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rate it - the conformistsv/a: better than fruitcake nourishing holiday classics by st. louis' finest rockers sound system
rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deadmistakes & regrets domino
rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of dead fiver hopewell interpol bright eyes fire showv/a: clooney tunes six howlings from the wild mild west fierce panda
rate it 125 rue montmartredisco hijack bachelor / tomte tummetott
rate it 16fortune & flames mp3.com
rate it 16 treadwellsplit 7" badman
rate it 25 suavescut out
rate it 3 day stubble 99 hooker & tom scandura aerobics king alpha-butts barney casiotone for the painfully alone chris brown cokra commode minstrels in bullface deerhoof deb foxxx hamhoxxx dr. oblivious earwicker frank gratkowski fuel for tongues chlorgeschlect hammer eye dimuzio kit clayton lo fi nissans lowdown mike boner moron nautical almanac no neck blues band omnivorous sensillum patchcords rubber o cement & karla lavey rx fxr bx schematic slusser spider compass' symplx tamio shiraishi the bran...pos wicked witch woof pies the effable lord xiadino zeek sheckv/a: clitstop compilation swezlex
rate it 3-mile pilotsongs from an old town we once knew headhunter
rate it 31 knotsclimax / anti - climax ranghok
rate it 90 day men(it (is) it) critical band southern
rate it 90 day men gogogoairheartsplit CD box factory
No sleeve yet rate it ? beeswaxv/a: a soft compilation folie douce
No sleeve yet rate it ? versaillesv/a: the emo philips diaries new granada
rate it a framesneutron bomb dragnet
rate it a short apneaillu ogod ellat rhagedia (ustrainhustri) earwing
rate it a witnessthreaphurst lane overground
rate it a-framesmodern demo self-released / rigged inc.
rate it ABCSdemo self-released
rate it abilenest slowdime
rate it aché five stars for failure joshua fit for battle knives and greenwater landed lycosa neil perry numbers are neutral off minor pg. 99 racebannon the assistant .the awakened. the cable car theory the keyboard masters the scarlet letter the vida blue thursday to dream of autumn usurp synapsev/a: summertime a benefit compilation kordova milk bar
rate it acridsea of shit no idea
rate it agna moraine's autobiography rentamericathis is love chosen / mise en place
No sleeve yet rate it agna moraines autobiography rent americasplit 7"
rate it akarso seven days of samsarasplit 7" ricky schroder fan club
rate it akimboarmy of evil robots programmed for human destruction rock'n'role play
rate it akimbo teen cthulhusplit 10"
rate it alain bashungclimax barclay
rate it alboth! nels cline moe!kestra!v/a: knormalities vol.2 exclamatories! dephine knormal music / amanita
rate it alkaline trio blue meaniessplit 7" thick
rate it american heritage
through the age of quarrel and into the era of puttin
g up with it
rate it american heritagewe will pay you $125 to observe you deteriorate class-b
rate it american heritage thee plague of gentlemensplit 7" delboy
rate it amp 176 the hidden chord the forty-five selby tigersv/a: modern radio presents volume one modern radio
rate it anal cunt the raunchous brotherssplit 7" menace to sobriety
rate it analenaarhythmetics get off
No sleeve yet rate it analena unisonsplit 7" libber tea
rate it anandaprofane overcome
rate it ando kunihiro monotract new port solmania the flying luttenbachers fukktron thurston moore jonas lindgren billy? laced blue kazumoto endo & yoko sato cornucopia john wiese sickness automobilev/a: analogous indirect public eyesore
rate it archers of loafseconds before the accident alias
rate it ashtray boythe king's buccaneer bounching corp.
rate it at the drive inone armed scissor grand royal / restart
rate it at the drive inrelationship of command fearless
rate it at the drive-inrolodex propaganda grand royal / virgin
rate it at the drive-in murder city devilsplit 7" buddyhead
rate it atom and his package har mar superstarsplit 7" sub city
rate it atom and his package mu330 hot water music quadiliacha skif dank tiltwheel self peterbuilt shower with goats swank level head the grumpies the mcrackins the pee tanks uphill down nobodys discount pivot against all authority buttercup the bollweevils situation no-win fun size stizzlev/a: totally fucking the '80s boxcar
rate it atombombpocketknifealpha sounds southern
No sleeve yet rate it autumn risingdusk save your servant recordings
rate it back off cupidsst drunken fish
rate it bambi davidsonel flaco 12 pylons / blunoise
rate it barbarofeeding hydra head
rate it bastard noisethe R.A. sessions riotus assembly
rate it bastard noise gerrittsplit 7" misanthropic agenda
rate it bats and mices/t 3 song CDep lovitt
rate it beat happeningangel gone k
rate it beef wellingtonthat's me db studios
rate it bent leg fatima party of helicopters tristeza lowercase make-up les savy fav atombombpocketknife cars get crushed murder city devils rah bras your adversary novasonic down hyperspace sunshine ex-ignota engine downv/a: [technology] a compilation of remixes skyscraper magazine satellite transmissions
rate it bis brassy velocette whistler cornershop & mucho macho anjaliv/a: wij one hundred wiiija
rate it björkselmasongs elektra
rate it black cat #13the experiment vol.2 electric human project
rate it black cat #13i blast off! three one g
No sleeve yet rate it black cat #13 oh no the modulator hi-fi texta i am robot and proudthe experiment, vol. 1 radio one / virgin suicides
rate it black dicesemen of the sun
rate it black diceblack dice #3 troubleman unlimited
rate it blackman whiteman deadmanself evident truths hold tightly thin the herd
rate it blakes/t blue skies turn black / the mintaka conspiracy
No sleeve yet rate it blimey! & john wayne shot me johnny domino john wayne shot me & blimey! a series of wheels charlottefieldv/a: flying time #1 octane foil
rate it blonde redheadmelody of certain damaged lemons touch and go
rate it blonde redheadmélodie citronique touch and go
rate it blue/green heartself esteem through modern science self-released
rate it bluetiphot fast union slowdime
rate it bluetippolymer dischord
rate it bobthe peel sessions self rising
rate it bonnie "blue" billylittle boy blue western vinyl
rate it bonny billytravels in constants vol. 7 temporary residence
No sleeve yet rate it books lieempathy carmen diablo
