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rate it !!!the dis-ease hopscotch
rate it 20 miles doo ragsplit 7" sinful tunes and spirituals au go-go
No sleeve yet rate it 3 mile pilotthe house is loss paralogy
rate it 90 day menshe's a salt shaker southern
rate it action swingersheavy medication reptilian
rate it agoraphobic nosebleedpcp torpedo 6" hydra head
rate it ahriman vae victissplit 7" satan's pimp
rate it alkaline triofor your lungs only asian man
rate it anodynest reproductive
No sleeve yet rate it apartment 213 dahmersplit 7" trashart
rate it appendix out songs:ohiasplit 7" liquefaction / bad jazz
rate it aprilfällt der vorhang bastardized / scene police / alveran
rate it arab on radarswimming with a hard on load
rate it artimus pylefamily tradition life is abuse
rate it artimus pylecold cold earth prank
rate it asshole paradelhighve deep six
No sleeve yet rate it asshole parade palatkasplit 7"
rate it atom and his packagegun court singles series wabana
rate it atom and his packagebehold, i shall do a new thing vital music
rate it behead the prophet n.l.s.l.making craters... sound pollution
rate it bend sinisterfiresaw spork
rate it benümblive on FKJC
rate it bhang dextrorecord No. 5 rex rotary
rate it biseurodisco wiiija
rate it black dicelambs like fruit gravity
rate it black diceprinted paper vermin scum
rate it blonde redheadslogan touch and go
rate it bonnie 'princ' billyone with the birds palace
rate it bonnie prince billyblack dissimulation all city / nomad
rate it bottledogrecorded in new york 1977 s.k.a.m.
rate it brazenvicious self-released
rate it brink maneuverjalisco rags to
rate it broccolichestnut road crackle
rate it broccoli pintosplit 7" speedowax
rate it broccoli starfishsplit 7" solent
rate it brutal truth rupturesplit 7" rhetoric / deaf american
rate it built to spill cat power scud mountain boys bl strykerv/a: spunk spunk #7 bonus 7" spunk
rate it burning airlinescarnival DeSoto
rate it burning airlines braidsplit 7" DeSoto
rate it burning heads marshesv/a: erase yer head n° 8 pandemonium
rate it bz bz ueu god is my co-pilotsplit 7" music 'a la coque
rate it c averagemailorder freak 7" singles club february kill rock stars
rate it caroliner rainbow stand still or fight beans and sunstrokelower intestinal clocks & gut bullshit
rate it cavity cable (USA) jesuit overcastv/a: in these black days vol. 4 a tribute to black sabbath hydra head
rate it cedar of lebanonkingdom act your age / dosei jidai
rate it charles bronsonst youth attack!
rate it cineramakerry kerry cooking vinyl
rate it cineramakerry kerry cooking vinyl
rate it clear spotmoonman bop duophonic super 45's
rate it colossamite white tornadosplit 7" freeland / rock 86
rate it combatwoundedveteranwhat flavor is your death squad leader? schematics
rate it comet gainmailorder freak 7" singles club september kill rock stars
rate it computer cougar172 bpm gern blandsten / spirit of orr
rate it country teasersback to the future guided missile
rate it creation is crucifixiondethrone of devour king of the monsters
rate it creation is crucifixiondescent from heaven self-released
rate it creation is crucifixion fate of icarussplit 7" willowtip / the clairvoyant
rate it dahmer irfsplit 7" spineless
rate it dakotai got called a teenager on the 10 o'clock news twistworthy
rate it damadcentric clean plate / passive fist
rate it damadrewind bacteria sour
rate it dawnbreedluxus stickfigure
No sleeve yet rate it de nada invertebratesplit 7" rice control
No sleeve yet rate it deathreat damad suppression equityv/a: destroying southern tradition at a loss
rate it deep woundamerican style
No sleeve yet rate it deerhoofcome see the duck banano
