(266 records found)
rate it 16bridges to burn relapse
rate it ? the feeling of lovev/a: one foot in the grave unreleased, rare & live european one-man bands tracks kizmiaz
rate it a storm of lightforgive us our trespasses neurot
rate it a.h. krakentatiana gaffer / down boy records
rate it action beatthe noise band from bletchley truth cult
No sleeve yet rate it adam paynemaybelline weeks E.P. malt duck
rate it alain bashungbleu pétrole barclay
rate it alexis gideonvideo musics an animated/claymated video opera african tape
rate it alice donutten glorious animals alternative tentacles
rate it anahata julia al abed joseph larralde florent colauttianahata trio les potagers natures / goulita
rate it arrows optics our past projects damainv/a: [excs 09] excursions into the abyss
rate it azitahow will you? drag city
rate it baxter stockmanep 2 sideffect
rate it beaten awakethunder$troke fat possum
No sleeve yet rate it bipolar bear hiroshima rocks aroundsplit 12" kill shaman / nofirecordings
rate it bipolar bear talbot tagorasplit 10" olfactory
rate it black dicechocolate cherry catsup plate
rate it black pusdown down da drain corleone / skulltones
rate it black pusblack pus 0 ultimate beatoff diareahrama
No sleeve yet rate it blowupnihilistst
rate it bonnie 'prince' billybeware domino
rate it brainbombs homostupids poppets black bugv/a: burning hell vol. 1 burning hell
rate it café fleshi dumped my wife i killed my dog head / furne
rate it café fleshi dumped my wife i killed my dog head / furne
rate it castanetstexas rose, the thaw, and the beasts asthmatic kitty
rate it chapi chapo et les petites musiques de pluiechuchumuchu chapimusic
rate it cheveucheveau permanent
rate it child bite valina defiance, ohio prizzy prizzy please kentucky nightmare sheasby matiure and the mbira queens trio in stereo lafcadio sump pumps everthus the deadbeats medusa ephemeropterav/a: we just call it roulette v.2 russian recording
rate it children's hospitalalone together sacred bones
rate it chris brokawgracias, ghosts of the future capitan
rate it circletaantumus ektro
No sleeve yet rate it clipd beaksvisions lovepump
rate it clockcleanerskinheaded lady stained circles
rate it clockcleanerready 2 fight fan death
rate it coalesceox relapse
rate it coalesceOXEP relapse
rate it coconut cooloutswe drink blood floridas dying
rate it coconut cooloutsi wanna come back (from the world of lsd) ERO
No sleeve yet rate it coconut cooloutspunk house
No sleeve yet rate it coconut cooloutshalloween
rate it coconut coolouts personal and the pizzassplit 7"
rate it convergeaxe to fall epitaph
rate it crash normalunrealistic tracks compost modern art
rate it crash normal intelligencesplit 7" compost modern art
rate it daniel johnstonyip / jump music eternal yip eye music / feraltone
rate it daniel johnstonis and always was eternal yip eye music / feraltone
rate it david daniell & douglas mccombssycamore thrill jockey
rate it depeche modesounds of the universe mute
rate it diagram a chrome jacksonsplit 7" spooky tree
rate it divorcest optimo music
rate it dolomst down boy records
rate it dopplersongs to defy hak lo-fi / sk
rate it downtown cuckoost limbo
rate it dr snuggle & mc jacquelinedr snuggle & mc jacqueline et mon cul c'est du tofu? / label brique / cocotte crew / pomeau teurgoule débarquement
rate it dr snuggle et mc jacqueline marylin rambo 10LEC6 sex drugs and rebetiko grand prédateur unlogistic anne laplantine les louise mitchels the rubiks comité défaite fat beavers spoonboy headwar fabien porée john makay missfist tana dure mere lavigna abject object moustafa moustache meurtre ze revengers grégaldur mobylette facile death to pigs top montagne cyclickweetos serendhi pity -v/a: les ami-e-s de mon cul (compile à deux balles) #1 et mon cul c'est du tofu?
