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rate it 16 bitch pile-up mike shifletsplit 12" ecstatic peace!
rate it 31 knotsthe days and nights of everything anywhere polyvinyl
rate it 37500 yensastero distile
rate it 37500 yens l'ombre de la souris dans la deuxième lunesplit 10" 8 tracks recording
rate it a place to bury strangersst killer pimp / important
rate it a.r.e. weaponsmodern mayhem defend
rate it aerosolsmedicine youth attack!
rate it agoraphobic nosebleed kill the clientsplit 7" single series 068 relapse
rate it agoraphobic nosebleed total fucking destructionsplit 7" bones brigade
rate it ahleuchatistaseven in the midst cunieform
rate it aids wolf & athletic automatonsplit 12" clash of the life - force warriors skin graft
rate it akimbonavigating the bronze alternative tentacles
rate it alig fodderalphabet series -Q- tomlab
rate it aluminium knot eyesilo monster big black hole
rate it amenra hitchsplit 7" vlas vegas
rate it ampere daïtrosplit 7" clean plate / pure pain sugar
rate it ampere funeral dinersplit 9" electric human project
rate it ampere funeral dinersplit cd clean plate
rate it ampere ringerssplit 6" no idea
rate it andy moormarker unsounds
rate it anna oxygen channels & damon locks georgie james sgt. major mudhoney mock orange mirah & tara jane o'neill young fresh fellows mary timony soccer team supersuckers the cassettes ben davis & the jetts visqueenv/a: play DeSoto
rate it at fivedemo 2006 rejuvenation
rate it athletic automatona journey through romans empire skin graft
rate it aussitôt mort6 songs level plane
rate it baader brainsthe complete unfinished works of the young tigers clean plate / waking
No sleeve yet rate it backstabbers incevolution cadmium sick
rate it bad religionnew maps of hell epitaph
rate it bastard noise & antennacle 7collaborative 7" kitty play
rate it battlesmirrored warp
rate it battleshiphearts addendum on/on switch
No sleeve yet rate it be bad attack modesplit 7" divorce
rate it bear clawslow speed: deep owls sickroom
rate it beastie boysthe mix-up capitol
rate it beirutthe flying club cup ba da bing!
rate it beirutlon gisland ba da bing!
rate it benjamin bexbex self-released
rate it big businesshere come the waterworks hydra head
rate it bigpenguin blame game coulier echo is your love edie entertainme.nt envie i would set myself on fire for you lid emba me and him call it us ninetynine one hand loves the other ppr sailor winters the graboids the squares ultivac zandosisv/a: stickfigure distribution 2007 sampler stickfigure
rate it bilge pumprupert the sky gringo
rate it bill callahanwoke on a whaleheart drag city
rate it bill callahandiamond dancer drag city
rate it billy baofuck separation s-s records
rate it binairebête noire human project / la machoire
rate it bipolar bearman mountain yosada
rate it bipolar bear the popesplit 10" rococo
rate it bipolar bear watusi zombiesplit 7" kill shaman
rate it björkvolta atlantic
rate it black lips yachtsplit 7" southern comfort / fader
No sleeve yet rate it blarke bayer/black window'I.B.'' numerical thief
rate it blonde redheadsigns along the path 4ad
rate it bonnie 'prince' billystrange form of life drag city
rate it brainbombssingles collection vol. #2 polly maggoo
rate it brainbombsobey armageddon
rate it bromheads jackettrip to the golden arches marquis cha-cha
rate it brume retina hirosplit 12" rejuvenation
rate it built to spillthey got away warner bros
No sleeve yet rate it burmesewhite ntr
No sleeve yet rate it burmesewhite planaria
rate it burning star coreoperator dead... post abandoned no quarter
No sleeve yet rate it buxkxnonest emergence / wee wee / nosextildeath / boumxcoeur
rate it calabi yauthe elitist lunchbox
rate it calvin johnson & the sons of the soilst k
rate it castanetsin the vines asthmatic kitty
rate it cave canemst self-released
rate it celebrationmodern tribe 4ad
rate it charlottefieldsnakes fatcat
rate it cheveumy answser is yes! rob's house
rate it chick peasdrowned in a toxic spicy soup self-released
rate it choo choo shoe shootfrom trees to fences to walls self-released
rate it chris brokawforestry i and ear
rate it christopher florestravels in constants vol. 23 temporary residence
rate it chromealien soundtracks cleopatra
rate it chromealien soundtracks noiseville
rate it chromehalf machine lip moves cleopatra
rate it chrome cranksdiabolical boogie: singles atavistic
rate it clinicvisitations domino
rate it clockcleanerfrogrammer richie
rate it clockcleanerbabylon rules load
