 7" anti-music
No sleeve yet rate it melting processtiefschlafleben fucking kill
rate it melvins fu manchu bracket mojo nixonv/a: thora-zines #6 bonus flexi 7" with a special message from the melvins thora-zine
rate it melvins guv'nersplit 7" porn two of four amphetamine reptile
rate it men's recovery projectbotanica mysteria kill rock stars
rate it men's recovery projectnormal man gravity
rate it men's recovery projectfrank talk about humans vinyl communications
rate it mercury 4°Ftinnitus death by blowjob
rate it mercury 4°F plainfieldsplit 7" 1995 euro tour split 7" bovine
rate it milky wimpshakethe deviance amplification spiral slampt
rate it mine dawnbreedsplit 7" common cause / beyondrec
rate it minnowclub contest rank and file
rate it miss murgatroidtime theory 11:11 rabid god innoculator
rate it monitor radioobserve: spies radionic
rate it monorchidimpostor costume with rooted hair mask lovitt
rate it monorchid the shivers blue tip frodusv/a: the lovitt empire lovitt
rate it monoshockmodel citizen (nitroglycerine) bag of hammers
rate it moon socketaccept fear sub pop
rate it moon socketfeeling around ratfish
rate it moonraker hope springs eternal don martin threesplit 7" kurt & jason / belladonna
rate it moonshakelola, lola 01/95 clawfist
rate it more fire for burning peopleutah ruido
rate it morsel cigarheadsplit 7" simple solution records
rate it mosesmonster in my room spooky tree
rate it mr. velocity hopkins the many moods of marlon magassplit 7" bulb
No sleeve yet rate it mt shasta dimbuld 7000 dying rats moss back stunt copsv/a: the bonus grip insight #4 bonus 7" anti-music
rate it mudhoneyinto your shtik super electro
rate it mudhoney strapping fieldhandssplit 7" porn three of four amphetamine reptile
rate it my pretty fingera season of light harriet
rate it naked ikiteflyer a thrill city!
rate it new bad thingscamp 18 box dog
rate it nick cave & the bad seedswhere the wild roses grow mute
rate it nirvanayour opinion poolhall
rate it nogginno man's land in the war against entropy ignivomous
No sleeve yet rate it noise addictthe frail girl grand royal
rate it nubblack top the flower shop
rate it nuzzleanchors astreigh youth strike chord
rate it ochrest phyte
rate it okara(label:item#4) squeaky
rate it olivelucky boy foresight
rate it orange glassst sappy
rate it orange glassmeet the robot sappy
rate it ordination of aaronacoustic 7" inchworm / arcade kahca
rate it ordination of aaronleaf ep arcade kahca / inchworm
rate it oxbow from outer space upfront the foetus featuresv/a: harakiri no 2 harakiri
rate it pain teens meatheadsplit 7" fill the texas pancake with your worst fears sub/mission
rate it palacewest palm beach palace
rate it palacethe mountain palace
rate it palacegezundheit hausmuzik
rate it palace musicblack/rich tune domino / palace
rate it palatka the end of the century partysplit 7" belladonna
rate it paste george willard will simmons mag wheels loris altamontv/a: industrial folk vol. 1 squealer
rate it paste nikki light crusadesplit 7" union pole
rate it pere ubuthe hearpen singles tim kerr
No sleeve yet rate it peu êtrest le brun le roux
rate it piebald 7% solutionsplit 7" federation
rate it placebo soupsplit 7" fierce panda
rate it plainfieldist whats fer dinner dale crover
rate it policy of 3american woodworking old glory
rate it prevail order of importance reversal of man inkwellv/a: placebo concurrent
rate it primitive iron rite manglesplit 7" blackluster
rate it prisonshakejimjimmyjimjim carcrash
rate it prohibition (FR) cornershopsplit 7" bruit distordu / prohibited
rate it prohibition (FR) happy angersplit 7" jazz to come / les 7 piliers
rate it project dark band of painsplit 7" project dark
rate it pulloverthis is the life fierce panda
rate it pulloverwhite horses and shooting stars fierce panda
No sleeve yet rate it pungdanarchy no idea
rate it punjab roversshe's another one of them aliens honey bear
rate it pussycat trashamore kill rock stars
rate it quintblueprint to a blackout southern
rate it r.e.m. neil and the d-tales smashing orangev/a: the bob #50 bonus 7"
rate it railluke & lauraland red dawg
rate it rain like the sound of trainsincoming
rate it ramlehnight hair child sympathy for the record industry
rate it red-40date at the payphone landmark
rate it refrigeratorlouder than goodbye squealer
rate it rexall southern
No sleeve yet rate it ricaine baseballsplit 7"
rate it ringfinger love as laughtersplit 7" ratfish
rate it ritual devicerabe caulfield / ismist
