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rate it (young) pioneerson trial lookout!
rate it (young) pioneerscrimewave e.p. vermiform
rate it 100 watt clockst buddy system
rate it 16drop out theologian / pessimiser
rate it 30 amp fuse bardo pond bear bis c-clamp the delgados exit fuxa the golden mile i'm being good ligament majesty crush merzbow space bike spare snare windy + carlv/a: disco sucks ché
rate it 309 chorusst flat end
rate it 3RA1N1AChissing prigs in static couture touch and go
rate it 6l6 scissorfight honkeyball stompbox slaughter shack slughog swank quintaine americana wits malachite mungv/a: take your medicine a heavy dose of sonic overload wonderdrug
rate it 7 year bitchmiss understood man's ruin
rate it 808 statedon solaris ztt
No sleeve yet rate it ? sonic youth john zorn eugene chadbourne well spottedv/a: a tribute to half japanese kitty kitty corporation
No sleeve yet rate it ? beeswaxv/a: urban violence
rate it a day called zeroobservation of the perpetual gravity
rate it a minor forestflemish altruism (constituent parts 1993-1996) thrill jockey
rate it a minor forest gainersplit 7" divot
rate it a minor forest the panoply acadelmy glee clubsplit 7" a benefit for the midwest books to prisoners project in all directions
rate it absinthegag reflex king of the monsters
rate it absintheten inch king of the monsters
rate it absolute zerono escape allied recordings
rate it absolute zero cards in spokes cars get crushed car vs. driver cromwell dillinger four franklin greensleep gus hot water music j church marble mary me nevertheless peaceful meadows pound sake speed duster strawman the suzybeat teeth trench v. card water monitorv/a: invasion of the indie snatchers an endless terror! a major horror! allied
rate it acme... to reduce the choir to one soloist edison
rate it action patrolthe weak force whirled
rate it action patrolb is for bombard assorted porkshops
rate it AFI union masskontrol drop dead cavityv/a: bacteria sour vol.1 bacteria sour
No sleeve yet rate it age of reasonsr hydra head
rate it agoraphobic nosebleedst bovine
rate it akatenIII magaibutsu
rate it alabama 3 elastica travis terrorvision gallon drunk deus morphine björk longpigs rare little axe turn-on system 7 curve drugstore throwing muses elvis costello the auteurs catatonia cuckoo fruit mel mccrory the divine comedy cocteau twins geneva fiel garvie fringe bettie serveert bill janovitz mindless drug hooverv/a: volume seventeen fifth birthday bumper bonanza! volume
rate it alastair galbraithmorse gaudylight trance syndicate / emperor jones
rate it all natural lemon and lime flavorsi am where you were gern blandsten
rate it all scarsthe lienage of time ace fu
No sleeve yet rate it amp centipedesplit 7" kake mix
rate it andrew beaujonmarylebone station happy go lucky
rate it angst hase pfeffer nasemyth of the golden jackal and the frog birdman
rate it apartment 213children shouldnt play with dead things desperate attempt
rate it apartment 213 benumbsplit 7" stenchosaurus
rate it apartment 213 maisie noothgrush everskwelch fork gobv/a: accidental decapitation through masturbation! volume three satan's pimp
rate it arab on radarpig roast heparin
rate it archers of loafthe speed of cattle alias
rate it archers of loafvocal shrapnel alias
rate it archers of loafall the nations airports alias / elektra
rate it arcwelderentropy touch and go
No sleeve yet rate it armst self-released
rate it armstrongs secret ninezero hour fifty-eight minutes coordinated time donut friends
rate it as the sun setseach individual voice city of hell
rate it ashley stove beatnik filmstars east river pipe ganger guv'ner the karl hendricks trio the ladybug transistor lambchop the mad scene the magnetic fields neutral milk hotel pipe portastatic the rock *a* teens rocket from the crypt seaweed shark quest spent superchunk third eye foundationv/a: oh, merge a merge records 10 year anniversary compilation merge
No sleeve yet rate it ashtray boyeveryman's 4th dimension ajax
rate it astro perilst red note
rate it at the drive-inacrobatic tenement flipside
rate it ativinmodern gang reader secretly canadian
rate it ativinpills versus planes polyvinyl
rate it atomic fireballyouki super 8
No sleeve yet rate it atomic fireball faith of blindsplit 7" super 8
rate it autumn risingthe corpse visions of our patient... brass ass
rate it azalia snailstaying inside sub pop singles club october 1996 sub pop
rate it azalia snaildeep motif candy floss
rate it b-abuseund dennoch überspringe ich zeiten... rex rotary
rate it baby harp sealthe things i think about when i'm about to die chainsaw safety
No sleeve yet rate it baby harp sealst subjugation
rate it badgewearerthank you for your custom amanita / guided missile
rate it badgewearer country teasers donkey lugworm lung leg mick derrick shrug the yummy furv/a: guided missile recordings: a "guided" tour guided missile
rate it bakamonolong time cain super 8
rate it band of susans borbetomagus amy denio godheadsilo mr. velocity hopkins evan lurie ruins the scissor girls slam xerobotv/a: second sixty second compilation coat-tail
rate it bare minimumst rx remedy
rate it bare minimumnight we streak rx remedy
rate it bare minimumst rx remedy
rate it barkmarketl ron american
rate it barkmarketl ron man's ruin
rate it barry adamsonoedipus schmoedipus mute
rate it bästardchinatown zeitgeist / semantic
rate it bästardradiant, discharged, crossed-off semantic / zeitgeist
rate it bastard noiseour earth's blood part III rhetoric
rate it bastard noisest
rate it bästard ground zerov/a: erase yer head n° 3 pandemonium / sugar & spice
rate it bcsb change of wayssplit 7" trost
rate it beamtrapnapooh ! bawl
rate it beckodelay geffen
rate it bedheadthe dark ages trance syndicate
rate it bedheadthe dark ages trance syndicate
rate it bedheadbedheaded trance syndicate
No sleeve yet rate it beeswaxdemo self-released
rate it behead the prophet n.l.s.l.i am that great and fiery force outpunk / k
rate it belle and sebastiantigermilk electric honey
rate it belly button casbah club cut daily planets drive blind happy anger heliogabale hint near death experience portobello bones prohibition (FR) sleepers spicy box undolor voodoo muzak weird moves well spottedv/a: a french compilation : 17 bands 17 francs 3C productions
rate it belly button sleeppers daily planets tomyv/a: la ligue hardcore bad karma
No sleeve yet rate it beltainemisguided atomic action
No sleeve yet rate it benumb suppressionsplit 7"
rate it bev clone constatine sankathisplit 7" anima
rate it bev clone constatine sankathi nema wallside mainspringv/a: the 26th council
rate it bevil webminutemen wabana
No sleeve yet rate it biblical proof of UFOswishnu were here cambodia / flexovit
No sleeve yet rate it big swiftyexperimental art film cherry smash
rate it big'ndiscipline through sound gasoline boost / skin graft
rate it bisbis vs. the d.i.y corps teen-c recordings
rate it bisatom powered action! wiiija
rate it bisthe secret vampire soundtrack chemikal underground
rate it bis bennet chopper number one cup magoo american tv copsv/a: six slices of popcore pie songs about plucking fierce panda
rate it bis lungwormsplit 7" guided missile
rate it björktelegram one little indian / elektra
rate it blewsteam schall & rauch
rate it bliss blood liwowsplit 7" psycho teddy!
rate it blues explosion2 kindsa love mute
rate it bluetipst dischord
rate it bob mouldst creation
rate it bobby connnever get ahead truckstop audio
rate it boilermakerin wallace's shadow goldenrod
No sleeve yet rate it bone jack the blunts p.h. family pillowshipv/a: lo-fi music must die! here's the real glasgow underground gerritupye
rate it bonescracth in/humanitysplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it boochonprises de tête black & noir
rate it boredomssuper roots 6 reprise / warner
rate it boss hogwinn coma australian only single geffen
rate it botchthe john birch conspiracy theory phyte
rate it botch merrimac amber inn closure guyver one breakwater milhouse slowsidedown bor perilisium cantos in/humanity curllv/a: i can't live without it mountain
rate it boxer rebellionuncle stockpiler hydra head
rate it boy sets fire jazz man's needlesplit 12" conquer the world / the orchard
rate it boyracera mistake that cost you dearly honey bear
No sleeve yet rate it boys lifedepartures and landfalls headhunter
rate it braidage of octeen mud
rate it braid dianogah gainer poonjab hitmen gila bend bollweevils scout friction lustre king blue meanies cinco de gatos the trigger quintet hubcap shellac the promise ring the fighters orwell 88 fingers louie big'n c-clamp mineral jerkwater back of dave apocalypse hobokenv/a: ground rule double actionboy 300 / divot
rate it braid pohgohsplit 7" new granada
rate it brainbombsobey the releasing eskimo
rate it breachold songs vs. new beats burning heart
rate it breachuntitled chapell hill
rate it breakwater closuresplit 7" mountain
rate it broadcastwork and non work warp
rate it broccolineglect it friendly fire
rate it broccolilean rugger bugger
rate it broccolis/t rugger bugger / gap recordings
rate it broccoli choppersplit 7" rugger bugger / crackle
rate it broccoli international jet setsplit 7" snuffy smile
rate it broken hearts are bluethe truth about love caulfield
No sleeve yet rate it bugskullsnakland scratch
rate it built to spillthe normal years k
rate it bullet in the headjawbone of an ass reissue vermiform
rate it bunny foot charmfriendly sex monster punk in my vitamins?
