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rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deadsource tags & codes interscope
No sleeve yet rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deadpeel session interscope
No sleeve yet rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deadrelative ways interscope
No sleeve yet rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deadanother morning stoner interscope
rate it 13th holeisa et les autres limbo discs
No sleeve yet rate it 25 suaves1938 bulb
No sleeve yet rate it 25 suavesjuan rules tapes records
rate it 324 haymaker low threat profile inspite manchurian candidates progeria toshiro mifune overpowering ruido unruh i found god lack of interest su19b damad sepsism stress self inflicted pretty little flower dudman lana dagales bred on deception hpylori halo epidemicv/a: reality part #4 deep six
rate it a framess/t s-s records / dragnet
rate it a trillion barnacle lapsethe elemental gearbot level plane
rate it a.h. krakenautopsie d'un tronc de femme aujourd'hui luisance sonore
rate it abilenetwo guns, twin arrows 54º40' or fight!
No sleeve yet rate it aether fluxdon't do kidz drugs self-released
rate it agoraphobic nosebleedfrozen corpse stuffed with dope relapse
rate it agoraphobic nosebleed halosplit 7" relapse
rate it alain bashungl'imprudence barclay
rate it aLUnAREDelctrk! gsl
rate it amalgamated sons of rests/t galaxia
No sleeve yet rate it american nightmare anodyne the dillinger escape planv/a: black on black a tribute to black flag volume three initial
rate it american nothing planes mistaken for starsv/a: black on black a tribute to black flag volume two initial
rate it anodynedemo self-released
rate it anodyne keelhaulsplit 7" chainsaw safety
rate it anomoanonenvoi villon galaxia
rate it arab on radar kid commandosplit 7" ideal
rate it armatronmutation programming gsl
rate it at right anglestravels in constants vol. 16 temporary residence
rate it atom and his packagehamburgers the company with the golden arm
rate it automatonclarions and banners pacifico
rate it bad neighbor policy heroin men's recovery project & le tigre body part convocation of... six finger satellite fast forward tara tavi hail mary towel born against thrones rah bras skull kontrol auto da fé mutician amps for christ & thrones sinking body & bastard noise moss iconv/a: false object sensor x-mist
No sleeve yet rate it bad religionthe process of belief epitaph
rate it bardo pondpurposeful availment cd subscription series three lobed recordings
rate it bats and micebelieve it mammals lovitt
rate it beehive and the barracudas"plastic soul" with the white apes swami
rate it beeswaxsaturday night losers self-released
rate it below the soundmore like a gunshot than a car wreck berserker / crucial blast
No sleeve yet rate it beth gibbons & rustin manout of season go beat
rate it big boyswreck collection gern blandsten
rate it big numbersspectrum frog man jake
rate it bilge pumplet me breathe gringo
rate it black dicelost valley tigerbeat6
rate it black dice wolf eyessplit cd chimes in black water vol two april 12 2002
rate it black eyesblack eyes release the bats
rate it black eyesblack eyes ruffian
rate it black eyes early humanssplit 7" planaria
rate it black merinossad solutions hyperrealist
rate it black widowsstops a beating heart initial
rate it bluttchuttt... hee haw
rate it bonnie billy rainywoodkate wolf songs palace
rate it books lieweep coalition
rate it botchan anthology of dead ends hydra head
rate it botchunifying themes redux excursion
rate it breather resistthe second half initial
rate it brick layer cakewhatchamacallit touch and go
rate it bright calm blueasymmetry set independence day / divot
rate it bruce springsteenthe rising columbia
rate it bucket full of teethI youth attack!
rate it bucket full of teethII youth attack!
rate it bucket full of teethIII youth attack!
rate it buffalo tomb-sides ep beggars banquet / polydor
rate it built to spillfreebird warner bros
No sleeve yet rate it burnt by the sun the hope conspiracyv/a: black on black a tribute to black flag volume one initial
rate it burstin coveting ways chrome saint-magnus
No sleeve yet rate it butthole surferss/t live pcppep latino bugger veil
rate it c.o.c.o.the sound of coco k
rate it caesuramore specific less pacific 54°40' or fight!