rate it drunkdriver mattinlist of profond insecurities bad master / suicide tax
rate it dudu gevaretrovulva 2003 commence par maman / galerie pâche / le vilain chien / birdsong netlabel / les potagers natures
rate it duncan redmondsbubble and squeak collaborations 2004-2006 world
rate it eat skullwild and inside siltbreeze
rate it eat skull ganglianssplit 7" dulcitone
rate it enablersnow you can answer my prayers lancashire and somerset
rate it factumsflowers sacred bones
rate it filiamotsatribute to kc chezkitokat
rate it firecrackersst un dimanche
No sleeve yet rate it flipperpublic flipper limited live 1980-1985 domino
rate it flippergeneric single domino
rate it foot villageanti-magic rock is hell
rate it foot villagefuck the future II gilgongo
rate it foot village health & captain ahab & foot villageremix 12" ravesploitative
rate it formicasequels suck E.P. in my bed
rate it france sauvagele monde des doigts larsen commercial
rate it france sauvageconcert à la bascule colonies
rate it france sauvageremspach colonies
No sleeve yet rate it from monument to masseson little known frequencies dim mak
rate it gangliansmonster head room weird forest
rate it gangliansmonster head room weird forest
rate it gay beastmulti-purpose anti-form gilgongo
No sleeve yet rate it gay beastdisrobics self-released
rate it gay beastsecond wave skin graft
rate it gay witch abortionmaverick learning curve
rate it gi joe movie star junkiessplit 7" brigadisco / holiday / ni**aville
rate it globothis nation's saving grace comuse
rate it gods and queensst robotic empire / adagio 830
rate it gods and queensuntitled #1 dead format
rate it gordzsuper 100% ruminance
rate it gridsPGCOBUIBQTAUWTCS lunchbox
rate it gridsriot girls kinnikinnik
rate it harvey milklive at supersonic july 12 2008 capsule
rate it hawksbarnburner army of bad luck
rate it haymarket riotendless bummer divot
rate it haymarket riotendless bummer divot
rate it hey!tonalst african tape
rate it hint93-99 jarring effects
rate it hitchclair.obscur latest flame
No sleeve yet rate it indian jewelry future blondessplit 12" ep dull knife
rate it intelligencecrepuscule with pacman born bad
rate it io monade stancathe impossible story of bubu african tape
rate it jack of heartst born bad
rate it jeremy jayslow dance k
rate it jerrist 6am / we are unique!
rate it jesuinfinity avalanche
rate it jesuopiate sun caldo verde / aural exploits
rate it joe 4rds-6s
rate it jubiléon-mo-no boomboom rikordz
rate it jubilé ntwinon-mo-no old man boomboom rikordz / katatak
rate it k-brandingfacial humpty dumpty
rate it keelhaulwe waited five years for this? hydra head
rate it keelhaulkeelhaul's triumphant return to obscurity hydra head
rate it keelhaulst conspiracy
rate it keelhaulII conspiracy
rate it keelhaulsubject to change without notice conspiracy
No sleeve yet rate it kelvin wooltersplit CD macina dischi
rate it kim phucweird skies dear skull
rate it kim phuc centipede E'estrecord store day split dear skull
rate it koonda holaaten acres of the finest sand attila tralala
rate it l'ocelle mareengourdissement souterrains refuges
rate it la terre tremble!!!travail effervescence
rate it leo(88man)from speaking parts kythibong
rate it lightning boltearthly delight load
rate it madrasovanhorne pseudorecordings
rate it mark e smith & ed blaneythe train voiceprint
rate it mayyorsdeads ep hurling man
rate it mayyorsdeads ep 2nd pressing hurling man
rate it melted menspit cup DSPS
rate it mi amiechononecho quarterstick
rate it mi amiwatersports quarterstick
rate it miracle condition68 degrees tizona
rate it miracle conditionst tizona
rate it morrowst excursions into the abyss
rate it movie star junkiesflamingos perpetrator
rate it movie star junkiesjunkyears rarities and farm recordings 2005-2007 avant!