rate it books lieit a weapon bushwick
rate it boredomsvision creation newsun wea
rate it born under saturnreflecting the beautiful design ellington
rate it boss hogwhiteout in the red
rate it bottled oga? majestic? bottledog! demo? self-released
No sleeve yet rate it boxer rebellioncourtesy with claws corporate
rate it bozart wicketran rogue statessplit cd ep snackbag
rate it brazen... as floods decrease self-released
rate it breachgodbox chrome saint magnus
rate it bride of no nob.o.n.n. apétit! atavistic
rate it broccolisingle 1993-1998 goodbye seep
rate it built to spilllive warner bros
rate it built to spilllive sampler warner
No sleeve yet rate it bullyrag 1912split 7" pleed
rate it burning headsescape victory
rate it burnmannotes for a catalog for an exhibition no idea
rate it bury me standing this machine killssplit 7" code of ethics
rate it bury me standing this machine killssplit 7" code of ethics
rate it buzzcockstime's up mute / the grey area
rate it caesurareturn return birds go south
rate it california lightningpenitentiary sound on sound
rate it camera obscurato change the shape of an envelope troubleman
rate it cattle decapitationhomovore three one g
No sleeve yet rate it cattle decapitation¡decapitacion! prono de accidene
rate it cave injupiter chrome saint-magnus / hydra head
rate it cerberus shoalcrash my moon yacht pandemonium
rate it certain generalcloser to the sun fantastica
No sleeve yet rate it charm city suicidesgreen blood baths of power
rate it cheval de frises/t sonore
rate it chris knoxbeat thirsty ear
rate it chris knoxalmost dark beloved cloud
rate it christmas soeza possessed white hotel big joan vagus nerve ingo star cruiser the ideal husbands knife and fork fall project the very tiny little kids john parish mo-du terry edwards & the spacegoats stretch fiesta kiska mano poderosav/a: the hospital radio request list sink and stove
rate it chrome helios creed surprise bandchrome and friends 3 cd box set cleopatra
rate it chung (DE)st supermodern
rate it cineramadisco volante scopitones
rate it cineramathis is cinerama spinART
rate it city of caterpillar system 2600split 7" sea of dead pirates
rate it clinicinternal wrangler domino
rate it cobra kai sutek conspiracysplit 7" self-released
rate it cock e.s.p.excessive size punisher fever pitch
rate it cocost k
rate it combatwoundedveterani know a girl who develops crime scene photos no idea
rate it convergeY2K tour 7" equal vision
rate it converge hellchildsplit cd deeper the wound deathwish
No sleeve yet rate it cooler the get up kids burning airlines the promise ring mt rhoades and his lonesome woods band the enkindels rye coalition refused music group joan of arc kyle crabtree & jason noble elliott ink and daggerv/a: metroschifter encapsuled doghouse
rate it corrugatedthe future of crime flapping jet
rate it countdown to putschdemo self-released
No sleeve yet rate it crash normal t.v. killerssplit 7" la pont' ach
No sleeve yet rate it crash normal the splash foursplit 7" yakisakana
rate it cravingcomparable? traces! scene police
rate it cravingthe european trick blurr
rate it craw sicbaysplit 7" obtuse mule
rate it crom tech mens recovery project make up monorchid autumn fogv/a: gravity 37. compilation video soundtrack gravity
rate it daniel johnstonlive in berlin stress
rate it daniel johnstonrejected unknown which?
rate it david bowiebowie at the beeb BBC radio sessions 68-72 BBC radio theatre london june 27.2000 emi
rate it david grubbsthe spectrum between drag city
No sleeve yet rate it david grubbsthe coxbomb avocado orange blue chopsticks
rate it david thomas and foreignersbay city hearpen / thirsty ear
rate it davosst fidel bastro
rate it dawnbreedthe dawnbreed 5 robot don't belong
rate it dead and goneshiny and black gsl
rate it dead pop club seven hate skual system cobweb basement & dj shot greedy guts happy angry guillaume weeping minds of silence tantrum dare dare devil creep a.c. hintv/a: 45 secondes pour tuer portobello bones another war another peace
No sleeve yet rate it deadseraphimdiscography the electric human project
No sleeve yet rate it deadseraphim drowing in lethesplit 7"
rate it death cab for cutieunderwater sub pop singles club V2 #25 march 2000 sub pop
rate it death of maratthe shattered satellite transmissions
rate it death to pigsst
No sleeve yet rate it destination : daybreakone beautiful hour self-released
rate it devolveforceps pinebox
rate it dillinger escape plan ink and dagger today is the day goddess black army jacket convergev/a: 18:18 now or never / carbon
rate it dilutethe gypsy valentine curve it's like false advertising / 54°40' or fight!
rate it dinosaur jr.in session fuel 2000
rate it dirty old man riverageless radial
rate it dj bra nesegir fibo-trespo kjertl del brondo group noxagtv/a: untitled ep sandnes / synesthetic
rate it dj scudgun court singles series wabana
rate it do make say thinkgoodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead constellation
rate it don caballeroamerican don touch and go
rate it donald the nut thinking fellers union local 282 fibulator little my three day stubble vomit launch o-type the molecules sun city girls mecca normal c.c.c.c. caroliner rainbow scrambled egg taken for a wife ruins vacuum tree head sticks and stones pluto blowjob rova saxophone quartet & rubber city gendreau & fred lonberg-holm & shiraishi the splatter trio crawling with tarts speed the parting guest v/a: live from the afterworld lounge oakland electro motive
rate it dozersupersoul man's ruin
No sleeve yet rate it dragibusextra musica autobus
rate it dragibuslive in japan + little sounds autobus / YTT
rate it dropdead landed forcefedglass isis olneyville sound system black dice agoraphobic nosebleed converge old man gloom mens recovery project lightning bolt nowhere fast in my eyes civil defense paindriver as the sun sets day after grief unholy bmx crippler crossfacev/a: bad music for bad people trash art!
rate it dropsonicsleep with the fishes allegro
rate it drowingmanhow they light cigarettes in prison revelation
rate it easy actiondo it cuz i can reptilian
No sleeve yet rate it echo is your lovesheets of blank fucking paper if society / kylie
rate it elasticathe menace atlantic
rate it electrelanefilm music indenial
rate it electrelanegabriel let's rock!