rate it bush leaguediscography better days
rate it bush tetraspage 18 tim kerr
rate it butthole surferselectriclarryland capitol
No sleeve yet rate it butthole surferspepper capitol
rate it butthole surfersmaung
rate it buzzov-enuseless reptilian
rate it bz bz ueu nosplit 7" el boraccho / music à la coque
rate it c-clampmeander + return actionboy 300
No sleeve yet rate it c-clampmeander + return the rosewood union / seek lamp
No sleeve yet rate it c-clampmeander + return ohio gold
No sleeve yet rate it c.r.mallet reservoir
rate it calabash caseparading constantly wrenched
rate it calexicospark the ride wabana
rate it calmmoon raker needlepoint
rate it calmarlington sunset unleaded
No sleeve yet rate it candidateone for david amram parks and records
rate it car vs. driverout of a silent sky lunchbox
rate it carolinerour american heritage volume one bullshit
rate it cars get crushedblue and west goldenrod
rate it casbah cluball exit final vicious circle
rate it cat powerwhat would the community think matador
rate it cat powernude as the news matador
rate it cat powermyra lee smells like records
rate it catharsis (USA,NC)catharsis (aka we've been sweating while they slept) endless fight
rate it catherine wheellike cats and dogs mercury
rate it catpowerpsychic hearts undercover
rate it cerberus shoal...and farewell to hightide tree records / stickfigure
No sleeve yet rate it ceruleanis the delta connection s&n records
rate it charles bronson enemy soil richard ramierez the gaia sockeye cuff apeface facade burned black captain 3 leg they live laceration agathocles gob cripple bastards agoraphobic nosebleed japanese torture comedy hour palatka capitalist casualties ?v/a: mandatory marathon amendment
rate it charles bronson fu!kface plaight your mother yogurtv/a: another probe with a girl on the cover probe
rate it charles bronson quillsplit 7" nat
rate it chavezride the fader matador
rate it cheer-accidentnot a food pravda
rate it cherubs (USA)short of popular trance syndicate
rate it chiselit's alright, you're ok gern blandsten
rate it chokeborea taste for bitters amphetamine reptile
rate it chokebore tocotronicsplit 7" l'age d'or / amphetamine reptile
rate it christophebevilacqua sony
rate it christophele tourne-coeur epic
rate it christophele tourne-coeur epic
No sleeve yet rate it christophequ'est-ce que tu dis là epic
rate it christopheenzo epic
rate it christophele tourne-coeur les "remix" par spacer et sie de pussy foot sony / epic
rate it chromethird seed from the bud man's ruin
rate it chrome cranks psyclone rangerssplit 7" world domination
rate it church of astronautsmaking it simple ghetto defendant
rate it circle Xst dexter's cigar
rate it class of eighty fourbent landmark / file 13
rate it cleons downshiner utilitarian
rate it clikatat ikatowiorchestrated and conducted gravity
rate it coalesce002 earache
rate it cocteau twinsmilk & kisses fontana
rate it coffeedestination moon blackjack
rate it combat wounded veteran11 songs 7" i break your neck records
rate it comesecret number domino
rate it comenear life experience matador
rate it comet gainsay yes! to international socialism ep wiiija
rate it condenseplacebo pandemonium
rate it condense skull duggerysplit 7" jazz to come / les 7 piliers
rate it constatine sankathi car vs. driver bakamono the trigger quintet nuclear winter bubble jugv/a: use this coupon slave cut
rate it copout animal farm arma contra arma haymarket jara assfactor 4 spitboyv/a: yo hablo lengua armada
rate it coralaltamont in dub fist puppet
rate it cornice king biscuitsplit 7" pulse rec
rate it cosmonauts hail satanmortuary sorcery suggestion
rate it couch (DE)#3 kollaps
No sleeve yet rate it couch (USA)glass brothers 1993-1994 bulb
rate it country teaserssatan is real again feeling good about bad thoughts crypt
rate it country teaserstough luck on jock nana
rate it country teasersagainst the country teasers! guided missile
rate it country teasersthe scottish single guided missile
rate it cowswhorn amphetamine reptile
rate it cowsold gold (1989-91) amphetamine reptile
No sleeve yet rate it cowsfour things amphetamine reptile
rate it cowslingerstrucker's last dollars man's ruin
rate it cranespopulation four dedicated
rate it cravingthe poor ray ep revolution inside
rate it crawthe adventures of cancer man super model
rate it craw primitivesplit 7" no lie
rate it cream abdul babar i guard the sheepsplit 7" what's wrong with your eye?
rate it croatanwrong hole, dumbass! satan's pimp
rate it croatanup your butt and out the door satan's pimp
No sleeve yet rate it crop circle mildredssplit 7" coolidge
rate it crown heightsdear sir trance syndicate
No sleeve yet rate it cr devoid of faith eucharist halfman coercion disassociate assfactor 4 dropdead black army jacket brutal truth judas iscariot monster X suppressionv/a: nothing's quiet on the eastern front east coast hardcore circa 1996... reservoir
rate it cub pansy division the deflowers clay wheels ufofu the smugglers the figgs the vacant lot the queers pluto the milkduds the shambles the odd numbers racetrainv/a: here comes the summer the undertones tribute compilation square target
rate it curllwoolen soldier class
rate it curll castles and car wreckssplit 7" a split seven inch class
rate it cynthia dallst drag city
rate it d.a.r.k.camberwell beauties syntactic
rate it D.O.S.E featuring mark e smithplug myself in the stomach pump mixes coliseum
rate it D.O.S.E featuring mark e smithplug myself in coliseum
rate it D.O.S.E featuring mark e smithplug myself in (nero mix) toga
rate it daddy longheadst man's ruin
rate it dahlia seedsurvived by troubleman
rate it dahlia seed mothmantour 7" troubleman
No sleeve yet rate it daily planets mister say sosplit 7" grow zrom
rate it daily planets well spotted subside greedy guts abdomens exsonant belly button robin hoods shaggy hounds dog shop portobello bones & hint tv menv/a: cloaque dog days
rate it damadrise and fall prank
rate it dark matterseeing strange lights cleopatra / hypnotic
rate it david thomas & two pale boyserewhon cooking vinyl
rate it daviess county panthersje n'aime pas beaucoup ma gamelle sonic bubblegum
rate it dawnbreedkiosk common cause
rate it dead and gone the gaiasplit 7" prank
rate it deadguyscreamin' with the deadguy quintet victory
rate it deche dans facemerry dickmass sub pop
rate it deerhoofst menlo park
rate it deerhoofdirt pirate creed children of hoof
rate it delicate vomitlittle bird underwear
rate it delta 72triple crown touch and go
rate it deluxxthe forgiveness towel bolide
rate it denimdenim on ice the echo label
rate it des man diablomissionary simba
rate it des man diablofever rough trade
rate it descendentseverything sucks epitaph
rate it descensionmy middle name is funk amanita / father yod
rate it designer (US)vandal soul static sound
rate it diabologuma découvrir absolument (pour adultes et adolescents) lithium
rate it diabologum#3 lithium
rate it dianogahgarden airplane trap actionboy 300
rate it din & eradicator dunkelheit headbutt alec empire melt-banana lasse marhaug mamarracho x-ray geisha ec8or misopsychia killout trash robotnics crossingv/a: worldwide noise 2001 midi war
rate it directionsdirections in music thrill jockey
rate it diskothi-qrob wabana
rate it dissecting tablewhy suggestion
rate it divisia carol spazz los crudos gasp halfman noothgrush charles bronson locust detestationv/a: cry now, cry later volume 4 theologian / pessimiser
rate it dogpisssmells like... canine urine rugger bugger
rate it dogpisslay öff the türps rugger bugger
rate it donkeyafc donkey salute the magic of afc ajax amsterdam wormer brothers / fighted miskick
rate it doodle dandies harry pussy glands of eternal secretion the lids coffee sternklang sukia music band quintron shriek temple of bon matin mr. and mrs. velocity hopkins lake of dracula the whalesv/a: bulbjack II 7 songs from the youth of today! come to blackjack country blackjack / bulb
rate it dot dot dotthe dot dot dot story the sound track album turkey
rate it dragibusbarbapoux saravah
rate it drainregional action! trance syndicate / astralwerks
rate it drainoff speed and in there trance syndicate
rate it driftwoodday off monopoly
rate it drift jonahsplit 7" anima
rate it drill for absenteethis process will make chicago wave ist little hands minkwalk
rate it dub narcotic sound systemboot party k
rate it dub narcotic sound system featuring lois maffeoship to shore k
rate it dubstar space bawl the candyskins northern uproar linoleum cradle super furry animals octopus beck the cure pusherman baader meinhof moonshake gretschen hofner the shave lush edward ball balloon vic chesnutt the afghan whigs labradford heave the pop group mark stewart meat beat manifestov/a: volume sixteen copulation explosion! volume
rate it dumpster juicewho died in here? spanish fly / twin/tone
rate it duotronabattalia feminil! bulb
rate it DUSTdevilsextant matador
rate it dweebchart raider fierce panda
rate it eardrumcirculate soul static sound
rate it east river pipemel merge
rate it ed ball 18 wheelersplit 7" creation
rate it einstürzende neubautenende neu mute
rate it elastica white zombie björk meat beat manifesto the chemical brothers beastie boys ruby belly moby pj harvey krs-one massive attack vs. mad professor mike watt alice donut aleka's attic the orb morphinev/a: in defense of animals volume 2 caroline
rate it elevatethe architect the flower shop
rate it elevateslowspeed to harbour the flower shop
rate it elevate ligamentsplit 7" big money inc / the flower shop
rate it elevator to hellpart three sub pop
rate it emory swankcenter city watermark
rate it empire state gamesst makoto
rate it empire state gamesst old skool recordings
rate it endive ice ninesplit 7" state
rate it enemy soil desperate corruptionsplit 7" bovine
rate it entropy unansweredsplit 7" figure four
rate it envybreathing and dying in this place... H.G. fact
rate it epic soundtrackschange my life bar none
rate it eric's trippurple blue sub pop
rate it eric's trip moviolasplit 7" me too!
