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rate it (young) pioneersemployer's blacklist whirled / irony
No sleeve yet rate it - gringos suonihiuksisto kingdom scum vas deferens organization farbror banges kapell amps for christ las galore charming hostess transkaakko brown cuts neighbors violent onshent geisha drain thi-linh le malacoda keuhkot stock, hausen and walkman mieskuoro huutajat deep turtle széki kurva loris eugene chadbournev/a: angels of life in a psychic wasteland eerie materials / hidden power entreprises
rate it - oxymorons gary lou pico puff tube revellers blue cobra verde haynes boys syrup vivians clay muzzle campfire walkers steamshovel sosumi flaming telepath dock ellis supie t lord burger cage wax tadpole scrawl rainy day saints brainiac skullbank quazimodo new bomb turks g-spot tornados kaj mi nuka creature satellites ass ponys rc mob pet ufo one riot one ranger girly machine honk, wail, and moan gem gauntv/a: ubu dance party: a tribute to pere ubu
(38 ohio bands pay tribute to cleveland's legendary p
op combo)
rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deads/t trance
rate it 100 foot worm makes own foodstargazer dolor del estomago
rate it 16blaze of incompetence theologian / pessimiser
rate it 16snakeburn toy's factory
rate it 2 foot flameultra drowning matador
rate it 25 ta life spazzsplit 7"
rate it 3-mile pilotanother desert, another sea headhunter / cargo
rate it 30 second motion picturecan't kill time spectra sonic sound
rate it 31 knotsalgut allbrain ranghok
rate it 3RA1N1ACelectro-shock for president touch and go
rate it 5ive styleshe's humanoid sub pop
rate it 8 eyed spy8 eyed spy atavistic
rate it 90 day menif you can bake a cake, you can build a bomb... actionboy
No sleeve yet rate it ? beeswaxv/a: insania
No sleeve yet rate it a minor forest & LSR the panoply academy glee clubsplit 7" a benefit for the midwest books for prisoners project in all directions
rate it a minor forest three mile pilotsplit 7" chrysanthemum
rate it a photograph to remember you byst excursions into the abyss
No sleeve yet rate it abuse rot mrtvá budoucnost suppression senseless apocalypse global holocaustv/a:speed freaks vol. 3 knot music
rate it acid king altamontsplit CD man's ruin
rate it acrid bombs of deathsplit 7" no idea
No sleeve yet rate it action leaguetwo feet dieselhead
rate it action patrol braid cornelius doc hopper eagle bravo four hundred years gus hellnation in/humanity j church kerosene 454 less than jake mens recovery project norman mayer group oblivion pezz quadiliacha rye coalition sleepytime trio the fresh-o-matics unsettled vanbuilderass wesley willis x-rays (young) pioneers zoinks!v/a: the ABC's of punk whirled
rate it adam and the antzyoung parisians
rate it aerial mas performed by aerial m drag city
rate it aerial mm is ... drag city
rate it agoraphobic nosebleedst clean plate
rate it agoraphobic nosebleed cattlepresssplit 12" bovine
rate it agoraphobic nosebleed enemy soilsplit 7" bovine
rate it akatenIV magaibutsu
rate it alboth!amor fati pandemonium
rate it all i ask...7 inches of piss and vinegar redline
rate it all scarsearly ambient dischord / slowdime
rate it ambassador 9 ninety the makeshift conquestsplit 7" voice of the sky
rate it ambassador 990serpentor voice of the sky
rate it amps for christthorny path vermiform
rate it amps for christ antisocial beards bastard noise boomerang mr. brinkman bullet in the head catholic church dropdead forcefield hermit huldremose deleted human head in search of obsession jay t. yamamoto krebstar landed lightning bolt men's recovery project mike nobody pleasurehorse rah bras replikants rubber o cement sinking body snake in the monkey's shadow spastic colon tit wrench vanilla gross white christmasv/a: fruited other surfaces vermiform
rate it anandahabeas corpus unfortunate for the fortunate
rate it andy's car crash shut up! miam owun bianca fleur zadig rogojine skrewed ass microsquame almà fury mo-ev/a: riche en fruits amanita
No sleeve yet rate it angelist freeland
rate it anomie palatka kathode inso grey holocron sixpence swallowing shit constatine sankathi driftv/a: food not bombs benefit record anima
rate it another green world chrome controlled bleeding brand x farflung dean de benedictis & athan maroulis astralasia the electric hellfire club alien planetscapes darxtra surface 10v/a: a tribute to the music & works of brian eno cleopatra
No sleeve yet rate it antioch arrowin love with jetts the lady is a cat gravity
rate it anywhen hip young things show of hands souled american the confusions autumn the damned marky ramone & the intruders shock therapy silence jerry van rooyen fader gladiator stieber twins kinderzimmer productions future rock frootloop soul immigrants joe zawinul salamat chris karrer keith leblanc doug wimbish dub syndicate tassilli players sub dub bim sherman suns of arqa dub ghecko bill laswell jalal meira asher moonshake fatboy slim das ich diary of dreams endraum in the nurseryv/a: life is too short for boring music vol 10 world's best
rate it appendix outthe rye bears a poison drag city
rate it arab on radarqueen hygiene II heparin
rate it archbishop kebabbellyhunting zorlac
rate it archers of loafvitus tinnitus alias
rate it archers of loafjive kata
rate it arcwelder hurl harvey milk the azusa plane spatula xerobot man or astro-man? stirling cash money the yips elf power windy + carl tractor hips thee hydrogen terrors the steel miners the quadrajets azalia snail & harry pussy six finger satellite bertrand m. canning cruel, cruel moon ?v/a: the money shot! chunklet
rate it arma contra armalet no one deceive you lengua armada
rate it armitage shanksare friends electric? damaged goods
rate it armstrongs secret ninethe corpse came calling donut friends
rate it art and language & the red crayolacorrected slogans drag city / dexter's cigar
rate it ashtabulariver of many dead fish silt breeze
rate it ashtar command farflung helios creed illyah kuryahkin reservoir furry things space needle patrick prophette the black watch mars accelerator reload kayo snowmen star hustler kickstand chrome brilliantine flaming box of ants roger nusic sister psychicv/a: letters to aliens undercover
rate it asshole parade excruciating terror dystopia infest despise you lack of interest gasp suppression noothgrush no comply spazz purgatoria man is the bastard capitalist casualties stapled shut enemy soil evolved to obliteration bad acid trip c:###v/a: reality part #2 deep six
rate it at the drive-inel gran orgo off time
rate it ativingerman water secretly canadian
rate it atom and his packages/t bloodlink
rate it autoclavest dischord / mira
rate it autumn risingthe kraken brass ass
rate it avail (young) pioneerssplit CD ep the fall of richmond lookout!
rate it azitascattered brains atavistic
rate it bad acid trip agoraphobic nosebleed laceration the end of the century party decay forced expressionv/a:speed freaks vol. 2 knot music
rate it badgewearerthe tashman dadguy olfactory e.p. amanita / black halo
rate it badgewearercriterion adjournments secret cowboy agenda amanita / guided missile
rate it badgewearernowness amanita / guided missile
rate it bailter spacecapsul turnbuckle / flying nun
rate it bailter spacecapsul turnbuckle / flying nun
rate it barbara manning1212 matador
rate it basementhead on weird
rate it bästardillinois hi-tones rejected sugar & spice
rate it bästardside stuff self-released
rate it bastro dackelblut gastr del sol halb happy grindcore hash over helgoland (DE) die hexen hotzenplotz hrubesch youth idiot flesh klausner klang kommando knochen = girl teer gleene muck ostzonensuppen würfelmachenkrebs potato fritz kristof schreuf sport stau steiner superpunk unhold viva maria! zimbov/a: fidel bastro zehn fidel bastro
rate it baxterlost voices... static station
No sleeve yet rate it beamtrappractical weapon bawl
rate it beck session grouptwist and shout
rate it behind closed doorss/t vermin scum
rate it beltainecrowning the caged kid atomic action
No sleeve yet rate it big heifer science kitsplit CDep spring split magic eye
rate it bilge pumpthe eternal qu'est que c'est for barry barry
rate it bissweet shop avengerz wiiija
rate it biseverybody thinks that they're going to get theirs wiiija
rate it bisybacksonbootyshake grist milling
rate it björkhomogenic mother / one little indian
rate it black light pantherss/t peterbilt
rate it blakelamplight spectra sonic sound
rate it blankmany will play, few will win reptilian
rate it blendwerkdiskonstruktion (auch party) rex rotary
rate it blonde redheadfake can be just as good touch and go
rate it bluebirdfamily room parts 1 & 2 outer universe research
rate it blues explosioncontroversial negro matador
rate it blues explosioncontroversial negro matador
rate it bluetipjoin us dischord
rate it bluetipjoin us dischord
rate it bob ostertagverbatim red note
rate it bob tiltoncrescent subjugation
No sleeve yet rate it bob tilton...wake me when it's spring time again subjugation
rate it bobby connst truckstop audio
rate it bobby womack - brothers johnson bill withers johnny cash bloodstone pam grier foxy brown randy crawford the delfonics the grass roots minnie riperton vampire sound inc. elliot easton's tiki godsv/a: jackie brown music from the miramax motion picture maverick
rate it bombs lullabyestill brass council
rate it bongzilla meatjacksplit 7" pinecone
rate it botchthe unifying themes of sex, death, and religion excursion
rate it botch nineironspitfiresplit 7" indecision
rate it bottledoghot dolphin terror GDDT
rate it bowery electricbeat kranky / beggars banquet
rate it box the compass walk-in closet / city boot records
rate it boxer rebellionthe romance of aeronautics hydra head
rate it braidniagara grand theft auto
rate it braidfirst day back polyvinyl
rate it braid cormsplit 7" polyvinyl
rate it braid the get up kidssplit 7" post marked stamps No.4 tree records
rate it braid the get up kidssplit 7" european tour 7" tree records
rate it brainbombsobey wabana
rate it branch manageranything tribal dischord
rate it breachit's me god tru$t no one
rate it breachuntitled burning heart
rate it breach regressionsplit CD ep good life recordings
rate it brix smithhappy unbirthday ep strange love
rate it brokebackreturns to the orange grove thrill jockey
rate it brokebackanother routine day breaks hi ball
rate it brutal truth convergesplit 7" in these black days vol. 2 a tribute to black sabbath hydra head
rate it brutal truth convergesplit 7" in these black days vol. 2 a tribute to black sabbath hydra head
rate it bughummer galanas cerdd estrada bob barrel hell mach 4 soi deo gloriav/a: a compatibility of dissonance lakeside
rate it built to spillperfect from now on city slang
rate it built to spilluntrustable warner bros
rate it bunny foot charmwhat's with this? punk in my vitamins?