rate it electrelanele song fierce panda
rate it elektrolochmanngive me eat trans solar
rate it emperor penguin knodelsplit CD box factory
No sleeve yet rate it end of the century partysongs dances drums enslaved / boy useless
rate it enemyminethe ice in me up
rate it enfoldno coming home per koro
rate it engine downto bury within the sound lovitt
rate it eniac6 uncanny songs self-released
rate it envyburning out memories molaire
rate it envythe eyes of single eared prophet H.G. fact
rate it envythe eyes of final proof H.G. fact
rate it envy this machine killssplit 7" H.G. fact
rate it erase errata the need meme america deerhoof blectum from blechdom KGv/a:
the structure of scientific misconceptions/the system
of scientific misconstructions
rate it essential bopchronicles sugarshack
rate it ethel meservespelling the names tree records
rate it eulcidthe wind blew all the fires out second nature
rate it ex-ignota impel killingtons metroshifter inside rocky votolato & seth warren sharks keep moving treadwell nemirah mara'akatev/a: redwood records a collection redwood
No sleeve yet rate it examination of the...i left her heart on a platter self-released
rate it explosions in the skyhow strange, innocence sad loud america
rate it eyehategodconfederacy of ruined lives pessimiser / theologian
rate it faraquetthe view from this tower dischord
No sleeve yet rate it fatal flying guilloteensthe now hustle for new diaboliks estrus
rate it fear is the path to the dark side demonsystem13 hybris phillippé stagnation's end amen 81 diavolo rosso durango 95 man vs. humanity murder disco experience peace of mind universal/mental toiletv/a: maximum subjectivity flower violence
rate it fields of gaffneycold weather sub pop singles club V2 #22 january 2000 sub pop
rate it fifty tons of black terrorhungry hollow ismist
rate it fin fang foomravenous tritone
rate it fisticuffs bluffst troubleman unlimited
rate it flashbulb memory joshua fit for battlesplit 12" tribute to the people vol. 1 a benefit for Z Magazine revolutionary audio
rate it flux of pink indiansnot so brave overground
rate it forcefedglass the fall of leningradsplit 7" sound factory
rate it forstella fordinsincerity down to an artform the mountain cooperative
rate it forstella ford the assistantsplit 7" boxcar
rate it four hundred yearsthe new imperalism lovitt
rate it four hundred years seein' redsplit 7" the smith and nephew company
rate it frankie stubbsst sounds of subterranea records
rate it fred lonberg-holm & jim o'rourke & weasel waltertribute to masayuki takayanagi grob
rate it frodusand we washed our weapons in the sea day after
rate it gag (UK)caveman shuffle suffers known as patty flitwick
rate it gag (UK)when people start slapping meat on marble flitwick
rate it gai jingun court singles series wabana
No sleeve yet rate it gary youngthings we do for you orchard
rate it gene defconbaby, hallelujah modern radio
rate it gerty farish the pissed officerssave the ants split 10" self-released
rate it get hustleearth odyssey 5rc
rate it glass candy and the shattered theatremetal gods self-released
No sleeve yet rate it gloria mundi last gang the prats the prefects the rivvits skunks speedballs the veinsv/a: brought to life brought to life
rate it godfleshmessiah avalanche (BI)
rate it gogogoairheartout every window the snap of envy and greed gsl / ideal weight
rate it goldengolden summer slowdime
rate it grandaddyhe's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot V2
rate it gravel jones very railhed pitchblende eggs leslie universal order of armageddon walleye egg damnation edselv/a: first five years jade tree
rate it gravity propulsion systemthe long trip back to where you started... TDA sound corp.
rate it griefand man will become the hunted pessimiser
rate it grottoget a hustle modern radio
rate it guapogreat sage, equal of heaven pandemonium / tumult
rate it guyana punchlineyouth for smashism ep. coalition
rate it guyana punchlineirritainment for the masses x-mist
rate it guyana punchline
irritainment:songs to disturbe the comfortable, songs
to comfort the disturbed
rate it hacksawst spectra sonic sound
rate it hacksaw mercury the winged messengersplit 7" global symphonic
rate it half japaneseour solar system drag city
rate it half japanesesing no evil drag city
rate it hapi wizzmusique et non travaillée mais strusturée les potagers natures
rate it harkonengrizz hydra head
No sleeve yet rate it harum-scarummental health tribal war
rate it hassan i sabbahst robodog
rate it hassan i sabbahst robodog
rate it hassan i sabbahdemo self-released
rate it helios chromemalavia milenium live january 1993
rate it helmsthe swimmer kimchee
rate it helms victory at seasplit CD ep kimchee
rate it high on fireart of self defense man's ruin
rate it himour point of departure perishable
rate it hirameka hi-fithe imperfect approach gringo
rate it hitchbring on the soap ... delboy
No sleeve yet rate it honeywellindustry autometric
rate it hoodthe year of occasional lull rocket racer
rate it hot hot heatfashion fight pause ache
rate it hot snakesautomatic midnight sympathy for the record industry
rate it hüsker düin a free land
rate it i am spoonbenderplastic lips contact
rate it i am spoonbenderteletwin mint
rate it i hate myselfdrama in the emergency room no idea
rate it i'm being goodsub plot infinite chug
rate it icarusUL-6 output
rate it idyll swordsII the communion label
rate it imaghoimages des mondes flottants loom
rate it immersion he said djxdj k.r.e.v. wirev/a: it's all in the brochure pink flag
rate it index for potential suicidethe newest youth rebellion ohev
No sleeve yet rate it inside five minutesstately chaos home makoto
rate it interpolfukd i.d. #3 chemikal underground
rate it interpolfukd i.d. #3 chemikal underground
rate it iron lungdemonstration in pressure and volume 625 trashcore
rate it iron lungiron lung comedy hour-live enterruption
rate it iron lunglife. iron lung. death boredom noise / 625
rate it iron lung scurvy bastardssplit 7" enterruption
rate it isiscelestial escape artist
rate it isissawblade tortuga
rate it island womenglitche global buddy!