rate it callatelevise arrco
rate it calvin johnsonwhat was me k
rate it captain beefheart and the magic banddust sucker milksafe
rate it caroliner rainbow grace blocks used in the placement of the personalityrings on the awkward shadow sides 3 & 4 dolor del estamago
No sleeve yet rate it cattle decapitationhuman jerky three one g
rate it cave in chimaira compression another nothing neck converge bad luck thirteen riot extravaganza home thirty three together we fall voice of reason when fear and weapons meetv/a: disintegrated a tribute to the cure too damn hype
rate it cerberus shoalmr boy dog temporary residence
rate it certain generalan introduction to war sourmash
No sleeve yet rate it chandlertattoo fire horses chandler entertainment group
rate it charlottefieldpicture diary fatcat's 7" series #5 fatcat
rate it charm city suicidesII baths of power
rate it check engines/t southern
rate it check engines/t sickroom
rate it cheer-accidentintroducing lemon skin graft
rate it cheer-accidentvariations on a goddamn old man pravda
rate it chokeboreit's a miracle pale blue
rate it chris brokawred cities 12XU
rate it christopheolympia 2002 disc AZ / universal
rate it chromaticsarms slither away k
rate it chromatics die !!! monitr batssplit 7" gsl
rate it chromeghost machine dossier
rate it chromeangel of the clouds dossier
rate it circle takes the squares/t hyperrealist
rate it circle takes the squaredemo self-released
rate it circle takes the square pageninetyninesplit 7" document #13 the perpetual motion machine
rate it city of caterpillars/t level plane / lilacsky / adagio830
rate it city of caterpillardemo + live recording level plane
rate it clinicwalking with thee domino
rate it clinic kinski the delgados steve wynn the du-tels the muffins lightning bolt mastodon the misfits new pornographers skywave uragsha faun fables flashpapr st-37 mark robinson rick benson peaches & gonzales & feist the moldy peaches dead moon howe gelb the bevis frond kelly hogan the lowdown mz pakman connie acher & jelly the clogs jaap blonk pg six magic carpathians project kokolo afrobeat oneida the bellraysv/a: don't shoot the toy piano player WFMU
rate it coachwhipshands on the controls black apple
rate it combatwoundedveteranduck down for the torso no idea
No sleeve yet rate it consonantst fenway
rate it converge playing enemy coalescev/a: black on black a tribute to black flag volume four initial
No sleeve yet rate it corrupted infaustsplit 7" blinddate
rate it couch prehensile monkeytailed skink cornelius gomez monarchs bullet in the head shriekv/a: bulb singles vol. 1 bulb
No sleeve yet rate it crash normalping up byteburger
rate it crawbodies for strontium 90 hydra head
rate it crawbodies for strontium 90 radar swarm
rate it cream abdul babarthe catalyst to ruins at a loss
rate it crestfallenstreaks of terror handstand
rate it crestfallenstreaks of terror magic bullet
No sleeve yet rate it crevureraf en concert self-released
No sleeve yet rate it crush kill destroymuch action walking distance makoto
rate it cult of lunathe beyond earache
rate it cynthia dallsound restores young men drag city
rate it daïtrocodec alchimia
rate it dälekfrom filthy tongue of gods and griots ipecac
No sleeve yet rate it danse macabredie kritik ist keine leidenschaft des kopfes... react with protest
rate it darin grayst. louis shuffle family vineyard
rate it das oathdeaf ears japan tour 2002 coalition
rate it david grubbsrickets & survey fatcat
rate it david grubbsact five, scene one blue chopsticks
rate it david kilgourfeather in the engine merge
No sleeve yet rate it de kiftguldentje maar self-released
rate it dead and gonethe beautician gsl
No sleeve yet rate it dead for a minute desideratadead for a desiderata acide folik / shinya
rate it dead letter auctionvertigo excursions into the abyss
rate it deadseraphim montcalmsplit 12" pretty in pink!
rate it death cat opaque hex milgram march of dimes polaris serious naan fiend nimrod 33 unknownv/a: no rewind (september of mrw44) mrw44
rate it death of maratall eyes open stickfigure
rate it deerhoofreveille 5 rue christine / kill rock stars
rate it deerhoofreveille global buddy!
rate it deerhoofc cool beans!
rate it DFIst honey bear
rate it dinosaur jrear-bleeding country rhino
rate it dkp agripon infomercial il etat une fois bardou jacquet kourgane gotcho gotcho les reves de nana mouskouri zukr memoire rebelle plod hot flower philippe musikk les baigneurs api uiz molochv/a: quatrieme création collective les potagers natures
rate it donald washington donald washington & unlogistic unlogisticsplit CD
rate it doug martschnow you know warner bros
rate it echo is your love8 hours if society
rate it el guaposuper/system dischord
rate it electrelanefilm music let's rock!
rate it engine downa sign of breath ep. day after
rate it engine downdemure lovitt
rate it enonevidence troubleman unlimited
rate it enonnormal is happening do-tell
rate it enonhigh society touch and go
rate it envylast wish H.G. fact
rate it envy iscariotesplit 10" our dreams walking their way chapter one pure pain sugar / code of ethics
rate it erase erratalive at the eagle tavern lungcast
rate it ESGstep off soul jazz
No sleeve yet rate it esteltrue stories little plastic tapes
No sleeve yet rate it euclidcarthage e.p. low valley music
No sleeve yet rate it euclidcarthage e.p. low valley music
rate it ex models the secondssplit 7" raw wild love x-mist / my pal god
rate it examination of the...lady in the radiator hawthorne street
rate it examination of the...lady in the radiator init
rate it excelsiorhot shit sandwich discography cd planaria
rate it eyehategod soilent greensplit 7" incision
rate it eyes of autumnhello 54°40' or fight!
rate it facade burned blackst amendment
rate it fast forwardlive in afrika self-released
rate it fast forward t-cellssplit cd three one g
rate it fat dayIV dark beloved cloud
rate it fat daypoop 100% breakfast!
rate it fat daycats of the wild 100% breakfast!
No sleeve yet rate it fatal flying guilloteens sacred of chakasplit 7" dirtnap
rate it femme fataleas you sow, so shall you reap ache
rate it femme fatalefire baptism beta:beat
rate it fina china superbone the ed kemper trio el daetro chris trull & danny mcclain the conformists the real chad panicsville rotard gezoleen crawv/a: digging out the switch again the subversive workshop
rate it final solutionseat shit therapeutic
rate it firewater mother tongue tigerbeat payolav/a: persona non grata fanzine persona non grata
No sleeve yet rate it flying donutslast straight line josé / vampire / headseeker
rate it fm knivesuseless and modern broken rekids
rate it fm knivesestrogen smartguy
rate it fm knivesuseless and modern moo-la-la
rate it forcefedglassfine tuned chaos motherfuckers a complete discography of shit electric human project
rate it forcefieldroggaboggas load
rate it forcefieldlord of the rings modulator bulb
rate it franklin brunoa cat may look at a queen absolutely kosher
rate it french toastbugman E.P. arrest
No sleeve yet rate it friends forevertidal wave city ep N.G.W.T.T.