rate it buzzkill ultra bidé pachinko thrallv/a: maximum avant cruelty! alternative tentacles
No sleeve yet rate it c.c.c.c. jalopaz alchemy of the 20th centuryv/a: untitled freak animal / leg meat
rate it C4AM95III home taping is recording music frenetic
rate it cairo caponehow to play ping-pong rosepetal
rate it calmst unleaded
No sleeve yet rate it cape fear mimetic field & von magnet delphium scorn telemak dither fragile collapse hal easy witches hintv/a: lágrimas de miedo n°4 calcium-friendly radiations fear drop
rate it caroliner associate musclenutsardelli horse haven
rate it caroliner rainbow stand still or fight beans and sunstrokeshow me 12" as a 7"
rate it caroliner crawl unit noggin deerhoof cloudland dada action group shrunken heads 1/2 japanese kalberer hotel supply crushed donkey skull v/a: cassandwich
rate it cars get crushedwarped speed
rate it castmother nature calls polydor
rate it cataract falls ramona & beezussplit 7" excursions into the abyss
rate it cathedral sleep godfish confession a.c. fudge tunnel old brutal truth ultraviolence pitch shifter scorn iron monkeyv/a: masters of misery black sabbath tribute earache
No sleeve yet rate it catherine wheeladam and eve chrysalis
rate it cattle decapitationten torments of the damned humanure atrocities
rate it cavityfuck diablo arm
rate it celluloïd matapink one ep v-lego
rate it cerberus shoalelements of structure permanence audioinformationphenomena
rate it charles bronsonyouth attack! lengua armada
rate it charles bronson enemy soil violently ill phono phobia soiled section short hate temper potato justice woundv/a:speed freaks vol. 1 knot music
rate it charles bronson palatka locust dangermouse short hate temper eucharist mk-ultra q-factorv/a: vida life benefit 7" for project vida lengua armada
No sleeve yet rate it charles bronson spazz assholeparade pretentious assholes unanswered palatka despise youv/a: possessed to skate 625 trashcore / theologian / pessimiser
rate it charles bronson unansweredsplit 7" track star
rate it cheap trickbaby talk sub pop
rate it cheer-accidentenduring the american dream pravda
rate it cherubs (USA) fuckemossplit 7" unclean
rate it cherubs (USA) fuckemossplit 7" trance syndicate
rate it chisel the van peltsplit 7" air kind alliance
rate it chokeboreit could ruin your day euro tour ep amphetamine reptile
rate it chokeboredays of nothing euro tour ep amphetamine reptile
rate it chris knoxyes!! flying nun
rate it chromeretro transmission cleopatra
rate it chrometidal forces (no humans allowed pt II) man's ruin
rate it chrome cranksoily cranks early raw rare material atavistic
rate it chrome man or astroman?split 7" gearhead #5 bonus 7" gearhead
rate it clikatat ikatowiaugust 29 + 30 1995 gravity
rate it clikatat ikatowiriver of souls gravity
rate it closurest mountain
rate it coalescea safe place second nature / edison
rate it colossamiteall lingo's clamor skin graft
rate it combatwoundedveteran orchidsplit 6" clean plate
rate it company flowfuncrusher plus rawkus
rate it compound redangel danced away hardspun
rate it compound redpeter pan's shadow DeSoto
rate it compound red sidekick katosplit 7" clique
rate it coney noiseensuing and preceding self-released
rate it controlled bleeding david cross brand x (west) brand x (east) chrome melting euphoria alien planetscapes architectural metaphor pressurehed astralasia xcranium spirits burning solid spacev/a: schizoid dimension a tribute to king crimson cleopatra
rate it convergepetitioning the empty sky equal vision
rate it convergecaring and killing hydra head
rate it convergedownpour ellington
rate it convergepetitioning the empty sky equal vision
rate it converge coalesceamong the dead we pray for light split 7" edison / life
rate it corrupted black army jacketsplit 7" rigity discos
No sleeve yet rate it corrupted disassociaye cemment nerve rakv/a: painkiller vol. 1 devastating soundworks
rate it corrupted enemy soilsplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it cosmic couriers brainticket hawkwind cluster mother gong amon duul II guru guru holger czukay pressurehed chrome magic mushroom band farflungv/a: archives of space cleopatra
rate it couch (DE)etwas benutzen kollaps / kitty-yo
rate it courgemon nouveau groupe s'appelle courge self-released
rate it cowsthe missing letter is you thick
rate it craving woodheadsplit 7" short egg
rate it crawmap, monitor, surge cambodia
rate it cream abdul babarthe backwater of masculine ethics albert ayler's jukebox / what's wrong with your eye?
rate it crime kaiserskill kill kill hail rock
rate it crom-tech1/2 harnaxis twin ixor stix
rate it crom-techs/t gravity
rate it crown heightsmore pricks than kicks warner
rate it cr botch nineironspitfire impel screwjack threadbare indecision jough dawn baker state route 522v/a: hardcore maniacs #5 all about friends hardcore maniacs
rate it custom floorfrom a body analog sound
rate it d.a.r.k.holey trinity ep project dark
rate it d.a.r.k.it's d.a.r.k. at night outsider
No sleeve yet rate it dahlia seed cradlesplit 7" snowblind (UK)
rate it david grubbsbanana cabbage, potato lettuce, onion orange table of the elements
rate it david thomasmonster the sound of the sand variations on a theme more places forever monster walks the winter lake blame the messenger cooking vinyl
rate it dawnbreedaroma trans solar
rate it dazzling killmenrecuerda skin graft
rate it de kiftgaaphonger konkurrel
rate it dead and gonegod loves everyone but you alternative tentacles
No sleeve yet rate it dead man's theory burned up bled dry remingtin orchid eliot rosewater devola karenza gyga balm in gilead combat wounded veteran infinity dive the ikonv/a: better luck next time witching hour
rate it dead moonhard wired in ljubljana empty
rate it deadguyi know your tragedy hawthorne street
rate it deerhoofthe man, the king, the girl 5 rue christine / kill rock stars
rate it depeche modeultra mute
rate it descendentsi don't wanna get bootlegged
rate it devolaplaying the game of revenge and winning every time mountain
rate it diabologum365 jours ouvrables lithium
rate it dianogahas seen from above actionboy 300
rate it dianogahbroken magnet halves actionboy 300
rate it dicks1980-1986 alternative tentacles
rate it dickybird? xtt / noise product
No sleeve yet rate it die hautspring our choice
rate it dinosaur jrhand it over blanco y negro / warner
rate it directionsechoes soul static sound
rate it dirty old man riverst radial
rate it disembodiedst ferret
rate it dish h2obean supper self-released
rate it dk3neutrons quarterstick
rate it don caballerotrey dog's acid touch and go
rate it donkeypump in the yard, dump in the bucket loveletter / wormer brothers
rate it donkeystroke my wings gently guided missile / wormer brothers
rate it donkeyleague of mature jazz friends guided missile
rate it dragibuso drãgao mãgico saravah
No sleeve yet rate it drekka fusci ILagesplit 7"
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate shake a puddin' k
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate wasted/groove k
rate it dub narcotic sound systembone dry k
rate it duotron & tom smithst menlo park
rate it duotron mr. velocity hopkins family the pterodactyls incapacitants mr. quintron galen temple of bon matin shriek terrifying sickos the whales music band bullet in the head mr. velocity hopkins corneilus gomez the flying luttenbachers koenji hyakkei banana royale raunmawaa couch prehensile monkeytailed skink math yoshida tatsuya the tweezersv/a: inbulbophonic bulb
rate it dwarvesi will deny you reptilian
No sleeve yet rate it echo and the bunnymenevergreen london
No sleeve yet rate it ed matus' struggleplanes that cast a gloom boxcar / space cadette
rate it edselextended play dischord / radiopaque recordings
rate it elasticastutter sub pop
rate it electric company furry thingsthe kahanek incident volume 2 trance syndicate
rate it elektrolochmannbuy four, get twenty percent off trans solar
rate it eleventh dream dayeighth city slang / thrill jockey
No sleeve yet rate it elliott smithdivision day suicide squeeze
rate it elliott smitheither / or kill rock stars
rate it elysian fields mike patton wayne horvitz & robin holcomb cyro baptista kramer ikue mori fred frith jon ruins anthony coleman eszter balint david shea eyvind kang steve beresford blonde redhead john zorn cibo matto john medeski & billy martin & chris wood shelley hirsch franz treichler marc ribotv/a: great jewish music: serge gainsbourg tzadik
rate it emma cornelius bed fake hippy münchv/a: abus 45 abus dangereux
rate it empire state gamess/t makoto
rate it envy endeavorsplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it envy sixpencesplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it epileptic tantrumsplit 7" self-released / la pont' ach
No sleeve yet rate it errortype:11superstore some
rate it ethel meservetamsen caulfield
No sleeve yet rate it ethel meservethe milton abandonment tree records
rate it ethel meserve giants chairsplit 7" post marked stamps No.3 tree records
rate it eurich palatka cavity ansojuan asshole parade the end of the century party in/humanityv/a: southeast hardcore, fuck yeah !! kurt & jason / belladonna
rate it evergreen (CA)these last days gravity
rate it ex-chittlethe good moments star star
rate it ex-chittlemoving solves everything kalliste!