rate it j churchleni riefenstahl's tinder box love boat
rate it j churchone mississippi honest don's
rate it j church discountsplit 12" rugger bugger
rate it jad fairarts and crafts series volume 1 important
rate it jad fair & jason willettattack of everything slab-o-concrete publications
rate it jane's addiction DI adolescents miracle workers epperley spongehead the streetwalkin' cheetahs jeff dahl the motorcycle boy the dickies the angry samoans the exploited cradle of thorns bo diddley the gun club inger lorre l.a.p.d. rozz williams & gitane demone urban dance squadv/a: exxxile on main street triple x
rate it janmichaelvincentcarcrasha cobra trilogy rage of achilles
rate it jean smithst kill rock stars
rate it jerome's dream the one am radiosplit 7" garbage czar
rate it jerome's dream usurp synapsesplit 7" an aspirin, an x-ray level plane / clean plate
rate it jeromes dreamseeing means more than safety old glory
rate it jeromes dream orchidsplit 10" witching hour
rate it jesus philbinsubterranean electronic blasphemy satan's pimp
rate it jets to brazilfour cornered night jade tree
rate it joeyfatthe unwilling astronaut unlabel
rate it johnny angelsame titled 10inch snc empire
rate it joseph derouselle & angie hart lois maffeo al larsen & carrie brownstein rachel carns kathleen hanna I/E tae won yu sue p. fox slim moon & K.O. joseph derouselle & kanako wynkoop justin trosper calvin johnsonv/a: internal/external k
rate it jr ewingthe singles collected scorched earth policy
rate it jr ewingcalling in dead coalition
rate it jr ewingcalling in dead coalition
rate it julie doiron & the wooden starswho will be the one? plumline
rate it jullanderjohn symmes' welt earwing
rate it keelhaulII hydra head
rate it keleton dmd lovesick quixote small brown bikev/a: quarters volume 1 at arms mechanics / salinger press
rate it keplerthis heart is painted on spectra sonic sound
rate it kid commandokamera kommando tell me that you love me
rate it kid commando the female anchor of sadesplit 7" lady godiva operations
rate it kill the man who questions del cielosplit 7" ed walters
rate it kletka redhybrid red note / explain
rate it knut botch anandav/a: live in rennes split mosh bart industries
No sleeve yet rate it kulara
fragmental remembrance, a switch of resurrection, and
my hearing vanished
rate it kularademo self-released
rate it kylesaclutches scorched earth policy
rate it laddio bolockoas if in real time in real time as if by remote hungarian
rate it laikagood looking blues too pure
rate it laikauneasy too pure
rate it lambchopup with people! city slang
rate it lambchopnixon merge
rate it lard70's rock must die alternative tentacles
rate it last match1997 to 1999 sound virus
rate it last of the juanitasthe jay wäntage
rate it laundretteconcrete and glass freeland / gamma pop
rate it le shokwe are electrocution gsl
rate it le shok ink and daggersplit 7" initial
rate it le shok the stitchessplit 7" gsl
rate it leatherfacehorsebox byo
rate it les savy favreprobate's resumé x-mist
rate it les savy favthe cat and the cobra the self starter foundation / frenchkiss
rate it les thugson @ faim! l'adieu aux thugs on a faim!
rate it libranessyesterday ...and tomorrow's shells tiger style
rate it lifter pullerLFTR PLLR amphetamine reptile
rate it lightning boltconan load
No sleeve yet rate it lightning bolt ...v/a: mish mash mush mega mix vol. 3 fort thunder
rate it lockweld psywarfare radiosonde zipper spy the wizards of war lesser non 5/5/2000 melvins msbr concentrick noisegate 3 bloody monkeys the spacewürm & crash worship deerhoof abdomen erik corev/a: in formation a tribute to throbbing gristle attention deficit
rate it loraxxyellville automatic combustioneer
rate it loren mazzacane connorsportrait of a soul from belgium with love
No sleeve yet rate it lou barlow rudy trouvesubsonic 6 sub rosa
No sleeve yet rate it love 666nashville sounds self-released
rate it love lifethe rose he lied by troubleman
rate it love lost but not forgottenst happy couples never last
rate it lowtravels in constants vol. 9 temporary residence
rate it luck of aleiast caulfield
rate it lumen
the man felt on iron hand grasp him by the hair, at t
he nape, not one hand, a hundred hands seized him, ea
ch by the hair, and tore him head to foot, the way yo
temporary residence
rate it lungfishnecrophones dischord
rate it lvmenraison d'être day after
rate it macha & bedheadmacha loved bedhead jetset
rate it machetresst dischord / brickthrower
rate it magazinemaybe it's right to be nervous now virgin
rate it magazinewhere the power is virgin
rate it maggat kubiak dandeleon bobby peru cyan engrave the robocop kraus yage tupamaros winston reno kid hello kittyv/a: the cowboy's plane game earthwatersky connection / nova
rate it malade de soucinovmmbr aign cb intl.
