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rate it 100 flowersdrawing fire happy squid
rate it 400 blows (UK)groove jumping illuminated
rate it a popular history of signscomrades jungle
rate it a popular history of signshouse producciones twins
rate it a popular history of signsbody & soul jungle
rate it a popular history of signsladder jack wax trax!
rate it algebra suicidean explanation for that flock of crows buzzerama
rate it animal farm varukers no choice skeptix resistance 77 enemy riot squad paranoia. in some vein as bands like the exploited discharge rudimentary peni punk and disorderly killed by death crass subhumans citizen fish zounds flux of pink indians the cravats conflict icelandic band kukl pop group lurkers damned abrasive wheels angelic upstarts adicts uk decay blitz vice squad chaos uk chron genv/a: have a rotten christmas rot records
No sleeve yet rate it anne clarkour darkness ink
rate it appliances-sfbsfb sfb
rate it articles of faithgive thanks reflex (USA)
rate it aztec cameraall i need is everything wea
rate it bad religionback to the known epitaph
No sleeve yet rate it band of holy joy we be echo some other year psy nightmare un-kommunitiv/a: stuff the neighbours play it loud! cause for concern
rate it barracudasendeavour to persevere closer
rate it barracudasthe way we've changed closer
rate it beat happeningbeat happening k
rate it beat happeningour secret k
rate it beat happeningthree tea breakfast k
rate it biff bang pow!fifty years of fun creation
rate it biff bang pow!there must be a better life creation
rate it big boys
no matter how long the line is at the cafeteria, ther
es always a seat!
rate it big countrysteeltown mercury
rate it big flameillness laughing gun!
rate it bilderinesplit seconds south indies
rate it billy braggbrewing up with billy bragg go! discs
rate it birdsongs of the mesozoicmagnetic flip ace of hearts
rate it black flagloose nut sst
rate it black flaglive '84 sst
rate it black flagslip it in sst
rate it black flagfamily man sst
rate it blurtbullets for you divine
rate it bruce gilbertthis way mute
rate it bruce springsteenborn in the U.S.A. cbs
rate it butthole surferslive pcppep alternative tentacles
rate it butthole surferspsychic, powerless ...another man's sac touch and go
rate it butthole surfers big boys personality crisis minutemen j.f.a. tales of terror fang m.d.c. dicks d.r.i. the white liev/a: rat music for rat people vol. 2 go! records
No sleeve yet rate it captain beefheart & the magic bandthe legendary a&m sessions a&m
rate it certain generalnovember's heat l'invitation au suicide
rate it certain generalnovember's heat fanclub / new rose
No sleeve yet rate it christmasballad of the invisible girl iridescence
rate it christophej'l'ai pas touchée disques motors
rate it christophedernier baiser (besame mucho) disques motors
rate it christophemon amie jalousie disques motors
rate it chromeinto the eyes of the zombie king mosquito
rate it circle Xprehistory l'invitation au suicide
rate it cocteau twinsthe spangle maker beggars banquet / virgin / 4ad
rate it cocteau twinstreasure 4ad
rate it crassyou're already dead crass
rate it daniel johnstonretired boxer self-released
rate it david bowietonight emi
rate it david johansen john giorno william s. burroughs psichic tv lydia lunch meredith monk jim carroll anne waldman richard hell arto lindsayv/a: better an old demon than a new god giorno poetry systems
rate it dead can dancegarden of the arcane delights 4ad
rate it dead can dancest 4ad
rate it depeche modesome great reward mute / vogue
rate it depeche modepeople are people mute
rate it devoshout warner bros
rate it dickspeace? r radical
rate it dove crippled pilgrims body count lucky pierre underground soldier artifical peace exiled scream glee club black market baby reptile house 9353 last minute beaver assault and battery braille party void government issue -v/a: bouncing babies fountain of youth
rate it echo and the bunnymenseven seas korova / wea
rate it echo and the bunnymenocean rain korova / wea
rate it echo and the bunnymensilver korova
rate it echo and the bunnymensilver (tidal wave) korova
rate it echo and the bunnymenseven seas korova / wea
rate it ed gein's carbrain dead baby gegc
rate it einstürzende neubauten80-83 strategies against architecture mute
rate it elvis costello and the attractionsgoodbye cruel world cbs
rate it essential bopthe flick was boss tsar
rate it étienne dahola notte, la notte 1984
rate it eton cropgay boys on the battlefield bigger bank balance
No sleeve yet rate it everything but the girleden WEA