rate it ex-chittlemoving solves everything the rosewood union
No sleeve yet rate it eye-d flexible products stereotypes slicker orbitronik chinese johnny dj pulz-8 trs-80 sabina and wolfie choppier proteus aerospace soundwise se cgx cattivo c.o.r.e. dj lunatic & the asylum bill talsma anthony illarde zombie youth zeek sheckv/a: lumptronic 2: pickin' boogers and butter beats lumpen
rate it f'stein the grouchos zeek sheck hotlines for the children the torture(d) machinev/a: FSOC no sides
rate it fabric (UK)stella maris simba
rate it facade burned black lacerationsplit 7" open wound
rate it faith no morealbum of the year bonus limited version slash / london
rate it fake hyppi pregnant exsonnant toxic mildred keneda shu gang zabriskie point burning heads nra nothing more six pack shaggy hound perfect cousins happy anger blindfold tongz beeswax carn well spotted & su portobello bones & seven hatev/a: that's the way cookie crumbles kérosène
rate it fan modineslow road to tiny empire slow river / rykodisc
rate it fat dayburrega 100% breakfast!
rate it faust band of pain rlw stefan jaworzyn satori beequeen idea fire company dual merzbow pessary paul gommersall contrastate lee ranaldo splintered incapacitants pestrepeller inversion business machines the pickle factory east of the sun the shadow ring headbutt illusion of safety konstruktivists nurse with woundv/a: four years in 30 seconds dirter promotions
rate it feasts of meritphanyaa mahn naga kio brass ass
rate it finalthe first millionth of a second manifold
rate it fireside silver scooter the promise ring grander christie front drive hot water music vitreous humor prozac memory knapsack roadside monument mineral seven storey mountain drive like jehu uni-v boys life ethel meserve uncrush -v/a: (don't forget to) breathe crank!
rate it fireside silver scooter the promise ring grander christie front drive hot water music vitreous humor prozac memory knapsack roadside monument mineral seven storey mountain drive like jehu uni-v boys life ethel meserve uncrush -v/a: (don't forget to) breathe crank!
rate it firewaterthe ponzi scheme jetset
rate it fireworks!off the air au go-go
rate it flash gordon capitalist casualties nice view hellnation spazz fuck on the beach real reggae charles bronsonv/a: tomorrow will be worse sound pollution
rate it floorgoddard rhetoric
rate it flufwaikiki mca / way cool
rate it flying saucer attacknew lands domino
rate it foetusnull/void cleopatra
rate it foetusnull columbia
rate it foodmerchandise spore! noise experiment records
rate it forced expression apartment 213split 7" clean plate
rate it four fifty six1 actionboy
rate it four hundred yearssignal yuletide / rosepetal
rate it four hundred yearssuture the great american steak religion
rate it four hundred yearssuture makeshift version the great american steak religion
rate it four hundred years sleepytime triosplit 7" smoothlips
rate it fragiletri from belgium with love
rate it fragile gone bald sweetheart guapo heliogabale münch (FR) hangmen radiopuhelimet so nicht oharu hint circle tweng plan kruutntoonev/a: fat butt without love vol.2 from belgium with love
rate it françoiz breutst lithium
rate it franklinbuilding in a and e file 13 / spectra sonic sound
rate it free kittensentimental education wiiija
rate it frodusexplosions day after
rate it frodusF-letter lovitt / art monk construction
rate it frodusmisaligned men of flomation muddle magazine bonus record tooth & nail
rate it frodus22-D10 nlb
rate it fruithark at her one little indian
rate it fuck windsor for the derby wino the for carnationv/a: sounds of the geographically challenged winter solstice nineteen ninety-seven the temporary residence limited
rate it fuehlers/t amanita / dephine knormal
rate it full service quartettetraethyl council
rate it furry thingshedfones trance syndicate
rate it furry thingsfrequent lunacy trance syndicate
rate it gallon drunkto love somebody city slang
rate it gangergeocities wurlitzer jukebox
rate it gasp noothgrushsplit 7" clean plate
rate it gehenna apartment 213split 7" area 51
rate it geiger counternever odd or even the rosewood union
rate it gerty farishbulks up load
rate it get hustlei've got a gun i'm excited gsl
No sleeve yet rate it gloriumeclipse golden hour
rate it gnomes of zurichsongs of couch and consultation reptilian
rate it gnomes of zurich33rd degree burns amphetamine reptile
rate it gnu love 666split 7" scrape sound / silver rocket
rate it god is my co-pilotchildren can be so cruel miguel / hemolia
rate it godfleshlove and hate in dub earache
rate it godheadsiloshare the fantasy sub pop
rate it gogogoairheartst produced by spacewürm vinyl communications
rate it goldens/t the trans solar syndicate
rate it gordzurine bus ruminance
rate it greedy guts sixpack seven hate hole processv/a: where did they come from? a tribute to the hard-ons spore
rate it grifters promise ring avail gnomes of zurich delta 72 sugar plant thinking fellers union local 282 old 97's blast off country style lazy prisonshake kevin drumm & darin gray & jim o'rouke flying luttenbachers the cows bunny grunt starfish 90 day men castor you fantastic! space streakings coctailsv/a: the basement recordings live at cicero's on the clock
rate it griver2 songs point the blame
rate it grivers/t point the blame
rate it grivers/t tyle-vora
rate it guapotowers open fire power tool
rate it guapo oharuv/a: erase yer head special issue pandemonium / sugar & spice
rate it guided by voicesbulldog skin matador
rate it guided by voicesbulldog skin matador
rate it guided by voices cobra verdesplit 7" wabana
rate it gutariko batst amanita / forked tongues
rate it gutariko bat starsky kourgane münch sarin addict glu mbx chef menteur oharu akauzaztev/a: blasé? amanita
rate it haberdashersongs on love nos 48602-48608 reptilian
rate it haberdasherquarry reptilian
rate it haberdasher buzzov-en the spitters behind closed doorsv/a: hot rock action vol.3 reptilian
No sleeve yet rate it haelahunsung answers tree records
rate it haelah aspera ad astrasplit 7" post marked stamps No.5 tree records
rate it hail maryglorious morning prank
rate it hail marycrashing down vermiform
rate it hail marymy will to die is dead vermiform
rate it hail marydemo paralogy
rate it half japanesebone head alternative tentacles
rate it half japaneseheaven sent emperor jones
No sleeve yet rate it half man half biscuitvoyage to the bottom of the road probe plus
rate it halo of flies gibson bros. monkey 101 v-3 the dead c alastair galbraith sebadoh queen meanie puss mike rep and the quotas the terminals guided by voices thomas jefferson slave apts. shadow ringv/a: tard & further'd siltbreeze
rate it happy angernonsense... dreams jazz to come / les 7 piliers
rate it harehistory of abnormal... earwing
rate it harkonenst unjust
rate it headcleanerpigment of imagination musidisc
rate it heatchalk it up gravity
rate it heliogabalethe full mind is alone the clear prohibited / heliogabale
rate it heliumno guitars matador
rate it heliumthe magic city matador
rate it hell nosuper nasty pt. 2 handi-kraft
rate it helmetafterstate interscope
rate it helmetexactly what you wanted interscope
rate it himthe focus soul static sound
rate it himinterpretive belief system wordsound
rate it him the dylan groupsplit CD bubble core
rate it his hero is gonemonuments to thieves prank
rate it his hero is gone selfish final bombs crowv/a: cry of soul
rate it his hero is gone union or uranussplit 12" the great american steak religion
rate it his hero is gone uranussplit 12" 1997 tour release the great american steak religion
rate it hitchdragstrip machination
rate it hitchtriggered backwards goodlife / machination
rate it holemy body the hand grenade
rate it hole process discordesplit 7" molaire
rate it holocroncelestial sphere winter records / rhythm of sickness
rate it hot water musicala chua allied recordings
rate it hot water music floor no empathy ash county sluggers brutal truth christie front drive cavity pung v-card floodgate against all authority serpico elmer gus moonraker the bruce lee band horace pinker car vs. driver locust hope springs eternal jack with killer king friday braid the lisa killers rhythm collision sideshow skankin' pickle crunch threadbare the end of the century party still life bombs of cheesev/a: bread: the edible napkin no idea
rate it hour of the stara love letter track star
rate it hour of the stara love letter first pressing track star
rate it hovercraftakathisia mute / blast first
rate it hovercraftvagus nerve/de-orbit burn remix by scanner blast first / mute
rate it hurlnot a memory my pal god
rate it i am heavenst julyninety5
rate it i hate myselfst no idea
rate it i hate myself10 songs no idea
rate it i hate myself strikeforce diablosplit 7" belladonna / fragil
rate it i'm being good small black pig delicate vomit death starv/a: 4 track, 4 track slampt
rate it I.B.O.P.A.ballads of the benpadrone nubby
rate it icon zerovacuum logic kfx recordings
rate it imbissbrain food subjugation
No sleeve yet rate it in/humanitythe history behind the mystery music to kill yourself by H.G. fact
rate it insidewait until tomorrow redwood
No sleeve yet rate it instil gray before my eyessplit 12" track star
rate it intifada the dread fanatics scabies everskwelch gob bristlev/a: a benefit for the reno food not bombs six weeks / ahimsa
rate it irony of lightfootdance of the ibex wreck-age
No sleeve yet rate it irving klaw trioutek pahtoo mogoi road cone
No sleeve yet rate it isotope 217the unstable molecule thrill jockey
rate it ivich e-150split 7" stonehenge
rate it j churchnothing city damaged goods
rate it j churchtravels in hyper-reality panic
rate it j church less than jakesplit 7" dead beat
rate it jadedtrespass diffusion / witching hour
rate it jeff humphrey triono fun camp the lotus sound
rate it jenny piccoloinformation battle to denounce the genocide three one g
rate it jessaminethe long arm of coincidence kranky
rate it jesse hooton 3 carjapanese tour split 7" rugger bugger / rumblestrip
rate it jetpackinvestigator man sampson / atomic action
rate it jihadnew testament makoto
rate it jihad inourselfssplit 7" checker
rate it jim o'rourkebad timing drag city
rate it jim o'rourkehappy days revenant
rate it joey ramone red hot chili peppers joan jett adolph's dog misfits monster magnet ny loose pansy division lunachicks superdrag nada surf blanks 77 d-generation jayne county sugar ray extra fancy 7 year bitch bush tetras holy bulls nine lives lenny kayev/a: we will fall the iggy pop tribute the revolver label
rate it john coltranethe complete 1961 village vanguard recordings impulse!
