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rate it - the aemotii crii stephen horsfall send no flowers ludus eric random the balcony tanoy entertainment some now are blackv/a: index #2 index audio
rate it 100 flowersst happy squid
rate it 1000 mexicansthe art of love whaam!
rate it a popular history of signsif she was a car jungle
rate it ac/dcflick of the switch atlantic
rate it african head chargedrastic season on-u sound
rate it alan vegasaturn strip elektra / ze
rate it antidotethou shalt not kill antidote
rate it au pairslive in berlin a.k.a.
rate it aztec camerahigh land, hard rain rough trade / celluloid
rate it bad religioninto the unknown epitaph
rate it bauhausshe's in parties beggars banquet
rate it bauhausburning from the inside beggars banquet
rate it between mealsoh no i just knocked over a cup of coffee iridescence
rate it big blackbulldozer ruthless / fever
No sleeve yet rate it big blacklive ruthless
rate it big boyslullabies help the brain grow moment productions
rate it big countrythe crossing mercury
rate it billy bragglife's a riot with spy vs spy utility / go! discs
rate it birdsongs of the mesozoicbirdsongs of the mesozoic ep ace of hearts
rate it black flagmy war sst
rate it blightst touch and go
rate it blue orchidsagents of change rough trade
rate it bruce joyner & the plantationsway down south closer
rate it bruce losewhat's your name? subterranean
rate it buba & the shop assistantssomething to do villa 21
rate it butthole surferss/t alternative tentacles
No sleeve yet rate it canmoonshake cherry red
rate it captain beefheartwhat's all this booga-booga music? wizardo
No sleeve yet rate it chris knoxsongs for cleaning guppies flying nun
rate it christophesuccès fou disques motors
rate it christophemon amie jalousie disques motors
rate it chromeraining milk mosquito
rate it chromealien soundtracks expanded
rate it circle Xprehistory index / enigma
rate it cocteau twinspeppermint pig 4ad
rate it cocteau twinshead over heels 4ad
rate it cocteau twinssunburst and snowblind 4ad
rate it CPGst
rate it crassyes sir, i will crass
rate it d-day big boys standing waves the poolv/a: moment productions moment productions
rate it daniel johnstonmore songs of pain self-released
rate it daniel johnstonyip / jump music self-released
rate it daniel johnstonhi, how are you? self-released
rate it dave ballin strict tempo some bizzare
rate it david bowiechristiane f. wir kinder vom banhof zoo rca
rate it david thomas & christ cutler & alan ravensteindidn't have a very good time re records
rate it deep woundi saw it radiobeat
rate it def leppardpyromania phonogram
rate it depeche modeconstruction time again mute
rate it dickskill from the heart sst
rate it die hautburnin' the ice paradoxx
No sleeve yet rate it dislocation dancemidnight shift rough trade
rate it dislocation danceshow me rough trade
No sleeve yet rate it dislocation danceviolette the music label
rate it double-oyou've lost ep dischord / R B records
rate it echo and the bunnymenporcupine korova / wea
rate it echo and the bunnymenst korova / sire
rate it echo and the bunnymenthe killing moon korova / wea
rate it echo and the bunnymennever stop korova
rate it echo and the bunnymennever stop (discotheque) korova
rate it einstürzende neubautenzeichnungen des patienten O.T. some bizarre
rate it einstürzende neubautendrawings of O.T. PVC
rate it elvis costello and the attractionspunch the clock f-beat
No sleeve yet rate it ex post factodancing child probe plus
rate it fad gadget mecanosplit 7" vinyl magazine vinyl magazine
rate it faithsubject to change dischord
rate it fallouthome killed meat fallout
rate it feltpenelope tree cherry red
rate it final conflictst reflex (USA)
No sleeve yet rate it fun boy threewaiting chrysalis
rate it gaminest snapshot
rate it gaminest snapshot
rate it government issueboycott stabb fountain of youth / dischord
rate it grrrst wormer brothers
rate it gun clubdeath party animal
rate it gun clubmiami animal
rate it gun clubthe birth the death the ghost ABC
No sleeve yet rate it gun clubdeath party sympathy for the record industry
No sleeve yet rate it honor rolelocal compilation tape demo no core
No sleeve yet rate it hostages of ayatollah...aha!
