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rate it 22 pistepirkko33/45 bone bone baby gaga goodies
rate it 2badget fat and die x-mist
rate it a popular history of signsengland in the rain jungle
rate it a subtle plaguethe failed pop experiment ASP
rate it a subtle plagueamerica shops for truth a subtle plague
rate it a witnessone foot in the groove ron johnson
rate it a.c. templeblowtorch furthur
rate it a.c. temple dust devils kilgore troutv/a: rorschach blot test jim crow
rate it a.r. kane69 rough trade
No sleeve yet rate it a.r. kaneup home! rough trade
rate it afghan whigsbig top halloween ultrasuede
rate it alice donutdonut comes alive alternative tentacles
No sleeve yet rate it alice donutdonut comes alive alternative tentacles
No sleeve yet rate it allallroy sez cruz
rate it alto bruittales from anywhere else ultima flux / v.i.s.a. / dust tenebre
rate it anastasia screamedelectric liz killing floor
rate it andrew berryunsatisfied cog sinister
rate it apes of wrath (DE)stronzo x-mist
rate it arsenalmanipulator touch and go
rate it art phagst wanghead
rate it art phag expando brain halo of flies shadowy men on a shadowy planet iowa beef experience disappointments live skull d.j. leibowitz naked raygun elvis hitler bastards stikky bullet lavolta drunks with gunsv/a: beautiful happiness happy
rate it attent!onhearts of stone x-mist
rate it b.a.l.l.bird shimmy disc
rate it bad religionsuffer epitaph
rate it bailter spacetanker flying nun
rate it band of holy joy rowland s. howard lydia lunch nurse with wound total test dept. dau al set derek jarman current 93 pure coilv/a: peyrere pey-86
rate it barkmarket1-800-godhouse purge/sound league
rate it bastard kestrelcor trance e.p. goldhanger
rate it bastard kestrelraserai wiiija
rate it bastardswho cares treehouse
rate it bastardsfrank treehouse
rate it bastrorode hard and put up wet homestead
rate it beat happeningjamboree k
rate it beat happeningjamboree honey pot 53rd & 3rd / k
rate it beat happeningcrashing through ep 53rd & 3rd
rate it beat happening screaming treessplit 12" ep homestead
rate it bhopal stiffsE.P.A. roadkill
rate it biff bang pow!love is forever creation
rate it big blacktonight we walk with giants
rate it big blackthanksgiving ep big q
rate it big blacklive at the I beam audio elitist
rate it big countrypeace in our time mercury
rate it big starbig star's the biggest line
rate it big stickcrack'n'drag torso
rate it bitch magnetstar booty roman candle
rate it bitch magnetstar booty the communion label
rate it black snakescrawl radium 226.05
rate it blood circustwo way street sub pop
rate it blood circusprimal rock therapy sub pop
rate it bmx banditsfigure 4 53rd&3rd
rate it bongwateryou don't love me yet shimmy disc
rate it bored gameswho killed colonel mustard flying nun
rate it bradfordskin storm village
rate it bradfordskin storm village
No sleeve yet rate it bradfordst midnight music
No sleeve yet rate it buffalo tomsunflower suit megadisc
rate it butthole surfershairway to steven blast first / mute / touch and go
rate it butthole surferssoiled
rate it butthole surferspeel session ep stikapig
rate it cadeau de mariagepourquoi es tu devenue si raisonnable? reception
rate it captain beefheartavalon '66 blue desert
rate it carolinerbead trail to jardunne
rate it caroliner rainbow gumcuppers commode minstrels in bullfacesplit 7" p-tapes
rate it caroliner rainbow susans and bruisinsthe cooking stove beast nuf sed
rate it catharsis (USA)uptight red ghost
rate it certain generalcabin fever barclay
rate it certain generalwill you barclay
rate it chain of strengthtrue till death revelation
rate it cheer-accidentsever roots, tree dies complacency
rate it chloroform kateprocessor man burning rock duck sounds
No sleeve yet rate it choo choo trainhigh subway organisation
No sleeve yet rate it choo choo trainthe briar rose subway organization
rate it christian deathchurch of no return normal / jungle
rate it christophechiqué, chiqué disques motors
rate it chromeinto the eyes of the zombie king alliance dossier
rate it chromealien soundtracks II dossier
rate it chromethe chronicles II dossier
rate it chumbawambaenglish rebel songs 1381-1914 agit-prop
rate it ciccone youththe whitey album geffen
rate it clint ruin & lydia lunchstinkfist widowspeak
rate it close lobstersloopholes fire
rate it close lobstersdemo fire
