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rate it !!!the dis-ease sound virus
rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deadand the rest will follow interscope
rate it 31 knotstalk like blood polyvinyl
rate it 400 blows (USA) veronica lipgloss and the evil eyes the jai-alai savant cut city dmonstrations kill me tomorrow subtitle omar a. rodriguez-lopez beautiful skin rhythm of black lines year future this moment in black history coaxial the phantom limbs tender buttons fatal flying guilloteens free moral agents gogogo airheartv/a: we've been trying to reach you gsl
rate it 4N60R4 57471Cst lilac sky / wild zero / audio is a war
rate it a day in black and whitenotes level plane
rate it a day in black and white golden birdssplit 7" euro tour 7" paranoid
rate it a day in black and white naviessplit 10" level plane
rate it a framesblack forest sub pop
rate it a framespolice 1000 s-s records
rate it a framesblack forest sub pop
rate it a place to bury strangersst self-released
No sleeve yet rate it a.h. krakendémo self-released
rate it aaron dilloway john wiesetotal eclipse 7" kitty play
rate it across tundrasdivides feeling faint
rate it aghast sed non satiatasplit 7" burt / puzzle recordz / rejuvenation / slow death / unhurt / wee wee
rate it agripon le chant de l'amour triomphantsplit 7" galerie pache / les potagers natures
rate it aids wolf the fuguesplit 7" blood of the drash
rate it alarma manst carcrash / tell me that you love me
rate it alasdair robertsno earthly man drag city
rate it alavaz relxib cirdeclive private booths the special 12 singles series vol.05 gsl
rate it altar k5 mai 2005 self-released
rate it america is waitingin the lines wrong
rate it american heritagebipolar escape artist
rate it ampere analena calling gina clark circle takes the square gantz sinaloa killed by malaise the sifnow plateau collectivev/a: how to destroy yourself monocore
rate it ampere welcome the plague yearsplit 5" clean plate / turnstile
rate it angilbeginning of the fall megaphone / unique
rate it anne-james chaton & the exin the event événement n°19 al dante
rate it apartment 213discography 1993-97 625
rate it api uizde merdre les potagers natures
rate it asshole paradesay goodbye no idea
rate it au revoir simoneverses of comfort, assurance & salvation triple keyboard action
rate it aussitôt mortdemo self-released
rate it baby 63quiver s-s records
rate it barrbeyond reinforced jewel case 5rc
rate it bastroantlers: live 1991 blue chopsticks
rate it bastrosing the troubled beast diablo guapo drag city
rate it beautiful skineverything, all this and more gsl
rate it beckghettochip malfunction interscope
rate it beessies michel & michel sibyl vane prosperr TeTsuo (FR) eddy crampes les hormones les yves master and servant klavisklav burning project trapetto traciv/a: à tant rêver du roi #1 à tant rêver du roi
rate it belle époqueà la dérive rejuvenation / heart on fire / marcel daron / gaeloulou
rate it bellinismall stones temporary residence
rate it bellmer dollsthe diva dogprint
rate it billy baobilbo's incinerator w.m.o.r
rate it billy baorock n' roll granulator w.m.o.r.
rate it binairedemo album self-released
rate it binairefilth abhors filth self-released
rate it black castle night woundssplit 7" blood of the drash / discern direction
rate it black dicebroken ear record astralwerks / dfa
rate it black pusblack pus 1 diareahrama / faux fetus
rate it black pusblack pus 2 diareahrama / faux fetus
rate it black tajst amish
rate it blame gamehoney and salt abc group documentation
rate it blame gamehoney and salt stickfigure
rate it bmx banditsserious drugs the creation anthology castle
rate it bomb builderdrop the big one constant pain
rate it bonnie 'prince' billysummer in the southeast sea note
rate it brainbombsstinking memory anthem
rate it breather resistfull of tongues auxiliary
rate it bromheads jacketwoolley bridge marquis cha-cha
rate it bromheads jacketwhat if's + maybe's marquis cha-cha
rate it buck 65secret house against the world WEA
rate it bughummerthe getaway with lovitt
rate it bullet train to vegaswe put scissors where our mouths are nitro
rate it business ladyskull bashing pacific rock
rate it buzzovenrevelation: sick again sounds of the south records
rate it calvin johnsonbefore the dream faded... popfrenzy / k
rate it carolinertranscontinental pinecone collector bullshit
rate it cash slave clique dark sun drunken gunmen jet jaguar the jfk royal airforce malombra the moor orgone rectoplasm scattered planets sow belly sub-primitive st 37 subzone sun zoom sparkv/a: you've been duplicated burning chrome to disc in the cyberage chrome tribute aktivator
rate it casiotone for the painfully alonealphabet series -G- tomlab
rate it castanetsfirst light's freeze asthmatic kitty / sounds familyre
rate it castanets i heart lungsplit 12" asthmatic kitty / sounds are active
rate it castanets wooden wandsplit 7" insound box series vol. 4 insound
No sleeve yet rate it cathode... a machine that never falters terrötten
rate it celebrationst 4ad
rate it cerberus shoalthe land we all believe in north east indie
rate it chad popplesolo percussion self-released