rate it john davisblue mountains shrimper
rate it john fahey & cul de sacthe epiphany of glenn jones thirsty ear
rate it john spencer blues explosionwail mute
rate it john spencer blues explosionwail mute
rate it john von ryanorgans vs. furniture load
rate it jon spencer blues explosioncontroversial negro toy's factory
No sleeve yet rate it josh rouse fan modine grace braun willard grant conspiracy purple ivy shadows tom leach et charlie chestermanv/a: a slow river slow river
rate it jough dawn baker vadesplit 12" henry's finest
rate it joy divisionheart and soul london
rate it judas iscariotskeptics, mystics and blind idolaters... denied a custom
rate it judas iscariotharrison bergeron bound? a collective provocation by the mountain
rate it jumbosmother party peas kor
rate it june of 44the anatomy of sharks quarterstick
rate it karateoperation: sand southern
rate it karatein place of real insight southern
rate it karpself titled LP k
rate it karp lowercase thrones unwound waydowns one ton bunny foot charm mocket long hind legs new bad thingsv/a: multi-vitamin compilation punk in my vitamins?
rate it keelhauldemo self-released
rate it keponest quarterstick
No sleeve yet rate it keuhkotvasen ja oikea bad vugum
rate it khmer rougelocust witching hour / the omega
No sleeve yet rate it kilgore8 rollen weiches emo
rate it kill the thrilllow noise product
rate it king biscuit copywrongsplit 10" bonzini split 25 pulse rec / !aNGRr!
rate it king for a day empire state gamessplit 7" old skool recordings
rate it kiss it goodbyetarget practice revelation
rate it kiss it goodbyeshe loves me, she love me not... revelation
rate it kittensbazooka and the hustler sonic unyon
rate it kittenshawaii denied a custom
rate it knutleftovers snuff
rate it kodiakst watership
rate it krisisdemo self-released
No sleeve yet rate it kristoff k. rolldes travailleurs de la nuit, à l'amie des objets collection cinéma pour l'oreille metamkine
rate it l.a.l.#1 USA k
rate it la pistolaspider frenetic
rate it labradfordmi media naranja blast first / labels / kranky
rate it labradford stars of the lidsplit 12" the kahanek incident volume 3 trance syndicate
rate it laddio bolockostrange warmings of hungarian
rate it laikabreather too pure
rate it laikasounds of the satellites too pure / labels
rate it laikaalmost sleeping too pure
rate it lake of draculast skin graft
rate it lambchopcigaretiquette merge
rate it lambchopthriller merge / city slang
rate it land of the wee beastiesst sunney sindicut
rate it landeddairy 4 dinner load
rate it landedwhy i live vermiform
rate it lardpure chewing satisfaction alternative tentacles
rate it left for dead acridsplit 12'' hacked to pieces no idea
No sleeve yet rate it lekker kafkaking of the suburbs mutant bigbeat
rate it les savy favrodeo sub pop
rate it les savy fav3/5 the self starter foundation
rate it les thugsi was dreaming labels
rate it les thugsnineteen something labels
rate it les thugs brainiac condense bikini kill portobello bones chokebore alboth badgewearer rhythm activism the molecules double nelson dog faced hermans hint cornershop spaceheads revolutionary dub warriorsv/a: up to D.A.T mad's collectif presente 16 groupes en public mad's collectif
rate it letters to the lord himself versailles serotonin omega manv/a: the carlos compilation pleed
rate it lightning bolt forcefieldsplit 7" load
rate it liz gizzadcrime trilogy behemoth
rate it löbedédales from belgium with love
rate it locusthalfway to a worthless ideal arrangment gsl
rate it lollipopsucked in, blown out amphtamine reptile
rate it lollipop guzzard love 666 unsane cows hammerhead (USA) chokebore lowercase servotron gnomes of zurich feedtime today is the day supernovav/a: amrep equipped 96-97 amphetamine reptile
rate it long fin killie7" super single (1 of 3) too pure
rate it long fin killie7" super single (2 of 3) too pure
rate it long fin killie7" super single (3 of 3) too pure
rate it long fin killieamelia too pure / labels
rate it long hind legsst kill rock stars
No sleeve yet rate it long hind legsopen wide kill rock stars
rate it los crudoscanciones para liberar nuestras fronteras johnny thunders
rate it lowvenus sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it low sunday ghost machinestatic bliss
rate it lowercasekill the lights amphetamine reptile
rate it luceromy best girl landmark
rate it lung legright now baby vesuvius
rate it lung legmaid to minx vesuvius
rate it lung legtheme park guided missile
rate it lungfishindivisible dischord
rate it lungleg el hombre trajeadosplit 7" club beatroot series part 6 flotsam & jetsam
rate it lustre kingthe money shot actionboy / divot
rate it lyncremembering the fireballs (part 8) troubleman unlimited / k
rate it lynnfield pioneersemerge matador
rate it lynnfield pioneerslamp comp ep lampshop
rate it maggatquarry swing deluxe
rate it maggatquarry swing deluxe
rate it maindeliquescence beggars banquet
rate it majority rule positive statesplit 7" submit
rate it makarathe antique dream level plane
rate it makara khmer rouge rinse puritanv/a: from stars come hearts witching hour
rate it make-upwade in the water all city washington dc all city / washington dc
rate it make-upafterdark dischord
rate it make-upfree arthur lee k
rate it man is the bastard & mumia abu-jamalspoken word and music alternative tentacles
No sleeve yet rate it marble valleysauckiehall street echostatic
rate it mark cunninghamblood river dusk par caridad producciones
rate it mary's childmini lap silvernoise
rate it master p featuring silkk the shocker kottonmouth kings sugar ray d'angelo dave matthews band collective soul jon spencer blues explosion foo fighters tonic everclear less than jake eels nick cave & the bad seeds kelly ear2000v/a: scream 2 capitol / EMI
rate it mecca normalwho shot elvis? matador
rate it melt-bananaeleventh slap a ham
rate it melt-banana plainfieldsplit 7" japanese 97 tour 7" smelly
rate it meltdownsenior year was the best slowdime
rate it melted menthe sheets are soaked champagne audio
No sleeve yet rate it melted menflame retarded rainbow of decay
rate it melting processst fucking kill
rate it melvinssingles 1-12 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinshonky amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsbarbaraal² barbaraal
rate it men's recovery projectthe golden triumph of naked hostility vermiform
rate it men's recovery projectthank you for killing me paralogy
rate it men's recovery projectimmense ovary reject walkabout
rate it men's recovery project towel thrones fashiov/a: today the planet... tomorrow the world thin the herd
rate it menace dementst vermiform
rate it mercury 4°Fphased suggestion
rate it miam cutsplit 7" this is not the real sleeve théâtre
rate it mick harris & eraldo bernocchioverload lady sub rosa
rate it mick harveypink elephants more songs of serge gainsbourg sung in english mute
rate it mile markerreceiver clocked out
rate it milgram de ku dilachtsplit 7" PRESTO n°24 bonus 7" presto
rate it milhouse tho ko losi in/humanity palatka wallside surface new day rising hope springs eternal salvo rain tomorrow's gone the kelley affair vanilla braidv/a: in words of one syllable catchphraze
rate it milky wimpshakebus route to your heart slampt
rate it mindinner weakness yellow dog
rate it mineralthe power of failing crank!