rate it cocteau twinsblue bell knoll 4ad / emi / capitol
rate it coffin breaknoise patch c/z
rate it cowschow treehouse
rate it crime and the city solutionon every train (grain will bear grain) mute
rate it crime and the city solutionshine mute
rate it crowd of isolatedi try to tell about a way ,,, x-mist
rate it crowd of isolatedbad actors x-mist
rate it crowd of isolatedbad actors x-mist
rate it crushsqueaky time to develop
rate it cudunder my hat ediesta
rate it cyclic amppeople of the book probe plus
rate it dancan you dig it? meantime / recorddrom
No sleeve yet rate it dance naked pilgrim celestial orgy the venus fly trap the beat of the beast lean steel playground attrition instigators thrilled skinny consumptives bastard kestrel them philistines salad speech the ghost trainv/a: cloth ears five fourth dimension
rate it daniel johnstonmerry christmas stress
No sleeve yet rate it dan gold frankincense and disk drive bad beach well phead grateful def visions of change doctor and the crippins death by milkfloat jailcell recipes the joyce mckinney experience mute drivers the reverend creamjeens and the sweetcorn ministry of faithv/a: gruesome stains workers playtime
rate it dark arts marnie autumnfair soul brothersv/a: the october country nate starkman and son
rate it de kiftde hag self-released
rate it dead can dancethe serpent's egg 4ad
rate it dead c beat happening cannanes stinky fire engine yummy fur ...v/a: fingernails toytown
rate it death of samantha
where the women wear the glory and the men wear the p
rate it dharma bumshaywire frontier
No sleeve yet rate it dharma bumshaywire popllama
rate it die hautheadless body in topless bar what's so funny about...
rate it dinosaur jrfreak scene sst
rate it dinosaur jr.bug sst
rate it dinosaur jr.bug normal
rate it dog faced hermanshumans fly calculus recording / demon radge
rate it dog faced hermansmenschen fliegen calculus recording / constrictor
rate it dog faced hermanslive action & increasing demon radge
rate it dog faced hermans xtc the scientists the membranes the king of luxembourg the beat poets that petrol emotion the primevals sonic youth good and gone the screaming dizbusters the mock turtlesv/a: fast'n'bulbous a tribute to captain beefheart imaginary
rate it dragnetst whittier
rate it DUSTdevilsgutter light rouska / fundamental
rate it echo and the bunnymenthe peel sessions strange fruit
rate it ed hallalbert boner
rate it en halvkokt i folie brainbombs memorandum enema syringev/a: in the shadow of death cold meat industry
rate it étienne dahopour nos vies martiennes virgin
rate it exit condition G.F.D.D. cowboy killers sore throat cold vietnam trenchfever sofa head chopper why? shrug doom city indians upset tummy nox mortis H.D.Q. inside outv/a: spleurk if you think you are free, think again meantime
No sleeve yet rate it eye yamatsuka the merchants of the new bizarre lee ranaldo the easy goings dead c. gate mr. freeman's pink underwearv/a: bullets wrapped in sugar stomach ache
rate it fearless iranians from hellholy war boner
rate it feedtimecooper s rough trade
rate it feltthe pictorial jackson review creation
rate it feltspace blues creation
rate it fillergoodbye to all that fourth dimension
rate it fire partyst dischord
rate it fleshtones steve kilbey flaming lipssplit 7" bob #32 bonus flexi 7"
rate it flippersex bomb baby subterranean
rate it flours/t touch and go
rate it foetus corruptusrife
rate it foetus interruptusthaw self immolation / some bizarre
rate it fugazis/t dischord
rate it galaxie 500today shimmy disc
rate it galaxie 500tugboat aurora
rate it gallon drunksnakepit gallon drunk records
rate it gaminevoila les anges barclay
rate it gaminevoila les anges barclay
rate it garbage collectorst state of mind / permis de construire
rate it giant sandstorm demon
rate it girl troublehit it or quit it sub pop
rate it go-betweens16 lovers lane beggars banquet / virgin
rate it greenst gang green
rate it green riverrehab doll glitterhouse
rate it green riverrehab doll sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it H.O.D.I.C.A.the shit hits the fans live explosion rally 1969 ultramont / walls have ears production
rate it half japanesecharmed life no man's land
rate it half japaneseu.s. teens are spoiled bums 50 skidillion watts
rate it halo of fliesheadburn twin/tone