rate it ethel meservepierman flutterby tree conspiracy
rate it eucharistst mountain
No sleeve yet rate it eurich the end of the century party palatka prevailv/a: 4-way comp fragil
No sleeve yet rate it evergreen (CA)bullyrag fan club
rate it evergreen (KY)s/t hi-ball
rate it eversor dead beat respect vanilla undone olotilav/a: world hardcore moo cow
rate it excruciating terror lack of interest despise you spazz crom man is the bastardv/a: reality part #1 deep six
rate it exit-13smoking songs relapse
rate it experimental audio researchst man's ruin
No sleeve yet rate it experimental poller winosplit 12" ghetto defendant
rate it expose your eyes flying luttenbachers asm duotron hyware dog to live and shave in la k salvatore malta noggin rock paper scissor cock espv/a: ignivomous records presents holiday abstractions : easter, puberty& amplifiers ignivomous
rate it eyehategoddopesick century media
rate it eyehategoddopesick emetic / century media
rate it eyehategod anal cuntsplit 7" in these black days vol. 1 a tribute to black sabbath hydra head
rate it eyelidbleeding through 1996 summer tour record phyte
rate it fadi dorninger and wipeout tribes of neurot naked lunckv/a: hoch zeit soundtrack trost
rate it fake hyppist fake inc.
rate it fastbacks
alone in a furniture warehouse scaring you away like
a hotel mattress
rate it fastbacksnew mansions in sound sub pop
rate it fastbacks wipers u-men green river soundgarden mudhoney nirvana some velvet sidewalk dead moon girl trouble tad gas huffer young fresh fellows supersuckers 7 year bitch the gits flop posies pearl jam mark lanegan pigeonhed sara bellv/a: hype soundtrack sub pop
rate it fat daysmell me silly! H.G. fact
No sleeve yet rate it faustyou know faust
rate it feedtime unsanesplit 7" australian tour 7'' black hole
rate it fin fang foomin memory of peter the great mental static records
rate it final2 sentrax
rate it finalurge fever pitch
rate it finalsolaris alleysweeper
rate it finger printdiscographie stonehenge
rate it fire party19 songs dischord
rate it firewaterget off the cross... ... we need the wood for the fire jetset
rate it firewaterget off the cross... ... we need the wood for the fire jetset
rate it fitz of depression jawbreaker steel pole bathtub clikitat ikatowi man or astroman? the hi-fives the bamboras the coctails eveclear laughing hyenas brainiac godheadsilo mary lou lord redd kross lowv/a: jabberjaw mammoth
rate it fitz of depression the hi-fives brainiac mary lou lord everclear man or astroman? jawbreaker steel pole bathtub clikatat ikatowi redd kross the bomboras godheadsilo low laughing hyenas the coctailsv/a: jabberjaw... pure sweet hell mammoth
rate it flying saucer attack back off cupids a handful of dust portastaticv/a: speed kills #7 bonus 10" snap crackle punk / speed kills
rate it flying saucer attack jessaminesplit 7" enraptured
No sleeve yet rate it foreskin 500starbent but superfreak priority / basura!
rate it forkproduct bovine
rate it frank blackthe cult of ray cooking vinyl
rate it franklinroy is dead the great american steak religion
rate it franklinst
No sleeve yet rate it freshomaticsst vermiform
rate it frontierlive at the empty bottle tug o'war
rate it fruitwhat is fruit? one little indian
rate it furniture huschle the mountain goatssplit 7" tropical depression e.p. little mafia
rate it fury IIIcar crash direct hit
rate it galaxie 500selected rykodisc
rate it gallon drunktwo clear eyes city slang
rate it gallon drunkin the long still night city slang
rate it gangerthe cat's in the bag... ... the bag's in the river planet
rate it gangerfore domino
rate it gastr del solupgrade & afterlife drag city
rate it gauntcheaters' heaven super 8
rate it gila monstermarvin abody trade mark grammophon
rate it girls against boyshouse of GVSB touch and go
rate it girls against boyssuper-fire touch and go
rate it girls against boysdisco six six six touch and go
rate it glazed babyatomic communists red decibel
rate it glenn brancasymphonies no.8 and 10 blast first
rate it glo-wormglimmer k
rate it gnomes of zurichdispenser amphetamine reptile
rate it gob designer (SWI)split 7" bovine
rate it godfleshsongs of love and hate earache
rate it godfleshten commandments earache
rate it godfleshslateman cold world earache
rate it godflesh lush resolution aMINIATURE kustomized band of susans bark psychosis the ex-lions tamers spasm fudge tunnel laika chris connelly carl marks the petty tyrants scanner polar bear lee ranaldo my bloody valentine transformer main mike wattv/a: whore various artists play wire wmo
rate it godheadsilobooby trap sub pop
rate it godheadsiloskyward in triumph sub pop
rate it godheadsiloskyward in triumph sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it gold bladeblack elvis ultimate
rate it golden starlet pink kross helen love lung leg avocado baby the phantom pregnanciesv/a: astral angora a space-hound selection nana records
rate it gondolierhigh c idiot note makoto
rate it gonkulator malicious hate disjoin ulcer psycho deceased bobby bastard noisev/a: audio espionage ax/ction records
rate it goodbye blue mondayst self-released
rate it goodbye blue monday across five aprilsplit 7" spectra sonic sound
rate it gray before my eyesraze moo cow
rate it great unravelingthe angel rang virtue vermin scum
rate it great unravelingspace travel vermiform
rate it griefmiserably ever after theologian / pessimiser
No sleeve yet rate it grinst
rate it griver hellbendersplit 7" self-released
rate it grotusmass london
rate it guapohorse walk into a bar ... power tool
rate it guapo... is no more fat city power tool
rate it guided by voicesunder the bushes under the stars matador
rate it guided by voicestonics & twisted chasers rockathon
No sleeve yet rate it guiltfurther victory
rate it guv'ner cat powersplit 7" tour record guv'ner in catpowerland catpower goes to guvnerville wiiija
rate it guyver onest inchworm
No sleeve yet rate it guyver-oneobsessed with... inchworm
rate it guzzardthe alienation index survey amphetamine reptile
rate it halo of kitten hammerhead (USA) melvins guv'ner mudhoney strapping fieldhands boss hog cows big chief black light rainbow gear jammerv/a: screwed ost amphetamine reptile
rate it hammerhead (USA)duh, the big city amphetamine reptile
rate it han bennink & dave douglasserpentine songlines
rate it hard to swallow marker wat tyler suffer underclass des man diablo voorheesv/a: strictly ballroom caught offside
rate it harriet the spy bisybacksonsplit 7" donut friends
rate it harriet the spy three studies for a crucifixionsplit 7" donut friends
rate it harry pussyblack ghost siltbreeze
rate it harry pussy bunny brainssplit 7" brutarian
rate it hash overopen cage nova express
rate it haystackright at you outside society productions
rate it headachest flat earth
rate it headbuttfuelled up and ready to burn suggestion
rate it headbuttdanger ice petty bourgeois broadcasts
rate it headbuttshower curtain totem international
rate it headbutt mercury 4°Fsplit 7" project dark
rate it heavenlyoperation heavenly wiiija / k
rate it heavenly bissplit 7" k
rate it heliogabaleto pee agony
rate it helios creedabducted man's ruin
rate it helios creed"NUGG" the transport dossier
rate it helios creed harpy lex talionis shock therapy noise unit delerium front line assembly controlled bleeding psychic tv tyrone henderson 23rd century featuring damon edge column onev/a: dossiers II dossier
rate it hemlockvalvestate goldenrod
rate it heroins/t gravity
rate it himchill and peel southern
rate it hintdys- pandemonium
rate it hintproduct topology
deconstruction and reconstruction of "100% white puzz
le" tracks
No sleeve yet rate it hintdemo self-abuse
rate it his hero is gonethe dead of night in eight movements prank
rate it his hero is gonefifteen counts of arson prank
rate it his hero is gonedemo medicine self-released
rate it his name is alivestars on e.s.p. 4ad
rate it honor rolealbum merge
rate it hoodsecrets now known to others earworm
rate it horseyswarm invisible
rate it hot water musicyou can take the boy out of bradenton schematics
rate it hovercraftstereo specific polymerization the blue rose record company / repellent
rate it hubcapthose kids are weird actionboy 300
rate it humidst suggestion
rate it i shot mckinleydance to the world technicians of the sacred
No sleeve yet rate it i'm being goodterryfying shirts graphic death audio products
rate it I.B.O.P.A.squids: obsession and devotion self-released
rate it ice ninepsychology and extreme violence rhetoric
rate it ice nine charles bronsonsplit 7" bovine
rate it ida deadwood divinesplit 7" post marked stamps No.1 tree records
No sleeve yet rate it impetus interan infinite capacity for romance cerebellum
