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rate it ? es bardo thödol junk schizo elvis dust tupai joy g.r.i duppi ?? ruins no lip zatopek soccer asylumv/a: NG II transrecords
rate it a witness passmore sisters househunters dragsters television personalities laugh! 14 iced bears ac temple pleasureheads talulah gosh the bats 1000 violins stars of heaven mctells 3-action hermit crabs flatmates close lobstersv/a: let's try another ideal guest house shelter
rate it angels of epistemology black girls egg egg slushpuppies wwaxv/a: evil i do not palindrome
rate it big flame stump a witness mckenziesv/a: ron johnson records presents solid glod ron johnson / catalogue
rate it billy braggback to basics go! discs
rate it bloodsport god's acre mojo wishbean & trippy squashblossum urge overkill precious wax drippings the garden big black the defoliants permabuzz sapphires ungh material issue end resultv/a: hog butcher for the world WNUR 89.3 a chicago compilation mad queen
rate it butthole surfers einstürzende neubauten diamanda galas william s. burroughs swans john giorno band chad and sudan tom waits chris stein nick cave hüsker dü david johansen cabaret voltairev/a: smack my crack giorno poetry systems
rate it capping day coffin break color anxiety couch of sound crypt kicker 5 fred h-hour pure joy skin yard vertigo bus vexed weather theatrev/a: secretions c/z
rate it challenger crew unwanted youth spermbirds jump for joy skeezicks p.m.a. antitoxinv/a: trust x-mist / remedy
rate it chromethe chronicles I dossier
rate it colourbox this mortal coil the wolfgang press throwing muses dead can dance cocteau twins dif juz clan of xymoxv/a: lonely is an eyesore 4ad
No sleeve yet rate it crazyhead pop will eat itself the georgia satellites the jack rubiesv/a: sonic sounds EP 1 sounds
rate it died prettypre deity citadel
rate it dinosaur volcano suns phantom tollbooth squirrel bait breaking circus big black salem 66 death of samantha antietam live skull naked raygun the reactions big dipper great plainsv/a: wailing ultimate! the homestead records compilation homestead
No sleeve yet rate it dub syndicate the mel-o-tones the fall lee perry & the flying vicars & sir freddy viaduct the riverside trio rhonda bim sherman & singers and players general strike "chop" walker & brenda "beachball" kenny it's immaterial suns of arqua & prince far-I the whiskey priestsv/a: bugs on the wire ?wired tales from? leghorn
rate it feltgold mine trash cherry red
rate it half japanese fred firth shockabilly sharky's machine the shaved pigs the moon the workdogs missing foundation artless krack house bongwater tuli kupferberg carney & hild & kramer fish and roses no safety men and volts samm and dave the spongehead experience steve taylor & allen ginsberg george cartwright scott williams otto kentrol laraajiv/a: the 20th anniversay of the summer of love 1967-1987 shimmy disc
rate it half man half biscuitback again in the D.H.S.S. probe plus
rate it halo of fliesfour from the bottom amphetamine reptile
No sleeve yet rate it head happy mondays the triffids stumpv/a: sonic sounds EP 3 sounds
rate it heavenly bodies sturm group the legendary pink dots heads on sticks die bunker a primary industry the band of holy joy attrition the wolfgang press la muertev/a: perdurabo cathexis
No sleeve yet rate it jack f. the cleaners from venus the dancing chomosomes algebra suicide bollerman urovisions mr. concept turn blue political asylum the deep freeze mice some other year stefan hetzelv/a: a concrete sense klappstuhl
rate it jamie wednesday the june brides mccarthy the ringing rumblefish that petrol emotion the wolfhoundsv/a: beauty (pink compilation) the pink label
rate it laughing hyenasmerry go round touch and go
rate it loop redd kross shop assistants sonic youth philip boa & the voodoo club beat happening the pastels membranes the vaselines camper van beethovenv/a: good feeling 53rd & 3rd
rate it magazinerays and hail: 1978-1981 virgin
rate it membranesback catalogue : the virgin mary versus peter sellers vinyl drip
rate it new ordersubstance factory / london
rate it new order jumpin' jesus cabaret voltaire dominique the hood arthur bakerv/a: salvation original soundtrack les disques du crépuscule / virgin
No sleeve yet rate it nikki sudden the necessitarians timesv/a: lunacy is legend e.p. barracuda blue
rate it r.e.m.dead letter office B-sides compiled irs
rate it scream challenger crew morzelpronk social unrest the ex depraved victims family bgk rhythm pigs everything falls apart kafka prosess sca 76% uncertainv/a: viva umkhonto! konkurrel / mordam
rate it section 25 asylum party brigade internationale clair obscur mary goes round odessa orchestre rouge a.r.t. little nemo norma loy complot bronswickv/a: unreleased
rate it septic death fratricide corruption of peace final conflict negative gain ghoulv/a: pusmort sampler pusmort
rate it shifters les coronados fixed up scuba drivers kid pharaon and the lonely ones the missing links les schtauss the boy-scouts the batmen chaingang and the bliss greedis les thugs flying badgers shredded ermine'sv/a: eyes on you closer / teenage records
No sleeve yet rate it shop assistants the woodentops the mighty lemon drops the icicle worksv/a: sounds showcase #2 sounds
rate it sonic youth steinski and the mass media (featuring djet) sly and robbiev/a: nme nme
No sleeve yet rate it spacemen 3 surfin' lungs sex museum enemigosv/a: munster dance hall favorites! volume 1 teenager from outer space records
rate it splat! big flame a witness stump mackenzies shrubs the ex twang noseflutes great leap forward jackdaw with crowbarv/a: the first after epiphany ron johnson
rate it steve fitch daniel johnston stickmen with rayguns butthole surfers & daniel johnston butthole surfersv/a: a texas trip caroline
rate it talulah goshrock legends: volume 69 53rd & 3rd
rate it talulah goshrock legends: volume 69 constrictor
rate it teenage jesus and the jerks beirut slump 8 eyed spy slow chokelydia lunch hysterie 1976-1986 widowspeak
rate it the band of holy joy the soup dragons the primitives voice of the beehivev/a: sonic sounds EP 2 sounds
rate it the cult the fall the adult net the go-betweensv/a: sounds showcase #1 sounds
rate it the fallpalace of swords reversed compilation 1980-83 cog sinister
rate it the loft1982-1985 once around the fair creation
No sleeve yet rate it the mission gangway the leather nunv/a: sounds showcase #3 sounds
rate it the pastels oi polloi the cateran the shamen bayonet babies househunters fini tribe dog faced hermans the membranes rodney relax with love as we're falling down the primevals the beat poets bmx bandits jackhammer 5 the palookas meat whiplashv/a: censorship sucks jello aid DDT
No sleeve yet rate it the triffidslove in bright landscapes megadisc / hot
rate it the verlainesjuvenilia flying nun
rate it tot the fall the railway children a house prince kool big black twang biting tongues kit (UK) king of the slums swivel hipsv/a: head over ears (a debris compilation) play hard
rate it turncoats dog faced hermans sperm wails membranesv/a: the fridge freezer e.p. ridiculous sharon
rate it westworld the bodines world party the mighty lemon dropsv/a: free 5-track ep rm
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