rate it fangwhere the wild things are boner
rate it feltmy face is on fire compilation cherry red / virgin
rate it feltthe strange idols pattern and other short stories cherry red
rate it feltthe splendour of fear cherry red
rate it feltsunlight bathed the golden glow cherry red
rate it flesh columnsschweigew vor dem sturm touch and go
rate it flipperblow'n chunks roir
rate it flippergone fishin' subterranean
rate it flux of pink indiansthe fucking cunts treat us like pricks spiderleg
rate it flux of pink indianstaking a liberty spiderleg
rate it foetus über friscofinely honed machine self immolation / some bizarre
rate it foetus-art-terrorismcalamity crush self immolation / some bizarre
rate it frankie goes to hollywoodwelcome to the pleasuredome ztt / island
rate it freddie wadling ulrich hillebrand jean-louis huhta johan söderberg bo rydberg cm von hausswolff zbigniew karkowski tor nygårdv/a: gothenburg 84 radium 226.05
rate it frightwigcat farm faboo subterranean
No sleeve yet rate it gainsbourglove on the beat phonogram
rate it gaminejulie, julie surfin' bird
rate it gérard mansetlumières emi / pathé marconi
rate it ground zerost reflex (USA)
rate it half japaneseour solar system iridescence
rate it honeymoon killershoneymoon killers from mars fur
rate it honor roleit bled like a stuck pig eskimo
rate it honor rolejudgement day eskimo
No sleeve yet rate it hostages of ayatollahhallo nachbar weserlabel
rate it hüsker düzen arcade sst
rate it hüsker düeight miles high sst
rate it hüsker düzen arcade sampler sst
rate it ian mccullochseptember song korova
No sleeve yet rate it jacobitesshame for the angels pawn hearts
rate it jad fairmonarchs iradescence
rate it khartombswahili lullaby whaam!
rate it killdozerintellectuals are the shoeshine boys of the ruling elite bone air
rate it killdozer 85there's no mistaking quality lucha libre
rate it kim wildeteases & dares MCA
rate it le matwaltz of the fool whaam!
rate it leonard cohenvarious positions cbs
rate it les provisoiresloin de la plage l'invitation au suicide
No sleeve yet rate it lester squarethe plug thin sliced records
rate it live skullst massive
rate it man sized actionfive story garage reflex (USA)
rate it marc riley with the creeperscull the singles 1983-1984 in tape
rate it marginal manidentity dischord
rate it mcrad t.s.o.l. big boys anvil chorus the faction kingpins los olvidados borscht free beer j.f.a. tales of terror ancestors: gods of sound drunk injunsv/a: thrasher skate rock vol. 2 blazing wheels & barking trucks high speed productions
rate it meat puppetsmeat puppets II sst
rate it melvinsmangled demos piss boner
rate it membranescrack house criminal damage
rate it microdisneyeverybody is fantastic virgin / rough trade
rate it microdisneymicrodisney 82-84 we hate you south african bastards rough trade
rate it microdisneydolly rough trade
rate it minor threatst repress dischord
No sleeve yet rate it minor threatst 1st pressing red sleeve dischord
rate it minutemendouble nickels on the dime sst
rate it minutemen''tour-spiel'' ep reflex (USA)
rate it modern englishricochet days 4ad / beggars banquet / virgin
rate it modern englishchapter 12 4ad
rate it naked raygunthrob throb homestead
rate it naked raygun savage beliefs nadsat rebels out of order articles of faith rights of the accused big black the effigiesv/a:
fast 'n' loud radio presents: the middle of america c
HID productions
rate it neef23 independent project
rate it nervous choir x-mal deutschland artery vazz colourbox the wolfgang press pink industry the band of holy joy clair obscur dead can dance david j illegitimate sons of christ cocteau twins in the nursery ambrose reynolds andrew gray virginia astley patrik fitzgeraldv/a: dreams and desires pleasantly surprised
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsfrom her to eternity mute
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsin the ghetto mute
No sleeve yet rate it nikki sudden & dave kusworthshame for the angels ep pawnhearts
rate it nils rigor mortis big boys unwanted tourists kraut youth brigade youth youth youth snfu personality crisis channel 3 young lions zeroption doa 7 seconds stretch marksv/a: something to believe in byo
rate it no allegiance pandemonium tu-do hospital bgk morzelpronk nog watt impact deadlock the ex membranes kaki's vacuum zowiso sjako! zak in as sonic youth if svätsox & dorpsoudste de jong grin the gentry krapuul electric hannes no pigz negazione indigesti hostages of ayatollah capital scum combat not conform murder inc. iii ubcfv/a: emma m.a. draje records
rate it no trendtoo many humans... l'invitation au suicide / no trend