rate it in/humanity premonitionsplit 7" stereonucleosis / passive fist
rate it infestedwho they are man's ruin
rate it inkwellby design my last wish
rate it international strike forceromance for every slampt
rate it introduction thee hydrogen terrors les savy fav a.v.h.a.t.h. arab on radar whisper-a-threat flicker mother jefferson violent anal death drop dead computers lightning bolt andre the giant plymouth rock medicine ball laurels the itchies the amazing royal crowns alley sway rebuilt hanger theory scarce purple ivy shadows amoebic ensemble forcefieldv/a: repopulation program providence ri load
rate it ivichla vie devant soi ebullition
rate it j churchcamels, spilled corona and the sound of maricachi bands broken rekids
rate it j churchthe drama of alienation honest don's
rate it j churchwhorehouse: songs and stories damaged goods
rate it j church serpicosplit 7" dead beat
rate it jad fair & phono-combmonsters, lullabies... and the occasional flying saucer shake the record label
rate it jakscarnation makoto
No sleeve yet rate it jawboxcornflake gril city slang
rate it jawboxst city slang
rate it jean sebergst murder / ratbone
rate it jessamine transparent thingsplit 7" darla
rate it jessehandful of earth rugger bugger
rate it jessieindestructable rugger bugger
rate it jettison charlielegions of the unjazzed peas kor
rate it joeyfatgin rummy for beginners unlabel
rate it john came life's addiction solid cocteau twins baby bird lhooq the shamen alabama 3 ultramarine new order joi jock scot with nectarine no. 9 scheer the flaming stars mick harvey state of grace the wannadies law one alien bonjour monsieur basie v/a: volume fifteen technology alert! volume
rate it john parish & polly jean harveydance hall at louse point island
rate it john zornmasada zayin seven diw
rate it john zorn & masada chamber ensemblesbar kokhba tzadik
rate it johnny cash waylon jennings & L7 tenderloin supersuckers mark lanegan the presidents of the united states of america jerry cantrell best kissers in the world life after life & jello biafra waylon jennings reverend horton heat gas huffer steel pole bathtub jesse dayton x kris kristofferson & kelley dealv/a: twisted willie a tribute to willie nelson justice
rate it jonahdormir sous l'empire anima
No sleeve yet rate it josh reynoldsspeaks moo-la-la
No sleeve yet rate it juhl malcriadasplit 7" gsl
rate it jumbopeppering the absurdity teamskinny
rate it june of 44tropics and meridians quarterstick
rate it junovenus on ninth sub pop
rate it k2 jalopazsplit 7" leg meat
rate it kampec doloreszugo rapid recommended records
rate it kenickiecome out 2nite fierce panda
rate it kerosene 454 bluetipsplit 7" maggadee
rate it kicking giantshe's real k
No sleeve yet rate it kid's meal gut that tu edge johnboy boy wonder gomez multitude of the slothful gloriumv/a: seek sound shelter dot zit
rate it killdozersonnet '96 ismist
rate it killdozerthe last waltz man's ruin
rate it killdozer alice donutmichael gerald's party machine presents... touch and go
rate it killdozer alice donut kill donutmichael gerald's party machine presents... touch and go
No sleeve yet rate it king losercaul of the outlaw flying nun
rate it kiss it goodbyedemo be afraid self-released
rate it kitchens o. d.feel my genie fierce panda
rate it kletka redhijacking tzadik
rate it knut ishmasplit 7" bone tone
rate it kurtst x-mist
rate it l'invention de moreldemo la libre expression
rate it l'invention de morelst
rate it l-dopaburn revolution inside
rate it labradfordscenic recovery duophonic super 45's
rate it labradfordst blast first / kranky
rate it lake of draculas/t sin raft
rate it lamagnaceremony wreck-age
rate it lambchopthe man who loved beer city slang
rate it lambchophank merge
rate it land of the wee beastiessimple pleasures in the ... sunney sindicut
rate it lanterna scenicsplit 7" independent project / parasol
rate it laurelsL revolver
rate it lazyme and you roadtrip
rate it les étoiles secrètesnightingale atlas
rate it les thugsl'adieu aux thugs on a faim!
rate it lewistownwooderson bug
rate it ligamentkind deeds the flower shop
rate it ligamentgive it up the flower shop
rate it lil' bunniesunabunnie wrench
No sleeve yet rate it limbost black & noir
rate it linsayomphalos per koro
rate it liz phair & material issue sponge mary lou lord & semisonic matthew sweet juliana hatfield & tanya donelly collective soul butthole surfers helmet ramones reverend horton heat frente! violent femmes dig face to face tripping daisy toadies sublime the murmurs waxv/a: saturday morning - cartoons' greatest hits mca
rate it loco zoo swarm sick my duck guerilla seventh hate well spotted electric buttocks atomic kids distant winter anal eyes deady toys hell s crack shaggy hound busker westinghouse shit for brains daily planets tabasko the wakesv/a: just for pleasure compilation 1 lola
rate it locust jenny piccolosplit 5" three one g
rate it locust man is the bastardsplit 10" king of the monsters
rate it lollipopdog piss on dog amphtamine reptile
rate it lonely broken radioamerican science series 7" chrysanthemum
rate it long fin killievalentino too pure
rate it long fin killiehands and lips too pure
rate it long hind legscharmed, i'm sure... punk in my vitamins
No sleeve yet rate it lord high fixersscat man no lie
No sleeve yet rate it los huevosthe rebel kind moo-la-la
No sleeve yet rate it los huevoswallygigs moo-la-la
rate it lou barlowlou barlow plays waterfront spun
rate it love 666please kill yourself so i can rock amphetamine reptile
rate it lowercaseall destructive urges... seem so perfect amphetamine reptile
rate it lung legthe negative delinquent autopsy kill rock stars
rate it lungfishsound in time dischord
rate it lushlovelife 4ad
rate it lustre kingshe's a bomb actionboy 300
No sleeve yet rate it mad monster party deity guns dirty hands joueurs suspense rubberbandv/a: l'état du rock black & noir / bondage
rate it magic dirti was cruel man's ruin
No sleeve yet rate it mahogany wood idiot flesh heavy vegetable frank pahl borgia popes ubzub thinking fellers union local 282 the mooseheart faith splatter trio amy deenio utotem greg roe giant ant farm charming hostess richie west & bomb factory silica gel mommyheads supercollider snakefinger fibulator dramagold shakin ray levis poxy boggards big butter cracker pink floyd the barber non credo lungpigs eskimo primus stan ridgway j.e.d.v/a: a stab at the residents a tribute to the residents vaccination
rate it mainHz beggars banquet
rate it mainfirmament III beggars banquet
rate it makarabroken arrow to everything hymnal
rate it make upsound verite k
rate it make upsubstance abuse time bomb
rate it man is the bastard lack of interest soilent green loomis slovak crom excruciating terror cavity flame retarded agathocles suppressionv/a: cry now, cry later volume 3 theologian / pessimiser
rate it man or astroman?intrevenous television continuum one louder
rate it man or astroman?experiment zero one louder
rate it man or astroman magoo gods boyfriend pink cross eugenius the blisters jock scot spacehopper mogwai luci motor life co toaster lungleg the leopards arab strapv/a: hoover your head ten day weekend
rate it marcellus hallmore 4-track recordings walt
rate it mark snow soul coughing sheryl crow foo fighters william s. burroughs & r.e.m. nick cave & the bad seeds filter frank black meat puppets danzig screamin' jay hawkins elvis costello & brian eno rob zombie & alice cooper p.m. dawn nick cave & the dirty three the dirty threev/a: X-files songs in the key of x warner
rate it mars78+ atavistic
rate it martin phillipps & the chillscome home flying nun
rate it mary's childtong silvernoise
rate it maurizio bill laswell rome rhys chatham & martin wheeler pin him zulutronic magnet plug mouse on mars tao alec empire skull eardrum porter ricks the disciples gedulah & cheesecake andré gurov units prince paul jammin' unit bio muse third eye foundation spectre ice & palace v/a: macro dub infection vol. 2 virgin
rate it maximillian colbyst whirled
rate it mazzy staramong my swan capitol
rate it mccarthythat's all very well but... cherry red
rate it meathead cop shoot cop zeni geva babyland pain teensv/a: meathead against the world sub/mission
rate it mecca normalparis in april k
rate it mecca normalthe eagle & the poodle matador
rate it meltdelusion prohibited
rate it melt-bananascratch or stitch skin graft / nux organization
rate it melt-bananauntitled (piano one) gentle giant
rate it melt-banana secret chiefs 3 seagull screaming kiss her kiss her gastr del sol hair stylistics sxoxb god is my co-pilot merzbowv/a: the christmas album sony
rate it melt-banana stilluppsteypasplit 10" something weird / fire inc.