rate it mission of burmavs. bonus tracks ace of hearts / ryko
rate it mission of burmasignals, calls and marches academy fight song 7" ace of hearts / ryko
rate it mk ultra los crudossplit 7" lengua armada
rate it mmoobdemo self-released
No sleeve yet rate it modest mousebirds vs. worms hit or miss
rate it modest mousethe lonesome crowded west up
rate it mogwaiyoung team chemikal underground / labels
rate it mogwai ph familysplit 7" club beatroot series part 4 flotsam & jetsam
rate it mono men sugar shack jack o' fire jesus christ superflyv/a: live at emo's volume 2 #1 this place sucks no lie
rate it monorchidlet them eat... the monorchid simple machines / dischord / lovitt
rate it monorchidwhen the mute s begin to root gravity
rate it moonraker waltzsplit 7" belladonna
rate it more fire for burning peoplesitting breathless in new chairs ruido
rate it more RAMst meat
rate it morphineyes rykodisc
rate it morphineb-sides and otherwise rykodisc
rate it morphine lydia lunch michael stipe steven tyler hunter s. thompson maggie estep & the spitters richard lewis lawrence ferlinghetti & helium jack kerouac & joe strummer allen ginsberg eddie vedder & campbell 2000 & sadie 7 william s. burroughs & tomandandy juliana hatfield john cale johnny depp & come robert hunter lee ranaldo & dana colley anna domino robert buck & danny chauvin patti smith & thurston moore & lenny kaye warren zevon & michael wolff jim carroll & lee ranaldo & lenny kaye matt dillon & joey altruda & joe gonzalez & pablo calogero inger lorre & jeff buckley eric andersenv/a: kerouac: kicks joy darkness a spoken word tribute with music ryko
rate it morseli'm a wreck small stone
rate it morselstatic small stone
rate it mothmanpoison arm rocket science
rate it motivea doctrine of scripted torture exit
rate it moviolapropane brainhole wabana
rate it münch (FR) kill the thrillsplit 7" noise product
No sleeve yet rate it murraythings to do box factory
rate it my dad is deadeveryone wants the honey but not the sting emperor jones
rate it my laipony soldier
rate it my lai3.16.68 divot
rate it naked cityheretic avant
No sleeve yet rate it naked cityblack box tzadik
rate it naked raygunlast of the demohicans dyslexic
rate it napalm death coalescesplit CD ep in tongues we speak... earache
rate it narsaakvatra per koro
rate it native nodtoday puberty, tomorow the world gern blandsten
rate it neil young crazy horseyear of the horse reprise
rate it neptune3 songs release #2.5-3a self-released
rate it neptunestudio recordings may, MCMXCVII release #3 archenemy
rate it neptunestudio recordings may, MCMXCVII release #3 archenemy
rate it neutrinoflight paths box factory
rate it new day rising hourglasssplit 12" the magic moments of childhood when the days pass on moo cow
rate it new order orbital the shamen tackhead skinny puppy my life with the thrill kill kult a guy called gerald hoodlum priest kmfdm thule meat beat manifesto revenge pig ultramarine die krupps cop shoot cop swamp terrorists electro assassin diatribe johnson engineering co. 23 skidoo cultural thugs colourbox cabaret voltaire stump quando quango the dave howard singers pornosect y llwybr llaethog click click finitribe 400 blows (UK) ultraviolence optimum wound profile pop will eat itself godflesh revolting cocks judda mussolini headkick surfers for satanv/a: industrial virus dressed to kill
rate it new wet kojaknasty international touch and go
rate it new wet kojakremix akashik
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsthe boatman's call mute
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsinto my arms mute
rate it nick cave & the bad seeds(are you) the one that i've been waiting for? mute
rate it no comply palatka spazz assholeparade the end of the century party suppression lack of interest laceration short hate temperv/a: a product of six cents a product of six cents
No sleeve yet rate it no comply palatka spazz assholeparade the end of the century party suppression lack of interest laceration short hate temperv/a: a product of six cents a product of six cents
rate it noir désirl'homme pressé barclay
rate it nomeansnowould we be alive? alternative tentacles
rate it nomeansnoin the fishtank 1 konkurrent
rate it noothgrush black army jacketsplit 7" monkeybite / reservoir records
rate it noothgrush corruptedsplit cd reservoir
rate it noothgrush deadbodieseverywheresplit 7" bovine
rate it nuzzleno mas zum
No sleeve yet rate it old time relijunsongbook vol. I pine cone alley
rate it olneyville sound systembecause we're all in it together load
rate it only airplanes count stillwellsplit 7" lost city
rate it öpstand seein' redsplit 7" stonehenge / praxis
No sleeve yet rate it orchiddemo O is for orchid who was killed by an axe we hate you clean plate / self-released
No sleeve yet rate it orchid pig destroyersplit 7" amendment
rate it orlockimpostor fall
rate it orlock the mike douglas aslund constant party of helicopters perpetual sciamachy theorem griver twenty seven hours wheeljack cerberus shoal blue stockings quadiliacha the forty-two bughummer full scale replicas flake-scrampe tramauntra titusv/a: is the human heart so selfish? a benefit for food not bombs 893 projects
No sleeve yet rate it outrageous cherrynothing's gonna cheer you up third gear
rate it p.w. longwe didn't see you on sunday touch and go
rate it palace contribution zeni gevav/a: seven inch and comic book set ac/dc tribute series sides 5-6 skin graft / gasoline boost
rate it palace musiclost blues and other songs domino
rate it panel donorsurprise bath sonic bubblegum
No sleeve yet rate it pantalones abajo marinero disembodied i shot mckinley crv/a: fuck christianity technicians of the sacred / discos al pacino
rate it parades end sky falls downsplit 7" moo cow
rate it paul newmanplease wait during the silence twistworthy
rate it pavementbrighten the corners domino
rate it pavementstereo domino
rate it pavementshady lane matador
rate it pavementlive europaturnen mcmxcvii
rate it pavementshady lane domino
rate it peace of mind upsetsplit 7" world upside down / das syndikat / frank booth inc
rate it pedro the lionwhole ep tooth and nail
rate it pegboycha cha damore quarterstick
rate it penthouseript 'n' happy kitty kitty corporation
rate it penthouserecks carcrashh
rate it penthousegutter erotica world domination
No sleeve yet rate it petty crimeforfeit intent slampt
rate it phillippé guinea pigsplit 12" tropical / short egg
rate it philosopher's stonepreparation kranky
rate it phylrcontra la puerta invisible
No sleeve yet rate it physics2 gravity
rate it piebaldst
rate it pipeslowboy merge
rate it pixiesdebaser 4ad
rate it plainfielda tribute to britpop crippled dick hot wax !