rate it halo of fliesno time amphetamine reptile
rate it halo of fliesno time amphetamine reptile
rate it happy flowersthey cleaned my cut out with a wire brush homestead
rate it happy mondaysbummed factory
rate it happy mondayswrote for luck factory
rate it happy worldchinatown rabid cat
rate it head of daviddustbowl blast first / mute
No sleeve yet rate it head of daviddustbowl blast first / mute
rate it honor rolecraig olive homestead
No sleeve yet rate it hostages of ayatollahsimply too much nothing econo
No sleeve yet rate it human handshereafter nate starkman and sons
rate it hypnolovewheelturn! turn! burn! fabian aural products
No sleeve yet rate it ignitionanger means southern
rate it ignitionmachination dischord
No sleeve yet rate it indigo zerosact I: circle turning round upon itself cfy
rate it jack rubies the wallflowers anja huwe playing at trains the moss poles the wolfhounds chatshow automatic dlamini the jack rubies the chain gang akimbo graham fellowesv/a: the idea compilation idea
rate it jackdaw with crowbarhot air ron johnson
rate it jackdaw with crowbarsink, sank, sunk ron johnson
rate it jad fairgreat expectations bad alchemy
rate it jad fair & kramerroll out the barrel shimmy disc
rate it jamesstrip-mine blanco y negro / sire
rate it jameswhat for blanco y negro
rate it jane's addictionnothing's shocking warner bros
rate it jeremy gluckburning skulls rise flicknife
rate it jesse garon and the desperadoesyou'll never be that young again velocity
rate it jesse garon and the desperadoesa cabinet of curiosity avalanche (ED)
rate it joe youngbury the needle ajax
rate it joy divisionsubstance 1977-1980 factory
rate it joy divisionatmosphere factory
rate it joy divisionsubstance 1977-1980 factory
rate it joy divisionthe sound and the fury
rate it julian copemy nation underground island
rate it jungle brothersstraight out the jungle warlock
rate it kampec doloresst konkurrel
No sleeve yet rate it keith levenekeith levene's violent opposition taang!
rate it kim wildeclose
rate it king of the slums cud yukio young dog faced hermans death by milkfloat kilgore trout jackdaw with crowbar the bachelor pad the house of love the boy hairdressers spacemen 3v/a: take 5 national campaign for the homeless shelter
rate it kitchens of distinctionprize one little indian
No sleeve yet rate it kitchens of distinctionprize advanced copy one little indian
rate it klegeating and sleeping (#15) barooni
rate it lemonheadscreator taang!
rate it lemonheadslick taang!
rate it lemonheadshate your friends world service
rate it lemonheadsluka taang!
rate it lemonheadshate your friends taang!
rate it lemonheadshate your friends funhouse
rate it leonard coheni'm your man cbs
rate it les thugsdirty white race vinyl solution
rate it les thugssomething's gone wrong rock hardy #18 bonus flexi rock hardi
rate it libido boyzmalicious hooliganism poor recordings
No sleeve yet rate it life's blooddefiance combined effort records
rate it live skullsnuffer caroline
rate it live skullpositraction caroline
No sleeve yet rate it living volour screaming blue messiahs queensrÿche voivodv/a: the sounds machine EP 2 sounds
rate it lonely moansrockinerd amphetamine reptile
rate it loopfade out chapter 22 / rough trade
rate it loopcollision chapter 22
rate it looptorched catalogue
rate it loopblack sun chapter 22
rate it low & transient waves & piano magic transient wavessplit 7" rocket girl records
rate it luna parkerfélin pour l'autre barclay
rate it luna parkerfric frac barclay
rate it lydia lunch13.13 line
rate it mano negrapatchanka boucherie productions
No sleeve yet rate it mark robinsonkingXmas teenbeat
rate it mccarthythis nelson rockefeller september
rate it mccarthyshould the bible be banned september
rate it mccarthya la guillotine tuesday
rate it mecca normalcalico kills the cat k
rate it medium mediumlive in holland trance
rate it mega city fourdistant relatives decoy
rate it mega city fourless than senseless decoy
rate it mekonsghosts of american astronauts sin
rate it microdisney39 minutes virgin
rate it mighty mightymaisonette chapter 22
rate it mighty mightysharks chapter 22
rate it ministrythe land of rape and honey sire
rate it minor threatlive buff hall 11.20.82 lost & found
rate it missing foundation1933 your house is mine purge/sound league
No sleeve yet rate it mission of burmast taang!