No sleeve yet rate it friends forevermotion picture soundtrack N.G.W.T.T.
rate it frodusR4D10-4C71V17Y radio activity magic bullet
rate it funeral dinerdifference of potential ape must not kill ape
rate it funeral dinerthe wicked sorry
rate it galusha grows/t self-released
No sleeve yet rate it gâtechiens/t another
No sleeve yet rate it gerling panam betchadupa the clean garageland the hasselhoff experiment the d4 stephen malkmus tall dwarfs high dependency unit chris knox graeme downesv/a: under the influence - 21 years of flying nun records flying nun
rate it germboxfraction of exaggeration caulfield
rate it get hustledream eagle 31G
rate it giddy motorswhirled by curses fatcat's 7" series #4 fatcat
rate it giddy motorssassy ace fu
rate it giddy motorsmake it pop fatcat
rate it girls against boysyou can't fight what you can't see jade tree
No sleeve yet rate it glass candylove on the plate release the bats
No sleeve yet rate it glass candy and the shattered theatre pixeltan erase errata the rogers sisters wolf eyes song of zarathustra orthrelm the meta-matics the flying luttenbachers subtonix panthers abcs the walkmen kepler red monkey the lack touchdown milky wimpshake pussycat trash numbersv/a: troubleman sampler troubleman
No sleeve yet rate it glidersand from water where are my records
rate it gnumilimetry ticha silver rocket / minority
rate it godzik pink young people wolf eyes pink and brown hella xiu xiu generic orthrelm quintron lightning bolt the sick lipstick bottled og semiautomatic VV and hotel replikants the seconds vaz total shutdown deerhoof octis girls in trouble sharon cheslow THETEETHE dilutev/a:
if the twenty-first century didn't exist it would be
necessary to invent it
5 rue christine
rate it gogogoairheartreal live kill... gsl
rate it gogogoairheartexitheuxa gsl
rate it gold circlesgoldcircle dance song coptercrash
rate it grandpa's ghost western robot the conformists eric hall phallus chalicev/a: in spite of sustenance
5 chefs. 5 composers. 5 courses. 5 diners...music ins
pired by food

a one-night art installation at the forum for contemp
orary art
radio penny
rate it griefturbulent times unreleased and out-of-print material southern lord
rate it guyana punch linedirekt aktion prank
rate it hair policemortuary servants freedom from / gods of tundra
rate it hangedupkicker in tow constellation
rate it haymarket riot hitchsplit 7" what else
rate it hellafalam dinasty 5 rue christine
rate it hellahold your horse is frenetic
rate it helmsmccarthy kimchee
rate it herman dune cerberus shoalthe whys and hows of herman dune and cerberus shoal first installment split cd series north east indie / stella white
rate it heroine sheikssiamese pipe rubric
rate it herr k(USA) the fauvessplit 7" transgalactic ladder / coastal access
No sleeve yet rate it hexraygun chunky chicken
rate it high on firesurrounded by thieves relapse
rate it hint hintsex is everything cold crush
rate it hirameka hi-fisprezzatura gringo
rate it hitchmonolith delboy / divot
rate it hot crosshot cross mustache ride
rate it hot cross light the fuse and runsplit 7" level plane / the electric human project
rate it hot hot heatknock knock knock sub pop
rate it hot snakessuicide invoice swami
rate it hot snakesautomatic midnight swami
rate it hot water music the casket lotterysplit 7" second nature
rate it human alertdirty dancing flight 13 / dialektic
rate it i am spoonbendershown actual size gsl
No sleeve yet rate it i am spoonbendersender/receiver gold standard laboratories
rate it i'm being good8 of us r dead infinite chug
rate it idyll swordspurposeful availment cd subscription series three lobed recordings
rate it ikara coltrudd fantastic plastic
rate it ikara coltchat and business fantastic plastic
rate it ikara coltbasic instructions ep fantastic plastic / epitaph
rate it imaghonocturnes from belgium with love
rate it interpolturn on the bright lights matador
rate it interpolinterpol ep matador
rate it interpolobstacle 1 matador
rate it interpolPDA matador
rate it iron lung bgsplit 7" born to die
rate it isisoceanic ipecac
rate it j churchpalestine honey bear
rate it jacobitesrobespierre's velvet basement secretly canadian
rate it jacobitesjacobites secretly canadian
rate it jacobitesthe ragged school secretly canadian
rate it jad fair & jason willetsuperfine public eyesore
rate it jawbreakeretc blackball
rate it jeremy glucki knew buffalo bill burning skulls rise diesel motor
rate it joshua fit for battlebring out your dead 1998-1999 the electric human project
rate it joshua fit for battlebring out your dead 1998-1999 the electric human project
rate it jr merill
there must be something about gathering in a basement
when you could be selling dog food and plastic spoon
s at the local supermarket
quirky johns
rate it kashbeauty is everywhere sickroom
rate it katastrophy wifeamusia almafame
rate it keleton dmddirtriders makoto
rate it keplermissionless day resonant
rate it keplerwaterfall european tour single resonant
No sleeve yet rate it keuhkotperuskivi francon betonia ektro
No sleeve yet rate it kevin drumm aaron dillowayi drink your skin hanson / american tapes
rate it kevorkianrelief through scream hopewell
No sleeve yet rate it kickballkickball houseopolis
rate it kid commandothe french kiss is dead ladygodivaoperations
rate it kill me tomorrowrequire chocolate gsl
rate it kïmmoconversation for conservation my kimono records / happy dick milk
rate it king kongthe big bang drag city
rate it kite flying societyjochem
rate it knife fight fourteen or fight limpwrist the oath punch in the face jba tear it up gate crashers reagan ss last in linev/a: mein comp youth attack!
