(240 records found)
rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deadmistakes & regrets domino
rate it 125 rue montmartredisco hijack bachelor / tomte tummetott
rate it 16 treadwellsplit 7" badman
rate it 25 suavescut out
rate it a framesneutron bomb dragnet
rate it agna moraine's autobiography rentamericathis is love chosen / mise en place
No sleeve yet rate it agna moraines autobiography rent americasplit 7"
rate it akarso seven days of samsarasplit 7" ricky schroder fan club
rate it akimboarmy of evil robots programmed for human destruction rock'n'role play
rate it alboth! nels cline moe!kestra!v/a: knormalities vol.2 exclamatories! dephine knormal music / amanita
rate it alkaline trio blue meaniessplit 7" thick
rate it american heritage thee plague of gentlemensplit 7" delboy
rate it amp 176 the hidden chord the forty-five selby tigersv/a: modern radio presents volume one modern radio
rate it anal cunt the raunchous brotherssplit 7" menace to sobriety
rate it analenaarhythmetics get off
No sleeve yet rate it analena unisonsplit 7" libber tea
rate it at the drive inone armed scissor grand royal / restart
rate it at the drive-in murder city devilsplit 7" buddyhead
rate it atom and his package har mar superstarsplit 7" sub city
rate it barbarofeeding hydra head
rate it bastard noisethe R.A. sessions riotus assembly
rate it bastard noise gerrittsplit 7" misanthropic agenda
rate it beat happeningangel gone k
rate it beef wellingtonthat's me db studios
rate it black cat #13the experiment vol.2 electric human project
rate it black cat #13i blast off! three one g
rate it black dicesemen of the sun
rate it blackman whiteman deadmanself evident truths hold tightly thin the herd
No sleeve yet rate it blimey! & john wayne shot me johnny domino john wayne shot me & blimey! a series of wheels charlottefieldv/a: flying time #1 octane foil
rate it blue/green heartself esteem through modern science self-released
rate it bobthe peel sessions self rising
rate it bonnie "blue" billylittle boy blue western vinyl
No sleeve yet rate it books lieempathy carmen diablo
No sleeve yet rate it bullyrag 1912split 7" pleed
rate it bury me standing this machine killssplit 7" code of ethics
rate it bury me standing this machine killssplit 7" code of ethics
rate it caesurareturn return birds go south
rate it california lightningpenitentiary sound on sound
No sleeve yet rate it cattle decapitation¡decapitacion! prono de accidene
rate it charm city suicidesgreen blood baths of power
rate it city of caterpillar system 2600split 7" sea of dead pirates
rate it cobra kai sutek conspiracysplit 7" self-released
rate it convergeY2K tour 7" equal vision
No sleeve yet rate it crash normal t.v. killerssplit 7" la pont' ach
No sleeve yet rate it crash normal the splash foursplit 7" yakisakana
rate it cravingcomparable? traces! scene police
rate it craw sicbaysplit 7" obtuse mule
rate it davosst fidel bastro
rate it dawnbreedthe dawnbreed 5 robot don't belong
rate it dead and goneshiny and black gsl
rate it dead pop club seven hate skual system cobweb basement & dj shot greedy guts happy angry guillaume weeping minds of silence tantrum dare dare devil creep a.c. hintv/a: 45 secondes pour tuer portobello bones another war another peace
No sleeve yet rate it deadseraphim drowing in lethesplit 7"
rate it death cab for cutieunderwater sub pop singles club V2 #25 march 2000 sub pop
rate it dj bra nesegir fibo-trespo kjertl del brondo group noxagtv/a: untitled ep sandnes / synesthetic
rate it dj scudgun court singles series wabana
rate it drowingmanhow they light cigarettes in prison revelation
rate it easy actiondo it cuz i can reptilian
rate it electrelanefilm music indenial
rate it electrelanegabriel let's rock!
rate it electrelanele song fierce panda
rate it envythe eyes of final proof H.G. fact
rate it envy this machine killssplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it fields of gaffneycold weather sub pop singles club V2 #22 january 2000 sub pop
rate it fifty tons of black terrorhungry hollow ismist
rate it fin fang foomravenous tritone
rate it forcefedglass the fall of leningradsplit 7" sound factory
rate it forstella ford the assistantsplit 7" boxcar
rate it four hundred years seein' redsplit 7" the smith and nephew company
rate it gag (UK)caveman shuffle suffers known as patty flitwick
rate it gai jingun court singles series wabana
rate it gene defconbaby, hallelujah modern radio
rate it glass candy and the shattered theatremetal gods self-released
rate it gravity propulsion systemthe long trip back to where you started... TDA sound corp.
rate it guyana punchlineyouth for smashism ep. coalition
rate it guyana punchlineirritainment for the masses x-mist
rate it hacksaw mercury the winged messengersplit 7" global symphonic
rate it harkonengrizz hydra head
rate it hassan i sabbahst robodog
rate it hassan i sabbahst robodog
rate it helios chromemalavia milenium live january 1993
rate it hirameka hi-fithe imperfect approach gringo
rate it hitchbring on the soap ... delboy
rate it hoodthe year of occasional lull rocket racer
rate it hot hot heatfashion fight pause ache
rate it hüsker düin a free land
rate it i am spoonbenderplastic lips contact
rate it i hate myselfdrama in the emergency room no idea
rate it iron lungdemonstration in pressure and volume 625 trashcore
rate it iron lunglife. iron lung. death boredom noise / 625
rate it iron lung scurvy bastardssplit 7" enterruption
rate it island womenglitche global buddy!