No sleeve yet rate it mission of burmathis is not a photograph reflex zine bonus flexi reflex (USA)
rate it morrisseyviva hate his master's voice / emi
rate it morrisseysuedehead his master's voice / emi
rate it morrisseyeveryday is like sunday his master's voice / emi
rate it moss iconhate in me vermin scum / dancing song
rate it mudhoneysuperfuzz bigmuff glitterhouse / sub pop
rate it mudhoneytouch me i'm sick sub pop
rate it mudhoneysuperfuzz bigmuff sub pop
rate it mudhoney b.a.l.l. horny genius jad fair & david fair & daniel johnston sylvia juncosa green the lazy cowgirls beat happening of cabbages and kings halo of flies boys from nowhere mirrors urgeoverkilldozer bill beepinbopperv/a: mondostereo away from the pulsebeat the tinnitus label
rate it mudhoney sonic youthsplit 7" sub pop singles club #2 december 1988 sub pop
rate it my bloody valentinefeed me with your kiss creation
rate it my bloody valentineyou made me realise creation
rate it my bloody valentineisn't anything creation / virgin
rate it my bloody valentineinstrumental creation
rate it my dad is deadlet's skip the details homestead
rate it my dad is deadthe best defense homestead
rate it naked raygunjettison caroline
rate it napalm deathfrom enslavement to obliteration earache
rate it napalm deaththe curse earache
rate it new orderfine time factory
rate it new orderthe peel sessions strange fruit
rate it new orderblue monday 88 factory
rate it nice strong armsecret language homestead
rate it nice strong armmind furnace homestead
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsthe mercy seat mute
rate it nick cave & the bad seedstender prey mute
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsdeanna mute
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsdeanna mute
rate it nikki suddencrown of thorns crazy mannequin
No sleeve yet rate it nikki sudden & dave kusworthfortune of fame (big hits and broken biscuits) glass
rate it nikki sudden the broken jug feedtime redd krossv/a: away from the pulsebeat red
rate it nirvanalove buzz sub pop singles club #1 november 1988 sub pop
rate it nirvanapeel sessions 1 & 2 blast first
rate it no facecome on lil' babe tombstone
rate it nomeansnothe day everything became nothing alternative tentacles
rate it nomeansnosmall parts isolated and destroyed alternative tentacles
rate it nomeansno false prophets the beatnigs tragic mulatto alice donut christian lunch stickdog jello biafra klaus flouridev/a: oops! wrong stereotype an alternative tentacles compilation alternative tentacles
rate it of cabbages and kingsface purge/sound league
rate it pacificsea of sand e.p. creation
rate it pacificshrift creation
rate it pailheadtrait tvt / wax trax!
rate it pailheadtrait wax trax!
rate it pailheadman should surrender wax trax!
rate it pailheaddon't stand in line wax trax!