rate it hüsker dümetal circus sst
rate it hüsker düeverything falls apart rhino / reflex (USA)
rate it i'm deadsecond identity goldhanger records
rate it indochinele péril jaune ariola / clemence melody
rate it jad faireveryone knew...but me press
rate it jamesjimone factory
rate it jazzateersst rough trade
rate it kevin hewickfeathering the nest cherry red
rate it kevin hewicksuch hunger for love cherry red
rate it kevin hewick & the soundthe cover keeps 'reality unreal' cherry red
rate it killing jokefire dances eg
rate it killing jokelet's all go (to the fire dances) eg
No sleeve yet rate it killing jokelet's all go (to the fire dances) eg
rate it kim wildecatch as catch can rak
rate it konk paul haig antena tuxedomoon the names the pale fountains mikado ludus isolation ward harold buddv/a: war is over base
No sleeve yet rate it la danzast frodo
rate it laughing apple the pastelssplit 7" artifact / creation
rate it les standards the owls kick city kids les calamités stilettos snipers les coronados gamine les rythmeursv/a: snapshot'(s) snapshot
No sleeve yet rate it liliputsome songs rough trade
rate it liliputyou did it rough trade
rate it liquid liquidoptimo 99 records
No sleeve yet rate it los olvidados big boys riot .303 minus one the faction skoundrelz drunk injuns j.f.a black athletesv/a: thrasher skate rock vol. 1 high speed productions
rate it ludusbreaking the rules sordide sentimental
rate it man sized actionclaustrophobia reflex (USA)
rate it marc sebergst virgin
rate it marc sebergsylvie virgin
No sleeve yet rate it marine girlslazy ways cherry red
rate it mark stewart and the mafialearning to cope with cowardice on-u sound
rate it matador! a.c. marias pascal gabriel touch 33 graham lewis john foxx simon fisher current 93 test dept s/z the pathfinders not i ludusv/a: meridians 1 touch
rate it matt johnsonburning blue soul 4ad
rate it maximum joywhy cant we live together garage records
rate it mecht menschacceptance bone air
rate it men at workcargo CBS
rate it michael jacksonbeat it cbs
rate it michael johnlove will tear us apart loose
rate it microdisneypink skinned man kabuki
rate it minor threatout of step repress dischord
rate it minor threatout of step 1st pressing white sleeve dischord
rate it minor threatout of step 3rd pressing blue sleeve dischord
rate it minutemen meat puppets saccharine trust black flag overkill the stains wurm hüsker düv/a: the blasting concept sst
rate it modern englishgathering dust 4ad
rate it modern industry kent state moslem birth manson youthv/a: noise from nowhere toxic shock
rate it naked raygunbasement screams ruthless
rate it neatscaraboo ace of hearts
rate it neatsst ace of hearts
rate it necrosconquest for death touch and go
No sleeve yet rate it neefgondwanaland emergency cassette from LAFMS light bulb
rate it negative trendmusic riot! subterranean
No sleeve yet rate it nena99 luftballons epic
rate it new orderpower corruption & lies factory
rate it new orderblue monday factory
rate it new orderdreams are over joy
rate it new orderconfusion factory
No sleeve yet rate it nikki suddenthe bible belt flicknife
No sleeve yet rate it no trendteen love no trend
rate it no trendtoo many humans... no trend
rate it no trendst no trend
rate it octobrepaolino parc pathé marconi
rate it octobrepaolino parc pathé marconi EMI
rate it octobremasculin/féminin dance re-mix pathé marconi EMI
rate it oh okfurthermore what DB records
rate it orange juicerip it up polydor
rate it orange juiceflesh of my flesh polydor
rate it orchestral manoeuvres in the darkdazzle ships telegraph / virgin
rate it orchestre rougemore passion fodder rca
No sleeve yet rate it orchestre rougeseconds grate rca
rate it otto's chemical loungest reflex (USA)
rate it outsetsst plexus
No sleeve yet rate it pagansst terminal
rate it peter gabrielplays live charisma
rate it pink floydthe final cut harvest