rate it neptuneroman business no=fi
rate it neptunes follyst milk & chocolat
rate it new brutalismactual record rejuvenation
rate it nicolas dickune belle journée self-released / les disques de plomb
rate it no ballsst DF
rate it no ballscome clean release the bats
rate it no nebraska! don vitosplit CD tour support record tremor panda
rate it nrwsnew distances deathwish
rate it ntwinst katatak / boomboom rikordz
rate it ntwinst katatak / boom boom rikordz
rate it obitsi blame you sub pop
rate it obitsi can't lose sub pop
rate it omega massif mount logansplit 12" vendetta
rate it oxbowsongs for the french hydra head
rate it parpaingça sent le ciment self-released
rate it partchimpthriller rock action
rate it passe montagneoh my satan african tape / ruminance
rate it pedro de la hoyauna mañana con pedro de la hoya rock'n'roll masturbation
rate it pigeon religionscorpion milk parts unknown
rate it pigeon religiondead boss gilgongo / jason intl.
rate it pigeon religioncrystallized meth self-released
rate it pigeon religionwarm insides drone errant
rate it pissed jeansking of jeans sub pop
rate it pj harvey & john parisha woman a man walked by island
rate it pj harvey & john parishblack hearted love island
No sleeve yet rate it playing enemyhere's to what we made rome plow
rate it pneu nervous kidsplit tape
rate it polite sleeperlake effect expect candy / sabotage
rate it pop. 1280bedbugs self-released
rate it portraits of pastcypress dust witch excursions into the abyss
rate it poutreescalade boom boom rikordz / les disques du hangar 221
rate it pygmy shrewsthe egyptian wäntage
rate it pygmy shrewslord got busted kill yourself fan death
rate it quithe little golden blanket infrasonic
rate it racebannonacid or blood tizona
rate it racebannon & merzbowmerzbannon tizona
rate it radikal satannueva marginalia radikal satan
rate it raymonde howardlive @ grrrd zero, lyon angry ballerina
rate it red sparowesaphorisms sargent house
rate it revok pneusplit 7" music fear satan
rate it rusted shutdead load
rate it satànsatàn shit music for shit people
rate it scul hazzardsslaughtered pigs self-released
rate it scul hazzardslandlord rejuvenation / bigoût / les disques du hangar 221 / s>h>o>t d / whosbrain
rate it shrinebuilderst neurot
rate it sister iodineflame desastre premier sang
rate it six finger satellitehalf control load
No sleeve yet rate it skullflowerthe paris working self-released
rate it sofy majorst solar flare
rate it sonic youthbattery park, nyc july 4th 2008 matador
rate it sonic youththe eternal matador
rate it strings of consciousness & angelsplit 12" conspiracy
rate it stuntman (FR) chère catastrophesplit 10" prototype
rate it susanna & bonny prince billyforever and ever
rate it taylor bowthin air youth attack
rate it telemarkinformat x-mist / salon alter hammer
No sleeve yet rate it television personalitiesmy new tattoo good village
rate it tentacle lizardo human eye frustrations terrible twos heroes & villains johnny ill band tyvek the mahonies fontana little claw thtx odd cloudsv/a: shiftless decay new sounds of detroit X!
rate it TeTsuo (FR)cousu main à tant rêver du roi
rate it the afcgt bandst dirty knobby
rate it the black heart processionsix temporary residence
rate it the cesarianscesarians 1 imprint
rate it the cesarianslive in austria
No sleeve yet rate it the chinese starsheaven on speed dial anchor brain
rate it the cravats the membranes the three johns the ex nightingales big flame a witness the wedding present age of chance the june brides the wolfhounds a.c. temple pigbros dog faced hermans vee vv shrug fflaps death by milkfloat the turncoats prolapse dawson the ceramic hobs sarandon stretchheadsv/a: death to trad rock cherry red
rate it the falllast night at the palais live at hammersmith palais april 1st 2007
No sleeve yet rate it the fallslippy floor action
rate it the feelies thee oh sees orange juice the black angels suicide vivian girls magik markers espers fursaxa smog hush arbors loop hope sandoval & the warm inventions 801 the war on drugs v/a: the velvets revolution 15 bands inspired by the velvet underground uncut
rate it the feeling of lovewaiting for the cheerleaders to get drunk avant!
rate it the feeling of loverandom high fives luisance sonore
rate it the feeling of lovest HBSP-2X
rate it the intelligencefake surfers in the red
rate it the intelligencereading and writing raw deluxe
rate it the jesus lizardinch record store day 2009 april 18, 2009 touch and go
rate it the jesus lizardgoat touch and go
rate it the jesus lizardliar touch and go
rate it the last rapes of mister teach movie star junkiessplit 7" shit in can
rate it the mantlesdont't lie mt.st.mtn.