rate it plainfieldshe's not my daughter, she's my wife crippled dick hot wax
rate it plainfieldshe's not my daughter, she's my wife crippled dick hot wax
rate it planquezi am 'sub-marinor' meddle
rate it plungerst planaria
rate it polarisbelated common cause
rate it polvoshapes merge
rate it portisheadportishead go! beat
rate it portobello bones gutariko batsplit 7" forked tongues / amanita
rate it portraitst self-released
rate it pramgash ae
rate it prisonshakefuck your self esteem wabana
rate it produkt schlammpeitziger kissyfur the flying luttenbachersv/a: EP No 4 hayfever
rate it prohibition (FR)follow the towncrier prohibited
rate it psychic tv controlled bleeding spahn ranch sky cries mary leaether strip din alien sex fiend furnace nik turner the electric hellfire club chrome pressurehed penal colonyv/a: the other side of pink a tribute to pink floyd cleopatra
rate it pudding makerbowie, '72 & other stuff wabana
rate it pungstate of the youth no idea
No sleeve yet rate it puritan decembersplit 7" giving tree
rate it pussy galorelive : in the red in the red
rate it quickspacesupo spot kitty kitty corporation
rate it quickspaceamigo elephant records
rate it quitters inc. the flies the automatics the teenage boneheads the wretched ones the broken toys depo-provera bomf! pizzle the sissies schlong the piss shivers velvet pelvis the rhythm pigs the beat-ons piss-n-vinegar spot 1019 the sillies elmer haggis the hairy italians the snatchers melt banana less than jake fatty lumpkin slackjaw not today sharon tate the fuzz one eye open catapult lopez fetish gringo totally fuckin' it dwarf bitch the boozers the spider babies the kassos the degenerates sour milk the withdrawals the cripplesv/a: liverache: tales from the liver's edge very small
rate it racebannon
racebannon is the most complete volume of the motion
of the planets
witching hour
rate it racebannondemo self-released
rate it radio to saturn the van peltsplit 7" sudden shame
rate it radioheadOK computer capitol
rate it rags conclude dog on a rope dropdead muder fear complex society gone madd i.a.f. barflies government collapssed humpy s.o.d bad acid trip total fury control mechanism black army jacket ebola railway terminal disgust agathocles oppressed conscience thieves demesne judas iscariot dekadent change of mind reinhardt seven foot spleen jesusexercise crude cavemen discord teenage warning forgardur helvitis e-150 confusion abstain envy nothing laceration rakitis crusty hi charge desecration warfare vilently ill kat new york against the belzebu stagnation's end bitchslap sub rosa fall to flake jobbykrust global holocaust infect gaudy gawks gore beyond necropsy more dead men kangaroos in tilt wind of painv/a: no fate3 H.G. fact
rate it railroad jerkyounger than you matador
rate it rainer maria1955 polyvinyl
rate it rake wingtip sloat v-neck hood delphium small things geiger counter paste scaredy cat richard youngs & simon wickham sone the negative kite the shadow ring tea culture refrigerator noggin prick decay bügsküll starstruck mother tongue i'm being good glands of external secretionv/a: breaking the plastic hymen, vinyl virgins & lo-fi whores fisheye
rate it ramlehboeing majora
rate it rare form tenseaway dubious honor
rate it ravinest ant
rate it red monkeythe time is right troubleman unlimited
No sleeve yet rate it red monkeydo what you feel (feel what you do) slampt
rate it refrigeratorst shrimper
rate it regulator wattsthe aesthetics of no-drag slowdime / dischord
rate it regulator watts stinking lizavetasplit 7" french lick
rate it remingtinthe plains voice of the sky
rate it remingtin balm in gileadsplit 7"
rate it render uselessthe relationship between a 1/4 note and a 1/8 note mountain
rate it render uselessst slow to burn
rate it retriever the great brain transitional danger g-20 vehicle flips kublai khan cole tullycraft bunnygrunt strictly ballroom lullaby for the working class lustre king june of 44 sweep the leg johnny cars get crushed the raymond brake boyracerv/a: zum n° 10 zum
rate it reversal of man the end of the century party roswell cave-inv/a: between a rock and a hard place vol. 1 witching hour
rate it reversal of man tomorrow assuck strikeforce diablo hot water music combatwoundedveteran cavity omega man nineteenhundredandtwelve early grace discount dragbody twelve hour turn cease hankshaw bird of ill omen i hate myself squad scrotum grinder jud judv/a: 403 comp florida fucking hardcore schematics
rate it rexc southern
rate it ricainemainlanders
rate it ricainethe clarity of distance rubber
No sleeve yet rate it ricaine midgetsplit 7"
No sleeve yet rate it right for life spoonfulsplit 7" wee wee
rate it roadside monument frodussplit 7" tooth & nail
rate it robert wyattshleep hannibal
rate it robot assassinsbeneath the planet of the apes total sound
rate it rocket from the crypt calvin krime gaunt servotronv/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume eleven amphetamine reptile
rate it rogojinedead beat théâtre
rate it rogojinedemo self-released
rate it rollercoaster the backmonkeys the downside special cruel cruel moon ugly beauty satan's satellites the revellers einstein's secret orchestra gem quazimodo my dad is dead ditch the aggravators new salem witch hunters home and garden chump red giant biblical proof of ufos duvalby brothers disengage craw pufftubev/a: cleveland squawks! cle magazine n°5 bonus CDs cle
rate it rooseveltspine boxcar
rate it ruinsrefusal fossil unreleased tracks & live with guests skin graft
rate it run onno way matador
No sleeve yet rate it run onscoot sonic bubblegum
rate it run onsit down matador
No sleeve yet rate it run onas good as new matador
rate it rwast father yod
rate it rye coalitionhee saw dhuh kaet gern blandsten
rate it sabethaller wege ziel
No sleeve yet rate it sabotsomehow i don't think so qqryo productions
rate it sabotsomehow i don't think so... vice versa broken rekids
rate it saetiavenus and bacchus level plane
rate it saetiademo level plane
rate it samiam sixpackv/a: erase yer head n° 4 pandemonium / sugar & spice
rate it sangre de torohold yer breath bacon grease industries
rate it sap cowardsplit lp little deputy
rate it scalp-lockseven songs 7" satan's pimp
rate it scornwhine invisible
rate it scorndeliverance earache
rate it screeching weaselformula 27 vermiform
rate it scudspy smasher lunar valcron
rate it sea of cortezand with dreams voice of the sky
rate it sea of cortez mars observer missionsplit 7" subject
rate it sea tigertheme song southern / copper spurs
No sleeve yet rate it sea tigerthe cyberporpoise EP troubleman unlimited
rate it season to risk starkweathersplit 7" super model
No sleeve yet rate it seein' red catweazlesplit 10" wicked witch / kangaroo
rate it seikazokuout takes 66-78 fractal records
No sleeve yet rate it sekifour acres (out of tune) cursory purse
rate it sense field texas is the reason farside iceburn collective shades apart chain of strength whirlpool chinchilla bodyjar ignite sparkmarker youth of today no fun at all gorilla biscuits state of the nation beta minus mechanic quicksand underdog judge supertouch inside out shelter burn into another bold engine kidv/a: in-flight program revelation
rate it sentridohflygirl zine #7 flygirl
rate it seppukuthe awesome houses of earth's innocents spectra sonic sound
rate it seraphimcat got your tongue jupiter
rate it seraphim the candyland carcrashsplit 7" a rocket trip to the moon small craft advisory
No sleeve yet rate it serotoninst concurrent
rate it serumtailor chrysanthemum
rate it servotronjoin the evolution reservation
rate it servotron9000 drug racer
rate it servotronspare parts amphetamine reptile
rate it seven storey mountainleper ethics art monk construction
rate it shai huluda profound hatred of man crisis / revelation
rate it shake ray turbinethe sauce of solution file 13 / harlan
rate it shellacthe futurist shellac record no.9 self-released
rate it shellac mulesplit 7" shellac record no.8 laff & go / touch and go
rate it shipping newssave everything quarterstick
rate it shunataohighway to hell amanita
rate it silver applessilver apples contact mca
No sleeve yet rate it sixpackreading history spliff
rate it skin crime john olson & phil klampe black leather jesus bastard noise bacillus macronymphav/a: extreme america 2 knot music
rate it sleater-kinneydig me out kill rock stars
rate it sleepperssubconscious nocturnal activity vicious circle
rate it sleepytime trioplus 6000 lovitt
rate it slintlive songs
rate it small brown bikeno place like you salinger press
rate it smogred apple falls domino / inspirational
rate it smogex-con domino
rate it smoother treble charger tristan psionic ? sianspheric hayden the kittens poledo gorpv/a: rock hits sonic unyon
rate it snowe kante tied and tickled trio laub potawatomi schwermut forest alles wie gross subraum kader surrogat tarwater kammerflimmer kollektief go plus couch (DE) consolev/a: einigen wir uns auf die zukunft indigo / kitty-yo / payola / kollaps
rate it snuff
potatoes and melons at wholesale prices direct to you
the public
rate it snuffcaught in session vinyl japan
rate it snuffoishie deh! itayado karaoke manekineko
rate it so i had to shoot him c.r. devoid of faith the judas iscariotv/a: save you mountain / fallout
rate it sogst
rate it solaris b.c.02 lo fibre
rate it some velvet sidewalkgenerate!