rate it public image limitedlive in tokyo virgin
rate it public image limitedcommercial zone limited edition pil records
rate it public image limitedcommercial zone pil records
rate it pulpeverybody's problem red rhino
rate it pulpit red rhino
rate it pulpmy lighthouse red rhino
rate it pylonchomp DB
rate it pylonbeep DB
rate it r.e.m.murmur irs
rate it r.e.m.radio free europe irs
rate it r.e.m.talk about the passion irs
rate it really red dirty rotten imbeciles offenders mydolls not for sale big boys prenatal lust stickmen with rayguns hugh beaumont experience marching plague butthole surfers bang gang dicks watchtowerv/a: cottage cheese from the lips of death ward-9 records
rate it red cross descendents anti ill will civil dismay china white mood of defiance minutemen 100 flowers urinals zurich 1916 plebs saccharine trustv/a: life is ugly so why not kill yourself new underground records
rate it rifle sportvoice of reason reflex (USA)
rate it rifle sportlittle drummer boy ruthless
rate it roxy musicthe hight road eg
rate it savage republicfilm noir independent project
rate it shockabilly19th nervous breakdown rough trade
rate it shockabillygreatest hits red music
No sleeve yet rate it shockabillyearth vs. shockabilly rough trade
rate it shriekbackthe infinite Y
rate it simple mindswaterfront virgin
rate it simple mindsspeed your love to me virgin
rate it siouxsie and the bansheesnocturne wonderland / polydor
rate it siouxsie and the bansheesdear prudence wonderland / polydor
rate it skeletal familythe night red rhino
rate it skeletal familyjust a friend luggage
rate it slovenlyplus new alliance
rate it some now aretruth to tell
rate it sonic youthconfusion is sex neutral
rate it sonic youthkill yr. idols zensor
rate it splat!yeah the dum dum ron johnson
rate it swansfilth zensor / neutral
rate it talking headsspeaking in tongues sire
rate it tall dwarfscanned music flying nun
rate it tears for fearsthe hurting mercury
rate it téléphonemétro virgin lyntone
rate it television personalitiesa sense of belonging rough trade
rate it test deptcompulsion some bizarre
rate it the authorities the nip drivers j.f.a. dr. know white flag white cross fuck-ups putrid girls ill repute stalag 13 rebel truth willful neglect tar babies mecht mensch graven image the vacant adrenalin od the clones big boys sin 34 minutemen dayglo abortions caustic cause don't no s.v.d.b. patriots hated principles crankshaft urban assault (s.f.) urban assault (tahoe) 7 seconds jack shit atheists romulans no labels armed response deranged diction false confession manimals red crossv/a: we got power: party or go home mystic
rate it the B-52'swhammy! island
rate it the babysitters the genocides the london cowboys marionette bad detective the barracudas dogs d'amour suffragette garrie j. lammin nikki sudden & the bible beltv/a: trash on delivery (T.O.D.) flicknife
rate it the barracudasmean time closer
rate it the birthday partymutiny mute
rate it the birthday partyep 4ad
rate it the birthday partythe bad seed 4AD
rate it the blasters gun club rank and file violent femmes X fear germs the dream syndicatev/a: the early sessions slash
rate it the chameleonsscript of the bridge statik
No sleeve yet rate it the chameleonsdon't fall statik
rate it the chameleonsup the down escalator statik
rate it the chameleonsas high as you can go statik
rate it the chameleonsa person isn't safe anywhere these days statik
rate it the crampssmell of female live big beat
rate it the crampsoff the bone illegal
rate it the crampsshe said bmg
rate it the creaturesmiss the girl polydor
rate it the creaturesfeast wonderland / polydor
rate it the curethe upstairs room fiction / polydor
rate it the curejapanese whispers the cure singles nov 82 nov 83 fiction
rate it the curethe lovecats fiction
rate it the durutti columnanother setting factory