rate it melt-banana target shopperssplit 7" destroy all music / betley welcomes careful drivers
rate it melvinsinterstellar overdrive man's ruin
rate it melvinsleech egg one / cool hand
rate it melvinsthe bit ep atlantic / mammoth
rate it melvinsstag atlantic / mammoth
rate it melvinsbar-x-the rocking m atlantic / mammoth
rate it melvinsmonthly series #01 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsmonthly series #02 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsmonthly series #03 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsmonthly series #04 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsmonthly series #05 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsmonthly series #06 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsmonthly series #07 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsmonthly series #08 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsmonthly series #09 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsmonthly series #10 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsmonthly series #11 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsmonthly series #12 amphetamine reptile
rate it men's recovery projectnew human tour 5" vermiform
rate it men's recovery project rank pica sonic tourism master control programv/a: acid casualty compilation toolbox tunes
rate it miamdemo #2 self-released
rate it michael morleythe pavilion of fools gallerie dessford vogel
rate it milk cultbruce lee marvin gaye zk
No sleeve yet rate it milky wimpshakelove songs for punk rockers slampt
No sleeve yet rate it minetetanus common cause
No sleeve yet rate it mmoobelectroommoob demo self-released
rate it mocketdevil pups punk in my vitamins?
rate it modest mousethe fruit that ate itself k
rate it modest mouse
this is a long drive for someone with nothing to thin
k about
rate it modest mousea life of arctic sounds suicide squeeze
rate it modest mousebroke sub pop
rate it modest mouseinterstate 8 up
No sleeve yet rate it moloko the irresistible force jammin' unit wagon christ t-power air liquide witchman bedouin ascent plug the bowling green redlight district cologne techno animalv/a: further self evidence truth3 rising high
rate it monochrome (DE)prozac barrito x-mist
rate it monologue triola mémoire amanita / father yod
rate it monorchiddistortion simple machines
rate it monoshockwalk to the fire blackjack
rate it monsters dead moonsplit 7" live at the reitschule bern 25.11.1995 record junkie
rate it moonshakecranes world domination
rate it moonshakedirty & divine world domination
rate it moonshakecranes robin guthrie remix world domination
rate it more fire for burning people blue baby new yearsplit 7" an analytical look at comparison moodswing
rate it morphinelike swimming ep cosmic records
rate it motosingle file mind of a child
rate it motocaster stinking lizaveta iron boss deadfallv/a: hot rock action vol. 2 reptilian
rate it moviola cobra verdesplit 7" wabana
rate it moviola led byrd simon joyner trailer bride bird feet feelings the extra glenns fuck portastaticv/a: extra walt! walt
rate it mr quintronI.F. 001-011 the amazing spellcaster bulb
rate it mr quintron flossie and the unicornsplit 7" bulb
rate it mr. eppridiculing the apocalypse super-electro sound recordings
rate it mr. velocity hopkins the many moods of marlon magassplit 7" bulb
rate it my dad is deadshine(r) trance syndicate / emperor jones
rate it m monadesplit 7" all city louisville all city / louisville
rate it native nod
new compositions and arrangments for the zither by na
tive nod
gern blandsten
rate it nearly godst durban poison / island
rate it neil hagerty the sea note players smog palace brothers royal truxv/a: the drag city hour sea note
rate it nemast council / abiology
rate it neptuneswang release #2 anti-social
rate it neptuneknife fight e.p. release #1 self-released
rate it neurosisthrough silver in blood iron city
rate it neurosislocust star ep relapse
rate it neutral milk hotelon avery island merge
rate it nick cave & the bad seedshenry lee mute
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsmurder ballads mute
rate it nick cave & the bad seedshenry lee mute
rate it nid & d.a.r.k. parachutesplit 10" project dark
No sleeve yet rate it nikki suddenseven lives later glitterhouse
rate it ninefingerninefingered too damn hype / chord
rate it nineironspitfireseventh soul sacrificed indecision
rate it ninj & bill laswell sly & robbie sub dub the orb we material wordsound i-powa mad professor automaton dub syndicate jah wobble & jaki liebezeit & neville murray techno animal new kingdom scarab dj spookyv/a: axiom dub: mysteries of creation axiom
rate it nirvanafrom the muddy banks of the wishkah geffen
rate it nirvana poison ideasplit 7"
rate it no artist against all authority in like flynn the spitvalves denature skif dank slinky neurötic discount ethyl greening held the holsteins the leftovers beowülf, david lee the usuals bombshell hot water music less than jake after all shyster my pal trigger hobbledehoy wolfdaddys powdered toast man & in like flynn orchestrav/a: my mom likes these songs boxcar
rate it nofx free kitten melvins the holez d generation mike watt & j mascis ruined eye the posies o-matic white flag that dog flea sator the wrens matthew sweet gumball meat puppets puzzled panthers L7 monkeywrench hovercraftv/a: germs (tribute) a small circle of friends gasatanka / grass
rate it noir désir666.667 club barclay
rate it noir désirà ton étoile barclay
rate it noir désirun jour en france barclay
rate it noothgrush agents of satansplit 7" worthless / 100 years of solitude records
rate it norman bailer weld lux-o-values commander venusv/a: music me all over lumberjack / rolling hills
rate it nothing leftst orphaned
rate it nothing morest panx
rate it nothing painted blueniacin control freak scat
rate it novice browngravity's angel sweet baboo
rate it nubfall guy rough trade
rate it okaramonths like years spectra sonic sound
rate it okarademo self-released
rate it okara mothmansplit 7" troubleman / rocket science
rate it one eyed god prophecyst the great american steak religion
rate it orange glassprotography wabana
rate it orlockst funeral recordings / monstro
rate it oxbowserenade in red crippled dick hot wax
rate it oxbowinsylum crippled dick hot wax
rate it oxbow h.oilers plainfield bloodburger bcv/a: double of love volume uno crippled dick hot wax !