No sleeve yet rate it the moonlightersenchanted world sound
rate it the native catscatspaw white denim
rate it the oh seestidal wave woodsist
rate it the pastels & tenniscoatstwo sunsets geographic
rate it the pink noisealpha almost ready
rate it the pink noisegold light sacred bones
rate it the pink noisemenagerie jerkwave
rate it the poison arrowsfirst class, and forever file thirteen
rate it the rebelkit hook or crook
No sleeve yet rate it the skull defektsmimer injektion ideal
rate it the skull defektsthe temple important
rate it the skull defektsthe temple important
rate it the telescopesuntitled second bomp
rate it the vaselinesenter the vaselines sub pop
rate it thee oh seesthee hounds of foggy notion hbsp-2x
rate it thee oh seeszork's tape bruise singles and unreleased tracks kill shaman
rate it thee oh seeshelp in the red
rate it thee oh seesin the shadow of the giant sub pop singles club 3.0 may 2009 sub pop
rate it thee oh seesblood in your ear rock is hell
rate it thee oh seesdog poison captured tracks
rate it thee oh sees jay reatardtour split 7" shattered
rate it thee oh sees paul carysplit 7" stankhouse
rate it thee ohsees ty segallsplit 7" castle face
rate it throatgood times self-released
rate it toddbig ripper riot season
rate it todd hey colossus dethscalatorv/a:
wyni present a riot season special - the windmill, br
ixton, dec 1st 2009
riot season
rate it tornavalancheget rich or cry trying modern radio / exotic fever
rate it transitionalstomach of the sun conspiracy
rate it two pin dinin case of fire break glass aredje
rate it tyvekst siltbreeze
rate it tyvekblunt instrumental self-released
rate it tyveklive on cass(ette) self-released
rate it tyvekduck blinds sub pop
rate it tyvekblessed steak
rate it unnatural helpers intelligencesplit 7" dirty knobby
rate it uv racest aarght!
rate it uv race super wild horses straight arrows eddy current suppression ringv/a: the world's lousy with ideas vol. 7 almost ready
rate it vaz calabi yau white mice drunkdriver self destruct button burmese muscle brain child abuse stats weasel walter trio maw satanized this is my condition dan friel yukon dysrhythmia homostupids clan of the cave bear zs black ladies animal deathers paper mice archaeopteryx fag static cutter ocrilimv/a: the dead hand human machines damage rituals
rate it vergognesans théâtre / désormais
rate it vermillion sands movie star junkiessplit 7" rijapov
rate it vivian girls blank dogs times new viking intelligence guinea worms sic alps thee oh sees tyvek pink reasonv/a: the world's lousy with ideas volume 8 almost ready
rate it wallstread on me iron lung
rate it we only saidst range ta chambre
rate it weasel walter & mary halvorson & peter evansst ugEXPLODE
rate it whitey (usa)when good things happen to bad people sf recordings
No sleeve yet rate it witch hatssolarium down the causeway Z-Man
rate it womanst bang!
No sleeve yet rate it wrekmeister harmonieslive in nyc capitan
rate it xiu xiu featuring zac pennington parenthetical girlssplit 7" upset the rhythm
rate it young widows bonnie 'prince' billysplit 7" young widows split series part 1 of 4 temporary residence
rate it young widows melt-bananasplit 7" young widows split series part 2 of 4 temporary residence
rate it young widows my discosplit 7" young widows split series part 4 of 4 temporary residence
rate it young widows pelicansplit 7" young widows split series part 3 of 4 temporary residence
rate it zarbothst head (FR) / discorporate
rate it zërobobby fischer ici d'ailleurs
rate it zërorecorded live épicerie moderne oct 28 2008 self-released
rate it zërodiesel dead machine ici d'ailleurs
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