No sleeve yet rate it no trendteen love no trend
rate it no trendtoo many humans... no trend
rate it oeter laughner & rocket from the tombs lipstick killers the rat race kid ketamine millipeeds katastrophev/a: inner mystique #3 inner mystique
rate it offendersi hate myself rabid cat
rate it orange juicelean period polydor
rate it orange juicebridge polydor
rate it orchestral manoeuvres in the darkjunk culture virgin
rate it passion fodderep celluloid / clouseau
rate it pilbad life virgin
rate it prince and the revolutionpurple rain warner bros
No sleeve yet rate it psy nightmare unkommuniti the band of holy joy we be echo some other yearv/a: cause for concern stuff the neighbours - play it loud! cause for concern
rate it r.e.m.reckoning irs
rate it r.e.m.so. central rain (i'm sorry) irs
rate it r.e.m.(don't go back to) rockville irs
rate it rainy dayst rough trade
rate it random american television velvet monkeys egoslavia underheaven incredible casuals/duplex players sit: boy, girl, boy, girl futors leopard society carsickness ama dots xxx random swedish radio steve fisk paris working john foster's pop philisophers heather, calvin and laura rich jenson limp richerds supershaft wipers actuel magnetique bleu startv/a: sub/pop 9 4 countries 14 cities sub pop
rate it red guitarsgood technology self drive
No sleeve yet rate it red guitarsmarimba jive self drive
rate it red guitarssteeltown self drive
rate it revolving paint dream the mixers page boys tangerine experience the pastels jowe head direct hits tv personalities the mad hatters jed dmochowski the laughing apple the gifted childrenv/a: all for art and art for all whaam!
rate it saccharine trustsurviving you, always sst
rate it sandie shawhand in glove rough trade
rate it sandie shawhand in glove rough trade
rate it savage republictragic figure independent project / iridescence
rate it savage republictragic figures sordide sentimental
rate it scraping foetus off the wheelhole self immolation / some bizarre
rate it serge gainsbourglove on the beat phonogram / philips
No sleeve yet rate it shockabillycolosseum rough trade
rate it simple mindssparkle in the rain virgin
rate it simple mindsup on the catwalk virgin
rate it siouxsie and the bansheesswimming horses wonderland / polydor
rate it siouxsie and the bansheeshyaena wonderland / polydor
rate it siouxsie and the bansheesthe thorn wonderland / polydor
No sleeve yet rate it skeletal familyrecollect red rhino
rate it skeletal familyso sure red rhino
rate it snakefinger mx-80 sound fred frith tuxedomoon the residents & renaldo and the loaf renaldo and the loafv/a: ralph before '84: volume II korova / ralph
rate it sonic youthdeath valley '69 iridescence
rate it sonic youthsonic-death early sonic sonic-youth live 1981-83 ecstatic peace!
rate it spike in vaindisease is relative trans dada
rate it splat!splat! e.p. ron johnson
rate it sun city girlsst placebo
rate it supreme cool beings rotte kapelle john foster & the philosophers melvins mountain boy beat happening rejectors wild, wild spoons gary, chris & scott wimps wrecks seldoms public service young pioneers loods cool raysv/a: let's together k
rate it svätsoxbred in the bone out in the flesh villa zuid moet blijven records
rate it swansi crawled e.p. K.422
rate it swanscop K.422
rate it talk talkit's my life emi
rate it talking headsstop making sense emi
rate it tall dwarfsslugbuckethairybreathmonster flying nun
rate it tasadaydie form & nulla iperreale implosione tra le pieghe dell'anima multiple configuration
rate it téléphoneun autre monde virgin
rate it television personalities the jasmine minks june brides the legend! three johns the loft the pastels mekons the legend! & his swinging soul sisters alternative t.v.v/a: alive in the living room creation
rate it the armoury showwe can be brave again emi / parlophone
rate it the band of holy joymore favourite fairytales pleasantly surprised
rate it the batsby night flying nun / art raith productions
rate it the bill of rights no means no death sentence sudden impact house of commons culture shock skinny puppy slow soldiers of sport celebrity drunks spores (CA) unnatural silence clay pidgeon unknown fibresv/a: vancouver '84
rate it the brilliant cornersbig hip SS20
rate it the chillsdoledrums flying nun
rate it the chillspink frost flying nun
rate it the curethe top fiction / sire
rate it the cureconcert the cure live fiction / polydor
rate it the curethe caterpillar fiction
rate it the curethe caterpillar fiction
rate it the cureexcerpt the cure live metronome / fiction
rate it the direct hitsblow up whaam!