rate it the exgonna rob the spermbank ex / snèèèllèèèr
rate it the exdignity of labour vgz
rate it the extumult FAI records
rate it the ex alertathe red dance package cnt
rate it the fallthe man whose head expanded rough trade
rate it the fallkicker conspiracy rough trade
rate it the fallperverted by language rough trade
No sleeve yet rate it the fun boy threeour lips are sealed chrysalis / go feet
rate it the gistembrace the herd celluloid
rate it the gistfool for a valentine rough trade
rate it the go teamdonna parker pop k
No sleeve yet rate it the go teamlive at the washington center for the performing arts k
rate it the go-betweensbefore hollywood rough trade
rate it the go-betweensman o'sand to girl o'sea rough trade
rate it the go-betweenscattle and cane rough trade
rate it the great unwashedclean out of our minds flying nun
rate it the icicle workslove is a wonderful colour beggars banquet
rate it the jamsnap! polydor
rate it the jazz butcherbath of bacon glass
rate it the jazz butchersouthern mark smith glass
No sleeve yet rate it the legend!'73 in '83 creation
rate it the lords of the new churchis nothing sacred? i.r.s. / illegal
rate it the pale fountainspalm of my hand virgin
rate it the partisansst captain oi
rate it the pastelsi wonder why rough trade
rate it the policesynchronicity a&m
rate it the pretenderslearning to crawl wea
rate it the raincoatsthe kitchen tapes ROIR
rate it the raincoatsmoving rough trade
rate it the rolling stonesundercover rolling stones records
rate it the saintsout in the jungle flicknife
rate it the smithshand in glove rough trade
rate it the smithsthis charming man rough trade
rate it the smithsthis charming man rough trade
rate it the sound ensemble pittorequesplit 7" dutch music magazine
rate it the stainsst sst
No sleeve yet rate it the style councilintroducing the style council polydor
rate it the tempestmontezuma anagram
rate it the tempestlady left this glass
rate it the thesoul mining epic
rate it the timesi helped patrick mcgoohan escape artpop
rate it the timesi helped patrick mcgoohan escape artpop
rate it the undertonesthe sin of pride emi
rate it the undertonesall wrapped up emi
rate it the velvet monkeysfuture fountain of youth
rate it the verlainesdeath and the maiden flying nun
rate it the wakesomething outside factory
rate it the wolfgang pressthe burden of mules 4ad
rate it this heat the blue orchids the go-betweens mofungo the virgin prunes cabaret voltaire the red crayola lora logic david gamson tan tan the raincoats epic soundtracks & jowe headv/a: selezioné rough trade vol. 2 rough trade
rate it this kind of punishmentst flying nun
rate it this mortal coilsixteen days 4ad
rate it this mortal coilsong to the siren 4ad
rate it toothpaste45 rpm ep toothpaste / schwa records
No sleeve yet rate it trespassers wstraight madness TW records
No sleeve yet rate it triotrio and error mercury
rate it U2war island
rate it U2live under a blood red sky island
No sleeve yet rate it U2new year's day island
rate it united mutationst dischord / dsi records
No sleeve yet rate it v-effectstop those songs rift
rate it violent femmesst slash / london
rate it violent femmesugly rough trade / slash
rate it violent femmesgone daddy gone slash / rough trade
rate it whipping boy (USA)the sound of no hands clapping cfy
rate it whipping boy (USA)demo self-released
rate it white crosswhat's going on? zero degree
rate it wkgb the bongos perry haines 8 eyed spy clock dva z'ev stephen mallinder bush tetras 23 skidoo throbbing gristlev/a: the last testament fetish
rate it xmal deutschlandfetisch 4AD
rate it xmal deutschlandincubus succubus II 4AD
rate it xmal deutschlandqual 4AD
rate it xtcmummer virgin
rate it zowisobeat per minute gramschap
rate it zowiso zwembadensplit 12" switch off
rate it zz topeliminator warner bros
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