rate it j churchleni riefenstahl's tinder box love boat
rate it jad fairarts and crafts series volume 1 important
rate it jerome's dream the one am radiosplit 7" garbage czar
rate it jerome's dream usurp synapsesplit 7" an aspirin, an x-ray level plane / clean plate
rate it julie doiron & the wooden starswho will be the one? plumline
rate it keleton dmd lovesick quixote small brown bikev/a: quarters volume 1 at arms mechanics / salinger press
rate it kid commandokamera kommando tell me that you love me
rate it kid commando the female anchor of sadesplit 7" lady godiva operations
rate it kill the man who questions del cielosplit 7" ed walters
rate it kylesaclutches scorched earth policy
rate it lambchopup with people! city slang
rate it last of the juanitasthe jay wäntage
rate it le shok ink and daggersplit 7" initial
rate it le shok the stitchessplit 7" gsl
rate it les savy favreprobate's resumé x-mist
rate it lifter pullerLFTR PLLR amphetamine reptile
rate it lightning boltconan load
rate it machetresst dischord / brickthrower
rate it mara'akate3 - 7 - 77 redwood
rate it mara'akate3" business card CD ep self-released
rate it meisharepublic of pop bus
rate it melt banana camp blackfoot tear of a doll god is my co-pilotv/a: erase yer head n° 9 pandemonium / sugar & spice
rate it melt-banana damien frostsplit 7" alpha relish
rate it melvinsspit it out amphetamine reptile
rate it migalathe north of fire sub pop singles club V2 #31 october 2000 sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it mike anderson william pelonsplit 7" witching hour
rate it mildmanjan & mark e smith my mate markfistful of credits switchflicker
No sleeve yet rate it monkeywrenchsolar revelations trippin' elephant
No sleeve yet rate it monkeywrenchsolar revelation estrus
rate it montana petedevo coin operated
rate it motorambo feat. trio albatrossonique-equinox fiction.friction
rate it murdock sutek conspiracysplit 7" ed walters
rate it my own sun plexussplit 7" ruminance
rate it nasum asterisk*split 7" busted heads / black mask collective / putrid filth conspiracy
rate it neil perry usurp synapsesplit 7" comes around goes around level plane
rate it neptune3.5 release #4 heliotrope
No sleeve yet rate it nirvanathe money will roll right in fan club release
rate it noxagt kulturetaten louise & kate kjertl del brondo group fibo-trespo shotguns nils erga agur-k anfie hellfirev/a: sandnes stavanger nor wave
rate it oxesone sided 7" manufactured cr
rate it pedro the liona guitar for janie suicide squeeze
rate it petit vodomister 69 butcher's wig
rate it pig destroyer isissplit 7" single series 040 relapse
No sleeve yet rate it plot #22 featuring culturcideindustrial band x-mist
No sleeve yet rate it polaracarpet horses sub pop
rate it pramthe owl service domino
rate it process is deadcuttyhunk r. bummed out
rate it programm clucifer turns up the volume invertebrata
rate it project darklive at the victoria and albert museum project dark / phono erotic
rate it project darkplate of bisquits e.p. project dark / phono erotic
rate it q and not uhot and informed dischord / desoto
rate it quadrajetsfly on (live) sub pop singles club V2 #29 august 2000 sub pop
rate it railroad jerkold mcneil sub pop singles club V2 #32 november 2000 sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it realign the cable car theorysplit 7" voice of life / rockemotions
No sleeve yet rate it red ghetto sunrocket to samarkand superFi
rate it red stars theorynaima suicide squeeze
rate it reizigergrab and nailed day after
rate it rocket 455 the blowtops the white stripesv/a: flying bomb presents X-Mas surprise package volume 2 flying bomb
rate it rocket from the crypt the get up kidssplit 7" vagrant
rate it rubber o cement slicing grandpasplit 7" self-released
No sleeve yet rate it rujan himsplit 7" earwing
rate it saetiaeronel witching hour
rate it scrotum grinder combat wounded veteransplit 7" burrito
rate it serotonin kill devil hillssplit 7" soul is cheap
rate it shai hulud boy sets firesplit 7" crush em' all series vol. 1 undecided
rate it shellac caesarsplit 7" shellac record no.12 barbaraal
No sleeve yet rate it sheryl's magnetic auralike you mean it loose change
rate it silver tongued devil the crime kaiserssplit 7" stereodrive!
rate it sing-singi'll be aerial
rate it sleater-kinneyyou're no rock n' roll fun kill rock stars
rate it smogstrayed domino / drag city
rate it social comast youth attack!