rate it pain teensst anomie
rate it pale saints the savlons kerry fiddlesv/a: panic flexi panic
rate it passion fodderlove, waltzes and anarchy barclay
rate it pere ubuthe tenement year enigma
rate it pere ubunon-alignment pact fontana
rate it pixiessurfer rosa 4ad
rate it pixiesgigantic 4ad
rate it plaid retinast lookout
rate it pogo the clownlederhosen amphetamine reptile
rate it precious wax drippingsrayon pravda
rate it primal screamtomorrow ends today
rate it princelovesexy warner bros / paisley park
rate it prohibition (USA)flophouse fortress
rate it public enemyit takes a nation of millions to hold us back freedom is a road travelled by the multitude def jam
rate it pulp dig vis drill tools you can trust pick meter + mike keane attrition the noseflutes ambrose reynolds death trash the venus flip trap the gallery media:premonition the bland the nihilistics the toffee apple forest the psychoterrorists the sixv/a: the best of premonition tapes (so far) year one premonition
rate it punk rebelle and les skates to hellje hais la terre entière stop it baby
rate it r.e.m.green warner bros
rate it r.e.m.finest worksong irs
rate it r.e.m.remember the byrds sons of rickenbacker
rate it radiopuhelimettyhjä on täysi bad vugum
No sleeve yet rate it radiopuhelimetvitsit vähissä euros
rate it rancid hell spawnfestering pus wrench
rate it rapemanbudd blast first
rate it rapemantwo nuns and a pack mule touch and go
rate it rapemanhated chinee touch and go
rate it rapemandemo
rate it rapemanWZRD radio session
rate it rapemanhated chinee fierce / blast first
rate it ratcatbaby's got a gun! waterfront
rate it razorcutsstoryteller creation
rate it reptile houselisten to the powersoul merkin
rate it rev. horton heatbig little baby four dot
rate it revolution 409 sonic youth das damen project jenny with revolution 409v/a: mini plot sst
rate it rocket from the tombsain't it fun the punk vault limited edition series number four punk vault
rate it rote kapellefire escape in tape
No sleeve yet rate it rote kapellesan fransisco again in tape
rate it royal truxroyal trux royal
rate it ruinsIII transrecords
rate it savage republiccustoms play it again sam / fundamental
rate it savage republicjamahiriya democratique et populaire de sauvage fundamental
rate it savage republictragic figures penguin
rate it savage republicviva la rock 'n' roll independent project
rate it screamlive at van hall konkurrel / scream
rate it screaming treesinvisible lantern sst
rate it screaming treesother worlds sst
rate it septic deathkichigai pusmort
No sleeve yet rate it sewer zombiesreach out and... ron johnson
rate it shiny gnomessome funny nightmares pastell
rate it shrugnevil wanless e.p. our mam's records
rate it shudder to thinkcurses, spells, voodoo, mooses sammich
rate it siouxsie and the bansheespeepshow wonderland / polydor
rate it sister raypurgatory forced exposure
rate it skeezicksselling out x-mist
rate it skin flutes east bay mud corrupted morals neighborhood watch tommy rot cringer boo! hiss! pfftlb! eyeball isocracy kamala and the karnivores bitch fight plaid retina neurosis complete disorder well hung monks swollen boss toad vomit launch relief society the mr. t experience sewer trout vagrants sweet babys stikky no use for a name surrogate brains lookouts capitol punishment crimpshrine spent raskul tribe of resistance nuisance operation ivy steel pole bath tubv/a: the thing that ate floyd lookout!
rate it snapperst flying nun
rate it so much hateblind alley x-mist
rate it some velvet sidewalki know k
rate it some velvet sidewalkfrom playground 'til now self-released
rate it sonic youthdaydream nation blast first
rate it sonic youthsilver rocket forced exposure
rate it sonic youthteenage riot catalogue #64 catalogue
rate it sonic youthsonic-death early sonic sonic-youth live 1981-83 sst
No sleeve yet rate it sonic youth prong pailhead thin white ropev/a: sounds bonus record
rate it sonic youth prong pailhead thin white ropev/a: sounds blasts! ep2
rate it sonic youth the miracle workerssplit 7" munster #8/9 bonus record munster
rate it soundgardenfopp ep sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it soundgardenscreaming life ep fopp ep sub pop
rate it soundgardenultramega O.K. sst
rate it spacemen 3performance glass
rate it spacemen 3take me to the other side glass
rate it spacemen 3revolution fire
rate it spacemen 3 bark psychosis fury thingsv/a: double sided flexi & foldout zine cheree
rate it spermbirds walter elf skeezicksv/a: x-mist collection of 7" x-mist
rate it splintered hotalacio jfk crane voiceless sofa head brainstorm political asylum identity filler instigatorsv/a: tearing down the barricades vol.1 grim humor #15 bonus record fourth dimension
No sleeve yet rate it steve earle mccarthy a house hothouse flowersv/a: the sounds machine EP 3 sounds
rate it sticks and stonesworld to be saved onslaught mandate
rate it sticks and stonesinner revolt onslaught mandate
rate it stitched-back foot airmancosta del sol in tape
rate it stretchheads
five fingers four thingers a thumb a facelift and a n
ew identity
rate it stretchheadsbros are pish moksha
rate it stumpa fierce pancake ensign
rate it stumpcharlton heston ensign / chrysalis
rate it stumpcharlton heston ensign / chrysalis
rate it stumpa fierce pancake ensign / chrysalis
rate it suicidea way of life chapter 22
rate it swallow (USA)trapped sub pop
rate it swanslove will tear us apart product inc.