rate it dianogahteam dianogah 2 red blue yellow recordings
rate it dianogah the log letterssplit 7" hi-ball
No sleeve yet rate it dinner, 1933st boxcar
rate it dirty three scenicsplit 7" narwhal
rate it drain pump booster bifsplit 7" la vache
rate it dropdead8 track collectors are pretentious assholes
rate it drowingmanweighted and weighed down hydra head
No sleeve yet rate it emperor penguinE.D.G.A.R. box factory
rate it encyclopedia of american traitorsvolume I information as weaponry ancestry
rate it encyclopedia of american traitors kwisatz haderachsplit 7"
rate it engine downhold all applause lovitt
rate it engine downhold all applause advanced version lovitt
rate it engine down twelve hour turnsplit 7" brave noise
rate it engine No.9starter kit D=RxT Recordings
rate it ettil vryest moganono
rate it evergreen triosome other december the rosewood union
No sleeve yet rate it everlasting the wayboat to portugalete magic eye
rate it fablegive us the night takehold
rate it facade burned black the 65 filmshowsplit 7" amendment
rate it fake hyppi headachesplit 7" panx
rate it fake hyppi the marshesthe in-between split EP kérosène
rate it faraquetparakeet mis en scene
rate it fast forwardsapless capillary
rate it fat daygun court singles series wabana
No sleeve yet rate it franklinmajor taylor tree records
rate it gasp volume elevensplit 7" witching hour
rate it gob agoraphobic nosebleedsplit 7" bad card
rate it gogogoairheartjudgement/pressure flapping jet
rate it gogogoairheartjudgement/pressure flapping jet
rate it golden the ruby dare bob hund le mansv/a:
rate it gone bald no tomorrow charliesplit 7" fat butt twin series #1 from belgium with love
rate it grandmalst mutual brain destruction
No sleeve yet rate it grin shoutsplit 7" vérole de split! foetustriel
rate it guapovs magma power tool / pandemonium
rate it hacksaw1998 tour ep the great american steak religion
No sleeve yet rate it haelahseasonal needs train bridge
rate it hail marynot live hopscotch
rate it harkonenhung to dry excursion
rate it harriet the spy1998 summer tour 7" troubleman unlimited
rate it harriet the spy fat daysplit 7" donut friends
rate it harriet the spy the party of helicopterssplit 7" live 1998 dogprint #6 bonus 7" dogprint
rate it harry pussy frostysplit 7" menlo park
rate it harry pussy peltsplit 7" klang
rate it havergalhow i do western vinyl
rate it havergalcrowd western vinyl
rate it hefner speamint junior blanks penthousev/a: plastic cowboy recordings souvenir e.p. plastic cowboy recordings
rate it hellchild bongzillasplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it hirameka hi-fimunchin' (it's a riot) gringo
rate it hirameka hi-fiplay hard e.p. gringo
rate it his hero is gonefool's gold the great american steak religion
rate it his hero is gonefool's gold coalition
rate it hope (delusion)cotton mouth track star
No sleeve yet rate it hot water music clairmelsplit 8.5" no idea
rate it hrdrvisions of spirits sub pop
rate it i robotwhat if? goldtooth
rate it i robotwhat if? goldtooth
rate it I.B.O.P.A.when we write pariah
rate it in/humanityoccultonomy old glory
rate it index for potential suicideadolfo de jesus constanzo's cookbook kill frank lentini
rate it inept feci del signoresplit 7" dogprint #2 dogprint
rate it j churchturn to stone 7" #1 damaged goods
rate it j churchturn to stone 7" #2 damaged goods
rate it j churchundisputed kind of thing rumblestrip
rate it j churchamarillo, azul y y verde munster
rate it j churchno one has a future damaged goods
rate it j churchlive 2-song recording
rate it j churchalone at night honey bear
rate it j churchv.m.l. live issue #15 V.M.L.
rate it j churchthe dramatic story of a boring town crackle!