rate it clockcleanerclockcleaner destiny fan club hitdat
rate it cocoplay drums + bass k
rate it coconut cooloutsparty time machine haunted horse / xeroid
rate it coconut cooloutsthe spinaround heads up
rate it coconut cooloutspizza regret heads up
rate it collection d'arnell-andrea mémoires d'automne o quam tristis endraum curtain cindytalk die puppe martin dupont morthem vlade art opera multi steel seven pines hide & seek nlc ataraxiav/a: ruines & vanités meidosem
rate it conelradsluts and slobs version city
rate it coptic lightdotlinecircle no quarter
rate it courgefree forms 06 self-released
rate it crash normalmy first stop rococo
No sleeve yet rate it curse of the birthmarkbootleg LP self-released
rate it cursedblackout at sunrise goodfellow
rate it customersshut up! (we're dead...) rejuvenation / small budget productions
rate it D+on purpose knw-yr-own
rate it daïtrodes plaies ouvertes us tour 7" clean plate
rate it daïtro sed non satiatasplit lp adagio830
rate it dälekabandoned language ipecac
rate it dalek & haze XXL & king buzzo & grant harta purge of dissidents v.3 amphetamine reptile
rate it dalek & haze XXL & shannon selberg & david yowa purge of dissidents v.2 amphetamine reptile
No sleeve yet rate it daniel A.I.U. higgsphoning it in volume 1: 202 west main development
rate it daniel higgsmetempsychotic melodies holy mountain
rate it daniel higgsatomic yggdrasil tarot thrill jockey
rate it daniel higgsplays the mirror of the apocalypse open mouth
rate it danisco (for beauty)mi amor di verano à tant rêver du roi
rate it das oath amperesplit cd clean plate
rate it dave gahanhourglass mute
rate it dave kusworthanthology : 1977-2007 easy action
rate it david kilgourthe far now merge
rate it dawn mccarthy & bonny billywai notes sea note
rate it dddtrojan horse white heat / one hundred records
No sleeve yet rate it dddcan't explain one hundred records
rate it death to pigscarnal carnival gaffer / down boy records
rate it deerhooffriend opportunity 5 rue christine / kill rock stars
rate it deerhoof cat power 'dr.' isaiah ross fischerspooner edward shearmus buddy moss the strokes lightning bolt au revoir simonev/a: dedication film soundtrack koch
rate it déjà morttête de mort trahison / wee wee
rate it die! die! die! HDUsplit 7"
rate it dig that body up, it's alive!a corpse is forever rock is hell
rate it dinosaur jr.beyond pias
rate it do you computeturnstile rejuvenation
rate it dog faced hermansmental blocks for all ages mississippi
rate it eat skullseeing things meds
rate it eddy crampesen concert au localypso à tant rêver du roi
rate it einstürzende neubautenweingeister musterhaus vol.8 potomak
No sleeve yet rate it el cerdost
rate it el-pi'll sleep when you're dead definitive jux
rate it electrelanein berlin too pure
rate it electrelaneno shouts no calls too pure
rate it electrelaneto the east too pure
rate it empty silos echo warsemantics (some) antics rok lok / tone library / children's revolt
rate it end of a year kids explodesplit 7" narshardaa
rate it erase errataalphabet series -U- tomlab
No sleeve yet rate it erebus nyx & styxla violencia silencio recordings
rate it eric aldéa narcophony thomas belhom bästard the married monk dominique petitgand & programme dominique petitgand & julien ribot i n fused the digital interventionv/a: DJ krush oumupo/oubapo #6 ici d'ailleurs
No sleeve yet rate it esgmeqbehave yourself silver rocket
rate it eulcidhope: and songs to sing altin village
rate it explosions in the skyall of a sudden i miss everyone temporary residence
rate it factumssee inside polly maggoo
rate it factumsst alien natives siltbreeze
rate it factumsspells and charms kill shaman
rate it fatal flying guilloteensquantum fucking
(a fictitious real life account of young love in the
rate it finalinfinite guitar 1 avalanche (BI)
rate it flux information sciences akimbo intelligence brown cuts neighbors mustachio cripples stereoke ursula and the androids the tyrades two minute hate 8th grade rubber o' cement & karla levay spooky pie & paul roessler candlemaker luxo champ canned hamm reckless bastards bloodhag the miss kk barrett & paul roessler a frames destruction unit phantom surfers aaiiee teen cthulhu basin jently spider compass good crime band point line planev/a: the necessary effect screamers songs interpreted xeroid / extravertigo
rate it foot villagefriendship nation gilgongo
rate it funeral dinerdoors open sorry
rate it fursaxamaidenstone e.p. mt. st. mtn.