rate it the exblueprints for a blackout pig brother productions
rate it the ex awarasplit 7" gramschap bonus record gramschap
rate it the falloh! brother beggars banquet
rate it the fallrehearsal early '77 (vol 1) total eclipse
rate it the fallthe wonderful and frightening world of... beggars banquet
rate it the falloh! brother beggars banquet
rate it the fallc.r.e.e.p. beggars banquet
rate it the fallcall for escape route beggars banquet
rate it the fall beastie boys live skull sonic youth lydia lunch carbon swans toy killersv/a: speed trials homestead
rate it the go teamyour pretty guitar k
rate it the go-betweensspring hill fair sire
rate it the go-betweensbachelor kisses sire
rate it the gordonsvol. 2 polygram
rate it the great unwashedsingles flying nun
rate it the great unwashedsingles flying nun
rate it the gun clubthe las vegas story animal
rate it the higsonsmusic to watch girls by upright
rate it the higsonsmusic to watch girls by upright
rate it the higsonsthe curse of the higsons upright
rate it the homosexualsthe homosexuals' record recommended
rate it the icicle worksst beggars banquet
rate it the jasmine minkswhere the traffic goes creation
rate it the jasmine minks
one two three four five six seven, all good preachers
go to heaven
No sleeve yet rate it the jasmine minksthink! creation
rate it the jazz butchermarnie glass
rate it the jazz butchermarnie glass
rate it the jazz butchera scandal in bohemia glass
rate it the jazz butcherroadrunner glass
No sleeve yet rate it the jazz butcherzombie love glass
No sleeve yet rate it the jazz butcheraffection another spark
rate it the loftwhy does the rain creation
rate it the lords of the new churchthe method to our madness irs
rate it the marble staircasestill dreaming whaam!
rate it the march violetswalk into the sun rebirth
rate it the march violetsnatural history rebirth
rate it the meatmendutch hercules touch and go
rate it the monochrome setjacobs ladder blanco y negro / wea
rate it the music machinebest of the music machine rhino
rate it the page boysyou're my kind of girl whaam!
rate it the pale fountainspacific street virgin
rate it the pale fountainsunless virgin
rate it the pale fountainsdon't let your love start a war virgin
rate it the pale fountainsjean's not happening virgin
rate it the pastelsmillion tears creation
rate it the pastelsi don't care surf city
rate it the pastelssomething going on creation
rate it the pastelssleep in your arms tonight groovybeat
rate it the pastels the loft biff bang pow! the revolving paint dream the legend! the x-men the jasmine minksv/a: wild summer, wow! creation
rate it the psychedelic fursmirror moves cbs
rate it the psychological vandals the membranes mick atkins rebel yell the great outdoors the jasmine minks the furious apples the jubilets the jazz butcher & max eider tv eye the subterranean hawks the rag dolls the last bandits andy wickett nikki sudden & dave kusworth swell maps the sad-go round godfreyv/a: what a nice way to turn seventeen issue 3 rather records
rate it the raincoatsanimal rhapsody rough trade
rate it the red guitarsslow to fade virgin
rate it the residentsralph before '84: volume I korova
rate it the revolving paint dreamflowers in the sky creation
rate it the saintsa little madness to be free new rose
rate it the smithsst rough trade
rate it the smithshatful of hollow rough trade
rate it the smithsheaven knows i'm miserable now rough trade
rate it the smithswhat difference does it make? rough trade
rate it the smithswhat difference does it make? rough trade
rate it the soundshock of daylight statik
rate it the soundshock of daylight a&m
rate it the soundcounting the days statik
rate it the soundone thousand reasons statik
rate it the stranglersaural sculpture epic
rate it the tempest5 against the house anagram
rate it the timesblue fire artpop
rate it the velvet undergroundVU polygram / verve
rate it the verlainesten o' clock in the afternoon flying nun
rate it the waketalk about the past factory
rate it the wedding presentdemo self-released
rate it the wee cherubsdreaming bogaten
rate it the wolfgang pressscarecrow 4ad
No sleeve yet rate it the woodentopsplenty F:> limited
rate it this heatlive independance
No sleeve yet rate it this kind of punishmenta beard of bees flying nun
rate it this mortal coilit'll end in tears 4ad
rate it this mortal coilkangaroo 4ad
rate it u-menu-men ep bombshelter
rate it U2the unforgettable fire island
rate it U2pride (in the name of love) island
rate it ultra bidethe original ultra bide alchemy (JP)
rate it ultravoxlament chrysalis
rate it ultravoxdancing with tears in my eyes chrysalis
rate it utsham shack out records
rate it violent femmeshallowed ground slash
rate it violent femmesit's gonna rain slash
rate it virusdark ages rat cage
rate it whipping boy (USA)muru muru cfy
rate it xmal deutschlandtocsin 4ad
rate it xtcthe big express virgin
rate it you've got foetus on your breathwash/slog self immolation / some bizarre
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