rate it mandarindriftline two ohm hop
rate it mara'akate3 - 7 - 77 redwood
rate it mara'akate3" business card CD ep self-released
rate it marginal mandouble image
rate it marshmallow coast yuji oniki the legendary jim ruiz group wontons mollycuddle alien crime syndicate *(brent+alan) florida wolfie beach wood sparks virgin whore complex umpire the dining room set macha unbunny the essex green the music tapes honeycoma i am spoonbender the autumn leaves bright eyes elf powerv/a: u.s. pop life vol.2 fanfare of 2000!! contact
rate it mastodondemo self-released
rate it meatjack damadsplit 10" at a loss
rate it meisharepublic of pop bus
rate it melt banana camp blackfoot tear of a doll god is my co-pilotv/a: erase yer head n° 9 pandemonium / sugar & spice
rate it melt-bananateeny shiny a-zap
rate it melt-banana damien frostsplit 7" alpha relish
rate it meltdownthe map archigramophone
rate it melvinsthe crybaby ipecac
rate it melvinsspit it out amphetamine reptile
rate it men's recovery projectbolides over basra load
rate it migalathe north of fire sub pop singles club V2 #31 october 2000 sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it mike anderson william pelonsplit 7" witching hour
rate it mildmanjan & mark e smith my mate markfistful of credits switchflicker
rate it mildred piercelast time i spent a year in a car les disques transat
rate it milk cultproject M-13 0 to 1
rate it miniwattrectifiers arbeid
rate it modest mousenight on the sun up
rate it modest mousebuilding nothing out of something up
rate it modest mousethe moon & antarctica matador
rate it mohinderst gsl
rate it momusfolktronic le grand magistery
No sleeve yet rate it monkeywrenchsolar revelations trippin' elephant
No sleeve yet rate it monkeywrenchsolar revelation estrus
rate it monksblack time polydor
rate it montana petedevo coin operated
rate it moosehighball me! nickel & dimes
rate it mörser10.000 bad guys dead chrome saint-magnus
rate it motorambo feat. trio albatrossonique-equinox fiction.friction
rate it mr quintronthe unmasked organ light-year of infinity man bulb
rate it mudhoneyhere comes sickness the best of bbc recordings varèse sarabande / fuel 2000
rate it mudhoneymarch to fuzz sub pop
rate it mugcorsica egg pandemonium / discotroma / le dernier cri
rate it murdock sutek conspiracysplit 7" ed walters
rate it my own sun plexussplit 7" ruminance
rate it mystery brinkman pleasurehorsesplit 12" brinkmangled twat motel the split load series vol. 1 load
rate it nasum asterisk*split 7" busted heads / black mask collective / putrid filth conspiracy
rate it neil perry usurp synapsesplit 7" comes around goes around level plane
rate it neptune3.5 release #4 heliotrope
rate it ness wink kaïna camera maria blonde flesh 77 apunkalips acetonics freygolo eleison cash spleen feria clandestine red junta besando a venus home cook emeth epileptic golem la tribu t'emmerde dread ful p.c.m. amadeus tapioka sleeptime rune andrew hayleck mothboy breeze zerfall mensch zenopede lab report [p.u.t] dj br ead & mick harris abdomens & tröms ne555 nikosono db 171 + l.s. la kuizinev/a: 3 grammes 7 le matin, compilation against alcohol pogo
rate it neurosissovereign music for nations / neurot
rate it neurosisshort wave warfare
rate it neurosisshort wave warfare
rate it neurosistimes of grace victor
rate it neurosissouls at zero enemy of the sun iron city
rate it new orderBBC radio 1 live in concert fuel 2000
rate it new wet kojakdo things konkurrel
rate it nick drakefive leaves left island
rate it nick drakepink moon island
rate it nick drakebryter layter island
rate it nicoheroine get back
No sleeve yet rate it ninedayswonderthe scenery is in disguise there dim mak
No sleeve yet rate it nirvanathe money will roll right in fan club release
rate it no means noone alternative tentacles
rate it north of americathe sepultura the kingdom of god
rate it noxagt kulturetaten louise & kate kjertl del brondo group fibo-trespo shotguns nils erga agur-k anfie hellfirev/a: sandnes stavanger nor wave
No sleeve yet rate it oh no the modulatorsemi-formalizer KFLR / liquid death
rate it olneyville sound systemwhat is true what is false load
rate it orchiddance tonight! revolution tomorrow! ebullition
rate it ordination of aaroncomplete works arcade kahca
rate it oxesone sided 7" manufactured cr
rate it oxesst monitor
rate it pankration...of monkey of man of wizard donut friends
rate it papa mpapa m sings sea note
rate it paul newmantravels in constants vol. 8 temporary residence
rate it paul newmanmachine is not broken my pal god
rate it peach pitsuspicious cargo earwing
rate it pedro the lionprogress suicide squeeze
rate it pedro the liona guitar for janie suicide squeeze
rate it pedro the lionwinners never quit jade tree
rate it petit vodomister 69 butcher's wig
rate it petra haden majestic syncopation going stagg bikeride chika chika alan willey/the arrogants scrabbel oranj symphonette winnebago bridgess le coupe troy taroy the centimeters jarond fonda the tyde burgundy smallstone benett linus of hollywoodv/a: ocean park paradox! u.s. pop life vol. 6 contact
rate it pg. 99document #5 reptilian
rate it phased 4°Fschtomp... and decadence petty bourgeois broadcasts
rate it phoaming edisonhappy nap casino dark beloved cloud
rate it pig destroyer isissplit 7" single series 040 relapse
rate it pinbacksome voices cutty shark
rate it pink and brownfinal foods toyo
rate it pj harveystories from the city, stories from the sea island
rate it playing enemydemo self-released
No sleeve yet rate it plot #22 featuring culturcideindustrial band x-mist
No sleeve yet rate it polaracarpet horses sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it pollinéparallel canvas boxcar
rate it pramthe owl service domino
rate it prats the janet and the johns brent wilcox noh mercy storm bugs the door and the window ak process men/eject sellouts danny and the dressmakers e.g oblique graph file under pop band t plus instruments orchid spangiafora doofv/a: i hate the pop group vertical slum
rate it pretty girls make gravesst x-mist
rate it process is deadcuttyhunk r. bummed out
rate it programm clucifer turns up the volume invertebrata
rate it programmemon cerveau dans ma bouche lithium
rate it project darklive at the victoria and albert museum project dark / phono erotic
rate it project darkplate of bisquits e.p. project dark / phono erotic
rate it propellerthe art of clear thinking makoto
rate it prospektst buddy system
rate it q and not uhot and informed dischord / desoto
rate it q and not uno kill no beep beep dischord
rate it quadrajetsfly on (live) sub pop singles club V2 #29 august 2000 sub pop
rate it quintronI.F. 001-011 bulb
rate it quintronsatan is dead bulb
rate it rachels & matmosfull on night quarterstick
rate it radio 4the new song and dance gern blandsten
rate it radioheadkid A capitol
rate it railroad jerkold mcneil sub pop singles club V2 #32 november 2000 sub pop
rate it ramlehtoo many miles complete singles 90-95 dirter promotions
rate it rancid hell spawnscalpel party wrench
No sleeve yet rate it realign the cable car theorysplit 7" voice of life / rockemotions
No sleeve yet rate it red ghetto sunrocket to samarkand superFi
rate it red level elevenfort seduction self-released
rate it red stars theorynaima suicide squeeze
No sleeve yet rate it régis et jean-claudecamping tour 2000 self-released
rate it reizigergrab and nailed day after
No sleeve yet rate it reizigerthe kitten becomes a tiger genet
rate it reversal of manthis is medicine ebullition
rate it reversal of man combatwoundedveteransplit 12" electric youth crew schematics
rate it rian murphy & will oldhamall most heaven domino
No sleeve yet rate it ricainesilence is the new sound
rate it rocket 455 the blowtops the white stripesv/a: flying bomb presents X-Mas surprise package volume 2 flying bomb
rate it rocket from the crypt the get up kidssplit 7" vagrant
rate it ron andersonanything is possible amanita / megaphone
rate it rubber o cementhigh speed electronic cardboard toyo
rate it rubber o cement slicing grandpasplit 7" self-released
rate it ruinspallaschtom sonore
No sleeve yet rate it rujan himsplit 7" earwing
rate it rumah sakitst temporary residence
rate it s processmore me track star
rate it saetiaeronel witching hour
rate it scornimaginaria award hymen
rate it scorngreetings from birmingham hymen
rate it scrotum grinder combat wounded veteransplit 7" burrito
No sleeve yet rate it semiautomaticthe trebuchet vex
rate it serotonin kill devil hillssplit 7" soul is cheap
rate it shai hulud boy sets firesplit 7" crush em' all series vol. 1 undecided
rate it shane cough heliogabale mils pan american labradford tank snarkv/a: festival papa n'aime pas le bruit ultraviolet
rate it sharon topper & fly appendix out mia doi todd mark kozelek drunk nikki mcclure pedro the lion jandek dave fischoff the grifters swearing at motorists david grubbs the japonize elephants danielson famile modest mouse richard buckner & p.w. long jarboe mimi parker & alan sparhawk damien jurado elliot sharp suzanne langille songs: ohia tim foljahn & margaret munchheimer the panoply academy die-cast cadetsv/a: the unaccompanied voice: an a capella compilation secretly canadian
rate it shellac1000 hurts shellac record no.11 touch and go
rate it shellac caesarsplit 7" shellac record no.12 barbaraal
No sleeve yet rate it sheryl's magnetic auralike you mean it loose change
rate it shubthis is not a new post rock demo self-released
rate it sicbayfort busy signal earwing
rate it sicbayfort busy signal perverted son
rate it silver tongued devil the crime kaiserssplit 7" stereodrive!