rate it syd barrettthe peel sessions strange fruit
rate it taddaisy sub pop
rate it tad the fluid nirvana steven jesse bernstein mudhoney the walkabouts terry lee hale soundgarden green river fastbacks blood circus swallow (USA) the chemistry set girl trouble nights and days cat butt beat happening screaming trees steve fisk the thrown-upsv/a: sub pop 200 sub pop
rate it talk talkspirit of eden parlophone
rate it talking headsnaked emi
rate it tall dwarfsdogma flying nun
rate it tarplay to win no blow
rate it terminal cheesecakebladdersack wiiija
rate it test deptnatura victus sub rosa
rate it test deptterra firma sub rosa
rate it that petrol emotioncellophane virgin
rate it that petrol emotionend of the millenium psychosis blues virgin
No sleeve yet rate it that petrol emotionlive mansfield
No sleeve yet rate it thatcher on acidst rugger bugger
rate it the 13th floor elevatorseaster everywhere bull of the woods decal
rate it the band of holy joytactless rough trade
rate it the bats4 songs ep flying nun
rate it the beatnigstelevision alternative tentacles
rate it the beatnigsst alternative tentacles
No sleeve yet rate it the birdhouse broken jug thee hypnotics green river the miracle workers the fluid reptiles at dawn the a-10 loveslug the surfin'deadv/a: motor city madness glitterhouse
rate it the birthday partythe peel sessions strange fruit
rate it the blue aeroplanesfriendloverplane restless / fire
rate it the blue aeroplanes iggy pop fishbone dan reed networkv/a: sounds blasts! ep1
rate it the brilliant cornersteenage mcqueen
rate it the brilliant cornerssomebody up there likes me mcqueen
rate it the butthole surfersdick gas forty-five full service
rate it the butthole surfersflaming lips red house
rate it the cannanesi think the weather's affected your brain distant violins records
rate it the charlottesare you happy now? molesworth
No sleeve yet rate it the chesterfieldsgoodbye goodbye household
rate it the chesterfieldscrocodile tears household
rate it the chillsbrave words homestead
rate it the chillswet blanket flying nun
rate it the chills jeremy gluck sneaky feelingssplit 7" bucketfull of brains magazine bob #15 bonus flexi 7" bucketfull of brains
rate it the clashi fought the law cbs
rate it the cleanoddities 2 flying nun
rate it the close lobsterswhat is there to smile about? fire
rate it the coachmenfailure to thrive new alliance
rate it the crampsunleashed and unreleased cramped
No sleeve yet rate it the driscolls strawberry storysplit 7" woosh
rate it the exrara-rap lala
rate it the exaural guerrilla ex
rate it the exhands up! you're free three peel sessions ex
rate it the exlive hamburg hafenstrasse
rate it the ex chumbawambain concerto el paso
rate it the falljerusalem beggars banquet
rate it the fallvictoria beggars banquet
rate it the fallthe frenz experiment beggars banquet
rate it the fallvictoria beggars banquet
rate it the fallbig new prinz beggars banquet
rate it the fallhip priest and kamerads beggars banquet
rate it the falli am kurious oranj beggars banquet
rate it the falljerusalem beggars banquet
rate it the feeliesonly life a&m / coyote
rate it the feeliesaway a&m
rate it the field miceemma's house sarah
rate it the fluidtwisted and pissed
rate it the fluidclear black paper sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it the go-betweensstreets of your town beggars banquet
No sleeve yet rate it the go-betweensstreets of your town beggars banquet
rate it the great leap forwardwho works the weather? ron johnson
rate it the great unwashed & the cleanodditties 2 flying nun
rate it the gun clubbreaking hands red rhino
rate it the haywainsthe surfin' trowbridge e.p woosh
No sleeve yet rate it the holiday makers nivens (CRA)split 7" woosh
rate it the honeymoon killerstake it off! buy our records
rate it the honeymoon killers prong jad fair of cabbages and kings thurston moore bank of sodom black snakes krackhouse phantom tollbooth royal trux needlenosev/a: the end of music (as we know it) ROIR
rate it the house of lovest creation