rate it future of the left adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood too pure
rate it future of the left small bones small bodies too pure
rate it future of the left fingers become thumbs! too pure
rate it future of the left curses too pure
rate it g.i. joe3" CD ep self-released
rate it gerdacosa dico quando non parlo donnabavosa / wallace / shove / sons of vesta / concubine
rate it get rad call me lightningsplit 7" scenester credentials
rate it gianni gebbia & damon smith & weasel walterlichens ugEXPLODE
rate it glen or glenda öm et iömsplit 12" les potagers natures / goulita
rate it goon moonlicker's last leg black diamond
rate it grindermanst mute
rate it grinderman(i don't need you to) set me free mute
rate it grindermanno pussy blues mute
rate it grindermanget it on mute
No sleeve yet rate it ground unicorn horndamn i wish i was fat three.one.g
rate it H-O-FF.T.W. amphetamine reptile
rate it hair policestrict troubleman unlimited
rate it hallux valgusst gaffer / down boy records
rate it haramdrescher lovitt / adagio830
rate it headwardémo bateau self-released
rate it hellathere's no 666 in outer space black diamond
rate it hellathere's no 666 in outer space ipecac
rate it hemingwaya kid named junk drawer dead accents
rate it hemingwaydepressing foreign movies broken press
No sleeve yet rate it hemingwaydead accents cafe press
rate it hervéegermanishe verzione down boy records
rate it hide your daughtersthe teen girl's guide to social success no list records
rate it his electro blue voicefog s-s records
rate it holy molarcavity search three one g
rate it home blitz boys club nothing peoplev/a: the world's lousy with ideas vol. 1 almost ready
rate it homostupidsthe intern parts unknown
rate it homostupids''the edge'' e.p. p-trash / radio 81
rate it homostupidsthe brutal birthday e.p. richie
rate it homostupidsthe glow richie
rate it howard hello greennesssplit CD sickroom
No sleeve yet rate it huckleberry friendsst self-released
rate it ich binvotez ich bin
rate it illtemper denizen stuntman (FR)v/a: the black sabbath collateral damage split tribute prototype
rate it illtemper playing with fragments boys first time the art of keeping silentv/a: 4 way split ocean of ashes prototype / egeria
No sleeve yet rate it in first person titansplit 7" inblot
rate it iron lungsexless // no sex prank
rate it iron lung the processsplit 7" what we do is secret records
rate it islandsalphabet series -S- tomlab
rate it ISP unlogisticsplit 7" old timers dirty witch
rate it j church the tanksplit 7" itchy korean
rate it jeremy glucki am time perpetrator
rate it jeremy jayairwalker k
rate it jeremy jaywe were there k
rate it jeremy jaydreamland saint ives
rate it jeremy jayairwalker k
rate it jesulifeline hydra head
rate it jesupale sketches avalanche (BI)
rate it jim noirst my dad recordings
rate it jon spencer blues explosionjukebox explosion in the red
rate it jonathan wilson jeremy jay golden animals winter flowers mountain party ariel pink giant drag the tyde alexandra hope chapin sisters the bubonic plague apollo heights prayers lion of panjshir lavender diamondv/a: through the wilderness a tribute to madonna manimal vinyl records
rate it joy divisionmartin hannett's personal mixes interstate
rate it kaltenbrunnerjust macareu maquillage et crustacés
rate it kammerflimmer kollektief strings of consciousnesssplit 10" karlrecords
rate it kim phucdemo self-released
rate it king automatic the feeling of lovethe great reunion yakisakana
rate it king kongbuncha beans drag city
rate it kite flying societydiscography
rate it kiteshallucination guillotine final worship load
rate it kit rose for bohdansplit 7" hug life
rate it konono N°1live at couleur café crammed discs
rate it kurt wagnersolo
rate it l'ocelle marest ruminance
rate it la terre tremble!!!trompe l'oeil whosbrain
No sleeve yet rate it lack of zodiacst cockforest
rate it lampslamps in the red
rate it lampsplease come down chicken ranch
rate it lamps haunted georgesplit 7" tour support 7" in the red
rate it landeddirty bomb corleone
rate it landed snake apartmentsplit 7" parts unknown / corleone
rate it larsen oxbow sunset rubdown marissa nadler good for cows kid 606 why? her space holiday devendra banhart xiu xiuv/a: remixed & covered 5 rue christine
rate it les louise mitchels famous NTMsplit 12" et mon cul c'est du tofu?