rate it j churchwaiting on the ground spiral objective
rate it j church discountsplit 7" liquid meat
rate it j church flufsplit 7" goldenrod
rate it j church restos fosilessplit 7" sniffing recording industries
rate it j church small 23split 7" honey bear
rate it jacobitesteenage christmas i'll care for you chatterbox
rate it jad fairjackpot songs and art vesuvius
rate it jean seberg dahmersplit 7" praxis murder
rate it jen wood tim kinsellasplit 7" post marked stamps No.6 tree records
rate it jereminuntitled king of the monsters
rate it jerome's dream julysplit 7" hit the ground running
rate it jeromes dream amalgamationsplit 7" rice control
rate it johnny angel song of zarathustrasplit 7" +319 recordings
rate it K.G.show me k
No sleeve yet rate it kaffe matthewsthis many planes sss
rate it karate partyblack helicopter ep moo-la-la
rate it kareneedokemailorder freak 7" singles club kill rock stars
rate it karpprison shake up
rate it keponesweet irene b-core
rate it kepone ed hall headbutt beamtrapv/a: erase yer head n° 7 pandemonium / sugar & spice
No sleeve yet rate it kevorkianthe abyss the gramophone company of minority limited
rate it kill the hippiesneon toilet donut friends / rock action (USA)
rate it kill the man who questionsnumber one asshole bloodlink
rate it knives and greenwater racebannonsplit 7" witching hour
rate it knut tantrumsplit 7" vicious circle / snuff
rate it kurt blendwerksplit 7" swing & crime
rate it kwisatz haderachst
rate it la gritona fork craw slughog cavity floor 16 toadliquor thug ice nine discordance axis apartment 213 devoid of faith spazz damad enemy soil supressionv/a: the good the bad the ugly insolito
rate it laceration agoraphobic nosebleedsplit 7" satan's pimp
rate it laceration the k shipleysplit 7" dogprint #5 dogprint
rate it lake of draculamailorder freak 7" singles club june lake of dracula is... kill rock stars
rate it lake of dracula monitor radiosplit 7" carcrashh
rate it last matchfoot tapper insect records
rate it le shokso what tiger suit
No sleeve yet rate it leary3 song ep leary
rate it les savy favour coastal hymn DeSoto
rate it les thugs salarymansplit 7" frenetic dancing
No sleeve yet rate it ligamenti wanna take you outside kitty kitty corporation
rate it lil' bunniesbunnie hole wrench
No sleeve yet rate it lionel marchettila grande vallée metamkine
rate it liquid team epileptic acetonics mmoobv/a: poitiers' burning flame
rate it löbe water melon clubsplit 7" fat butt twin series #2 from belgium with love
No sleeve yet rate it lost girls.needle's eye bad parents
No sleeve yet rate it lowercasemailorder freak 7" singles club april kill rock stars
rate it make-upu r my intended k
rate it make-upuntouchable sound woo me
rate it make-upi want some giant claw
rate it make-up lung-legsplit 7" vesuvius / southern
rate it marine researchqueen b where it's at is where you are
No sleeve yet rate it mcafeest ghetto defendant
rate it meatjack superhighway carfiresplit 7" infernal racket records
rate it melt-bananadead spex H.G. fact
rate it melt-banana killout trashsplit 7" rodel / kool.POP
rate it melt-banana xerobotsplit 5" coat-tail
rate it melvins cosmic psychossplit 7" gearhead #8 bonus 7" gearhead
rate it michael john doug martschsplit 7" home recorded cassette culture
rate it mile marker yellow road priestsplit 7" elgin
rate it mineral& serenading crank!
rate it mineralfebruary caulfield
rate it miniwattmetropolis sampson
rate it modest mousenever ending math equation sub pop singles club V2 #2 may 1998 sub pop
rate it modest mouseother people's lives up
No sleeve yet rate it mogwai el hombre trajeado the yummy fur the kareliav/a: plastic cowboy recordings collectable souvenir e.p. glasgow plastic cowboy recordings
rate it mogwai magoosplit 7" fierce panda
rate it month of birthdaysheightened subjugation
rate it mörser the swarmsplit 7" spiritfall / per koro
rate it mount shasta denison kimball trio zeek sheck killdozerv/a: double seven inch and comic book set ac/dc tribute series sides 7-10 skin graft / gasoline boost
rate it mudhoneynight of the hunted super electro
No sleeve yet rate it neutral milk hotelholland, 1945 the blue rose record company
rate it nicole blackmanindictment carcrashh
rate it no city no state revelation soophie nun squad red forty the divine hook-upv/a: heartbreakers and rumpshakers harlan
No sleeve yet rate it noisome faugh reversal of man synguya racetraitor dropdead president's choice passafistv/a: the great age of enlightenment? a-team records / hit the ground running
rate it nudibranchautomaton
rate it old time relijundub narcotic disco plate jail k
rate it orchidst hand held heart
rate it orchidst unfortunate for the fortunate
rate it orchid encyclopedia of american traitorssplit 7" witching hour