rate it the house of lovedestroy the heart creation
No sleeve yet rate it the house of lovechristine creation
No sleeve yet rate it the house of love nick cave & the bad seeds arno the woodentops the weather prophets morrissey sandie shaw julian cope pixies that petrol emotion momus the lilac time marc minelliv/a: un automne 88 virgin
rate it the house of love throwing muses the sugarcubes the woodentops the band of holy joy ultra vivid scene wire my bloody valentine dinosaur jr loop swans lemonheads weather prophets henry rollins sonic youth world domination enterprises nick cave pixiesv/a: gigantic! melody maker
rate it the housemartinsnow that's what i call quite good go! discs / chrysalis
rate it the jazz butcherfishcotheque creation
rate it the jesus and mary chainbarbed wire kisses b-sides and more wea
rate it the jesus and mary chain head of david faith no more the godfathersv/a: sounds waves #2 sounds
rate it the jesus and marychainsidewalking blanco y negro
rate it the la'sthere she goes go! discs
rate it the la'sthere she goes go! discs
rate it the mackenziesa sensual assault ron johnson
rate it the mighty lemon dropsfall down (like the rain) the live ep big guitar
No sleeve yet rate it the mission throwing muses pixies dinosaur jrv/a: the sounds machine EP 1 sounds
rate it the mock turtles plasticland ss-20 paul roland fit and limo the shamen opal the ashes in the morning the lobster quadrille the paint set tropicana fishtank t.v. personalities the soup dragons the green telescope chemistry set what noise death of samanthav/a: beyond the wildwood a tribute to syd barrett imaginary
rate it the noodlesdirty soul gougnaf mouvement
rate it the obi men the hamsters the lowthers john the postman's puerile john the postman and the legendary lost beatrice god (??) mr. a. valler andrew berry the next step philip johnsonv/a: the disparate cogscienti cog-sinister / rough trade
rate it the pastelssuck on retrogressive 1983-1985 creation
rate it the perfect disasterasylum road fire
rate it the perfect disasterT.V. (girl on fire) fire
rate it the perfect disastertime to kill fire
No sleeve yet rate it the pollencontrasts danceteria
rate it the pooh sticksorgasm 53rd&3rd
rate it the pooh sticksst fierce
No sleeve yet rate it the pooh sticksst 2nd pressing fierce
rate it the popgunshow many beans make five? bonus flexi la di da
rate it the popgunslandslide medium cool
rate it the purdinsmy girl hopefully green monkey records
rate it the saintsprodigal son mushroom
rate it the sea urchinsrecorded 30.10.88 fierce
rate it the sea urchinssolace sarah
rate it the shrubsvessels of the heart public domain
rate it the shrubs howl in the typewriter membranes the noseflutes datblygu sperm wails plant bach ofnus jackdaw with crowbar the lungsv/a: sprat and mackerel compilation extravaganza sprat & mackerel
rate it the smithsrank wea
rate it the smithsthe peel sessions strange fruit
rate it the sneetchessometimes that's all we have creation / alias
rate it the sneetchessometimes that's all we have alias
rate it the sneetcheslights out! with the sneetches kaleidoscope sound
No sleeve yet rate it the sperm wailslady chatterley spurt
rate it the stone rosesmade of stone silvertone
rate it the stone roseselephant stone silvertone
rate it the strangulated beatoffsshake your dick firefighter
rate it the sugarcubesdeus one little indian
rate it the sugarcubeslife's too good one little indian
rate it the sugarcubesdeus one little indian
No sleeve yet rate it the sugarcubesbirthday one little indian
No sleeve yet rate it the sugarcubes the wedding present pixies the poguesv/a: sounds waves #3 sounds
rate it the sun and the moonle soleil & la lune geffen
rate it the terminalsdisconnect flying nun
rate it the three wize men wet wet wet the christians the wedding present & amelia fletcher hue and cry billy bragg & cara tivey frank sidebottom sonic youth courtney pine quartet michelle shocked the triffids the fallv/a: sgt. pepper knew my father nme
rate it the thrown-upseat my dump amphetamine reptile