rate it les louise mitchels sex, drugs & rebetikosplit 12" et mon cul c'est du tofu?
rate it les savy favaccidental deaths rococo / popfrenzy
rate it les savy favwhat would wolves do? part 1 wichita
rate it les savy favwhat would wolves do? part 2 wichita
rate it les savy favlet's stay friends frenchkiss
rate it les yeux de la têtel'?uf du cyclone petit label
rate it liarsleopard on my right
rate it liarsst mute
No sleeve yet rate it lluis llach & pascal comeladeabril 04 en directe al teatre el jardi de figueres enderrock
No sleeve yet rate it lords suicide notesplit 7" hawthorne street
rate it los raw gospelsla fiesta de la muerte p. trash
rate it lou barlowmirror the eye acuarela
rate it lowdrums and guns sub pop
rate it lucertulastragol de rova robotradio
rate it ludlowgold paint self-released
rate it martin bisisirens of the apocalypse black freighter
rate it marvinst self-released
rate it marvinst marvinyl / les potagers natures
No sleeve yet rate it mass movement of the mothouterspace alone
rate it mats gustafsson paolo angelisplit 10" split 10" series II wallace / phonometak laboratories
rate it me and him call it us blue lettersplit 7" guevara entertainment
rate it melt bananabambi's dilemma azap
rate it melvinssmash the state e.p. amphetamine reptile
rate it melvins(a) senile animal tour cd self-released
rate it melvinsmaking love demos manchild 3 magazine bifocal media
rate it melvins H-O-F M-O-Fsplit 7" tour record amphetamine reptile
rate it membranea story of blood and violence basement apes industries
rate it michel & micheltout casser, tout repeindre en jaune à tant rêver du roi
rate it mick barroctis: iohargh wended tzadik
rate it mick harvey stanley p wok dimi dero inc punish yourself the hate inside dead brothers jon ulecia the drones (AU) penny ikinger bellmer dolls kamikaze trio & spencer p jones alice texas nikki sudden the holy soul gallows mark steiner the iron cobra orchestra circo fantasma gil rose & les hydropathes noah taylor the mo leone carmen rowland s. howardv/a: a tribute to rowland s. howard stagger
rate it micro:mega headphone bed & yann tiersen yann tiersen & matt elliott bästard dominique petitgand madrid & the digital intervention featuring yann tiersen éric aldéa & ivan chiossonne linky & gravité zéro bed & headphone & éric aldéav/a: third eye foundation oumupo/oubapo #1 ici d'ailleurs
rate it microfilmstereodrama rejuvenation / théâtre / paranoid / migouri
rate it mindflayer deep jewsplit 7" no not fun
rate it mindflayer prurientsplit 7" important
rate it miranda the creeping nobodiessplit CD fromscratch
rate it modest mouseking rat epic
rate it MoHa!norwegianism rune grammofon
No sleeve yet rate it monksdemo tapes 1965 munster / play loud!