rate it sing-singi'll be aerial
rate it skarnspagest lilacsky
rate it skull kontrolzzzzzz... touch and go
rate it sleater-kinneyall hands on the bad one kill rock stars
rate it sleater-kinneyyou're no rock n' roll fun kill rock stars
rate it slintlos fabulosos lady butcher
rate it smogmanta rays of time spunk
rate it smogstrayed domino / drag city
rate it smog'neath the puke tree drag city
rate it smogdongs of sevotion drag city
No sleeve yet rate it snuffnumb nuts fat wreck
rate it social comast youth attack!
rate it some soviet stationst moodswing
rate it song of zarathustrathe birth of tragedy troubleman unlimited / blood of the young
rate it songs: ohiaghost tropic secretly canadian
rate it sonic youthnyc ghosts & flowers geffen
rate it sonic youthSYR 5 SYR
rate it sonnawe sing loud sing soft tonight the temporary residence limited
rate it sonnatravels in constants vol. 6 temporary residence
rate it sons of disobediencest self-released
rate it spazzsweatin' 3 skatin' satan & katon slap a ham
rate it special moments the pretty things add n to (x) ex-girl the del mccoury band guided by voices holly golightly john fahey the olivia tremor control wizz jones the tiger lillies the nihilist spasm band disc & matmos & suetsu & underwood big lazy mia doi todd scott robinson & jules thayer & klaus suonsaari the high llamas ida stereo total the wharton tiers ensemble calexico robert forster & grant mclennan troka gorky's zygotic mynci roy harper vinicius cantuária cobra verde overhang party primordial undermind salamander the plastic people of the universe artek ensemble b.j. snowden v/a: more music, less parking: wfmu live from jersey city
rate it sporesinterface flitwick
rate it spy versus spylittle lights subjugation
rate it stagmummer creta bourzia sixtyfoottime crack square john taylor the kill van kull grotto jumbo lungbutter soon li not funny anymore the washouts corp rod famous mortimer ex number five rugburn the misfires saraswati a satellite crashv/a: toys you can choke on pencil neck
rate it staircasest city boot
rate it standstillthe ionic spell defiance / bcore
No sleeve yet rate it standstill engravesplit 7" a four collection of blue sound defiance
rate it starchildren catherinesplit 7" march
rate it stereobateselling out in the silent era D=RxT Recordings
rate it steve von tillas the crow flies neurot
rate it stick men with ray gunssome people deserve to suffer self-released
rate it storm and stressunder thunder and fluorescent light touch and go
rate it subpoena the pastconjure itch gsl
rate it subtonixtrophy no love
rate it sucklethe sun is god e.p. chemikal underground
rate it suckleto be king chemikal underground
rate it sugar shackget out of my world estrus
rate it suicide note hassan i sabbah eulcid right arm death threat mara'akate there were wires usurp synapse forcefedglass humanbodyflawed the hareste illithed laura's agent die trying pageninetynine the drago miettev/a: relics of ordinary life happy couples never last
rate it sultansst swami / sympathy for the record industry
rate it sultansghost ship swami / sympathy for the record industry
No sleeve yet rate it summer day in junest wee wee / palmipède
rate it superchunk1,000 pounds merge
rate it suppression & crank surgeon misthopiasplit 7" nat
rate it sutek conspiracy amputee setsplit 7" interference
rate it swearing at motoristsstumble to the zero hour punk in my vitamins
rate it swellfeed beggars banquet
rate it switchbladest trust no one
rate it switchblade cult of lunasplit 7" trust no one
rate it systralblack smoker chrome saint-magnus
rate it systralblack smoker chrome saint-magnus / edison recordings
rate it tallboys moving units ssion coachwhips numbers on!air!library kill me tomorrow white magic gang gang dance measles mumps rubella blood on the wall tv on the radio rah brasv/a: us pop life volume 17 contact
rate it tantruminto thin air supine
rate it tarantula hawkst life is abuse
No sleeve yet rate it tarentel lilienthalsplit 7" awkward silence
rate it tech level 2hymn hardleaders
rate it techno animaleraser position chrome
rate it techno animal & dälekmegaton matador
rate it the angels of light calla ulan bator flux information sciences david coulter windsor for the derbyv/a: young god records compilation 2000 A.D. young god
rate it the arthur doyle electro-acoustic ensemble andy gilmore charalambides finkbeiner pengo the golden calves eskimo lime band the flying luttenbachers burlap pelt joe+n loren mazzacane connors nod mick turner sheet sq bardo pond karl precoda & mike gangloffv/a: the nature of systems: a carbon compilation carbon
rate it the assistant neil perry hassan i sabbah jerome's dream usurp synapsev/a: antipodes level plane
rate it the birthday partymutiny the bad seed ep bmg / buddha
rate it the birthday partyjunkyard bmg / buddha
rate it the birthday partyprayers on fire bmg / buddha
rate it the black heart processionthree touch and go
rate it the break quintet saddest day lucas kids like us my hero died today billion $ mission jr ewing the mile markers rage from withinv/a: ... and they had tears in their eyes lilacsky
rate it the cannanes & stewart andersenst 555 recordings
rate it the casket lottery trocar sweep the leg johnny biddy biddy biddyv/a: quarters volume 2 at arms mechanics