rate it some velvet sidewalkthe lowdown
rate it song of kermanfetters say track star
rate it songs:ohiast secretly canadian
rate it songs:ohiahecla & griper ep secretly canadian
rate it sonic youthSYR 1 sonic youth research
rate it sonic youthslaapkamers met slagroom SYR 2 sonic youth research
rate it sonic youthSYR 3 sonic youth research
rate it spanakorzodrama wrenched
rate it spare snarewestfield lane wabana
rate it spare snare number one cupsplit 7" the money pit volume 1 the blue rose record company
rate it sparkmarker500wattburner@seven crisis
rate it spatuladespina by land squealer
rate it spazzla revancha sound pollution
rate it spazz gobsplit 5" 702 / satan's pimp
rate it spazz hiraxsplit 7" raging violence theologian / pessimiser
rate it spazz lack of interestdouble whammy split 7" deep six
rate it spectrethe second coming wordsound
rate it spinning headsst head (FR)
rate it splatter trio fuehler ron anderson RWA miss murgatroid scrooge shunatao phased 4° circle figurehead badgewearer zuno men D.A.R.K. happy new year TV pow climax golden twins konic thtr gino robair raeo voodoo muzak spaceheads fin de siècle headbutt the molecules trottel keuhkot pest nidv/a: does time affect memory? amanita / trottel / trost / petty bourgeois broadcasts
No sleeve yet rate it sportsguitarright on acetone
rate it sprawl(sprc:l) trost
No sleeve yet rate it squarepushervic acid warp
rate it squarepusherhard normal daddy warp
rate it squarepusherburning tree warp
rate it st. christophershe looks like you elefant
rate it stapled shut lack of interestsplit 7" deep six
rate it starfishfrustrated trance syndicate
rate it starfish7'' trance syndicate
rate it starmarket leopold (UK) september tone deaf teens cobolt conway the faint sounds of shovelled earth scared bob tilton 93 million miles from the sunv/a: love is a dog from hell simba
rate it stars of the lidgravitational pull vs. the desire for an aquatic life kranky
No sleeve yet rate it staynlesssnowfields sand dunes smoothlips
No sleeve yet rate it staynlesstufnut
rate it steel pole bathtub unsane gomezv/a: live at emo's volume 2 #2 this place sucks no lie
rate it stephen desaulniers ugly casanova tim midgett fuckv/a: magic eye singles #4 magic eye
rate it stereolabmiss modular duophonic ultra high frequency disks
rate it stereolabiron man duophonic super 45's
rate it still life resinsplit 12"
No sleeve yet rate it stizzletwo weeks too late boxcar
rate it storm and stress
this is the teenage we are bright and broken so shock
ed we can only think of one thing but never the same
touch and go
rate it submission holdflag + flame = fun farmhouse
rate it submission holdprogress (as if survival mattered) allium / flat earth recs
rate it subraum kaderneulich im vakuum kollaps
rate it sucklesymposium detox artifacts
rate it sugar shackfive weeks ahead of my time estrus
rate it sunshinehysterical stereo loops, beats and bloody lips (dark wave vol.2) gsl
No sleeve yet rate it sunshine juliasplit 7" day after
rate it superfan rydell bhang dextro free yourselfv/a: revolution inside food not bombs benefit #39 revolution inside
rate it supernovalive at the lava room what else
rate it superstar18 carat camp fabulous
rate it supersuckers don walser & the pure texas bandv/a: live at emo's volume 2 #3 this place sucks no lie
rate it suppression & crank sturgeon misopsychiasplit 7" nat
rate it suppression facialmesssplit 7" clean plate
rate it swallowing shit still life karenza tho ko lozi acrid mk-ultra eliot rosewater three studies for a crucifixion submission hold inept gates of dawn resinv/a: 49th parallel old glory
rate it swansi am the sun die stadt / überschall
rate it sweep the leg johnny4.9.21.30 divot
rate it swellthe trip beggars banquet
rate it swelltoo many days without thinking beggars banquet / labels
rate it swellXXVI ep return to sender
rate it swervedriver99th dream zero hour
rate it swervedriver93 million miles from the sun ... and counting session records
rate it swervedriverspace travel rock'n'roll sonic wave discs / zero hour
rate it swervedriver happy campersmagic bus split CD ep a&m
rate it systral achebornsplit 7" trans solar
rate it t tauriending deconstruction gsl / stickfigure
rate it tadobscene hand amphetamine reptile
rate it tall dwarfsstumpy flying nun
rate it tannergermo (phobic) headhunter
rate it tantrumbackward bawl
rate it tantrumtwisted in anguish vicious circle
rate it tantrum yaltasplit 7" PRESTO n°23 bonus 7" presto
rate it tarnationyour thoughts and mine 4ad
rate it tarnationthere's someone 4ad
rate it tarnationmirador 4ad / labels
rate it taylorbrand abrasive sound structure self-released
rate it tear of a doll forguette mi note king biscuit coche bomba copyright pleûmv/a: a various arghtists #1 !aNGRr!
rate it techno animalphobic position chrome
rate it techno animaldemonoid! version 1 city slang
rate it techno animal & porter ricks & alec empiredemonoid! version 2 grand royal
rate it teenage fanclubsongs from northern britain creation
rate it teenage filmstarsbuy our record support our sickness creation
rate it terry edwards and the scapegoatsboots off!! wiiija
rate it terry edwards and the scapegoatsi didn't get where i am today wiiija
rate it tetsuo (IL)guddomit superhero
rate it the 1985seven inch record pop bus
No sleeve yet rate it the 914 the never never the grand island neptune bullroarerv/a: set transport super 8 / heliotrope
rate it the acme quartetrocket the rosewood union
rate it the action suitscancer father spot on
rate it the angel assassinsartificial limb hymnal sound
rate it the ano moanonhello my palace
rate it the aquanettas my bloody valentine pj harvey red house painters yo la tengo tom boy liz phair the jesus lizard pavement jeffrey taylor & ned rifle -v/a: amateur original soundtrack matador
rate it the attica undergroundpolarity of personalities counterfeit
No sleeve yet rate it the audiences/t hymnal sound
rate it the big swiftyakroasis cherry smash
rate it the boxhead ensembledutch harbour: where the sea breaks its back atavistic
rate it the champs regrapedthe drug album poor dora maar
rate it the chemical brothersdig your own hole freestyle dust / virgin
rate it the chrome cranksdyin' style sympathy for the record industry
rate it the crainium3 songs 45 rpm dialect
rate it the crimson curseboth feet in the grave goldenrod
rate it the dillinger escape planit's ok. we'll just kill her too now or never
rate it the divine hook-up shake ray turbinesplit 7" donut friends
rate it the doublesplice edit frame spectulaction
rate it the end of the century partysongs dances drums enslaved / refusenik
rate it the end of the century partyst belladonna
rate it the exploderthis sound starts right now reptilian
rate it the exploderescrow jackpot
rate it the fallin a hole cog sinister
rate it the falllevitate artful
rate it the fallin the city... artful
rate it the fallthe legendary chaos tape feel good all over
rate it the family waymoonshine what it's at is where you are
rate it the farewell bendpredictability slowdime
rate it the firebird suite 21 union square park quell cursive johnny angel civic nova scotia forty-seven ronin baxter piston honda paper castles joshua fit for battle penfold joel madigan ativinv/a: how to be a hero a benefit for habitat for humanity prizefight
rate it the flaming starsbring me the rest of alfredo garcia vinyl japan
rate it the flaming starsbury my heart at pier 13 vinyl japan
rate it the flaming starsnew hope for the dead vinyl japan
rate it the flaming starssell your soul to the flaming stars vinyl japan
rate it the flying luttenbachersgods of chaos skin graft / ugEXPLODE
rate it the foetus symphony orchestrayork first exit to brooklyn big cat
rate it the folk implosionpole position the communion label
rate it the folk implosioninsinuation the communion label
rate it the get up kids coalescesplit 7" second nature
No sleeve yet rate it the grand islandbuckler super 8
rate it the great unravelings/t kill rock stars
rate it the hal al shedadhuman again troubleman unlimited / buddy system
rate it the hal al shedadyesterday's bullets simba
rate it the hal al shedadtextures of tomorrow buddy system / troubleman unlimited
rate it the hateddesmond outcast and the transplanted heroes troubleman
rate it the hentchmensome other guy italy records
rate it the impossible 5rally race lovitt
rate it the impossible 5 the jerkssplit 7" lovitt
rate it the in/humanityyour future lies smoldering at the feet of the robots coalition
rate it the in/humanityyour future lies smoldering at the feet of the robots stereonucleosis / coalition / prank
rate it the independents lizards catapult submission hold boba fett youth sharon tatev/a: the blue whale bucky
rate it the jamdirection reaction creation polydor
rate it the jazz butcher conspiracyexcellent!: the violent years creation
rate it the jesus lizardcold water jetset
rate it the jesus lizardcold water jetset
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionwail mute
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionrocketship au go-go
rate it the last crimest the omega
rate it the law silkworm atom and his package lustre king c-clamp the goblins sarge sean na na margo & eiffel crucial youth sixto universal life and accident paul newman we ragazzi the city on film burning star-core winechuggers sweep the leg johnny lullaby for the working classv/a: the my pal god holiday record my pal god
No sleeve yet rate it the love of everythingst plainfield elementary
rate it the male nursemagic circle in the sky guided missile
rate it the man i fell in love withthe dignity workshop (for two) donut friends
rate it the miracle drug the sheridans toof thomas anderson wilt 7% solution splatterhouse wookie blocked hats the marble index the prima donnas guardez lou switchhitter hoyt clagwell million sellers organdie snood johnny goudiev/a: rotating parts: a propeller collection propeller
rate it the monochrome setchaps
rate it the motes state champssplit 7" ant / daydream
rate it the mountain goatsfull force galesburg emperor jones
rate it the needst chainsaw
rate it the panoply academy glee clubremedial symmetry ape / liliel copgn trust
rate it the panoply academy glee club architects of the new christ rebellion criswell harriet the spy thenceforward locust inept the weak link breaks old hearts club twenty seven hours serotonin eurich the judas iscariot reversal of manv/a: israfel ape
rate it the party of helicoptersabracadaver x-mist / donut friends
rate it the party of helicopters the underground asian movementsplit 7" four tales of bloody horror donut friends
rate it the pastelsthe hits hurt domino
rate it the pastelsunfair kind of fame up
rate it the pastelsillumination domino
rate it the promise ringthe horse latitudes jade tree
rate it the purkinje shiftnine twelve seven samizdat
rate it the red crayola & art and languageblack snakes drag city
rate it the red expandablesst grimmwerks
rate it the roman invasion suitethe siege of port theodora longbow
rate it the sea and cakethe fawn thrill jockey
rate it the sea and caketwo gentlemen thrill jockey
rate it the seahorsesdo it yourself geffen
rate it the sortsmore there slowdime
rate it the sortsgateway sounds spring
No sleeve yet rate it the sortsgateway sounds copper spurs
rate it the sortshow did you get there southern / copper spurs
rate it the sputnik disasterplastic rug attack ship heliotrope
No sleeve yet rate it the starlite desperationour product catchpenny
rate it the starlite desperation sunshinesplit 7" gsl
No sleeve yet rate it the stigmaticshomesickeness dischord / brick thrower
rate it the terminalslive medication
rate it the third eye foundationghost domino
rate it the third eye foundationsound of violence domino
rate it the trans megettisteal the jet keys art monk construction
rate it the unholy threeshe tolds me things that were true rubber city
rate it the valentine sixst crippled dick hot wax / pcp
rate it the van peltthe speeding train art monk construction
rate it the van peltsultans of sentiment gern blandsten
rate it the van pelt (young) pioneerssplit 7" whirled
rate it the verlainesover the moon sony
rate it the vidal banddemo la libre expression
rate it the vss21:51 gsl
rate it the vssnervous circuits honey bear
rate it the walkaboutsnighttown virgin
No sleeve yet rate it the weak link breaks by the grace of god dorian gray boy sets firev/a: for the kids! diffusion
rate it the weak link breaks jonahsplit 7" bug empire
rate it the wedding presentmontreal cooking vinyl
rate it the wedding presentmontreal cooking vinyl
rate it the wellwater conspiracydeclaration of conformity third gear
rate it the world / inferno friendship society the dawnbreed and monochrome collectivesplit 7" introduction to music a guide to good listening x-mist / the trans solar comp.