rate it the vaselines beat happeningsplit tape live in london - 6/16/88 k
rate it the verlainesbird-dog homestead
rate it the vernon walkers the plot swampsurfers seein' red de kift the ex trespassers Wv/a: intifada the palestinian uprising konkurrel
rate it the vernon waltersMLK let's make our own records
rate it the walkaboutssee beautiful rattlesnake gardens popllama / stillsane
rate it the weather prophetsjudges, juries & horsemen creation / virgin
rate it the weather prophetsalways the light creation
rate it the weather prophetshollow heart creation
No sleeve yet rate it the weather prophetsBBC sessions 1986-87
rate it the wedding presentnobody's twisting your arm reception
rate it the wedding presentwhy are you being so reasonable now? reception
rate it the wedding presenttommy midnight music
rate it the wedding presentthe bbc sessions strange fruit / dutch east india
rate it the weeds janitors the waterfoot membranes the heart throbs yeah yeah noh zor gabor the creepers whipcrackaway the june brides implied consent rote kapelle frank sidebottom gaye bikers on acidv/a: just a mish mash in tape
rate it the wolfgang pressking of soul 4ad
rate it the wolfgang pressbird wood cage 4ad
rate it the wolfhoundsson of nothing september
rate it the wolfhoundsthe essential wolfhounds september
rate it the young godsl'amourir play it again sam
rate it theatre of ice warlock pincherssplit 7" this is what you get for christmas orphanage
rate it they might be giantslincoln gasa
rate it thrilled skinnywhite grid hunchback
rate it thrilled skinnyso happy to be alive hunchback
rate it throwing museshouse tornado sire
rate it tiltawhirlpint of blood sonicboom
rate it toxic waste body count paranoid visions naturecore power age anti-heroes beefeater chumbawamba oi polloi statement vegan reich man's hatev/a: the a.l.f. is watching and there's no place to hide animal liberation front support compilation no master's voice
No sleeve yet rate it trespassers wdummy TW records
rate it u-menstep on a bug the red toad speaks black label
rate it u-men the thrown-ups halo of flies mudhoneyv/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume one amphetamine reptile
rate it U2all i want is you island
rate it U2angel of harlem island
rate it U2when love comes to town island
rate it U2rattle and hum island
rate it U2one tree hill island / festival
rate it ultra vivid sceneultra vivid scene 4ad
rate it ultra vivid sceneshe screamed 4ad
rate it unholy swillstink monster goes wilding noiseville
No sleeve yet rate it unresttwister teenbeat
rate it unrestmalcolm X park teenbeat / caroline
No sleeve yet rate it verity absurdraster walui
rate it verlaines big dipper live skull honor role urinals my dad is dead great plains half japanese salem 66 american music club the pastels nice strong arm bastro phantom tollbooth tall dwarfs volcano suns antietam membranes happy flowers the chills yo la tengo the embarrassment the clean death of samantha gg allinv/a: human music homestead
rate it vexedmaybe c/z
rate it violent femmes3 slash / london
rate it volcano sunsfarced sst
rate it walkingseedsupwind of disaster, downwind of atonement the communion label
No sleeve yet rate it warlock pincherspinch a loaf
rate it wiresilk skin paws ambitious mute
rate it world domination enterprisesi can't live without my radio product inc.
rate it world domination enterpriseslove from lead city product inc.
rate it world domination enterprisesi can't live without my radio product inc.
rate it world domination enterpriseslets play domination product inc.
rate it wwaxpumpkin leopard gecko
rate it yargo los lobos passion fodder hothouse flowers camouflage gamine martin stephenson the kane gang noir désir andy whitev/a: le son de la rumeur barclay
rate it yo la tengo big black kilslug moving targetsv/a: happiness is dry pants chemical imbalance
rate it zeni gevavast impotentz nux organization
No sleeve yet rate it zeni gevalive on suicide nux organization
rate it zeni gevahow to kill nux organization
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