rate it challengerwhen friends turn against you day after
rate it chariots (america north)congratulations troubleman unlimited
rate it charlottefieldhow long are you staying unlabel
rate it charlottefieldhow long are you staying fatcat
rate it charlottefieldhow long are you staying jonson family
rate it charogne stonesi tard boumxcoeur / kawaii / emergence / weewee
rate it cheval de frisela lame du mat minority
rate it chevreuilchateauvallon sickroom
rate it child abuse zssplit 7" zum audio
rate it chocolat billymon père est ma mère les potagers natures
rate it chromaticshealer troubleman
No sleeve yet rate it chromaticsunreleased tmu sessions self-released
rate it clockcleanermissing dick hitdat
rate it clockcleanernevermind reptilian
rate it clockcleanermissing dick hitdat
rate it cobra verdecopycat killers scat
rate it coliseum young widowssplit 7" relapse / auxiliary
rate it combat wounded veteranthis is not an erect, all-red neon body no idea
rate it condordo it everywhere birds go south
rate it constantines engineerssplit 7" insound box series vol. 2 insound
rate it convergepetitioning the empty sky equal vision
rate it coptic lightst no quarter
rate it country teaserslive album in the red
rate it crack und ultra aczémawhat do you think you think? testicle tes fesses
rate it crack:we are rockstrawberries 333 records
rate it crainspeed temporary residence
rate it curse of the birthmarkalibis 333 records
rate it curse of the birthmarkwelcome to the hard times... you're late deleted art
rate it cursedII goodfellow
rate it custom floora distant dull analog sound
rate it customersrip it up - the first four months rejuvenation / suburban loser / small budget productions
rate it cut cityst gsl
rate it cut citystatues the special 12 singles series vol.10 gsl
rate it dälekabsence ipecac
rate it dälek zu & okapisplit 7" psychotica / wallace / topolin edizioni
rate it daniel higgsmirror of the apocalypse
rate it daniel johnston & slow death & the instant coffingoof pickled eggs
rate it darediablo tight phantomz karate dianogah slow loris tornavalanche todd miss murgatroid & petra haden william elliott whitmorev/a: say your prayers, vermin southern
rate it darediablo tight phantomz karate dianogah slow loris tornavalanche todd miss murgatroid & petra haden william elliott whitmorev/a: when the cat returns, the mice are fucked southern
rate it death to pigsblank self-released
rate it decahedronst lovitt
rate it deerhoofthe runners four 5rc / kill rock stars
rate it deerhoofse piangi, se ridi 333 records
rate it deerhoofgreen cosmos menlo park
rate it déjà mort tekkensplit 7" unhurt / wee wee / trahison / slow death
rate it depeche modeplaying the angel mute
rate it desert city soundtrack the rum diarysplit 7" turn
rate it die! die! die!st capital recordings
rate it die! die! die!die! die! die! ep capital recordings
rate it die! die! die!die! die! die! ep capital recordings
rate it diestosagittarious elastic
rate it Dmonstrationseight cans deep the special 12 singles series vol.08 gsl
rate it don vitoI tremor panda
rate it dovest self-released
No sleeve yet rate it drop the limei survived the blackout 333 records
rate it drunk horsein tongues tee pee
No sleeve yet rate it dub narcotic'03 handclappin k
rate it dub narcotic sound system little wings coco & bean [[[[vvrssnn]]]] the blow all girl summer fun band yume bitsu mirah beat happening old time relijun tender trap the microphones landing dennis driscoll wolf colonel calvin johnsonv/a: invisible shield k
rate it earthliving in the gleam of an unsheathed sword megablade
rate it earthlesssonic prayer gravity
rate it earthlesssonic prayer jam gravity
rate it einstuerzende neubautengrundstueck self-released
rate it einstürzende neubautensolo bassfeder musterhaus vol.3 potomak
rate it einstürzende neubautensolo bassfeder musterhaus vol.1 potomak
rate it einstürzende neubautensolo bassfeder musterhaus vol.2 potomak
rate it el eje del mäl shooting victor francis socrates violent breakfastv/a: 4 way split CD gaffer
rate it electrelaneaxes too pure
rate it electrelanerock it to the moon too pure
rate it electrelanetwo for joy too pure
rate it elliottphotorecording revelation
rate it eluviumtravels in constants vol. 20 temporary residence
rate it elysiüm monarchsplit cd 213 records / amanita / amertume-corruption / fidelio / murder records / parade records / shifty records / solitude records / throne records / wee wee
rate it enablersend note midmarch
No sleeve yet rate it enemacat self-released
rate it ex models & kid millionschrome panthers x-mist / psychotica
rate it exhale diallosplit 7" cries of pain
rate it experimental dental school sabot astro can caravan ?v/a: tenzenmen presents: eccentrics issue #3 tenzenmen
rate it explosions in the skythe rescue travel in constant series vol. 21 temporary residence
rate it explosions in the skyhow strange, innocence temporary residence
No sleeve yet rate it family mandemo self-released
rate it favourite sonsno one ever dies young the special 12 singles series vol.07 gsl
No sleeve yet rate it final solutionsmy love is disappointing shattered