rate it monotravels in constants vol. 22 the phoenix tree temporary residence
rate it monosourcilst gaffer / steak au zoo / down boy records
rate it monotracttrueno oscuro load
rate it morrow lucky pineapple the coke dares nate jackson gentleman caller beltane state wasteland d.c. thousand arrows abner trio push-pull american werewolves turn pale racebannonv/a: we just call it roulette v.1 russian recording
rate it movie star junkiesno-fi recording tape 2 cassetta no-fi recordings
rate it movie star junkieslipstick nasty product
rate it mudhoneylive mud sub pop
rate it my hand in your facest rejuvenation / théâtre
rate it myra lee2 rejuvenation / théâtre / la machoire
rate it myra leeundead labelle69
rate it neptuneimprov and collaboration release #17 golden lab
rate it neptuneparis green release #19 magnetism crafts / wrong hole
rate it neptune one second riotsplit 12" neptune release #18 distile
rate it neurosisgiven to the rising neurot
rate it neurosisgiven to the rising neurot
rate it new brutalism beton brut villa brut soldat brutv/a: brut unison abc group documentation
rate it nick cave & warren ellismusic from the motion picture
the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert
rate it nikki sudden songs:ohia suzanne langille early day miners damien jurado dave fischoff danielson june panic ativin swearing at motorists havergal racebannon cornelius boots jens lekman marmoset the impossible shapes the panoply academy the japonize elephantsv/a: SC100 secretly canadian
rate it nine inch nailsyear zero interscope / nothing
rate it no ageevery artist needs a tragedy post present medium
rate it noggin wiesesplit 7" helicopter
rate it nothing peoplein the city s-s records
rate it nothing peoplearmy of ideal hozac
rate it octisnavlt the social club no. 6 the social registry
rate it oh, beast!past presents oji
rate it old time relijuncatharsis in crisis part three of the lost light trilogy k
No sleeve yet rate it old time relijuntightest cage k
rate it orchestre rougeyellow laughter more passion fodder sony / bmg
rate it orchestre tout puissant marcel duchampOTP r mutt
rate it oriflammemore boxcar
rate it original silencethe first original silence smalltown superjazz
rate it orthrelm03-7 sof targets
rate it oxbowthe narcotic story hydra head
rate it panthersthe trick vice
rate it papier tigrest effervescence
rate it part chimpcup monitor
rate it parts & laborwe were here euro tour support 7" altin village
rate it pechsafthadick in frisco tumbleweed / broken silence
rate it pig destroyer coldworker antigamav/a: 3-way split relapse
rate it pissed jeanshope for men sub pop
rate it pj harveywhite chalk island
rate it pneupince crocodile la fée clochette recordings / les ateliers du temps qui sèche
rate it polite sleeperst sabotage
rate it porddemo self-released
rate it pram murcof juana molina the man from uranus momus robotobibok ninki v asja auf capri cartertutti no bra germlin misshawaii noxagt the lonesome organist david gr oddfellows casino oxbow this is the kit vanishing breed bengev/a: you are hear sessions 2002-6 Resonance 104.4 FM you are hear records
rate it pretreasure trails forcefield / blood of the drash
rate it preepic fits skin graft
rate it pre aids wolfsplit 7" sin raft
rate it prints rob crow sybarite grails mono the ladies miss violetta beauregarde fridge eluvium envy explosions in the sky caroline tarentel maserativ/a: destroy independent music temporary residence
rate it pttrnspeople i adore altin village / ursa minor musik
rate it pyramidsdemo self-released
rate it quitoday, gestation infrasonic
rate it quilove's miracle ipecac
rate it quintronjamskate rinestone
rate it radioheadin rainbows tbd
rate it raymonde howardst angry ballerina
rate it red fangst tour ep wäntage
rate it red herringwarning mississippi
rate it red herringinteracting cautiously mississippi
rate it revokbad books and empty pasts rejuvenation
rate it richard durn rosaparksplit lp down boy records / maloka / 213 records / acide folik
rate it rob crowliving well temporary residence
rate it sailorshot buttons gringo
rate it savage republicsiam mobilization
rate it savage republic1938 neurot
rate it science of yabrablown out hiss self-released
rate it scul hazzardscount less dead valve
rate it seawhoresopus magnanimous learning curve
rate it sebadohthe freed man domino
rate it sebadohwade through the boggs compilation of unreleased tracks from 1989-1993 self-released
No sleeve yet rate it shake before use kidsgofreesplit 7" arindelle / devilchild / teddy bear / rock my ass
No sleeve yet rate it shapes and sizes castanetstour ep asthmatic kitty
rate it sheik anorakmega hyper giga gaffer
rate it shellacexcellent italian greyhound shellac record no.13 touch and go
rate it shit & shinecigarette sequence skulltones
No sleeve yet rate it shooting at unarmed mensometimes the best thing you can do is die too pure
rate it sightingsthrough the panama ecstatic peace!