rate it the cherryville the world inferno friendship society reno kid hidalgo the klondike derby 125 rue montmartre kitty empire the holy childhood jettison the ivory coast & jodi buonanno bambi davidson maggat soave reiziger the oliver twist the robocop kraus elektrolochmann the rainbowmonkey milemarker yagev/a: achtung autobahn swing deluxe / rental car vacation
rate it the clocksthe saint, the sinner, the virgin, and the dynamo track star
rate it the conformistshatch-it eneverywh
rate it the conformistsst self-released
rate it the convocation of...s/t gsl
rate it the convocation of...lab remix series 3 gsl
rate it the creaturestake mine sub pop singles club V2 #27 june 2000 sub pop
rate it the crime kaisershow does it feel incognito
rate it the crimson curseboth feet in the grave three one g
rate it the curebloodflowers fiction
rate it the cutthroats 9s/t man's ruin
rate it the dead cstealth sub pop singles club V2 #24 february 2000 sub pop
rate it the exploder cross my heartsplit 7" reptilian
rate it the fallthe unutterable eagle / cog sinister
rate it the fallbackdrop cog sinister
rate it the falli am as pure as oranj burning airlines
rate it the flaming lipswhite christmas 2000 to all the deserved supporters... warner bros
rate it the flaming starsthe six john peel sessions vinyl japan
rate it the flaming starsa walk on the wired side vinyl japan
rate it the flying luttenbachersalptraum pandemonium
rate it the for carnationst touch and go
rate it the fuseshigh rate of speed incognito
rate it the fusesare lies morphius / reptilian
rate it the gate crashersloud at any volume e.p. parts unknown
rate it the go-betweensthe friends of rachel worth jetset
rate it the hal al shedaddescription: singles and unreleased songs 1995-1999 buddy system
No sleeve yet rate it the hat city intuitivethey must be clapping for... me! crank automotive
rate it the heroine sheiksrape on the installment plan reptilian
rate it the hexno car ep troubleman
rate it the hidden chordeight blue eyes the blood of the young / heart of a champion
rate it the holy childhoodup with what i'm down with gern blandsten
rate it the infinity dive emotion zero the ultimate warriors orchid tomsk 7 senor lululabov/a: songs of the dead ape
rate it the intelligencegirlfriends & boyfriends dragnet
rate it the intimano lullaby for sleep zum
rate it the j.j. paradise players clubst tee pee
rate it the jesus lizardbang touch and go
rate it the keatonsto chewy
rate it the khayembii communiqué the vidabluesplit 10" the blood of the young
rate it the la'slost la's 1984-1986 breakloose viper
rate it the lapseheaven ain't happenin' southern
No sleeve yet rate it the last forty secondsst ape must not kill ape
rate it the lazarus plot long live nothingsplit 7" disgruntled / lance harbor
rate it the locustwell, i'll be a monkey's uncle lb rmx srs vlm 4 gsl
rate it the locust arab on radarsplit 7" gsl
rate it the love song companypictures with the warning bell superkid discos
rate it the lowdownrevolver II strange attractors audio house
rate it the makersrock star god sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it the man i fell in love withdis yourself e.p. donut friends
rate it the marquis de tren & bonny 'prince' billyget on jolly domino
No sleeve yet rate it the may queensthe may queens the flower shop
rate it the mercury programfrom the vapor of gasoline tiger style
rate it the molassestrilogie: toil & peaceful life fancy
rate it the monkeywrenchsugar man estrus
rate it the monkeywrenchelectric children estrus
rate it the monkeywrenchthat trip you're on 6:10 pheonix in the red
rate it the mountain goatscoroner's gambit absolutely kosher
rate it the nation of ulyssesthe embassy tapes dischord
rate it the oathtransatlantic trash terror youth attack! / coalition / gloom
rate it the old haunts stereo total jeff hanson the decemberists comet gain the gossip numbers wrangler brutes john wilkes booze the makers harvey danger nedelle & thom gold chains & sue cie gravy train!!!! shoplifting deerhoof delta 5 the paper chase linda perry nedellev/a: otis' opuses kill rock stars
rate it the panoply academy corps of engineersconcentus secretly canadian
rate it the party of helicoptersmt. forever donut friends
rate it the party of helicoptersthe first two years of conquering the tundra progeria
rate it the pinest self-released
rate it the planthis time is not this place matlock
rate it the planante the essay jesus sanchez
No sleeve yet rate it the prats the janet and the johns brent wilcox noh mercy storm bugs the door and the window ak process men/eject sellouts danny and the dressmakers e.g oblique graph file under pop band t plus instruments orchid spangiafora doofv/a: i hate the pop group vertical slum
No sleeve yet rate it the rainbowmonkeyhow the apes stay so cool swing deluxe
rate it the rebelidiots v. spastics guided missile
rate it the red crayolamalefactor, ade drag city
rate it the red krayolablues, hollers and hellos crayola drag city
rate it the red light sting hot hot heatsplit 12" ache
No sleeve yet rate it the red scare (TX) orchidsplit 7" hand held heart
rate it the red scare (TX) orchidsplit 7" hand held heart
rate it the remote viewer tristezasplit 7" jonathon whiskey
rate it the reverend horton heatit was a very good year time bomb
rate it the reverend horton heatspend a night in the box time bomb
rate it the screamersdemos 1977-78
No sleeve yet rate it the search for saturnalia egonsplit 7" has anyone ever told you?