rate it rocket from the cryptplays the music machine sympathy for the record industry
rate it rocket from the cryptrocket queen speedo's classics
rate it rocket from the cryptrocket queen ep (checkered version) speedo's classics
rate it rocket from the crypttattoo single #1 perfect sound
rate it rocket from the crypti flame you perfect sound
rate it roosevelt's inaugural paradedarkened sky initial
No sleeve yet rate it roswellst hydra head
rate it royal truxmap of the city hut
rate it run onmiscalculation matador
rate it rwa voodoo muzaksplit 7" vous tremblerez dans le vomi amanita
rate it rye and the coalitionnew sheriff in town gern blandsten
rate it rye coalition animal farm impetus inter as good as deadv/a: degrees of... malice stationeight
rate it sally skullthe tantivy tracks ep vesuvius
rate it samuelempty and then some art monk construction / city of romance
rate it samuel texas is the reasonsplit 7" art monk construction
No sleeve yet rate it sangre de tororesplendent pinche gringo
rate it satisfactlife abroad k
rate it satoreven as we speak gasatanka
rate it scarfoskinny fierce panda
rate it scarfotunnel of love deceptive
rate it schellackbilliardspielerlied shellac record no.6 überschall
rate it scissor girlsnew tactical outline sec. II SG research
No sleeve yet rate it scissor girlsnew tactical outline sec. I SG research
No sleeve yet rate it screaming treessworn and broken sony
rate it seamhey latasha ché
rate it secret starswait simple machines
rate it servotronmeet your mechanical masters sympathy for the machines
rate it seven storey mountainyour lips art monk construction
rate it sevens12:12 dischord / akashic
rate it shellac1994 peel sessions no label
rate it shellac big'n brise glace us maplev/a: double seven inch and comic book set ac/dc tribute series sides 1-4 shellac record no.7 skin graft / gasoline boost
rate it shroomunionbitter and sad inchworm
rate it sideshowcamp sunnyside flydaddy / caulfield
rate it sideshow germbox mercy rule molly mcguirev/a: a caulfield compilation record number 5 caulfield
rate it silkwormmarco collins sessions matador
rate it silver salutehappy eyes amphetamine reptile
rate it skelterstained swine
rate it skullflowervillage sorting self abuse
rate it slack dog ensemblenew yawk dog the flower shop
rate it slant 6 make-upsplit 7" time bomb
rate it sleepytime trio remingtin waltz strikeforce diablov/a: the belladona series vol. 1 animism planaria
rate it slowsidedown nineironspitfire botch joug down bakerv/a: brewing excursion
rate it smogcame blue hausmuzik
rate it snufftheme from whatever happened to the likely lads deceptive
No sleeve yet rate it sofacanyon (fade) constellation / sissyfit
rate it songs:ohianor cease thou never now... palace
rate it sons of john glenni wanna fight catapult
rate it soul-junk1946 sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it soul-junk1944 infinite chug
No sleeve yet rate it spanakorzorole of the proletariat wrenched
rate it spazz charles bronsonsplit 7" 625 / evil noise / disgruntled
rate it SPDFGH pansy division chumbawamba mambo taxi doom wat tylerv/a: gay pride (you don't know what your missing) whoever whenever whatever rugger bugger
rate it speedkingmono black mono time amish
rate it speedkingsway merry dogger
rate it speedking shovesplit 7" omnibus
rate it spitboyrasana ebullition
rate it spoonfed hybridscary verlaine debout/couché series le tatou colérique
rate it st. christopheryoung nun elefant
rate it state of the unionrez-erection profane existence
rate it steakknifethe day larry talked x-mist
rate it steel pole bath tubtragedy ecstasy doom and so on genius
rate it steel pole bath tubauf wiedersehen man's ruin
rate it steel pole bath tub chrome cranks brainiac today is the dayv/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume ten amphetamine reptile
rate it stinking lizavetasink egg-yolk
rate it strainremorse bacteria sour
rate it stratotanker the mountain goats franklin bruno railroad jerkv/a: the wedding record walt
rate it strictly ballroomi love i am an idiot
rate it stuntman (USA)robert marshall long sonic bubblegum
No sleeve yet rate it suckdollsyou say kindergarden
rate it sugar shackyou don't mean shit to me estrus
rate it super furry animals baby bird panda mexican pets harvey's rabbit spare snarev/a: six baubles of fizzing rapture mortal wombat fierce panda
rate it superchunkhome at dawn speed kills #6 bonus 7" snap crackle punk / speed kills
rate it superconductorthe strip oracle mute corp.