rate it signal to trustgolden armour modern radio
rate it signal to trustgolden armour modern radio
rate it sincabezaedit sur passage avant fin ou montée d'instrument distile
rate it sister vanillalittle pop rock mri associated labels
rate it skull sküllviet calm hand held heart
rate it skullflowerIIIrd gatekeeper crucial blast
rate it skullflowerabyssic lowland hiss self-released
rate it skullflower axolotlsplit 7" not not fun
rate it sleeping peoplegrowling temporary residence
rate it snake apartmentpaint the walls PUR-018
rate it socratesmore vultures, hyenas and coyotes modern city
rate it sofy major her breath on glasssplit 7" ifb
rate it sofy major one second riotsplit 10" no right reserved
No sleeve yet rate it songs for the young at heartst v2
rate it spaceheads & max eastleya very long way from anywhere else bip hop
rate it spacehorseghosts of the civil living day after
rate it speeqor (live in strasbourg) red note
rate it spy versus spydiscography gravity dip / freakscene records
rate it sterlingcursed file 13
rate it STNNNG signal to trustsplit 7" STNNNG vs. signal to trust modern radio
rate it strings of consciousnessour moon is full central control
rate it strings of consciousnesssonic glimpses central control
rate it stuntman (FR)near from zero prototype
rate it stuntman (FR)signed in blood prototype
rate it swell mapsloin of the surf munster
rate it talibam!the excusable earthling pendusound
rate it taylor bowhate fuck hospital productions
No sleeve yet rate it teeth collection wethersplit 7" epicene / no horse shit
rate it television personalitiesare we nearly there yet? overground
rate it ten volt shock loisirssplit 7" x-mist / théâtre / rejuvenation
rate it thank god tigersharksplit 10" the perpetual motion machine / molsook / tick tock
rate it the austerity programblack madonna hydra head
rate it the band of holy joyleaves that fall in spring... cherry red
rate it the big disappointmentsst hot cave
rate it the bugsth o... the bugs hovercraft
No sleeve yet rate it the cakekitchenstories for late night unfun
rate it the cesariansflesh is grass woman imprint
No sleeve yet rate it the chinese starslisten to your left brain three one g
rate it the christian family undergroundfor the depth of your union... woodsist
rate it the christian family undergroundfor the depth of your union... woodsist
rate it the conformiststhree hundred 54°40' or fight!
rate it the creeping nobodiesaugurs & auspices deleted art
rate it the dead cfuture artists ba da bing!
rate it the dirty cousins' groiXplosion
une anthologie restrictive radicale provisoire et bri
colée du Rock'n'Roll
shows off! vol. 3
rate it the drones (AU)
spaceland presents - the drones in spaceland november
15th, 2006
spaceland recordings / kufala
rate it the falllive at the knitting factory - L.A. - 14 november 2001 hip priest
rate it the falllive at the knitting factory - new york - 9 april 2004 hip priest
rate it the falllive at the garage - london - 20 april 2002 hip priest
rate it the falllive at the atp festival - 28 april 2002 hip priest
rate it the fallreformation post T.L.C. narnack
rate it the fallreformation post TLC slogan
rate it the fallreformation! the single slogan
rate it the feeling of loveyoung jesus nasty product
rate it the feeling of lovehand clap girl rococo
rate it the feeling of loveyoung jesus nasty product
rate it the feeling of love movie star junkiessplit 10" rijapov / bibimbap
rate it the flying luttenbachersincarceration by abstraction ugEXPLODE
No sleeve yet rate it the friction brothersabstract on black sort of records / abstract on black
rate it the fuseseastern cities shit sandwich records
rate it the holy kissshot love on a back line release the bats
rate it the intelligencedeuteronomy in the red
rate it the locustnew erections radio surgery
rate it the mabusesmabused! pi recordings
rate it the narrowsbenjamin wäntage
rate it the oceanprecambria metal blade
rate it the oxfam glamour models8 cans yeah marquis cha-cha
rate it the poison arrowspremix file thirteen
rate it the popesports wäntage
rate it the sea and cakeeverybody thrill jockey
rate it the skull defekts
the sound of defekt skulls and intense cranium contac
t (feedbacking gothenburg and chicago)
rate it the skull defektsskkull release the bats
rate it the skull defektspolonium kning disk
rate it the skull defektsblood beats ideal
rate it the skull defektsstorm skull dub meu dia de morte
rate it the skull defektsblood spirits & drums are singing kning disk
rate it the skull defektsthe black hand riot season
rate it the skull defektsthe black circle ideal
rate it the skull defektsblood spirits & drums are singing conspiracy
rate it the soresst kryptonite
rate it the stoogesthe weirdness virgin
rate it the terminalslast days of the sun last visible dog
rate it the woodentopsthe BBC sessions renascent
rate it the world / inferno friendship societyaddicted to bad ideas peter lorre's twentieth century world inferno
rate it the world courtalphabet series -T- tomlab
rate it thee oh seessucks blood castleface
rate it this moment in black historyit takes a nation of assholes to hold us back x-mist
rate it thurston mooretrees outside the academy ecstatic peace!