rate it flaming fire dälek rocket from the tombs the dirtbombs le nombre sally crewe smokey and miho zmrzlina gary wilson devendra banhart rev. isaiah owens with ann talbert revolutionary sanke ensemble mojave 3 dan melchior brian jonestown massacre neko case the soft boys measles mumps rubella comets on fire miminokoto khanate deerhoof tim eriksen and friends sunroof! coachwhips aavikko brother jt3 harris newman julia vorontsova gogol bordellov/a: tunes on toxic terrain WFMU live from new jersey
rate it flying donütsback off rejuvenation / gestalt
rate it fm batsbats are out to harm sound virus
rate it fm batseverybody out... shark in the water vinyl dog
rate it foetuslove birdman
rate it foot villagereports on japan, mexico, peru, austria, and canada deathbomb arc / oedipus / silencio recordings
rate it foot villageworld fantasy not not fun
rate it forensics textbook traitorssplit 12" magic bullet
No sleeve yet rate it fourteen or fightfourteen or fight lengua armada
rate it frank blackhoneycomb back porch
rate it free moral agentsthe piano has been drinking the special 12 singles series vol.01 gsl
rate it friendly bears ahleuchatistassplit 7" angura sound / said records
rate it fritz normandy pengo mouthus dremcron magik markers residual echoes the demars humectant interruption pissed jeans double leopards chris bozzonev/a: we didn't come here to make friends 200 pound underground
No sleeve yet rate it from monument to massesschools of thought contend. dim mak
rate it funeral dinerthe underdark alone
rate it funeral dinerswept under cosmic note
rate it funeral dinerswept under lilacsky / audio is a war
rate it funeral diner evylocksplit 10" somberlain
rate it gang of fourreturn the gift V2
rate it garysuicidalkidscommandoainsi passe la gloire du monde the left hand
rate it gene defconthrow up & die retard disco
rate it gentle veincutst self-released
rate it get hustlerollin in the ruins three one g
rate it get hustlelive at the little fawn #2 2005 tour support CD ep self-released
rate it gift of goatsall is think about is blood omnibus
No sleeve yet rate it girl talkbone hard zaggin' 333 records
rate it gogogo airheartrats! sing! sing! gsl
rate it gogogo airheartso good the special 12 singles series vol.09 gsl
rate it goodbye dianademo self-released
rate it gravity propulsion systemget destroyed ascetic
No sleeve yet rate it grizzly bear seabearalphabet series -I- tomlab
rate it guitar wolfgolden black narnack
rate it hangedupclatter for control constellation
rate it hankalphabet series -J- tomlab
rate it haramdemo self-released
rate it harkonenshake harder boy hydra head
rate it head wound cityst three one g
rate it heavy trashst yep roc
rate it hellachurch gone wild chirpin hard suicide squeeze
rate it hellaconcentration-face & homeboy hella japan tour 5 rue christine
rate it hellfirebillion dollar cranium synesthetic recordings
No sleeve yet rate it hello feverhot communication sound virus
rate it high on fire ruinssplit 7" comic book and record set skin graft / relapse
No sleeve yet rate it holy shit!jazz phase trigger-on-the-dutendoo
rate it horace pinker the methadones new black the bomb fingers cut megamachine the tossers t. duggins calliope hanalei haymarket riot lasalle gasoline fight cougars the arrivals resident geniusv/a: mean it man thick
rate it hot cross the holy shroudsplit 7" level plane
rate it hot cross the holy shroudsplit 7" paranoid
rate it hot snakespeel sessions swami
No sleeve yet rate it hot snakesbraintrust one little indian
rate it hot snakespeel sessions swami
rate it hustler white business ladysplit 7" hello asshole
rate it i'm being goodfamily snaps jonson family
rate it icky boyfriendsa love obscene menlo park
rate it illtemperhoax naevus prototype
rate it imagho & ultra milkmaidssomeone controls electric guitar hitomi
rate it impractical cockpitto be treated load
rate it intelligenceicky baby in the red
rate it jai-alai savantdiary of the mass trappist the special 12 singles series vol.06 gsl
rate it japantherwolfenswan plan-it-x
rate it jello biafra & the melvinssieg howdy! alternative tentacles
No sleeve yet rate it jetscreamer the hells archie bronson outfitv/a: 3-way split buffalo recordings
rate it jilted john gordon the morontrue love stories... plus castle music
rate it jr ewingmaelstrom coalition
rate it k.k. rampagesides E & F start stroking (liz armstrong) parasite in (john ziemba) rococo
rate it karatein the fishtank 12 konkurrent
rate it karate partyblack helicopter s-s records
rate it kashopen sickroom
rate it kill me tomorrow & dance disaster movementsplit ep art fag
rate it kill me tomorrow xiu xiusplit 7" the special 12 singles series vol.02 gsl
rate it kill the thrilltellurique season of the mist
rate it killing jokeha
rate it kimmoafter the show rejuvenation / my kimono records / wee wee
rate it kite flying societyst
rate it kitespeace trials load
rate it knutterrafomer hydra head
rate it la quiete louise cyphresplit 10" electric human project
rate it lackbe there pulse riptide
rate it lambchop & hands off cubasplit CD CoLAB merge
rate it lamps ladies night tractor sex fatality hotel pistolzine: white zine bonus record borox