rate it kochen mit glasgrenzziehung better home plastic cooperation
rate it kraplive at the common ground wabana
rate it kylesaa 110 heat index prank
rate it kylesato walk a middle course havoc
rate it l'ogst
rate it lack of zodiactele norway rat
rate it laikalost in space volume one (1993-2002) too pure
rate it lambchop madrugada featuring neil mcnasty the webb brothers calexico featuring valerie leulliot johnny dowd st etienne featuring nathan bennet st thomas jarvis cocker & richard hawley erlend oye the amazing pilots kathryn williams tindersticks stephen jones & luke scott calvin johnson & mark pickerel evan dando & sabrina brooke kid loco featuring tim keeganv/a: total lee! the songs of lee hazelwood city slang / labels / virgin
No sleeve yet rate it last of the juanitastime's up wäntage
No sleeve yet rate it levines!black bones boney legs self-released
rate it liarsfins to make us more fish-like blast first / mute
rate it liars
they threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on
blast first
rate it liars oneidaatheists, reconsider arena rock recording co
rate it life detecting coffinscatatonic begat napoleonic golden brown
rate it life's halt seein red limp wrist E-150 esperanza DS-13 deathreat sin orden meleev/a: histeria vol. 1 lengua armada
No sleeve yet rate it light the fuse and run1,2,3 golden brown
No sleeve yet rate it light the fuse and runall your base are belong to us exotic fever
rate it lightning bolt quintron melt-banana olneyville sound system pleasurehorse fucking champs deerhoof black dice 25 suaves lesser red monkey marumari v for vendetta orchid pixeltan the need music tapes drums and tuba lumen mindflayerv/a: u.s. pop life vol.12
tribute to fort thunder "random slice of life from ft
thunder-some bands who played at"
No sleeve yet rate it little miltonein satz taube ohren 5nach3
rate it loganlove, said gas psychotica
rate it loisirs myra leesplit 7" théâtre / tempête dans ton bourg / la mâchoire
rate it love as laughtertempation island sub pop
rate it love lifehex it out three one g
rate it love lifehere is night, brothers, here the birds burn jagjaguwar
rate it lovelostbutnotforgottenupon the right, i saw a new misery happy couples never last
rate it lozengemishap sickroom
rate it ludusthe visit/the seduction les temps modernes
rate it luduspickpocket danger came smiling les temps modernes
No sleeve yet rate it lyssa wollongongsplit 7" silver rocket
rate it madeline fergusona long walk with no return slave union / oneohfive
rate it maggatthe consultations hours swing deluxe
No sleeve yet rate it mahkatofighting the urge to start fires init
rate it manorexiathe radiolarian ooze ectopic ents international
rate it manuel j. grotesque the stars at my desk portamento agripon tg hooverheads mario tito one foot dancer space loosers shubv/a: i am really beginning to enjoy myself ! busted
rate it mara'akatest alone
No sleeve yet rate it mara'akatea signifcant portion of their discography heroine
rate it marathon the cherry valence plate tectonics canyon liars young people hella pilot to gunner pink & brown electro putas yeah yeah yeahs enonv/a: u.s. pop life vol 15 power energy on the high wire contact
rate it marc sens falter bramnk kg oldine fennesz lee renaldo + erik m k.k null baka ! schizotrope the double life of veronique rafael toral + hilmar jensson mété hans tammen + jérome noetingerv/a: strings & stings vol. 2 from belgium with love
rate it mark e. smithpander! panda! panzer! action
rate it mazarinmemories change in patterns sub pop singles club V2 #46 january 2002 sub pop
rate it mcluskyto hell with good intentions too pure
rate it mcluskymclusky do dallas too pure
rate it mcluskyalan is a cowboy killer too pure
rate it mecca normalthe family swan kill rock stars
rate it medusa cyclonetangier smallstone recordings
rate it melt-banana666 level plane
rate it melt-banana big d and the kids tablesplit 7" fork in hand
rate it melted menabdominal snowman dead mind
rate it melvinshostile ambient takeover ipecac
rate it metronome charismademo self-released
rate it mick turnerseven angels cd subscription series three lobed recordings
rate it microwavessystem 2 cenotaph / version city
rate it mike lust ten grandsplit 7" sickroom
rate it milemarkerfrigid forms sell lovitt
rate it milemarkersatanic versus day after / jade tree
rate it milemarker 8-bit construction set abilene viza-noir owls pinebender 90 day men bees are black sweep the leg johnny vermont taking pictures toe slowes atombombpocketsknife dianogah a-set pelev/a: u.s. pop life vol.14 chicago-midwest explanation of scientific explosion contact
rate it milgramsubversion standard red f
No sleeve yet rate it milligrammean machine euro tour 7" superFi
rate it mindflayertake your skin off bulb
rate it mira cream abdul babarsplit 7" projekt
rate it miss helsinki foe lapsus linguae american heritage desmotabs guapo cheval de frise stars in battledress the monsoon bassoon max tundra ursa sweep the leg johnny defeat the young geiger counterv/a: house of stairs vol I useless in bed house of stairs
rate it moi aussi a. pax gros 1000 seb normal lavomaflex loo mee sun plexus jean-louis costes mister kougol hot scone 15 - w.s. death to pigs mon chéri ich bin giulio nesi bongsonv/a: radio bongoût volume #1 super star parade bongoût
rate it moment there were wiressplit 7" amalagate
rate it moreland audioturbogold 54°40' or fight!
rate it mudhoneysince we've become translucent sub pop
rate it mudhoneysonic infusion sub pop
rate it múmgreen grass of tunnel fatcat's 7" series #6 fatcat
rate it murdock her little sisters - motherlesssplit 7" altin village
No sleeve yet rate it møller-plessetdemo mai 2002 self-released
rate it møller-plessetrather drunk than quantum k-fuel
rate it naked citylive volume one: knitting factory 1989 tzadik
rate it natural dreamersst frenetic
rate it need new bodyst file 13
rate it neon hunk my name is rar-rarsplit 7" ldr/hpr
rate it neptunethe ballet of process release #7 100% breakfast!