rate it supersuckersborn with a tail sub pop
rate it suppression agoraphobic nosebleed murder suicide beast line of fire pisspoor deadbodieseverywhere benümb society of friends the misanthropistsv/a: the monsters in my head big city bastard
No sleeve yet rate it swarm the laurelssplit 7" atomic action
No sleeve yet rate it swervedriverplan 7 star satellite 10 creation
rate it taking picturesfallen angel fortuna pop
rate it tanaka-nixon meetingblessed giardia
rate it tantrum belly buttonsplit 7" bad karma
rate it teethst allied
rate it television personalitiesbike twist
rate it ten foot facesdon't want love independent project
rate it tetsuo (IL)fill your lungs with bullets
rate it texas is the reasonif it's here when we get back it's ours revelation
rate it the abraham lincolnsst making of americans
rate it the american psycho bandfalls church sub pop
rate it the cakekitchenbald old bear raffmond
rate it the championsonce and future king moo cow
rate it the champssecond 7" wäntage
No sleeve yet rate it the champssome words galaxia
rate it the crabsalien girl soda girl
rate it the crownhate ruinintermediate dischord / t.c. ruin
rate it the crownhate ruina primer t.c. ruin
rate it the crownhate ruinelementary t.c. ruin
rate it the crownhate ruin karatesplit 7" art monk
rate it the denison/kimball triolandshark sub pop
rate it the dwarvesgentlemen prefer blondes but blondes don't like cripples man's ruin
rate it the flaming lipssoil x samples 23 warner bros
rate it the flaming starsmoney to burn vinyl japan
rate it the flaming starsthe face on the bar room floor vinyl japan
rate it the flaming starshospital, heaven or hell vinyl japan
rate it the flaming starsten feet tall vinyl japan
rate it the frank spencer blues explosion j churchsplit 7" suspect device
rate it the get up kidsst huey proudhone
rate it the hal al shedad inkwellsplit 7" the mystical stylings of the hal al shedad and inkwell lunchbox
rate it the johnston strait killers forksplit 7" flatline
rate it the lune karatesplit 7" lonesome pine
rate it the mandela strikeforcethe sound of the revolution in stereo ladder / juneninety5
rate it the mandela strikeforce f 80split 7" MSF
rate it the melvinstora tora tora boxset x-mas records / amplified / atlantis
rate it the mountain goatssongs for peter hughes sonic squid
rate it the mountain goatssongs about fire cassiel
rate it the pastels juned modest mouse 764-herov/a: various artists up
No sleeve yet rate it the pastels pizzicato five silkworm s.f. seals run onv/a: robert haber memorial box matador
rate it the peechees long hind legssplit 7" skinnie girl
rate it the phantom pregnanciesspecial child ep troubleman unlimited
rate it the pope smashersthis is a test sunney sindicut
rate it the raymond brakenew wave dream simple machines
rate it the red krayolachemistry drag city
rate it the republic of freedom fighters render uselesssplit 7" buddy bomb
rate it the sea and cakeglad you're right lissy's
rate it the sonora pine zeke fiddler new radiant storm king nord expressv/a: magic eye singles #2 magic eye
rate it the speedking triodevilina troubleman
No sleeve yet rate it the statictheoretical record atavistic / theoretical
rate it the tinklersU.FO.S frownland
No sleeve yet rate it the trigger quintetst twistworthy
rate it the vssthe flesh inside strict
rate it the vss t taurisplit 7" titanic
No sleeve yet rate it the warmersthin air warmers / dischord
No sleeve yet rate it the waydownsst punk in my vitamins
rate it the wedding presentsucker merge