rate it pachinkoel diablo en señorita alternative tentacles
rate it pachinkobehind the green alternative tentacles
rate it pachinko gob jackwacker exit designer (SWI) bhang dextrov/a: accidental death through misadventure & mayhem! volume two satan's pimp
rate it palaceevery mothers son drag city / palace
rate it palace livefor the mekons, et al palace
rate it palace musiclittle blue eyes drag city
rate it palace musicarise therefore drag city
rate it palace soundtrackssongs put together for (the broken giant) domino
rate it panel donorlobedom & global lotuspool
rate it parades endspere the wordsmith covenant
rate it parkinson square grand bariosplit 7" jazz to come / les 7 piliers
No sleeve yet rate it parts crunch three second kiss joyce whore not mirabilia squawk it up! jinx bz bz ueu niumonia terapia d'urto mudcake larsen headcleanerv/a: control me vol.1
rate it party diktatordive-bomb roadrunner
rate it party of helicoptersdemo donut friends
rate it pascal comelademusiques pour films, vol. 2 delabel
rate it paste u.s. saucer thee crusaders melchor the extra glenns roughage mark blaise pascal good horsey refrigerator b.c. scar loren mazzacane sun city girls kathleen yearwood bügsküll pork queen caroliner rainbow splinter mine deserves staked plain thinking fellers union local 282 noggin paymentv/a: sidereal rest "the sleep vehicle" scratch
rate it pavementpacific trim big cat
rate it pavementpacific trim matador
rate it pavementgive it a day big cat
rate it pavement man or astroman?split 7" atlantic / lava
rate it pegboy keponesplit 7" quarterstick
rate it peltsnake to snake klang industries
rate it penthouse country teaserssplit 7" butchers wig
rate it penthouse the delta 72 dura-delinquent key islandv/a: gone got wretched butchers wig
rate it pervisstimple man's ruin
rate it peter planeburlesque monde from belgium with love
No sleeve yet rate it peter planeboiled ice amanita
rate it peu être carther matha rachelsplit CD le brun le roux
rate it phoaming edisonsold to the 2nd highest grady dark beloved cloud
rate it phono-combfresh gasoline quarterstick
rate it phono-combthe crass and the switchblade quarterstick
rate it piebald
click here for track listingeven after thirteen years
, he's still not coming back
hydra head
rate it piebaldsometimes friends fight point the blame
rate it playdoh chokebore shane cough gainsaid john münch (FR) heidi fleiss the shyness clinic killer lp trax moan betty manifold unwound nkv/a: taty du post rock ultra-violet
rate it polvoexploded drawing touch and go
rate it pork queen merzbow staked plain climax golden twins blowhole angst hase pfeffer nase noggin superconductor deerhoof roughage twerdocleb maji trailing armv/a: tinker compilation tinker
rate it portobello bones & burning heads portobello bones & hint portobello bones & condense portobello bones & cornu portobello bones & ouled el rai & beamtrap & swat el atlas portobello bones & tantrum portobello bones & near death experience & ouled el rai portobello bones & fragile portobello bones & fred norguet portobello bones & babe portobello bones & julie bonnieportobello amigos pandemonium / forked tongues
rate it portobello bones garlic frog dietsplit 7" jazz to come / les 7 piliers
rate it portraits of pastst ebullition
rate it precious wax drippingsno go receptionist
rate it pregnanthuman conception prohibited
rate it pregnantcraft demo self-released
rate it pretty pony sway kiss intro to airlift panoply academy glee clubv/a: kick the can compilation liliel copgn trust
rate it prohibition (FR)towncrier prohibited
rate it prohibition (FR) & yves robert heliogabale & didier petit bästard & sister iodine & denis colin hint & daunik lazrov/a: file under music rectangle
rate it proteinmy blood man's ruin
rate it pudding makerriver of tears wabana
rate it pulloverholiday fierce panda
rate it pulpcountdown 1992 - 1983 nectar masters
rate it pumice continental fruit cc nova origami replika tabata small blue torch gom sandoz lab technicians thurston moore del brother jt lasse marhaug kjetil d brandsdal & martin hewson slate slowburn osmose moonsocket jay clarkson gitbox! napkin vs. soda wio bingo trappers plover sportsguitar echo troopers furtips multisonic motorpsycho the mountain goats mote tranquilv/a: we'll sail out far... maybe a little too far... apartment
rate it pure morningi don't want u around
rate it purrtrust prohibited
rate it pylonhits a selection of recordings from 1979-1983
rate it qualm link 80 up yours render useless the rudiments pinhead circus the hexed son of sam the vss the facet ben hogan flux of disorder inquisition four coathanger kids mindpeg eleventh hour 8 bucks experimentv/a: weeds in the garden paco garden
rate it quickspacerise kitty kitty corporation
rate it quintronamazing spellcaster bulb
rate it quixotethe force makoto
rate it r.e.m.new adventures in hi-fi warner
rate it r.l. burnsidea ass pocket of whiskey matador
rate it rachel'sthe sea and the bells quarterstick
rate it rachel'smusic for egon schiele quarterstick
rate it raeowords are worms amanita / father yod
rate it railroad jerksauberes hemd matador
rate it rain like the sound of trains samba murray bozinsky's science club a subtle plaguev/a: gleis 22 gleis
rate it rain man otto's revenge hippie crack gastank ulcer bent dazzling killmen hogscraper uncle terrible nerve fragile porcelain pamper the madman whoppers taste good ultraman uncle dudley willis son of slam full on venus since hector was a pup my little dog chinav/a: guide to fast living alien feedings
rate it rainer mariast polyvinyl
rate it rainer maria hubcap clairmel corm back of dave rail mary me gainer gus my foolish halo walker tomorrow ezra pound braid gila bend fracture mariner nine prozac memory boilermakerv/a: direction polyvinyl
rate it refrigeratorsuck and run paperplane
rate it refrigeratoranchors of bleed the communion label / shrimper
rate it regulator wattsnew low moline slowdime / dischord
No sleeve yet rate it regulator wattsthe mercury ep slowdime
rate it rein sanctionblue men souldier
No sleeve yet rate it republic of freedom fighters twenty seven hourssplit 7" fall
rate it retsinegg fusion simple machines
No sleeve yet rate it reversal of manst valrico
rate it reversal of man enemy soilsplit 7" fist held high
No sleeve yet rate it revolutionnary dub warriorsstate of evolution on-u sound
rate it rexc southern
rate it rexleak through bubble core
rate it rexthe waltz southern
rate it rex daisy big red ball balloon guy lily liver willie wisely the hang ups shatterproof cows the wahinis hammerhead king can arcwelder dylan hicks interstate judy the spectors low mountain singers february barbara cohen & little lizard rhea valentine babes in toyland milk polara the vibro champs june sunday savage aural hotbed john's black dirt stuart davis kelley deal 6000 rods smattering hidden trackv/a: stuck on a.m.: off the record in minneapolis TRG
rate it ricaineintore: the cold grey rain rubber
rate it ricaineregret is an inevitable consequence of life rubber
rate it rice godheadsilo reach out honeywell still life evergreen (CA) driftwood crash and britany karp the saw babyland angel hair jackbarber clikatat ikatowiv/a: in memory of jason (jason jon fleagane) a compilation monopoly
rate it ridetarantula sire / reprise
rate it rig (CA)king of the soft serve (with a semi) cruz
No sleeve yet rate it rinsestoic concurrent
rate it roadsawamerican dream man's ruin
rate it robert pollardnot in my airforce matador
rate it rocket from the cryptstar search peel session no label
rate it rocket from the cryptin the white room (with black curtains) brand new bag
rate it rocket from the cryptradio and tv broadcasts from the uk 1995
rate it rocket from the crypton a rope cd1 elemental
rate it rocket from the crypton a rope cd2 elemental
rate it rocket from the crypton a rope cd3 elemental
rate it rocket from the crypttattoo single #2 dinked
rate it rocket from the crypt the misfitssplit 12" radio and tv broadcasts from the uk 1995 live in passaic, new jersey, 25 feb 1981
rate it rocket from the tombs gem downside special home and garden chump cobra verde craw swank motel duvalby brothers fuzzhead cruel, cruel moon einstein's secret orchestra new salem witch hunters the backmonkeys step sister the vivians brain not radio theater puff tube peter laughner dead boys X-blank-X the pagans les raving sounds ragged bags easter monkeys the guns spike in vain numbskull death of samantha dimbulb new bomb turks chris butler ralph carney amoebas ugly beautyv/a: cleveland... so much to answer for cle magazine 4.0 bonus cd cle
rate it rocketscienceavalon electrolux
rate it roofthe untraceable cigar red note
rate it rubbish heappath of lies conspiracy
rate it rubbish heap cornucopialive split tape
rate it rubbish heap upsetsplit 7" conspiracy
rate it rumfordclark dubious honor / brown star
rate it run onstart packing matador
No sleeve yet rate it rusted shutst fleece
rate it rwakrowgrrrr
rate it sally skullfractious ep slampt
rate it sap poliosplit 7" satan's pimp
rate it satisfactst k
rate it satisfactthe unwanted sounds of up
rate it scanner david shea mainsub rosa live sessions > paris june 1996 sub rosa
rate it scaredy cat stereolab the apollos comet gain s-girl and noo d teenagers in trouble royal trux male slut quickspace supersport larry kesslerv/a: godz is not a put-on lissy
rate it scarfobingo england deceptive
rate it scenicsage independent project
No sleeve yet rate it schemapenny dreadful subjugation
rate it science kitmadagascar magic eye
rate it scornlogghi barogghi earache
rate it scornzander kk
rate it scornleave it out ep possible rec
rate it screaming treesdust epic
No sleeve yet rate it sea scoutspattern recognition chapter music
rate it sebadohocean domino
rate it sebadohbeauty of the ride domino
rate it sebadohsebadoh's special elitist mail-order only single sub pop
rate it seein' redmarinus ebullition
No sleeve yet rate it seelyjulie only too pure
No sleeve yet rate it september (USA)cyrus the white rabbit tree records / simba
rate it serotoninwhile i breath i hope concurrent / double agent
rate it servotronred robot refund (ode to RS-04) goldenrod
rate it servotronthere is no santa claus! amphetamine reptile
rate it servotroncelebration of annihilation sympathy eastside records
rate it servotron
electrical power sources for the electrocution and ex
tinction of the human race...