rate it thurston moore cotton museumsplit 12" tasty soil
rate it time to burnis.land basement apes industries
rate it time to burnis.land radar swarm / slow death
rate it times new vikingmy head matador
rate it titan scary mansion mika miko hans grusel's krankenkabinet navies akimbo djs of mass destruction racebannon tom heasley larry ochs sax & drumming core mute socialite degenerate art ensemble chris brown old time relijun christ on parade joy wants eternity tuxedomoon nathan hubbard & noah phillips godstomper the younowhats birchville cat motelv/a: KFJC 89.7 FM live from the devil's triangle X KFJC
rate it today is the dayaxis of eden supernova
rate it toddforget the minions southern
rate it toddi wellmandemo self-released
rate it torchemeanderthal demos self-released
rate it tornavalanche tight phantomzsplit 7" modern radio / exotic fever
rate it totimoshiladron volcom ent / crucial blast
rate it trencher wethersplit 8" life in a box
rate it trendprinz von homburg parapop
rate it tribes of neurot earthsplit 7" neurot
No sleeve yet rate it true feedback storyride bikes read books self-released
rate it trumans water rosolina marrosolina mar meets trumans water robotradio
rate it trunksuse less range ta chambre / boxpock
rate it turbo fruitsst ark
rate it tusslealphabet series -R- tomlab
rate it tv ghostatomic rain die stasi
rate it tv ghostst die stasi
rate it tyveksummer burns what's your rupture?
rate it tyvekstill sleep what's your rupture?
rate it tyvekfast metabolism self-released
rate it tyvekflowers (demos+live) self-released
rate it tyvek cheveusplit 7" s-s records
rate it ulan batorulaanbaatar ruminance
rate it ultralydconditions for a piece of music rune grammofon
rate it unnatural helpersearwax dirty knobby
rate it unsanevisqueen ipecac
rate it usa is a monstergeronimo lovepump
rate it use of procedurewelcome lateral / wee wee / rejuvenation
rate it uské orchestra gorge triosplit 7" divorce series 6 ache
rate it ussathe spoils fuzz artists
rate it vague angelstruth loved expect candy
rate it vegas martyrs air conditioning the new flesh coughsv/a:
tiger tongue pussy cactus - terminal fantasies for ma
lefic youth
hospital productions
rate it venturapa capona get a life!
rate it videohipposst me gusta me gusta series vol.5 rococo
rate it vivian girlsdemo self-released
rate it von südenfedtromatic reflexxions domino
rate it von südenfedthe rhinohead domino
rate it weasel walterfirestorm ugEXPLODE
rate it weasel walterearly recordings: 1988-1991 savage land
rate it wetherstones and light me gusta me gusta series rococo records
rate it whitey (usa)the whitey album sf recordings
No sleeve yet rate it wilcosky blue sky nonesuch
rate it witch hatsbefore i weigh in-fidelity
rate it wooden shjipsloose lips start to dreaming sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it x-ort'es pas sûr de soi au juste self-released
rate it xbxrxwars polyvinyl
rate it xbxrxsounds important
rate it xiu xiu az this song is a mess but so am i mi parenthetical girls fl barr nc grouper sc ? ches smith ky mary pearson wa jherkek bischoff casiotone the yellow swans orxiu xiu the polaroid project mark batty publisher
rate it xiu xiu w-s burnsplit 7" stickfigure
rate it XXLspicchiology? important
rate it yikeswhoa comas / blood bomb kill shaman
rate it ymgsummer tour demo 2007 self-released
rate it yo man go!life lessons square of opposition
rate it young james longyou ain't know the man southern
rate it young widows plowssplit 7" auxiliary
rate it zeni gevamaximum money monster cold spring
rate it zërogo stereo ep ici d'ailleurs
rate it zërojoke box ici d'ailleurs
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