rate it last of the juanitasin the dirt wäntage
rate it leopold (USA)the wreck of hope total annihilation
rate it les baigneurslysistrata les potagers natures
rate it les georges leningrad die monitr batsssplit 7" 5 rue christine
rate it liarsit fit when i was a kid mute
rate it life at these speeds science of yabrasplit 12" greysky
rate it life at these speeds sinaloasplit 7" waking
rate it lifesavas tender forever plat the baptist generals psyche origami unwed sailor oneida calvin johnson magnolia electric co. boom bip voltage tussle timonium page france blank_blank cesar comanche bellafea walking dead ticonderoga endless mic cities kaleidoscope death witch kings snmnmnm boxcar bertha tim smith band l in japanese ahleuchatistas the enrichment center percussion ensemble the strugglersv/a: 18 watts are better than none
rate it lightning bolthypermagic mountain load
rate it lightning bolt fast fourier the hellsquad the wildhearts jim o'rourke porch gouls the jon spencer blues explosion total dork autoramas snuff puffy amiyumi cato salsa experience j. mascis & the fogv/a: i love guitar wolf very much narnack
rate it loisirssubmergé par le sublime rejuvenation / théâtre / la machoire / dora dorovitch
rate it lordsswords jade tree
rate it lorenzo fragiacomokirby lucky dog
rate it los lobos theresa andersson & grayson capps thalia zedek nathan larson trespassers william lonnie pitchford magic slim & the teardrops john travolta giant drag big bill morganfield grayson capps nada surf lightnin' hopkinsv/a: a love song for bobby long OST hyena
rate it lou barlowholding back the year domino
rate it lozengeundone sickroom
No sleeve yet rate it luceronobody's darlings sabot productions
rate it lungfishferal hymns dischord
rate it lyssaamoral silver rocket
rate it made in mexicozodiac zoo skin graft
rate it made in mexico koenjihyakkei gorge trio point line plane yowie ruins cheer-accident the flying luttenbachers the chinese stars quintron arab on radar strangulated beatoffsv/a: the blueghost party flavor skin graft
rate it made out of babiestrophy neurot
No sleeve yet rate it madraso#1 self-released
rate it mae shi rapider than horsepowersplit CD ep don't ignore the potential strictly amateur films
rate it magnolia electric cowhat comes after the blues secretly canadian
rate it magnolia electric cotrials & errors secretly canadian
rate it mahjonggraydoncong cold crush
rate it maladyst level plane
rate it manuel j. grotesqueflic-flac no core sur le mont perdu galerie pache / les potagers natures / vives eaux
rate it mare the dillinger escape plan mastodon strapping young lad pig destroyer high on fire & keelhaul meatjack strapadon factory isis & agoraphobic nosebleed absentee eyehategod dog fashion disco disengage blessing the hogs cky & gnarkill maritime murder made out of babies pincer 2v/a: we reach the music of the melvins fractured transmitter
rate it marvin dopplersplit 10" les douze salopards vol. 2 sk
rate it marypoppersst sk
rate it marypoppers chevignonsplit 10" les douze salopards vol.1 sk
rate it mass movement of the mothouterspace exotic fever
rate it mass movement of the moth polarsplit 7" discern direction
No sleeve yet rate it mass movement of the moth sing! sing! Prison!split 7" pink noise
rate it matt kadane & bubba kadanehell house original soundtrack pleximusic
rate it matt skiba mxpx smoke or fire nofx coalesce the falcon the tim version joey cape communique dead to me darkest hour the soviettes the ergs anti-flag grabass charlestons tim barry the arrivals bars teenage bottlerocket jawbreaker rusty pistachio the mishaps the lovekill hot cross western addiction against me!v/a: protect
a benefit for the national association to protect chi
fat wreck
rate it maximum joyunlimited (1979-1983) crippled dick hot wax
rate it melt banana chungsplit 10" sounds of subterrania
rate it melt-banana13 hedgehogs MxBx singles 1994-1999 a-zap
rate it melt-banana fantomassplit 5" unhip
rate it melvinsmangled demos from 1983 ipecac
rate it membraneutility of useless things basement apes industries
rate it meneguari was born at night troubleman unlimited
rate it mercury revthe secret migration v2
rate it microfilma journey to the 75th rejuvenation / théâtre / jr prod
rate it midway stilli won't try (the collection) fire
rate it milemarkerominosity eyeball
rate it milgramanother one buys the dust golden delicious
rate it miniwatti can't stand waiting for it arbeid
rate it missjuneliving on credit bunkhouse
rate it mm__bnous sommes les architectes raremm__bhits les disques transat
rate it monster killed by laser that fucking tanksplit 7" run of the mill
rate it mouthusslow globes troubleman unlimited
rate it mouthusslow globes troubleman unlimited
rate it moving units wivessplit 12" post present medium
rate it my discocollapse of an erratic lung language of numbers golden brown
rate it myra lee chick peas neptune erevan rubiks el justiciero boxing elena one second riot hand fed babies hanna trance dededeluluxe! tamagawav/a: boom boom rikordz compil'1 boom boom rikordz
rate it møller-plessetthe perturbation theory perte et fracas