rate it the young pioneerswe march! vermiform
rate it the yummy furkodak nancy europe ep guided missile
rate it thenceforwardwinner phyte
rate it thenceforwardfrom within phyte
rate it thinking fellers union local 282everyday amarillo
rate it thirty ought sixtalon mute america
rate it thrilled skinnypopstar prat damaged goods
rate it thronescrushing sitars/bad breath kill rock stars
rate it thronessenex soda girl
rate it thurston moorecindy (rotten tanx) geffen
rate it thurston moore loren mazzacane connorssplit 7" instress vol. 2 road cone
rate it tinderstickstravelling light this way up
rate it tindersticksthe smooth sounds of sub pop
rate it tobin sproutpopstram recordhead
rate it tomorrow hot water musicsplit 11" no idea
rate it tortoisewhy we fight soul static sound
rate it treehome front man's ruin
rate it tribes of neurotrebegin alleysweeper
rate it tributest subjugation
No sleeve yet rate it true high fidelitysenator energy network
rate it trumans waterthe first dead man of diluvia wäntage
rate it tubesurferinside bgr
rate it turbonegrobad mongo bovine
rate it tuscadero chisel frodus bloodnationv/a: squirrel level
rate it tv personalitiestime goes slowly when you're drowning little teddy recordings
rate it u.s. maplestuck skin graft
rate it ulcer capital casualtiessplit 7" six weeks
rate it ultra bidelove me tender konkurrel
No sleeve yet rate it ultra bide new kingdomsplit 7"
No sleeve yet rate it unbroken brightsidesplit 7" lost & found
No sleeve yet rate it unsane ?v/a: abus dangereux #43 abus dangereux
rate it unsane copass grinderzsplit 7" live! zk
rate it unwound slant 6 truckstop rodan smog two $ guitar kicking giant sleepyhead ruby falls freakwater salmon king versus polvo retsin big heifer boondoggle crain helium dungbeetle the griftersv/a: half-cocked the motion picture soundtrack a wild ride through southern disillusionment matador
rate it unwound versussplit 7" troubleman
rate it uranusdisaster by design the great american steak religion
No sleeve yet rate it vanbuilderasschoices schematics
rate it vanillain this case laissez-nous jouer
rate it ventlong lost human hydra head
rate it ventst mayhem
rate it ventst mayhem
rate it vicious ginkssour grapes vinyl communications
rate it vinelandobsidian zero sum
No sleeve yet rate it vitapupi need it mute america
No sleeve yet rate it vitapupdisbelief thrill jockey
rate it vitonever been careful the flower shop
rate it von ryan's express laurelssplit 7" over the counter / load
rate it von ryan's express laurelssplit 7" over the counter records
rate it voodoo queenseat the germs voodoo
rate it walkerifyourepunkrockimsingle harmless
rate it walleye damnationsplit 7" jade tree
rate it wandering lucyreally truly k
rate it wat tyler oi polloi wormv/a: bollox fuck shit arse wank piss cunt prick it's big it's tough it's clever swearing rugger bugger
rate it water shedbrainville pop bus
rate it weird movesprototrust prohibited
rate it well fed smile71 reasons to hate well fed smile lil deputy
No sleeve yet rate it wheeljack year zerosplit 7" stickfigure / terminus
rate it white
life on the ranch of elisabeth clare prophet (isn't a
ll it's cracked up to be)
satan's pimp
rate it whrilybird herschel jolly mortals swankv/a: quadruped whirled records starter kit whirled
No sleeve yet rate it william martyr 17celebration of love... file thirteen / bloodlink
rate it zeni geva x-rated-xv/a: erase yer head numer uno pandemonium / sugar & spice
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