rate it outhudguilty party defendants song red alert works
rate it pankrationeffective range of the systems varies donut friends
rate it pedro the lionbig trucks made in mexico
No sleeve yet rate it penthousevalley of the sows beggars banquet
rate it peter mangaloredecay of the iron man deep six
rate it petrogradanother happy tale paranoia
rate it phillippémisamee flower violence
rate it phillippé universalsplit 7" love flower violence / hombre lobo
rate it phuthot carl nihilist
rate it pramthe last astronaut kooky
rate it pramomnichord wurlitzer jukebox
rate it providence unionconceit gin & catatonic
rate it pudst D=RxT Recordings
rate it quasimailorder freak 7" singles club july kill rock stars
rate it racebannonmaster control program the great vitamin mystery
rate it racebannon to dream of autumnsplit 7" witching hour / troufion
rate it raymondswelling violins first love
rate it red monkeymailorder freak 7" singles club march kill rock stars
rate it reflector recess theorysplit 7" arise
rate it rejuvenatest free spirit
rate it retconnedRET-1 change results to match hypothesis retconned
No sleeve yet rate it rock*a*teensmailorder freak 7" singles club january kill rock stars
rate it rocket from the cryptwhen in rome (do the jerk) picture disc elemental
rate it rocket from the crypt julian briano y sus hermanossplit 7" vinyl communications
rate it rocket from the crypt the hellacopterssplit 7" gearhead #10 bonus 7" gearhead
rate it ron sexsmithyou alone sub pop singles club V2 #6 september 1998 sub pop
rate it ruins molecules mug alboth! belly buttonv/a: erase yer head n° 6 pandemonium / sugar & spice
rate it rye coalition the vsssplit 7" super 8
rate it sam mcpheeters the catholic churchsplit 7" vermiform
rate it scalplockinculcate the fear retribution
rate it sea scoutsword as a weapon zum
rate it september (USA) windsor for the derbysplit 7" pehr / meridian
rate it servotroni sing! the body cybernetic one louder robots
No sleeve yet rate it shahrazadend of the line hand held heart
rate it shuttlecockreport atomic action
rate it silencest vandal children
rate it silver jewsblue arrangements cosmic debris
rate it sinking bodyneurotic habits of the invisible man vermiform
rate it skol what's wrong phillippé petrogradv/a: apathy is no excuse for failure skank
rate it slavesan exact seance tripoli
No sleeve yet rate it slaves notorioussplit 7" theatro sexy movie valium / nausicaa
rate it sleater-kinneylittle babies matador
rate it sleater-kinneyone more hour matador
rate it small black pigjolly grim slampt
No sleeve yet rate it small starsmailorder freak 7" singles club november kill rock stars
rate it smogheld drag city
rate it snailhouse julie doironsplit 7"
do you remember what you said when you said you would
not forget?
No sleeve yet rate it snuffyuki deceptive
rate it song of kerman handful of dustsplit 7" moo cow
rate it song of zarathustrast +319 recordings
No sleeve yet rate it sonic youthsunday geffen
rate it spazz black army jacketsplit 7" dogprint #9 dogprint
rate it spinach kontrol footstepssplit 7" tol
rate it spirit blakesplit 7" organic
rate it splotchtwo million fuckheads menlo park
rate it spread the disease song of zarathustrasplit 7" witching hour
No sleeve yet rate it sta-prestmailorder freak 7" singles club august kill rock stars
No sleeve yet rate it standing 8rebellion needs rebels eudora
rate it stars of the lid windsor for the derbysplit 7" 33 degrees
rate it stereolab soi-disantsplit 7" luke warm music
rate it sucklecybilla left hand
rate it sue p. foxmailorder freak 7" singles club october refect refect kill rock stars
rate it suicide nationst caught red
No sleeve yet rate it suicide nation creation is crucifixionsplit 7" cyberdine243 records
rate it sukpatchstolen chrome sub pop singles club V2 #3 june 1998 sub pop
rate it sunny day real estatehow it feels to be something on sub pop
rate it supergougehuman rocket kultur x
rate it suppression no less tomsk 7 laceration agents of satan burnt rat's paramecial wedding society of friends black army jacket deadbodieseverywhere agoraphobic nosebleed dyslexis coup scalp-lock vilently ill facade burned black gob pig destroyer scabies sss exhumed benumb combat wounded veteran last remaining pinnaclev/a: accidental double homicide! volume four satan's pimp
No sleeve yet rate it swearing at motorists marmoset guided by voices to rococo rot bill ding hoodv/a: rebound volume III rebound
rate it sweep the leg johnny a minor forestsplit 7" post marked stamps No.8 tree records
rate it sweep the leg johnny cowperssplit 7" divot
rate it swelleverything is good beggars banquet
rate it switchbladest trust no one
rate it switchblade last matchsplit 7" la calavera discos
rate it switchhitterhelicopter bent over cowboy