one louder robots
rate it servotronno room for humans one louder
rate it sex pistolspretty vacant man's ruin
rate it sex pistols the sofisticatossplit 7" man's ruin
rate it sexual surrogate< ravish > spirit of 76
rate it shake ray turbine full service quartetsplit 7" landmark
rate it shakuhachi surprisespace streakings sighted over mount shasta skin graft
rate it shaleshorn pop bus
rate it shalelie truth peas kor
rate it shotmakermouse ear [forget-me-not] troubleman unlimited
rate it shrinkwrapupon the fruited plains suggestion / no risk-no fun
rate it shrugbuilding society guided missile
rate it shub1996 demo self-released
rate it shunatao anna luif & noël akchotésplit CD amanita
rate it silver jewsthe natural bridge drag city
rate it silver saluteno clue amphetamine reptile
rate it simplement jacques simplement jacques & the skirts & old time relijun the lookers vicki lewis & melissa klein 66% chick hallie ruth the skirts monsieur bryce panic miss lady hand grenade old time relijun panties nikki mcclure godzilla & cybelle & ben cocozelle miranda july flying tigers agnes and hattie's eastside witches' revival simplement jacques & old time relijuncha cha cabaret chez vous k
No sleeve yet rate it sinking bodythe discovery of iron ore vermiform
rate it six finger satellitelive at the A.C.I. sub pop
rate it six finger satelliteparanormalized sub pop
rate it six finger satellitemassive cocaine seizure sub pop
rate it six finger satelliteclone theory load
rate it six horsefine business, excellent dubious honor
rate it sizeabledémo self-released
rate it skull flowerthe starlit mire parts I-IV kubitsuri tapes
rate it skullduggeryst jazz to come / les 7 piliers
rate it skullflowertransformer sympathy for the record industry
rate it skullflowerthis is skullflower vhf
rate it skullflowertotal way out sounds / vinyl communications
rate it sleater-kinneycall the doctor chainsaw
rate it sleazy arse fake hyppi cause'n'effect pregnantv/a: wod'z yer name? e.p. upfront
rate it sleepersthe less an object tim/kerr records
rate it sleeppersnoise pollution total heaven
rate it sleepytime triosongs & stories whirled
rate it sleepytime triospeak again twice nervous wreck kids
rate it slugthe 3 man themes pcp entertainment / matador
rate it slughoggrit wonderdrug
rate it smashing pumpkins1979 virgin
rate it smashing pumpkinstonight, tonight hut
rate it smashing pumpkinszero hut
rate it smogthe doctor came at dawn domino / drag city
rate it smogkicking a couple around domino
rate it snapperadm flying nun
rate it snuffdo do do ep deceptive
rate it snufflong ball to no-one ep deceptive
rate it snuffdemmamussabebonk fat wreck
rate it snuffscminke minkie pinkie fat wreck
No sleeve yet rate it so nichtboop
rate it soilent greena string of lies relapse
No sleeve yet rate it solaris b.c.01 lo fibre
rate it solid gold hellthe blood and the pity flying nun
rate it songs:ohiaone pronunciation of glory secretly canadian
rate it sonido faction little red car wreck kitty spit'n fire kirihito nikki mcclure timonium the lookers some velvet sidewalk tummy ache seagulls screaming kiss her kiss her the drivers the cannanes skirts loud machine 0.5 rosenthal old time relijun jason traegerv/a: overboard yo-yo
rate it sophiaare you happy now the flower shop
No sleeve yet rate it soul coughingirresistible bliss slash
rate it southville the serenas tattle tale musical chairs orange cake mix the temperance league paintv/a: pillarbox red transatlantic pop explosion
rate it space streakingscomic book and record set taco beya skin graft
rate it spaceheadsround the outside live in the u.s.a. dark beloved cloud
rate it spanakorzoparasite snowblind (UK)
rate it spanakorzoinflux wrenched / goldenrod
rate it spare snare majesty crush bear bardo pond ligament space bike bis the golden mile the delgados merzbow exit 30 amp fuse c-clamp windy + carl i'm being good fuxav/a: eight 7" box set ché
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rate it sparkmarkersawed off but silent sub pop
rate it sparkmarkerplug selfless
rate it spatulaunder the veil of health squealer
rate it spazztastin spoon clean plate
rate it spazz brutal truthsplit 7" bovine / rhetoric
rate it spazz toastsplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it spectre & scotty hard unitone hi-fi dr. israel the mystic bill laswell nu seeka scarab torture O.H.M. megabyte the count of monte cristo himv/a: crooklyn dub consortium certified dope, vol.2 wordsound
rate it spectreman headbuttsplit 7" infection fanzine bonus 7" ep no. 1 spurt
rate it spectrum stereolabsplit 7" silvertone
rate it speculum fightswimming pool volvolo
rate it speed the ploughmarina east side digital
rate it spermbirds party diktatorsplit 7" musical tragedies
rate it spiderbait ddt fitz of depression trigger happy one ton shotgun lloydsrocket poison idea rhythm pigs killdozer ultra bidé fireballs engine kid blood sausage show business giants dirty threev/a: hardcore holiday virgin
rate it splinteredmoraine suggestion / no risk-no fun
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rate it splintered A.S.P.split 10" fourth dimension
rate it splintered RLW RLWsplinteredsplit cd ep black rose recordings
rate it spoontelephono matador
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rate it spoonfed hybridhibernation shock farrágo
rate it squarepusherport rhombus ep warp
rate it stacatto readssecular gravity
rate it stalingradthe politics of ecstasy armed with anger
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rate it stapled shutst clean plate
rate it star pimpdocudrama kill rock stars
No sleeve yet rate it star vehiclehigh roller
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rate it stereolabnoises elektra
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rate it steve wynnmelting in the dark zero hour
No sleeve yet rate it stickfigurecarouselfor the kids dim mak / bastille
rate it still life cerberus shoalsplit 7" post marked stamps No.2 tree records
rate it strangulated beatoffsINXS sin raft
rate it stuntman (USA)the american fadeout mag wheel
rate it stuntman (USA)st link
rate it submission holdkamikaze quagga self-released
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No sleeve yet rate it subway sectwe oppose all rock & roll overground
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rate it supercharger gas huffersplit 7" gearhead #1 bonus 7" gearhead
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rate it supernovahow much more sympathy for the record industry
rate it supernovamonsta!! sympathy for the record industry
rate it supernovacosta mesa hates me tres hombre
rate it suppression cripple bastardssplit 12" degradation/elimination of the robot swine-pig more frustrations bovine
rate it surfaceseven times over fold 803b
rate it surfaceposthumous catchphraze
rate it swansreal love atavistic
rate it swanssoundtracks for the blind young god / atavistic
rate it sweater weatherst divot
rate it sweep the leg johnnynew buffalo divot
rate it sweet peachris hate wes trance syndicate / my very first label
rate it sweetheartintoxicated boom boom bad vugum
rate it swell treepeople capsize fernando golden delicious quasi magnetic fields j. hell the dambuilders king black acid spurge hazel ventilator mercury revv/a: crash course for the ravers a tribute to the songs of david bowie undercorver
rate it swervedriver sophiasplit 7" echostatic / space baby
No sleeve yet rate it swing kidsdiscography three one g
rate it swobthe explosion of scilence pop bus
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rate it symposium inter dragdoll midget tampasm snugv/a: six splashes of adolescent sauce screecher comforts fierce panda
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rate it tardsrubber room man's ruin
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rate it techno animalbabylon seeker blue angel
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rate it teenage jesus and the jerks crescent mars chrome cranks the scissor girls the dream syndicate eleventh dream day rick rizzo & janet beveridge bean & steve wynn the tiger lillies wolverton brothers mx-80 sound antimuro theoretical girls lydia lunch e.a.r. blastula wharton tiers glenn branca lydia lunch &, thurston moore carbon bruce anderson gerry miles & alan licht vandermark 5 raeo nrg ensemble gordy horn infusion lee ranaldov/a: out of their mouths atavistic
rate it television personalitiespaisley shirts & mini skirts overground
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rate it texas is the reason the promise ringsplit 7" 1996 US tour support record jade tree
No sleeve yet rate it the (concord anthology) process nerosplit 7" temporary residence
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rate it the ampsbragging party breeders digest
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rate it the boo radleysc'mon kids creation
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rate it the boys next doormasturbation generation live 1977
No sleeve yet rate it the cable car theory i robotsplit 7" immigrant sun
rate it the candyland carcrashbaffled on the seventh floor fountainhead / clay garden
rate it the cannanes sleepy townshipsplit 7" chapter music
rate it the chillssunburnt flying nun
rate it the chrome crankslove in exile pcp