rate it sporesinterface flitwick
rate it staircasest city boot
No sleeve yet rate it standstill engravesplit 7" a four collection of blue sound defiance
rate it starchildren catherinesplit 7" march
rate it subtonixtrophy no love
rate it suppression & crank surgeon misthopiasplit 7" nat
rate it sutek conspiracy amputee setsplit 7" interference
rate it swearing at motoristsstumble to the zero hour punk in my vitamins
rate it switchblade cult of lunasplit 7" trust no one
No sleeve yet rate it tarentel lilienthalsplit 7" awkward silence
rate it the assistant neil perry hassan i sabbah jerome's dream usurp synapsev/a: antipodes level plane
rate it the casket lottery trocar sweep the leg johnny biddy biddy biddyv/a: quarters volume 2 at arms mechanics
rate it the conformistshatch-it eneverywh
rate it the creaturestake mine sub pop singles club V2 #27 june 2000 sub pop
rate it the crime kaisershow does it feel incognito
rate it the dead cstealth sub pop singles club V2 #24 february 2000 sub pop
rate it the exploder cross my heartsplit 7" reptilian
rate it the flaming lipswhite christmas 2000 to all the deserved supporters... warner bros
rate it the fuseshigh rate of speed incognito
rate it the gate crashersloud at any volume e.p. parts unknown
rate it the infinity dive emotion zero the ultimate warriors orchid tomsk 7 senor lululabov/a: songs of the dead ape
rate it the intelligencegirlfriends & boyfriends dragnet
rate it the lazarus plot long live nothingsplit 7" disgruntled / lance harbor
rate it the locust arab on radarsplit 7" gsl
rate it the love song companypictures with the warning bell superkid discos
rate it the monkeywrenchsugar man estrus
rate it the monkeywrenchthat trip you're on 6:10 pheonix in the red
rate it the oathtransatlantic trash terror youth attack! / coalition / gloom
rate it the pinest self-released
rate it the planante the essay jesus sanchez
rate it the rebelidiots v. spastics guided missile
No sleeve yet rate it the red scare (TX) orchidsplit 7" hand held heart
rate it the red scare (TX) orchidsplit 7" hand held heart
rate it the remote viewer tristezasplit 7" jonathon whiskey
rate it the reverend horton heatit was a very good year time bomb
No sleeve yet rate it the search for saturnalia egonsplit 7" has anyone ever told you?
No sleeve yet rate it the spirit of versailles rise for ruinsplit 7" chiaroscuro
rate it the sporeslaa-laa flitwick
No sleeve yet rate it the starvationschurch of the double cross kapow
No sleeve yet rate it the stitchesyou tear me out dead beat
rate it the upholsterersmakers of high grade suites sympathy for the record industry
rate it the white stripesparty of special things to do sub pop
rate it the white stripeslord, send me an angel sympathy for the record industry
rate it the white stripeshello operator sympathy for the record industry
rate it the white stripeshello operator sympathy for the record industry
rate it the world / inferno friendship societyi wouldn't want to live in a world without grudges x-mist
rate it the yo-yo'stime of your life sub pop singles club V2 #26 may 2000 sub pop
rate it the [jukebox] scenariocincinnati kid message the disapointed's love letter / carmen diablo
rate it the [jukebox] scenario winstonsplit 7" bachelor
rate it this machine killson the move el grito / coalition
rate it tinderstickswhat is a man from BBC drama 'the sins' beggars banquet
rate it to rococo rotjacky sub pop singles club V2 #25 april 2000 sub pop
rate it tragedy totalitärsplit 7" armageddon label
No sleeve yet rate it treadwellpour it into our bodies redwood
No sleeve yet rate it treadwellbomb diffusion status
rate it tristezaare we people tiger style
rate it tristezamacrame rocket racer
No sleeve yet rate it true north the red scare (TX)split 7" sound virus
rate it trumans watermiss spaceship sub pop singles club V2 #28 july 2000 sub pop
rate it ulan bator chevreuilsplit 7" ruminance
rate it unlogistic homeboyssplit 7" homelogistic happy dick milk / HB prod
rate it usa is a monsterst self-released
rate it usurp synapsetour 7" self-released
rate it usurp synapse hassan i sabbahsplit 7" electric human project
rate it usurp synapse index for potential suicidesplit 7" witching hour
rate it usurp synapse index for potential suicidesplit 7" tour edition witching hour
rate it vaz enemyminesplit 7" thin the herd
rate it vaz sicbaysplit 7" minnesota attacks vol. 1 learning curve
rate it vilently illrising up from the underground e.p. agitate 96 / pentagrandma records
rate it wadge präparation-hsplit 7" r.s.r.
No sleeve yet rate it what happens next?stand fast 2000 625
rate it windsor for the derbymelt close speakerphone recordings
No sleeve yet rate it winstonohne utopien bleibt die welt ein dreckshaufen nova
rate it witchypooolympia must die thin the herd
rate it yage engravesplit 7" defiance
rate it yage the robocop kraussplit 7" swing deluxe / arabesque / nova / earthwatersky
rate it yaphet kotto suicide nationsplit 7" council
rate it zekejack torrence sub pop singles club V2 #30 september 2000 sub pop
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