rate it neptuneat the pink pony tour 7" release #6 mister
rate it neurosisofficial bootleg 01 lyon france 11.02.99 neurot
rate it neurosisofficial bootleg 02 stockholm 15.10.1999 neurot
rate it new brutalisma record of american fury code of ethics
rate it new brutalism1999-2001
(a diagram without scale or dimension/structural gymn
the great vitamin mystery
rate it new end original girls against boys denali trial by fire cub country milemarker miighty flashlight strike anywhere owls the explosion zero zero jets to brazil euphone the promise ring onelinedrawing pedro the lion paint it blackv/a: location is everything vol. 1 jade tree
rate it new luck toybattery acid for love nobody loves music
rate it new orderretro london
rate it nice nicethere will be slogans white denim
rate it nick cavesongs for a november night
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsritz stockholm fan club
No sleeve yet rate it nikadst fire walk with me
rate it nikki suddengroove crown of thorns secretly canadian
rate it nikki sudden&rowland s. howardkiss you kidnapped charabanc live in augsburg secretly canadian
No sleeve yet rate it north of americaelements of an incomplete map pt.II rewika
rate it noxagtturning it down since 2001 load
rate it noxagtKFJC norway rat
rate it noxagt hellfirest nor wave
rate it off minorthe heat death of the universe clean plate
No sleeve yet rate it ohuzarutrash is business wee wee / sly actions / heroine
rate it oma hanstrapperfieber schiffen
rate it oma hansabmeldung schiffen
rate it oneida xiu xiu hella young people paradise island oxes neon hunk the flying luttenbachers hair police ex-models cheer-accident point line plane bride of no no x27 old time relijun lozenge japantherv/a: airwaves for your hairwaves live on WNUR
rate it orchidgatefold ebullition
rate it origami boyracer dennis driscoll architecture in helsinki cex sleepy townshipv/a: the way things change volume 5 red square
rate it orthrelmasristir vieldriox troubleman unlimited
rate it orthrelmnorildivoth crallos-lomrixth urthi three one g
rate it oxbowan evil heat neurot
rate it oxeshalf half and half monitor
rate it oxesoxxxes monitor
rate it oxesoxxxes monitor
rate it pageninetyninedocument #11 robotic empire
rate it pageninetynine majority rulesplit 12" document #12 magic bullet
rate it panthersare you down?? troubleman unlimited
rate it papa m unhomesplit 7" awkward silence
rate it part chimpchart pimp rock action
rate it party of helicoptersspace...and how sweet it was troubleman unlimited
rate it pavementslanted and enchanted luxe & deluxe matador
rate it peacocks porf lts snakkendu densk bambix esxtinction of mankind planet joe coreporation rawside fleish misery cwill aurora sabot bodybag colossamite concrete sox melt-banana skalariak moped lads skunk wwk guts pie earshot bagger prejudice poison ivvy strike scally doom antikörper nostromo kav/a: KuZeB 92'-02' kuzeb
rate it pedro the lioni heard the bells on christmas day suicide squeeze
rate it pedro the lioncontrol jade tree
rate it pelicanst hydra head
No sleeve yet rate it pérals/t self-released
rate it pere ubust arkansas cooking vinyl / spinART
rate it petrograd j churchsplit 7" christopher's records
rate it pg 99document #7 magic bullet
rate it phantomsmasherst ipecac
rate it phantomsmasherdemo self-released
No sleeve yet rate it photon band the alpha control group csplit 7" oh, good fortune chumpire
rate it pink and brown death drugsplit 12" the split load series vol. 2 load
No sleeve yet rate it pink eye sore keith john adams stuffy/the fuses ceramic hobs fun-da-mental gaudi howl in the typewriter steve beresford future sperm brasil galen sadko spearmint montana pete shark gag (UK) panicstepper the free french host crayola gagarin A@_@v/a: in praise of the kitten kabuki kore
rate it pitchforkeucalyptus swami
rate it pixiesthe purple tape cooking vinyl
rate it planes mistaken for starsspearheading the sin movement no idea
rate it planquezfor the engineer self-released
rate it please inform the captain this is a hijackst empire
No sleeve yet rate it pleasurehorsebareskinrug load
rate it programmeune vie fatcat's 7" series #7 fatcat
rate it programmel'enfer tiède lithium
rate it putney swope possum moods the tall boy the all girl summer fun band the escargo-go's rocketshipv/a: the way things change volume 6 red square
rate it q and not uon play patterns dischord
rate it q and not udifferent damage dischord
rate it quails manda and the marbles coolies lost sounds rock*a*teens industrial skyline dada swing stereo total gene defcon the supreme indifference mecca normal convocation of... beehive and the barracudas aislers set comet gain mona reels i'm being good drillboxignition braille stars the reputation delta dart tender trap bangs fifth column the dishes jeff hanson mary timony yeah yeah yeahs the long goodbye red monkey carla bozulich point and shoot erase errata love life deerhoof quasi mooney suzuki dirt bike annie the butchies lorelei thoroughbred danielle howle and the tantrums virginia north neko case and her boyfriends two ton boav/a: fields and streams kill rock stars
rate it queens of the stone agesongs for the deaf interscope records
rate it quintronthe frog tape skin graft
rate it quix*o*ticmortal mirror kill rock stars
rate it racebannonsatan's kickin' yr dick in the story of rhonda delight secretly fuckin' canadian
rate it racebannonin the grips of the light level plane
rate it racebannon mara'akatesplit 6" electric human project
rate it racebannon song of zarathustrasplit CD near and fear vol. 2 backroad / level plane
rate it rah brasnipponoppin lungcast
rate it rapider than horsepowerstage fright, stage fright... essay
rate it raptureinsound tour support series n° 19 insound
rate it rapture xbxrx tw walsh the lapse the apes avey tare + panda bear north of america exmodels enemymine mink lungs the oxes parkinglot ink oneida excelsior retsin convocation of..v/a: u.s. pop life vol.13 northeast new core contact
rate it remuxerstrebuchet moodswing
rate it ricaineurbanity unstable ape records
rate it rideox4 the best of ride the first time
No sleeve yet rate it robot attack hypatiasplit 7" square of opposition
rate it rocket from the cryptlive from camp X-Ray vagrant
rate it ruins1986-1992 skin graft
rate it ruinstzomborgha ipecac
rate it ruinsales stenar manufactured cr
rate it rumah sakitobscured by clowns temporary residence
rate it rumah sakitlive errol
rate it rumah sakitobscured by clowns sickroom
rate it runner eyes of autumn christiansen eye, winfred e riddle of steel 31knots the john wilkes kissing booth plan b anaset caesura hot little rocket xinlisupreme venusian skyline dropsonicv/a: copper press 12 copper press