rate it narcophonyplays the residents 0101
rate it nathan larson vaz brett rosenberg phil puleo paradise island sonny vincent steve mackay immortal lee county killers & rebecah boynton eddie angel jesse everrett hughes elliott sharp jim coleman stephen brodsky blues goblin brant bjork simeon coxe & silver apples black lipstick brent eyestone john easdale the scheme amps for christ r. hoak nikki suddenv/a: you've got orders volume 2 chrome peeler
rate it naviesan estate lovitt
rate it nedellefrom the lion's mouth kill rock stars
rate it nedelle & thomsummerland kill rock stars
rate it need new bodywhere's black ben? 5 rue christine
rate it neptunemice and worms release #11 magnetism crafts / self-released
rate it neptune5 songs 3" cdr release #10 magnetism crafts
rate it neptune5 song cassette release #9 wrong hole
rate it neptune4 song cassette release #12 magnetism crafts
rate it new brutalism2001-2003 (turbo record/record of american fury/+2) lujo
No sleeve yet rate it new robot theoryst NFJM
rate it newgenicseraser hyperrealist / stereonucleosis / shock value / dangerously small
No sleeve yet rate it newgenicseraser hyperrealist / stereonucleosis / shock value / dangerously small
rate it nick cave & the bad seedsB-side & rarities mute
No sleeve yet rate it nicolas dickst self-released
rate it nine inch nailswith teeth interscope / nothing
rate it ninja high schoolalphabet series -H- tomlab
rate it nlf3 & dominique petitgand prohibition patton the berg sans nipple wilfried nlf3 f. lor don nino soeza heliogabale purr mendelsonv/a:
1995-2005 ten years of prohibited records un annivers
aire !
No sleeve yet rate it no doctorsT-Bone yik yak
rate it noir désirlive les inrockuptibles hors-série
rate it ntwinstrange sisters katatak
rate it nu frequency comets on fire paik sean nate denver's neck night after night hightower romanteek numinous the flying luttenbachers red bennies subarachnoid space ludicra child abuse shellshag condor no doctors thev/a: a benefit for our friends aquarius
rate it numbers adultsplit 7" kill rock stars
rate it o fracaszeroes and ones marquis cha-cha
rate it ocrilimanoint i and ear records
rate it ocsOCS 3 & 4 songs about death and dying vol. 3 get, stoved narnack
rate it octis child abusesplit 7" forge
rate it octis ocrilimocrilim ostronogorth troubleman unlimited
rate it off minor my discosplit 7" golden brown
No sleeve yet rate it okayhigh road absolutely kosher
No sleeve yet rate it okaylow road absolutely kosher
rate it old time relijun2012 popfrenzy / k
rate it omar rodriguez-lopez & john frusciante0=2 the special 12 singles series vol.04 gsl
rate it orchidtotality
rate it order ultra dolphinssplit 7" blood of the drash
rate it orthrelmOV epicene sound systems
rate it orthrelmOV ipecac
No sleeve yet rate it orthrelm umbrella zann loa loa balls trencher the murder of rosa luxemburg schorf malkovich unhold apatt esquilax speck birds of paradise creeper & frightv/a: burp core S.O.U.L.
rate it out hudone life to leave kranky
rate it oxesoxes ep monitor
rate it panthers sons and daughterssplit 7" insound box series vol. 1 insound
rate it part chimpnew cross rock action
rate it part chimpwar machine rock action
rate it part chimpi am come rock action
rate it pearls and brassthe indian tower drag city
rate it pedro the liongod rest ye merry gentlemen suicide squeeze
No sleeve yet rate it pedro the lionaway in the manger suicide squeeze
rate it pelicanmarch into the sea hydra head
rate it pelican playing enemysplit 7" hawthorne street
rate it pissed jeansshallow parts unknown
rate it players clubcoextinction arclight
rate it playing enemyfly us home european tour 2005 self-released
rate it playing enemyi was your city hawthorne street
rate it playing enemygas money us tour 2005 self-released
rate it ponycamp sincabezasplit 7" zabel
rate it prurientchurch of ammunition troubleman
rate it pulsallama mofungo red transistor vortex original soundtrack certain general sonic youth rhys chatham clandestine with ned sublette glorious strangers felix jim jarmusch & del-byzanteens don king jill kroesen ut the static y pantsv/a: new york noise vol. 2 soul jazz
rate it racebannon majhassplit 7" happy couples never last
rate it rachel'stechnology is killing music cd subscription series three lobed recordings
rate it radikal satanviento del este agua como peste les potagers natures / sans un
rate it radikal satanla fièvre noire les potagers natures
rate it rah braswhohm lovitt
rate it ramonescarbona not glue sub pop
rate it ramonesweird tales of the ramones sire
rate it ramonesweird tales of the ramones sire
No sleeve yet rate it rapider than horsepowerwhat's our visibility fuck it tapes
rate it rapider than horsepower mae shisplit 12" narshardaa
rate it redworms'farmamazing fooltribe
rate it rep sekiearth burglar alone
rate it revokbiocarbon amalgamate self-released
rate it rezasomebody else's songs
rate it ricainethe clarity of distance ruminance
rate it rick moody & david grubbs & hannah marcusthe wingdale community singers agenda
rate it room 204trans panda les potagers natures / kythibong
rate it room 204 g.i. joesplit 10" interstellar