rate it team dresh longstockingsplit 7" sub pop
rate it teenage fanclublong shot creation
rate it television personalitiesyou, me and lou reed little teddy recordings
rate it tereasa undefined nobuhjest proudentall gemmav/a: fragil compilation #2 fragil
rate it the audienceyoung soul gsl
rate it the blood brothersst hopscotch
rate it the brilliant corners
why do you have to go out with him when you could go
out with me
rate it the butthole surfersflaming lips red house
rate it the cable car theorysomething new immigrant sun
rate it the chineapple punx riot/clone love, chips and peace oi polloi the bus station loonies wat tylerv/a: the anti-chumbawamba e.p. bare faced hypocrisy... ...sells records propa git / ruptured ambitions
rate it the crainiumst slowdime
rate it the crainium the make-upsplit 7" slowdime
No sleeve yet rate it the crime kaiserskaiser style intensive scare records
No sleeve yet rate it the crime kaisers oblivianssplit 7" active detective magazine #3 active detective
rate it the day of man as managain to people rice control
No sleeve yet rate it the fatal flyin' guilloteensnew iron fist twistworthy
No sleeve yet rate it the fatal flyin' guilloteensdangert west! peek-a-boo
rate it the flaming starssweet smell of success vinyl japan
rate it the french mistakecolonel davis vermin scum
rate it the fusesdress for the new bomb american punk
No sleeve yet rate it the hangoversmailorder freak 7" singles club may kill rock stars
rate it the hollomenbrand new genius hydra head
rate it the jesus and mary chainbirthday sub pop singles club V2 #1 april 1998 sub pop
rate it the ladderback legend of the overfiendsplit 7"
rate it the locustst gsl
rate it the locustmystery screams
rate it the mercury programlights out in georgia boxcar
rate it the mercury program versaillessplit 7" boxcar
rate it the peecheesdallas sub pop singles club V2 #8 november 1998 sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it the pretty girlsthekidsareallfucked moo-la-la
rate it the rapturethe chair that squeaks hymnal sound
No sleeve yet rate it the red scare (TX)cherry xray
No sleeve yet rate it the starvationsclementine revenge
No sleeve yet rate it the starvations throw ragsplit 7" revenge
rate it the trans megettisoon be seeing you later trans solar
rate it the university punxin society! mykedroner
rate it the wat brothersall that glitters is not gold dodgepot
rate it the white stripeslet's shake hands italy records
rate it the white stripeslafayette blues italy records
rate it the wisdom of harrypure gold henry wurlitzer jukebox
rate it the yummy furshoot the ridiculant guided missile
No sleeve yet rate it thee headcoats lollipopsplit 7" amphtamine reptile
rate it this heathealth and efficiency these
rate it this robot killsmolecule outer universe research
rate it thomas jefferson slave apartments fat daysplit 7" ratfish
rate it thoughts of ionesco cromwellsplit 7" longbow masterworks
rate it three mile pilot boilermakersplit 7" slowdance
rate it three penny opera2GTEG25H2G4503344 spectra sonic sound
rate it thrones behead the prophet N.L.S.L.split 7" voice of the sky
rate it thrones spaceboy lice toadliquorv/a: enlightenment soledad
rate it tortoisemadison ave. tortoise tour 1998 thrill jockey
rate it track starremovable parts suicide squeeze
rate it tristezaforeshadow caffeine vs nicotine
rate it trumans water i'm being goodsplit 7" infinite chug
No sleeve yet rate it tupamarosnami self-released
No sleeve yet rate it tupamaros learysplit 7" leary
rate it twelve hour turn strikeforce diablosplit 7" push pull
rate it twenty third chapterastringent mask e.p. moo cow
rate it two noisesthematico archigramophone
rate it universala.k.a. mental toilet scorched earth policy
rate it unlogistictotal abused e.p. diabolik
rate it unlogistic what's wrong?split 7" molaire
rate it unsanethis plan australian tour single dc records
rate it urban legends her space holidaysplit 7" train bridge
rate it vacuum tree head flying luttenbachers mono pause melt-banana molecules moe! staiano ruinsv/a: knormalities vol.1 dephine knormal music
rate it vazhey one cell reptilian
rate it vertigotwo lives skidmark
rate it very secretary compound redsplit 7" post marked stamps No.7 tree records
rate it wat tyler freaks unionsplit 7" peter bower
No sleeve yet rate it what happens next?st 625
No sleeve yet rate it xbxrxwe are all dying
No sleeve yet rate it xbxrx boris + the godfatherssplit 7" NFJM
rate it yage127 nova / earthwatersky
rate it yaphet kottothe killer was in the government blankets analog kid
rate it your adversaryplease open at your earliest convenience self-released
rate it zegota i farm cave in anathema buttercupv/a: flowercore hot sauce
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