rate it rye coalitiongot this thing on the move sub pop singles club V2 #47 february 2002 sub pop
rate it s prcssmnml frenchkiss
rate it saragashumthe devil's chordbook the subversive workshop
rate it savage republicjamahiriya democratique et populaire de sauvage mobilization
rate it scalenegrafting from instantaneous and fragmental fullfilment H.G. fact
rate it science of yabracheck the sound the fuckhead union & the shitlips society
rate it science of yabracheck the sound frenetic
rate it science of yabra other men my agesplit 7" the fuckhead union & the shitlips society
rate it seanewsdemo 2002 dangerous at drive
rate it second story man the love letter band six cents and natalie the snow fairies the casino ashtrays the lucksmithsv/a: the way things change volume 4 red square
rate it sharks keep movingpause and clause status
rate it sheryl's magnetic aurast cosmonaut
rate it shotmakerthe complete discography 1993-1996 troubleman unlimited
rate it shubmy first single self-released
rate it sicbay grand ulenasplit 7" sawtooth
rate it sightingsst load
rate it silkwormitalian platinum touch and go
No sleeve yet rate it simfela8 song ep alchimia
rate it sin desires marie del cielosplit 7" ed walters
rate it sinking steps... rising eyesdemo init
rate it six organs of admittanceyou can always see the sun cd subscription series three lobed recordings
No sleeve yet rate it sld fat day asshole parade eurich mrtva budoucnost kung-fu rick dead end president's choice d.p.p.s. autoritär vilently ill katastrofialue palatka chapter 13 pretentious assholes crooked cops epajarjestys warsore denak godstomper the end of the century partyv/a: the icing on the gravy expostfacto
rate it sleater-kinneyone beat kill rock stars
rate it smogaccumulation: none drag city
rate it snowsuit*s/t deleted art
rate it some girlsthe rains deathwish
No sleeve yet rate it sometimes walking, sometimes runninginsurgent traffic violation
rate it song of zarathustraa view from high tides troubleman unlimited
rate it sonic youthmurray street geffen
rate it sonic youthkali yug express geffen
rate it sonic youth & i.c.p. & the exin the fishtank 9 in the fishtank / atomic / konkurrent
rate it soon the darknesscut through the cross section wakusei
rate it soon the darkness parade of enemiessplit 7" atrocity exhibition
rate it spaceheads monochrome (GR)split 7" popart
rate it spectre featuring sensationalparts unknown quatermass
rate it speedkingthe fist and the laurels tiger style
rate it spinning headsnothing is gained, nothing is lost, everything changes radar swarm
rate it sprinzi totheansaphone red worm's farmv/a: dirk van de broek alice / fooltribe
rate it stars of dogon early humanssplit 7" wäntage
No sleeve yet rate it stauder gute rat fidel bastro
rate it staynlessold salt soul is cheap
rate it steel pole bath tubunlistenable 0 to 1
rate it steroid maximusectopia ipecac
rate it steve von tillif i should fall to the field neurot
rate it stick men with ray gunssome people deserve to suffer emperor jones
rate it still lifelimitations boundaries and failures greyday productions
No sleeve yet rate it subsist blue skies burning 7 angels 7 plagues end this day mara'akate incision shiloh silence of the fall circle of dead children fable entrust fed by ravens castahead upheaval fighting academy acharyth zaov/a: a testament to broken walls backroad
rate it subtonixtarantism troubleman unlimited
rate it superchunkthe clambake series vol.1 acoustic in-stores east & west merge
rate it taking picturesfriends are ghosts my pal god
rate it taking pictures emperor penguin lungs of a giant bitter, bitter weeks ex models lefty's deceiver del rey knodel tw walsh the goblins paul newman the embarrassment drums and tubav/a: a sense of where we are my pal god
No sleeve yet rate it tangs/t self-released
rate it tarantula hawkst neurot
rate it tarentelfear of bridges cd subscription series three lobed recordings
rate it tech level 2teknological teknological
rate it teen idles the untouchables state of alert minor threat void youth brigade government issue scream iron cross red c deadline artificial peace faith skewbald marginal man gray matter rites of spring beefeater the snakes dag nasty embrace soulside egg hunt one last wish fire party ignition three shudder to think happy go licky fugazi lungfish fidelity jones the nation of ulysses holy rollers jawbox severin the high-back chairs autoclave circus lupus branch manager slant 6 hoover trusty smart went crazy the crownhate ruin the warmers the make-up bluetip faraquet q and not u untouchables government issue & ian mackaye rozzlyn rangers interviewv/a: 20 years of dischord dischord
rate it teenage fanclub & jad fairwords of wisdom and hope geographic
rate it telemarkst bombshell
rate it ten grandthis is the way to rule southern
rate it ten volt shockthe incident x-mist
rate it ten volt shock neighbour rosickysplit 7" kopist platten
rate it tender trapface of 73 k
rate it tender trapfilm molecules k / fortuna pop / elefant
rate it thalia zedekyou're a big girl now kimchee / acuarela
rate it the a.m. thawnvictorian leaves riptide / swing deluxe
rate it the apes les savy fav the mars voltav/a: euro tour cd ep southern
No sleeve yet rate it the apollo programdemo july 2002 self-released
rate it the band of holy joylove never fails rough trade
rate it the black heart processionamore del tropico touch and go
rate it the black lipsfreakout the electric human project
No sleeve yet rate it the black lipsain't coming back brand name records / die slaughterha?s records
rate it the black seas/t ep lovitt
rate it the blood brothersmarch on electric children three one g
rate it the blood brothers dead and gone this machine kills harum scarum talk is poison hail mary palatka the dgq the red scare (TX)v/a: destroy new granada sound virus
rate it the blood brothers get hustle asterisk* the oath gogogoairheart upsilon acrux sinking body glass candy the locust weasel walter the spacewurm fast forward the convocation of bastard noise tourettes lautrec melt bananav/a: dynamite with a laserbeam queen as heard through the meat grinder of three one g three one g
rate it the blue hourst the electric human project
rate it the book of dead namesthe story unfolds the blood of the young
No sleeve yet rate it the breederstitle tk 4ad
rate it the capitol city dustersrock creek dischord
No sleeve yet rate it the cinema eye audiosplit 10" sound virus
rate it the cleananthology flying nun
rate it the continental opslitch music drag city
rate it the creeping nobodiesi-x-4 kosher rock
rate it the crime kaisersst stereodrive!