rate it the smashing pumpkinsmachina / the machines of god hut / virgin
rate it the spirit of versaillesXXX 8 song CD self-released
No sleeve yet rate it the spirit of versailles rise for ruinsplit 7" chiaroscuro
rate it the sporeslaa-laa flitwick
No sleeve yet rate it the starvationschurch of the double cross kapow
No sleeve yet rate it the stitchesyou tear me out dead beat
rate it the stone rosesthe remixes silvertone
No sleeve yet rate it the third eye foundationlittle lost soul domino
rate it the trans megettifading left to completely on gern blandsten
rate it the uniformthirty three revolutions + some other minor skirmishes morphius
rate it the upholsterersmakers of high grade suites sympathy for the record industry
rate it the vidabluewhat i should have said vol.1 init
rate it the vidablueour miracle point of contact the blood of the young / lance harbor
rate it the white stripesparty of special things to do sub pop
rate it the white stripeslord, send me an angel sympathy for the record industry
rate it the white stripeshello operator sympathy for the record industry
rate it the white stripeshello operator sympathy for the record industry
rate it the wisdom of harryhouse of binary matador
rate it the world / inferno friendship societyi wouldn't want to live in a world without grudges x-mist
rate it the yo-yo'stime of your life sub pop singles club V2 #26 may 2000 sub pop
rate it the [jukebox] scenariocincinnati kid message the disapointed's love letter / carmen diablo
rate it the [jukebox] scenario winstonsplit 7" bachelor
rate it thee speaking canarieslife-like homes scat
rate it therapy?so much for the ten year plan a retrospective 1990-2000 ark21
rate it there is a light that never goes outie dim mak
rate it there were wiress/t modern day detachment
rate it third harmonic distortionex animo morphius
rate it this machine killson the move el grito / coalition
rate it thoughts of ionescoabnormalities cass works
rate it thrallhung like god reptilian
rate it tinderstickswhat is a man from BBC drama 'the sins' beggars banquet
No sleeve yet rate it to dream of autumnnmutua fo maerd ot *spiritfall
rate it to live and shave in L.A.kill misty: threnody/300 dollar silk shirt self-released
rate it to rococo rotjacky sub pop singles club V2 #25 april 2000 sub pop
rate it today is the daylive till you die relapse
rate it tortoiseseneca thrill jockey / warp
rate it toshack highwayst catapult
rate it total shutdowndemo self-released
rate it tourettes lautrecred all swami / sympathy for the record industry
rate it tragedyst tragedy
rate it tragedy totalitärsplit 7" armageddon label
rate it trans amyou can always get what you want thrill jockey
rate it trans amred line thrill jockey
No sleeve yet rate it treadwellpour it into our bodies redwood
No sleeve yet rate it treadwellbomb diffusion status
rate it trespassers w laddio bolocko shunatao snark&natasha herzock badgewearer suns of arqa kletka red circle gordz my own dave's infusion owun mo-e hint margot dodes' ka-denv/a: la pluie et le beau temps volume 2 kalikof
rate it tribes of neurotspring equinox neurot
rate it tribes of neurotsummer solstice neurot
rate it tribes of neurotautumn equinox neurot
rate it tribes of neurotwinter solstice neurot
rate it tribes of neurotgrace neurot
rate it tristezaare we people tiger style
rate it tristezamacrame rocket racer
rate it trottelfluid trottel
No sleeve yet rate it true north the red scare (TX)split 7" sound virus
rate it trumans watermiss spaceship sub pop singles club V2 #28 july 2000 sub pop
rate it tupamarosbeyond the bias scene police
rate it turing machinea new machine for living jade tree
rate it u-mensolid action chuckie-boy
rate it ulan bator chevreuilsplit 7" ruminance
rate it unlogistic homeboyssplit 7" homelogistic happy dick milk / HB prod
rate it unwoundleaves turn inside you kill rock stars
rate it urban legends hutch harris butterfly transformation service opera cyclesecretly, faithfully jealous butcher
rate it usa is a monsterst self-released
rate it usurp synapsetour 7" self-released
rate it usurp synapse hassan i sabbahsplit 7" electric human project
rate it usurp synapse index for potential suicidesplit 7" witching hour
rate it usurp synapse index for potential suicidesplit 7" tour edition witching hour
rate it valinainto arsenal of codes trost
rate it vazdemonstrations in micronesia thin the herd
rate it vazdemonstrations in micronesia x-mist
rate it vazdemonstrations in micronesia load
rate it vaz enemyminesplit 7" thin the herd
rate it vaz sicbaysplit 7" minnesota attacks vol. 1 learning curve
rate it versaillesthe great axis boxcar
rate it vilently illrising up from the underground e.p. agitate 96 / pentagrandma records
rate it violent femmesfreak magnet shout
No sleeve yet rate it vuevue sub pop
rate it wadge präparation-hsplit 7" r.s.r.
rate it webcamweaving noise museum
No sleeve yet rate it what happens next?stand fast 2000 625
rate it white tornado oxbowoxbow meet white tornado wallace
No sleeve yet rate it wicketranfrills and flashy finery snackbag
rate it windsor for the derbyemotional rescue ep holophonor
rate it windsor for the derbymelt close speakerphone recordings
rate it winechuggersthank you all very much box factory
No sleeve yet rate it winstonohne utopien bleibt die welt ein dreckshaufen nova
rate it winterbrieffamous shoppers x-mist
rate it witchypoopublic works 5 rue christine
rate it witchypooolympia must die thin the herd
rate it wolf colonelthe castle k
rate it wolf eyesfortune dove bulb
rate it woman onlysummer break blue print
rate it xbxrxgop is minee 5 rue christine
rate it xbxrxst tapes
rate it yage3.-17. october 1984 the earthwatersky connection
rate it yage engravesplit 7" defiance
rate it yage the robocop kraussplit 7" swing deluxe / arabesque / nova / earthwatersky
rate it yaphet kotto suicide nationsplit 7" council
No sleeve yet rate it yo la tengoand the nothing turned itself inside-out matador
No sleeve yet rate it young marble giantssalad days vinyl japan
rate it zeek sheckzeek sheck's zemag daeh toyo
rate it zeek sheck hotlines for the childreni love you skin graft
rate it zeek sheck rules the cloud peoplegood luck remix skin graft / freeland
rate it zekejack torrence sub pop singles club V2 #30 september 2000 sub pop
rate it zulu as konoII perverted son
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