rate it the clarkenovahighway star man's ruin
rate it the cleanunknown country flying nun
rate it the coctailshere now today hi-ball
rate it the crabs honeybunch the seductive satisfact some velvet sidewalk lois copass grinders mecca normal kicking giant wandering lucy modest mouse satan's pilgrims the softies karp belmondo versus nikki mcclure love as laughter heavenly f.y.p. pansy divisionv/a: project: echo k
rate it the crownhate ruinuntil the eagle grins dischord
rate it the curewild mood swings elektra / fiction
rate it the dambuilders 360's the gigolo aunts milkmoney morphine orangutang otis the cavedogs roger miller anastasia screamed twig dope green magnet school king moon's razor tree scarce prickly 6l6 the vehicle birth lou barlow bulkhead cordelia's dad the queers the bags syrup the zulus slughog come big dipper buffalo tom helium flying nuns bullet lavolta moving targets smackmelon dirt merchants pie christmas upper crust fuzzyv/a: pipeline! live boston rock from WMBR kimchee
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rate it the delta 72on the rocks kill rock stars / dischord
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rate it the dustersforest fire superbad / dischord
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rate it the evolution control committeethe whipped cream mixes eerie themes
rate it the fallsinister waltz first of the serie receiver
rate it the fallfiend with a violin second of the serie receiver
rate it the falloswald defence lawyer third of the serie receiver
rate it the fallthe light user syndrome jet
rate it the fallthe chiselers jet
rate it the fall drome autechrev/a: what's the noise #16 what's the noise
rate it the festival of dead deerst blackbean and placenta
rate it the flaming starsdownhill without brakes vinyl japan
rate it the flaming starssongs from the bar room floor vinyl japan
rate it the flying luttenbachersrevenge of the flying luttenbachers skin graft / ugEXPLODE
rate it the flying luttenbacherslive at WNUR 2-6-92 destructo noise explosion! ugEXPLODE / coat-tail
rate it the for carnationmarshmallows matador
rate it the forty twowhat it's like to be a musician concurrent
rate it the gerogerigegege bastard noisesplit 7" vis a vis audio arts
No sleeve yet rate it the get up kidslove teller
rate it the go-betweens16 lovers lane acoustic demos labels / beggars banquet
rate it the hair and skin trading companycrouch end aquese
rate it the hairy patt bandrock with poll in the red
rate it the hal al shedadsymbol of sound progress auto-stop
rate it the hal al shedadsound of swords clashing at a loss
rate it the hal al shedads/t buddy system / troubleman unlimited
rate it the halo bendersdon't tell me now k
rate it the hassassinscrash!
rate it the hatersblotch behemoth
rate it the hillfiguzes tricky tricky & laveda davis stephanie cooke tricky & roberto malary jr.tricky presents grassroots payday / ffrr
rate it the honeymoon killerssing sing (1984-1994) sympathy for the record industry
rate it the jazz junethe necessary conditions of current and signal keystone ember
rate it the jesus lizardthumper capitol
rate it the jesus lizardshot capitol
rate it the jesus lizard shellac sebadoh june of 44 the coctails guided by voices archers of loaf bad livers yo la tengo mekons superchunk seam tortoise rachel'sv/a: the lounge ax defense & relocation compact disc touch and go
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionget with it explosion juke box series #4 in the red
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No sleeve yet rate it the lemonheadscar button cloth atlantic
rate it the lilyswhich studies the past? sub pop / ché
rate it the little rabbits fu-goo shaggy hounds seven hate burning heads clou prohibition (FR) tantrum welcome to julian portobello bones sleeppers d.i.t sloy skippies terminal buzz bömbv/a: holiday in mururoa l'épicerie skipz
rate it the lonesome organistmullard thrill jockey
rate it the make-updestination: love live! at cold rice dischord
rate it the male nursepatric swayze guided missile
rate it the many moods of marlon magasmelt your gold! scratch
rate it the martiansyou rather would reservation / chunket / lunchbox
rate it the martiansgarden reservation / chunket / lunchbox
rate it the moleculesno-fi amanita / commercial failure
rate it the mountain goatsnothing for juice ajax
rate it the mountain goatsbeautiful rat sunset shrimper
rate it the mountain goatsyam, the king of crops oska
rate it the nomadsiron dream man's ruin
No sleeve yet rate it the notorious love affairst per koro
rate it the outsideinsidestrippers lament man's ruin
rate it the palace brothers nod starbilly cherub scourge hula hoop crab nebula king kong chicken hawk driftin' luke bodeco juanita drinking women the web grayson hall retsin the barton boys matthew o'brannonv/a: sourmash a louisville compilation x-static / boss snake
rate it the party of helicoptersfairy god fighters donut friends
rate it the party of helicopters in anosplit 7" ape
rate it the popgunsanother year, another address best of the midnight years cherry red
rate it the promise ring sarge supporting actress punjab jerkwater cincos de gatos side project helen hand to mouth roscoe p soultrane palilia gainer jarbaby civic marvin nash ativin earl howitzer arrol/elmore lustre king the patrick dance the dismemberment plan rainer maria sweater weather campanula blue speed the day hubcap gila bend play station chester lanterna beezus slavic 747 angie rail mary me orange whip the marshfield chimes braid scary monstersv/a: ooh do i love you a benefit to end sexual violence the core for care
No sleeve yet rate it the pterodactysreborn bulb
rate it the raincoatslooking in the shadows rough trade
rate it the republic of freedom fightersst linkwork / mountain
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rate it the rickets excuse 17 bloodthirsty butchers godheadsilo heavens to betsy fitz of depression the halo benders copass grindez mukilteo fairies girl trouble karp beck cub new bad things the stinky puffs mecca normal codeine mary lou lord team dresch neutral milk hotel dig yr grave the softies the crabs kicking giant georgia and ira versus satellite crayon nuzzle long hind legs some velvet sidewalk lois hush harbor blair mailer unwoundv/a: yo yo a go go yoyo
rate it the scissor girlswe people space with phantoms atavistic
rate it the scissor girls mother country death rattle los crudos the flying luttenbachers math trenchmouth quintron duotron el niño jaks anthropod vector slope the deucesv/a: cia via ufo to mercury hit on the fly
rate it the scissor girls mother country death rattle the flying luttenbachers math trenchmouth quintron duotron el niño jaks anthropod vector slope the deuces condeucentv/a: cia via ufo to mercury atavistic
rate it the sidewindercolonized mille plateaux
rate it the sky by sorelladark before home inchworm
rate it the somerville playersvolume one lissy's
rate it the sortscommon time atlas
rate it the spinanesmadding sub pop
rate it the spitterstimes of influenza reptilian
rate it the starkweathersdo you like to be lied to? sub pop singles club february 1996 sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it the starvationsshut up sirens vinyl dog
rate it the sundownerssinging death chants to the stars sea note
rate it the sundownersthe girl with the thing in her hair sea note
rate it the terminalsmedusa roof bolt
rate it the third eye foundationuniversal cooler planet
rate it the third eye foundationsemtex linda's strange vacation
rate it the third eye foundationin version linda's strange vacation
rate it the trans megettirent a rocket art monk
No sleeve yet rate it the trash can sinatrasa happy pocket go! discs
No sleeve yet rate it the trash can sinatrasto sir, with love go! discs
rate it the useless playboysbim bam baby cool man's ruin
rate it the usualsyours truly boxcar / teamster's union
rate it the van peltstealing from our favorite thieves gern blandsten
rate it the vssresponse gravity
rate it the warmersst dischord
No sleeve yet rate it the webthe colonel self-released
rate it the wedding presentmontreal cooking vinyl
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rate it the wedding present2,3,go cooking vinyl
rate it the wedding presentsaturnalia cooking vinyl
No sleeve yet rate it the weirdos the bags the germs the skullsv/a: live from the masque 1978 volume 1 house of punk / flipside
rate it the world / inferno friendship societyour candidate gern blandsten
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rate it the world inferno friendship societythe models and the mannequins gern blandsten
rate it the yummy furplastic cowboy ep guided missile
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rate it the yummy furnightclub guided missile / slampt
rate it the yummy fursupermarket vesuvius
rate it thee hydrogen terrorserotic adventures of thee hydrogen terrors load
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rate it thinking fellers union local 282the kids are in the mud japan overseas
rate it thoughts of ionescorandall cascade
rate it three colours redthis is my hollywood fierce panda
rate it three second kissfor pain relief lollypop
rate it thrilled skinnylet there be shelving ep hunchback / glut records
rate it throwing musesruthie's knocking rykodisc