rate it the crime kaisersst stereodrive!
rate it the curtainsflybys self-released
rate it the curtainsflybys thin wrist
rate it the curtainsfast talk thin wrist
rate it the dames exercisesplit 7" minnesota attacks vol. 2 learning curve
rate it the dead sciencesubmariner absolutely kosher
rate it the dillinger escape planirony is a dead scene epitaph
No sleeve yet rate it the dillinger escape planirony is a dead scene buddyhead
rate it the dismemberment planchange desoto
No sleeve yet rate it the distractiontransmission ignition pelado records
rate it the drones (AU)here come the lies spooky
rate it the drones (AU)mean streak sonico
rate it the drones (AU)bird in a church in-fidelity
rate it the dropsciencedies tonight happy couples never last
rate it the dropscience freedom for saturnsplit CD ep happy couples never last
rate it the eternalsblack museum aesthetics
rate it the fallthe fall vs 2003 action
rate it the fallextricate cog-sinister
rate it the fictionLP33 level plane
rate it the flaming lipsyoshimi battles the pink robots warner bros
rate it the flaming starssunset & void vinyl japan
rate it the flaming starsa little bit like you vinyl japan
rate it the flying luttenbachersinfection and decline troubleman unlimited / ugEXPLODE
rate it the flying luttenbachersretrospektiw IV more flying luttenbachers non-lp tracks 1996-2000 ugEXPLODE / the mountain collective for independent artists
rate it the free frenchrunning on batteries hitback
rate it the free frenchhost hitback
rate it the free frenchdo you come often here? hitback
rate it the free frenchtrial separations hitback
No sleeve yet rate it the fusescommunists don't dance slamdance cosmopolis
rate it the gravity indexst modern radio
rate it the gtcst white denim
rate it the hidden chordhidden chord as the captain & his entourage level plane
rate it the hunchesmind fuck blues flying bomb
rate it the hunchesgot some hate in the red
rate it the hunchesyes. no. shut it in the red
rate it the intimast post present medium
rate it the j.j. paradise players clubclean tour support ep handikraft
rate it the j.j. paradise players club candy darlingssplit 7" handikraft
rate it the jam session the avenging disco godfathers of soulsplit 7" a the cure tribute the shameless kiss of vanity vol.1 release the bats
rate it the jim yoshii pile-uphomemade drugs absolutely kosher
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionghetto mom explosion juke box series #5 in the red
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionplastic fang matador
No sleeve yet rate it the king cobra8 songs self-released
rate it the ladderbacktrigger themes bifocal media
rate it the lapse the farewell bend blue tip appleseed cast euphone les savy fav the trans megetti karate braid jejune the make up painted thinv/a: this river runs dry sojus 7 live compilation musicismyheroin
rate it the lights fusaine deerhoof lowbelly zann a radio with guts bengeorge7 ene encompass and stalemate the band from bloody elle department of experimental health mark price the nels cline singers g. america the predictors tempus fugitv/a: swallowed by machinery volume 3 fort hazel
rate it the locust melt bananasplit 7" gsl
rate it the mercury programa data learn the language tiger style
No sleeve yet rate it the meta-maticscomplete discography troubleman
rate it the most secret methodour success christopher's records
rate it the mountain goatsjam eater blues sub pop
rate it the mountain goatsghana 3 beads of sweat
rate it the mountain goatsbitter melon farm 3 beads of sweat
rate it the mountain goatsprotein source of the future... now! 3 beads of sweat
No sleeve yet rate it the no-gos beauty pill bazhenav/a: hives need hearts a benefit for CCNV tomato juice
rate it the oath total furysplit 7" youth attack!