rate it rose for bohdan business ladysplit 12" half adder press
rate it sabertooth tigerdeath valley the special 12 singles series vol.11 gsl
No sleeve yet rate it sabotD.I.O. cesta
rate it saganresting pleasures 333 records
rate it sandy bull will oldham & alan licht alvarius b. calexico wilco steffen basho-junghans mark eitzel & marc capelle roscoe holcomb suntanama giant sand charalambides leadbelly sonic youth cat power roy montgomeryv/a: you can never go fast enough plain
No sleeve yet rate it sarandonthe feminist third wrath
rate it science of yabra glass and ashessplit 7" code of ethics
rate it scout niblettkidnapped by neptune too pure
rate it seanewsst sanjam
rate it seawhoresforest essay
rate it sed non satiatale ciel de notre france aspidistra / error! records
rate it seein' redwe need to do more than just music ebullition
rate it selten-ubelst abc group documentation
rate it semiplaybackpresto demo 17 ans d'expérience self-released
rate it sequoia disturb fat society up rights backsight seekers of the truth no compromise the cold within disphoria 1984 headust lithium694 spinning heads superstatic revolution metronome charisma the third memory stanley millgram nesseria one more season feeding aporiav/a: better at making enemies than friends eternalis
No sleeve yet rate it serena maneesh blood on the wallsplit 7" insound box series vol. 3 insound
rate it serotoninfuture anterior bifocal media
rate it shikari louise cyphresplit 9" level plane / crucificados pelo sistema
rate it shipping newsflies the fields quarterstick
rate it ships-a-going down charlottefieldnoisestar session 3 and session 4 noisestar sessions split 12" series vol. 2 noisestar
rate it shooting at unarmed mensoon there will be... too pure
rate it shubif you can't read shub, bad luck you're colorblind goback
rate it sibyl vaneparadoxes à tant rêver du roi / jerkov
rate it sicbaysuspicious icons 54°40' or fight!
rate it sightingscastle moat fusetron
No sleeve yet rate it silent front tiger forcesplit 10" in it for the money
rate it silver jewstanglewood numbers drag city
rate it silver palacesea note presents Mr. Jews... in search for the elusive silver palace record sea note
rate it sincabezast soundklass
rate it skeezicksthere's a charlie brown in everyone of us x-mist / bolzkow
rate it skullflowerorange canyon mind crucial blast
rate it sleater-kinneyentertain sub pop records
rate it sleater-kinneyjumpers sub pop
rate it sleater-kinneythe woods sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it slightmaster '05 self-released
rate it smoga river ain't too much to love drag city
rate it socratesst gaffer
rate it some girls year future 400 blows (USA) the plot to blow up the eiffel towerv/a: GSL and 31G SXSW Showcase gsl
rate it songs for the young at heartpuff the magic dragon lucky dog
rate it sonic youthgoo deluxe edition geffen
rate it sonic youthkoncertas stan brakhage prisiminumui SYR 6 SYR
rate it spade & archerhighway to jail 0101
rate it spirit of versailleslive on wnyu init
rate it spoonbender 1.1.1live 11.03.04 seismic seance
rate it stephen malkmusface the truth matador
rate it stereolabkyberneticka babicka too pure
rate it STNNNGdignified sissy modern radio
rate it strangulated beatoffsjacking off with jacko apop records
rate it stuart a. stapleslucky dog recordings 03-04 beggars banquet
rate it stuart a. staplesfriday night lucky dog
rate it sullen local h the methadones blue meanies goldblade the tossers tom daily new black the gc5 motel blonde the arrivals haymarket riot vortis bitchy calliope lil' dave merriman scott lucasv/a: sex & subversion thick
rate it swarm of the lotusthe sirens of silence abacus
rate it swervedriverjuggernaut rides '89-'98 castle
No sleeve yet rate it szhome recording live recording drunkdog
rate it teenage fanclubman-made pema
rate it tender traplanguage lessons e.p. matinée
rate it thalia zedekthe nature of drones tour support record self-released
No sleeve yet rate it that fucking tankthe day of death by bono adrenalin shock jealous / obscene baby auction
No sleeve yet rate it the awakening virginia black lungsplit 7" ed walters
rate it the charming snakesammunition dirtnap / haunted horse
rate it the chinese starst.v. grows arms kitty play
rate it the cloud roomst gigantic music
rate it the creeping nobodieshalf saboteur ep bloodworks
rate it the crimson curseblood thirsty lust coalition
rate it the curepornography deluxe edition fiction / polydor
rate it the curefaith deluxe edition fiction / elektra / rhino
rate it the cure cult heroseventeen seconds deluxe edition fiction / elektra / rhino
rate it the death of anna karina rats into robots kodan armada if it doesn't kill you the assailant la quiete phoenix bodies die emperor diev/a: microwave says to the pacemaker slave union
rate it the dirty cousins' groiXplosion
une anthologie restrictive radicale provisoire et bri
colée du Rock'n'Roll
victim of its succes vol. 2
rate it the drift (USA)travels in constants vol. 19 temporary residence
rate it the drones (AU)
wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies
will float by
rate it the drones (AU)the miller's daughter fuse / bang!