rate it the young destroyersst x-mas records
rate it the yummy furstereo girls roxy
rate it the yummy fur olympiasplit 7" club beatroot series part 8 flotsam & jetsam
rate it thee headcoats lollipopsplit 7" amphetamine reptile
rate it thee hydrogen terrorsterror, diplomacy & public relations load / super 8
rate it third eye foundation ks kollectivesplit 7" obsessive eye magazine #2 obsessive eye
rate it third world planetair quality warning view beyond / cashback
rate it third world planetfrom isolation to desolation... thought crime
rate it thoughts of ionesco...and then there was motion makoto
rate it thoughts of ionescothe triptych session conquer the world
rate it thoughts of ionesco gyga wallside pinko roman invasion suite jihad dryeve acariasis quixote fieldtreev/a: longbow project 001 longbow
rate it thralli want you reptilian
rate it three mile pilotst gravity
rate it three mile pilotred sensing outer universe research
rate it three mile pilotpiano plus/piano minus pennyfarthing
rate it three mile pilotthis divine crown goldenrod
No sleeve yet rate it three mile pilot & jim frenchlate night in the city of jodoolestan move sounds
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rate it thug greenmachinesplit 7" bovine
rate it thumbnailred! dead! headhunter / cargo
rate it thurston moore & don fleming experimental audio researchsplit 7" via satellite
rate it thurston moore & prick decayelectricity vs insects
rate it tied + tickled triotied + tickled trio kollaps / payola
rate it tindersticksrented rooms this way up / island
rate it tindersticksbathtime this way up / island
rate it tindersticksrented rooms island / this way up
rate it tindersticksbathtime island / this way up
rate it tinderstickscurtains island / this way up
rate it tindersticksmarks moods polygram
rate it tit wrench8-11-96 (live) vinyl communications
rate it tmp-liab hole process portobello bones & seven hate keneda fake hippy gravity slaves mister say so sleeppers laudanum john zerand scarce shaggy hound hobby léo le singev/a: salade de bruits k side / aqua records
No sleeve yet rate it to live and shave in L.A.tonal harmony self-released
rate it tobin sproutmoonflower plastic (welcome to my wigwam) matador
rate it today is the daytemple of the morning star relapse
rate it today is the daythe man who loves to hurt himself hydra head
rate it today is the day coalescesplit 7" in these black days vol. 3 a tribute to black sabbath hydra head
rate it tomsk-7 borissplit 7" bovine
rate it tomsk-7 idi aminsplit 7" satan's pimp
rate it tono-bungay flying saucer attack meltronome fit and limo carl edwards townies masaki batoh alchemysts damon and naomi the bevis frond kitchen cynics the tower recordings shy camp mourning cloak tom rappv/a: for the dead in space magic eye
rate it torches to romest ebullition
rate it totalthe starlit mire parts I-IV rural electrification program
No sleeve yet rate it towelnunu vermiform
No sleeve yet rate it towelst vermiform
rate it toxic drunks radiation nationsplit 7" de stijl
rate it tralumatell tale replace caulfield
No sleeve yet rate it tralumaklondike revolution caulfield
rate it trans amsurrender to the night thrill jockey / city slang
rate it transmisiafrigid prose invisible
rate it travis cutcomplicated honey bear
rate it treadwellred with envy the wordsmith covenant
rate it treiops treyfidall water coolidge
rate it trenchmagnet allied
rate it tribes of neurotmarkandeya abuse
No sleeve yet rate it trocarlife on mars littleman
No sleeve yet rate it trocar pinkosplit 7" littleman
rate it trotteltroxx-tracks trottel / amanita
rate it trumans watergreat flood e.p. footprint
rate it trumans waterfragments of a lucky break emperor jones / trance syndicate
rate it trumans waterapistogramma justice my eye / elevated loin
rate it trumans waterno dead space union pole
rate it twelve hour turnour son is dead self-released
No sleeve yet rate it twelve hour turnamerica means loving one another self-released
rate it u.s. maplesang phat editor skin graft
rate it unionsuitaccidents happened second nature
rate it unruhmisery strengthened faith king of the monsters
rate it unsanecommited galaxia
rate it unsaneamrep christmas man's ruin
rate it unsane hintv/a: erase yer head n° 5 pandemonium / sugar & spice
rate it unwoundthe light at the end of the tunnel is a train ep kill rock stars
rate it upsetsecond try to burn the system the smith & nephew company / alveran
rate it urban legendsdance and burn tree records
No sleeve yet rate it urusei yatsurahello tiger ché
No sleeve yet rate it urusei yatsurastrategic hamlets ché
rate it usaybissai baby drag city
rate it valinapoor & obscure lufthanfa
rate it vanilla el vidal sonidosplit 7" self-released
rate it varnalinest zero hour
rate it vilently ill12-song e.p. knot music
rate it village of savoongathought loop little brother
rate it village of savoongascore hausmuzik / kollaps
rate it virginia daresix songs nuf sed
rate it voodoo muzakcartilage amanita / popov island
rate it voodoo muzakheart-warning splinter amanita
No sleeve yet rate it voorhees manfat hard to swallow unborn solanki stalingrad tribute schema baby harp seal bob tiltonv/a: a means to an end armed with anger
No sleeve yet rate it vox humanas/t self-released
rate it walking timebombsst charnel music
rate it wallsidefrom the sky makoto
No sleeve yet rate it wallside shag van clubsplit 12" longbow / makoto
rate it wat tyler j churchtour only e.p. suspect device
rate it wayne horvitz marc ribot dave douglas guy klucevsek kramer erik friedlander joey baron zeena parkins fred frith john medeski & billy martin & chris wood elliott sharp marie mcauliffe mike patton lloyd cole & robert quine anthony coleman / selfhaters yuka honda & sean lennon shelley hirsch bill frisell eyvind kangv/a: great jewish music: burt bacharach tzadik
rate it weas is. asphodel
rate it ween & boredomsz-rock hawaii nipp guitar
rate it white
this is a black-owned business this is a black-owned
rate it white tornadofrom hand to mouth freeland
rate it whymandrakesfather tales trost / jurassic punk
rate it will oldhampatience drag city / palace
rate it will oldhamlittle joya drag city
rate it will oldhamwestern music the affection/affliction series 002 acuarela / ovni
rate it will oldhamjoya drag city
rate it will oldham rising shotgunsplit 7" palace
rate it windsor for the derbyminnie greutzfeldt trance syndicate
rate it windsor for the derbymetropolitan then poland trance syndicate
rate it windsor for the derby drainthe kahanek incident volume 1 trance syndicate
rate it wingtip sloatif only for the hatchery vhf
rate it world / inferno friendship societythe true story of the bridgewater astral league gern blandsten
rate it wrong button modest mouse sleepyhead science kit carin jamie panzer anbany NY margie engine zeke fiddler half calf texas charlie fuck the group B shelly blake samara lubelski third channel plexorjet the billy crosby's nord express shy camp yesteryear matt gordonv/a: magazines sell sex bonus tape sex sells magazine SSM-001 supplement magic eye
rate it yann tiersenle phare labels / ici d'ailleurs
rate it yo la tengoi can hear the heart beating as one matador
rate it yo la tengorocket #9 planet
rate it yo la tengo pavement teenage fanclub superchunk unsane bailter space helium cat power bettie serveert silkworm spoon liz phair pizzicato five the fall railroad jerk come jon spencer blues explosion chain gang the frogs chavez guided by voices sf seals thinking fellers union local 282 mecca normal barbara manning the for carnation run on tobin sprout bardo pondv/a: what's up matador matador
rate it you and ithe first seven inch sage
rate it you fantastic!pals skin graft
rate it you fantastic!riddler skin graft
rate it you've got foetus on your breathache thirsty ear
rate it you've got foetus on your breathdeaf thirsty ear
rate it zenzile rinôcérôse skywalker bob x hint a burning experience dj fragg fragile in extremis botom botom le peuple de l'herbev/a: créatures des abysses wild palm