rate it the oliver twistnew tricks and traps x-mist
No sleeve yet rate it the patternreal feelness wichita
rate it the pinehomeless life owsla
rate it the pinelead blocks for feet owsla / alone
rate it the pinedemo self-released
rate it the piranhasst on/on switch
rate it the red krayolafree logo ruminance
rate it the redneck manifestocut your heart off from your head red f
rate it the roger sisterspurely evil troubleman unlimited
rate it the roger sisterscalculator troubleman unlimited
rate it the romance morguethe demo days alone
No sleeve yet rate it the rutabega owensplit CD near and fear vol. 1 backroad
No sleeve yet rate it the saddest landscapecover your heart copter crash
rate it the saddest landscapecover your heart tour cd self-released
rate it the secondsY 5 rue christine
rate it the secondsY x-mist
rate it the shiveringwires of storm and song council
rate it the shiveringto the ground council / owsla / into the hurricane
rate it the sick anchorss/t lost dog recordings
rate it the sick lipstickst sound virus
rate it the smashing pumpkinsearphoria virgin
rate it the starvationshorrified eyes gsl
rate it the starvationsone long night revenge
rate it the starvationsone long night kapow
rate it the strokeshard to explain bmg
rate it the suicide file the hope conspiracysplit 7" deathwish
rate it the telescopesthird wave double agent
rate it the usaisamonstermasonic chronic infrasound
rate it the vetsst modern radio
No sleeve yet rate it the vulvettesthis is the science we believe in dragnet
rate it the white stripesmerry christmas from... XL
rate it the white stripes7 nation army XL
No sleeve yet rate it the white stripes7 nation army XL
rate it the white stripesfell in love with a girl XL
No sleeve yet rate it the white stripesfell in love with a girl XL
No sleeve yet rate it the wingdale community singersgive it a kiss agenda
rate it the world / inferno F.S.just the best party gern blandsten
rate it theoretical girlsst acute
rate it theory of ruincounter-culture nosebleed escape artist
rate it there's a killer among us skarekrow radio deripteridan panicsville the conformists julia sets phallus chalice jesus and the flaming tacos grandpa's ghost chris deckard torchv/a: don't name it
a compilation of st. louis' beautiful, nasty, confusi
ng bands & musicians
rate it this aint vegasfuneral on tuesday jealous
rate it this machine killsdeath in the audubon ballrooom ebullition
rate it this machine kills
a rough sketch for a sample lesson for a hypocritical
hand held heart / dim mak
rate it this machine kills jr ewingsplit 7" bachelor / carmen diablo / plastik culture / wakusei
rate it this machine kills jr ewingsplit 12" dim mak
rate it tigerbeatNo. 1 exile on mainstream
rate it tim midgettit goes like this cd subscription series three lobed recordings
rate it today is the daysadness will prevail relapse
rate it today is the daytemple of the morning star tour blue blood
rate it toshiro mifunest deep six
rate it total shutdownbroadcast performances life is abuse
rate it total sound group direct action committeeour friends are friends estrus
rate it total sound group direct action committeethe party platform...our schedule is change! estrus
rate it totimoshi¿mysterioso? crucial blast
No sleeve yet rate it tracy and the plastics xbxrx panty raid erase errata the sissies bebe + serge peaches chromatics zeek scheckv/a: 10 bands NFJM
rate it tragedycan we call this life? tragedy
rate it tragedyto the dogs self-released
rate it tragedyvengeance skuld
No sleeve yet rate it transistor transistorput down the bible pick up the bottle coptercrash
rate it transistor transistorst level plane
rate it trapdoor fucking exitdevil's egg no idea
rate it trenddemo tape self-released
rate it tribes of neurotcairn neurot
rate it tribes of neurotadaptation and survival: the insect project neurot
rate it trottelstereodream experience trottel
rate it true northput your nightlife where your mouth is no idea
rate it trumans water i'm being good gravel samwidge penthousev/a: area 52 split release #001 area 52
rate it twelve hour turnperfect progress, perfect destruction no idea
rate it tyradesstain on me rip off
rate it ugly casanovadiggin' holes sub pop singles club last of the club sub pop
rate it ugly casanovasharpen your teeth sub pop
rate it unlogistichAnger !aNGRr! / happy dick milk
rate it unruhmisery strengthened faith king of the monsters
rate it valinasubstance single series single series 001 ship to escape substance
rate it vanilla there is a light that will never goes outsplit 10" our dreams walking their way chapter two pure pain sugar / plastik culture / bachelor
rate it victory at seathe good night kimchee
No sleeve yet rate it volumen((cries from space)) wäntage
rate it voodoo muzakbrouillarta amanita
rate it wadge nemo pilgrim fetus alien crucifix agoraphobic nosebleedv/a: drum machine madness robotic empire
rate it we don't have to stand for this tone ilium bonnevill front b c the dakota landing ativin september (USA) ganger dirty three rothko tristeza scenicv/a: currents and directions meridian
rate it we ragazzithe ache the self starter foundation
rate it weird warst domino
rate it wilcoyankee hotel foxtrot nonesuch
rate it will oldhamwe all, us three, will ride isota
rate it will oldham & erik wesseloforest time artimo
rate it william elliott whitmoredemo 1 self-released
rate it william elliott whitmoredemo 2 self-released
rate it windsor for the derbyearnest powers + emperor jones
rate it windsor for the derbythe emotional rescue aesthetics
rate it winterbriefunwrapped promenade
rate it wivesre-arm post present medium
rate it wolf eyesdread bulb
rate it wolf eyesslicer hanson
No sleeve yet rate it xbxrxone sided ep
No sleeve yet rate it xbxrxmissingtooth NFJM
rate it xbxrx miss pussycat quintronmardi gras! gsl
rate it xbxrx total shutdownsplit 5" rock is hell
rate it xiu xiuknife play 5 rue christine
rate it xiu xiuchapel of the chimes absolutely kosher
rate it xiu xiuknife play absolutely kosher
rate it xiu xiuchapel of the chimes nail in the coffin
rate it yaphet kottousual suspects council
rate it young peoplest 5 rue christine
No sleeve yet rate it young peoplest heroine
rate it zeigenbock kopfI.D.M. LP kimosciotic
rate it zuigneo amanita
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