rate it the drones (AU)custom made ATP
rate it the drones (AU)
wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies
will float by
No sleeve yet rate it the drones (AU)sharkfin blues ATP
rate it the edmund fitzgerald bilge pumpnoisestar session 5 and session 6 noisestar sessions split 12" series vol. 3 noisestar
rate it the eternalsspace dancehall the special 12 singles series vol.12 gsl
rate it the exsingles period the vinyl years 1980-1990 ex
rate it the ex voodoo muzak cheer-accident sleepytime gorilla museumv/a: knormalities vol.3 posthumorites dephine knormal music
rate it the falli can hear the grass grow narnack
rate it the fallfall heads roll narnack
rate it the falli can hear the grass grow 7" slogan
rate it the fallthe complete peel sessions 1978-2004 castle
rate it the fallfall heads roll slogan
rate it the falllive from the vaults los angeles 1979 hip priest
rate it the falllive from the vaults oldham 1978 hip priest
rate it the falllive from the vaults retford 1979 hip priest
rate it the falllive from the vaults glasgow 1981 hip priest
rate it the falllive from the vaults alter banhof, hof, germany hip priest
rate it the fallroom to live castle
rate it the fallrude (all the time) the wentworth session's hip priest
rate it the fallroom to live expanded edition castle
rate it the fallperverted by language expanded edition castle
rate it the field micefor keeps + singles les temps modernes
rate it the field micesnowball les temps modernes
rate it the field miceskywriting + singles les temps modernes
No sleeve yet rate it the functional blackoutsraw dawg, raw deal wrench
rate it the go-betweensoceans apart yeproc
rate it the gossip tracy and the plasticssplit 7" dim mak
rate it the greyep sonic deadline
rate it the healthy boya two steps promenade kythibong
rate it the heroine sheiksout of aferica reptilian
rate it the holy shroudghost repeaters level plane
rate it the holy shroud transistor transistor newgenics bucket full of teeth malady shikari coliseum a day in black and white air conditioning amanda woodward anodyne the one am radio books lie hot cross get fucked bright calm blue envy the fiction lickgoldensky neil perry north of america kaospilot melt banana city of caterpillar avorza gods and queens golden birds nixon we are empire wolvesv/a: 80 records and we're not broke (yet) level plane
rate it the hospitalsi've visited the island of jocks and jazz load
rate it the intelligence & karate party coachwhipssplit 7" omnibus
rate it the jim yoshii pile-uppicks up apart absolutely kosher
rate it the killsno wow domino
rate it the locustsafety second, body last ipecac
rate it the london dirthole companyfools errand phono erotic
rate it the marked men the sultans the heart achesv/a: 3-way split swami
rate it the melvinsthe end enterruption
rate it the new fleshparasite maelstrom
rate it the oals skinny winners turmoiled functions crotch council limplungsv/a: oh no, the engine light cephia's treat / kinky noise / ted records
rate it the paper chase xiu xiusplit 7" cover nick cave stickfigure
rate it the phantom limbsrandom hymns gsl
rate it the pinedon't need regret alone
rate it the planet theyou absorb my vision 5rc
rate it the pratsnow that's what i call prats music one little indian
rate it the psychic paramountgamelan into the mink supernatural no quarter
rate it the psychic paramountthe franco - italian tour bewilderment and illumination records / public guilt
rate it the robocop krauswho do you think they are? l'age d'or
rate it the robocop krausthey think they are the robocop kraus epitaph / l'age d'or
rate it the robot ate me xiu xiu slim moon & what army no-neck blues band amps for christ deerhoof hella the planet the mae shi the advantage need new body wooden hand and the vanishing voice the punks metalux excepter barrv/a: sur la mer samp-le-mer 5 rue christine
rate it the roger sistersles imaginations sont gentilles troubleman unlimited
No sleeve yet rate it the roger sistersbad politics tour record popfrenzy
rate it the skull defektsaccidental movement of a gentleman kning disk
rate it the skull defektsopen the gates of mimer aa
rate it the skull defektsrotating feedback & save the skulls aa / ideal
rate it the skull defekts fallingapparatusnoisejihad live 11/11/2005
rate it the starlite desperation india jewelrysplit 7" the special 12 singles series vol.03 gsl
rate it the starvationsgravity's a bitch gsl
rate it the stoogesfun house deluxe rhino / elektra
rate it the stoogesthe stooges deluxe rhino / elektra
rate it the telescopes4 antenna
rate it the unit amast gringo
rate it the usa is a monsterwohaw load
rate it the walkmen they might be giants folksongs for the afterlife clem snide a.m. radio grand mal the mendoza line weeds of eden calla ex models bee and flower hoagy geometry scout les savy fav rainer maria cub country cindy wheeler the seconds hub the reverend vince anderson the boggs ben kweller french kicks mink lungs stereobate champale ida jumbo jets elk city hem the birdwatcher enon gloria deluxe interpol nada surf mascott timesbold black beetle laura cantrell blasco homev/a: this is next year arena rock recording co.
rate it the wedding presenttake fountain manifesto / scopitones
rate it the wow querellenoisestar session 1 and session 2 noisestar sessions split 12" series vol. 1 noisestar
rate it the yellow presscomfortable curses day after
rate it these arms are snakesoxeneers or the lion sleeps when its antelope go home jade tree
rate it these arms are snakes harkonen these arms are snakes& harkonenlike a virgin hydra head
rate it this ain't vegasthe night don benito saved my life jealous
rate it this ain't vegasescape jealous
rate it this ship will sinkdemo self-released
rate it thronesa day late southern lord
rate it tiny hawksfingers become bridges corleone / moganono
rate it titan clash exzoskeleton makunouchi bento the minibosses max cloud malade de souci royal space force jmstwghrpr trumans water no doctors terror at the opera strangulated beatoffsv/a: vote now! no sides
rate it today is the daykiss the pig relapse / rococo
rate it toddcome to your house southern
rate it toddvvitch riot season
rate it torchest robotic empire
rate it transistor transistorerase all name and likeness level plane
rate it trapdoor fucking exitcrooked life/straight world no idea
rate it treiops treyfidfeelings of unreality postfact
rate it trencher orthrelmsplit 3" trans atlantic asthma attack the action index / life in a box / speedowax / subversiv / superfi / a tree in a field / crucificados pelo sistema
rate it trendpatientenverfügung x-mist
rate it tribes of neurotmeridian neurot
rate it tristezaa colores better looking
rate it turbonegroparty animals abacus / burning heart
No sleeve yet rate it tuxedo killersm. night shyamalan's furniture
rate it tyradeson your video smartguy
rate it tyrades le jonathan reillysplit 7" the holy cobra society
rate it tyvekfinding out about self-released
rate it ultra dolphinsdemo if and when records
rate it ultralydchromosome gun load
rate it un poquito senorcanta la francia stone roses
rate it unnatural helpersst self-released
rate it unnatural helpers partman parthorse the old-timerz coconut cooloutsv/a: the black garfield comp haunted horse
rate it unsaneblood run relapse
rate it valinaepode 54°40' or fight!
rate it van peltsame as stone redcarsgofaster
rate it vazthe lie that matches the furniture narnack
rate it ventura disco doomsplit 10" get a life!
rate it violent femmespermanent record (the very best of violent femmes) rhino
rate it vmwhow do you fill a hole? youth attack! / mad drama
rate it vmwvmw coalition
rate it wagstaff minutemen alastair galbraith spam allstars deerhoof ian nagoski el salvadorian duo morbid opera to live and shave in l.a. bostorfex noggin kim kohler wolf eyes king felix jetty cock e.s.p. bo and roxy mr. quintron thin ensemble julian dashper & marco fusinato sprinkle genies who needs punch tibetan beefgarden derek bailey bob fay and friends monostadt 3 trash monkeys cavity lionel goldbart kaliedapy late jalopaz akash reynols rosebowl queens sonic youth harry pussy azalia snail orchid spangiafora & don van vliet universal indians alzo boszormeigni & the terry reid solo project temple of bon matin velvet cactus society duo pumice outhern acifict funyons ashtray navigations antipope ceramic hobs kreamy 'lectric santav/a: like a rug in a lake freedom from
rate it weird warilluminated by the light drag city
rate it weird warcrystal healing
rate it whitey (usa)is this blues enough 4u (baby)? sf recordings
rate it why?elephant eyelash anticon
rate it william elliott whitmoresong of the blackbird southern
rate it william elliott whitmorelatitudes latitudes
rate it william elliott whitmoreashes to dust southern
rate it windsor for the derbyconfianza/visiones acuarela
rate it windsor for the derbyempathy for people unknown secretly canadian
rate it windsor for the derbygiving up the ghost secretly canadian
No sleeve yet rate it winechuggersgrand rapids arena rock recording co
rate it witch hatsst self-released
rate it wivestour 2005 7" coldsweat
rate it wollongongstarknakedcreepingmacroeconomicfascism silver rocket / malarie
rate it wooden wand & the vanishing voicesunset sleeves weird forest
rate it wooden wand & vanishing voicesunset sleeves weird forest
rate it world / inferno friendship societyme v. angry mob x-mist / the company with the golden arm
rate it wrangler brutestape x-mist
rate it xbxrxsixth in sixes polyvinyl
rate it xiu xiula forêt 5rc
rate it xiu xiulive 7-26-04 nail in the coffin
rate it xiu xiulife and live xeng
rate it xiu xiula forêt acuarela
rate it xiu xiu & larsenciaustistico important
rate it xiu xiu devendra banhartsplit 7" 5rc
rate it xiu xiu the dead sciencesplit 7" death bomb arc
rate it year futurestrictly ampersands coalition / mono/rhetorik
rate it yo la tengoa smattering of outtakes and rarities 1986-2002 matador
rate it young peoplefive sunsets in four days too pure
No sleeve yet rate it youssouf todayi'm so punk wee wee / emergence / gibet
rate it zann danse macabre louise cyphire shikari raein la quiete june paik daitro utarid boa narrow cease upon the capitol mock heroic what price wonderland yossarian is drowning a fine boat that coffin sl-27 am i dead yet daseinv/a: emo armageddon react with protest
rate it zegotatour 7" self-released
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