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rate it 2 lost sons groovy chainsaws jeremy gluck & friends urban dogs london cowboys hawkwindv/a: flicknife records sampler ep flicknife
rate it amorphous head hullabaloo pitbull babysitter my namev/a: teriyaki asthma volume two c/z
rate it artless ea80 aidscats k.g.b. crowd of isolated boskops dream policev/a: hardcore vol.1 starving missile
rate it atavistic active minds dona nobis pacem pariapunk so much hate satanic malfunctions revulsion pleasant valley children dissent cringer dawn of liberty hhh culture shock the exv/a: exclusion nabate
rate it babes in toyland L7 frightwing dicklessv/a: teriyaki asthma volume three c/z
No sleeve yet rate it bastardsexploding man ep glitterhouse
rate it bastards cows pagans unsane nycv/a: scumbait #1 treehouse
No sleeve yet rate it bhopal stiffs ...v/a: there's a fungus among us what the fuck? records
rate it big boyswreck collection unseen hand
rate it carcass godflesh terminal cheesecake stretch heads coil silverfish god (UK) napalm deathv/a: pathological compilation pathological
rate it chrisbald 96 lungfish velocity girl whorl the go team juliana luecking experience unrest holy rollers butterglove date bait pagans reverbmotherfucker the honeymoon killersv/a:
the pre-moon syndrome post-summer (of noise) celebrat
ion week
sun dog propaganda
rate it clown alley paranoia melvins guillotine the grim poison idea rich kids on lsd virulence neurosis spiderworks sacrilege b.c.v/a: peace through chemistry an alchemy compilation alchemy
rate it constant grief bad trip payback vicious bite a bomb a nationv/a: chop chop skene
rate it crash ghost sonata prisonshake starvation armyv/a: hotel cleveland volume I scat
No sleeve yet rate it crimpshrine jawbreaker moral crux a prioriv/a: the world's in shreds volume two shredder
rate it d.o.a. the beatnigs jello biafra & nomeansno i, braineater gerry hannah art bergmann jello biafra & d.o.a. evan johns & his h-bombs nomeansno the groovaholics keith leblanc & jello biafrav/a: terminal city ricochet original motion picture soundtrack alternative tentacles
rate it debbie harry new order william s. burroughs david byrne live skull pre metal syndrome karen finley john giorno band rollins bandv/a: like a girl i want you to keep coming giorno poetry systems
rate it die erde d.a.f. einstuerzende neubauten die haut kastrierte philosophen 39 clocks flowerpornoes palais schaumburg cpt. kirk &. x-mal deutschland comrad blumen ohne duft freiwillige selbstkontrollev/a: deutschland strike-back compilation strike back
rate it dissent instigators scoundrels 16 blasare utan hjarna crib death libido boyz tit wrench flitox s.s.d.c. president fetchv/a: beautiful music for beautiful people amity
rate it dr mix and the remix1979-1982 new rose / bondage
rate it ea80 the vernon walters magnetic ad coi hdq putten billy+the willies karma sutra the plot the exv/a: life is change beri beri
rate it front line assembly compound delerium jeff greinke chrome controlled bleeding munch (USA) the wasp factoryv/a: dossier II dossier
rate it halo of fliessingles going nowhere amphetamine reptile / glitterhouse
rate it halo of fliesgarbageburn what goes on
rate it hard-ons bomb disneyland mega city four les thugsv/a: vinyl solution live ep vinyl solution
No sleeve yet rate it inspiral carpets thrilled skinny the revolving unseen the engagement party the losers the darkside spacemen 3v/a: breaking down the walls of heartache! heartache
rate it jackson penis beaver patrol mad at the sun headless chickens (UK)v/a: the hometown atrocities ep 'a disgrace to the corpse of kylie' maelstrom
rate it loop gaye bikers on acid the absv/a: sniffin' rock presents sniffin' rock fanzine #8 sniffin' rock
rate it lost fights toxic avengers moss icon the hatedv/a: panx vinyl zine #3 panx
rate it malfunkshun green river 64 spiders my eye h-hourv/a: another pyrrhic victory c/z
rate it mega city four the revolving unseen electrahead the losers the keatons thrilled skinny fflaps eletraheadv/a: whatever happens to dorothy hopkins? heartache
rate it mr. t experience crimpshrine crummy musicians lookouts coffee & donuts the wrong samiam jawbreaker the offspring plaid retinav/a: make the collector nerd sweat very small
rate it new day rising the von trapps the charlottes thrilled skinnyv/a: glut glut records
rate it nick cave & mick harvey & blixa bargeld & anita lane & michelle babbit nick cave & mick harvey & blixa bargeld & anita lane david hale gloverv/a: ost ghosts ...of the civil dead mute
rate it nirvana helios creed coffin break yeastv/a: teriyaki asthma volume one c/z
No sleeve yet rate it nomads girl trouble mono men the original sins screaming trees game for vultures surf trio thee headcoats the cynics young fresh fellows pippi eats cherries fallout mashmallow overcoat kings of rock mojo nixon & skid roperv/a: !!!here ain't the sonics!!! a sonic tribute to the best band of all time popllama / estrus
No sleeve yet rate it outburst raw deal life's blood breakdown sheer terror maximum penalty uppercut nbsh gorilla biscuitsv/a: where the wild things are blackout
rate it painted willie sonic youth dez cadena redd zepp john press l7 brewer tendencies the hellcows chemical people revolution 409 celebrity skin algebra suicide project jenny das damen i love you brews springstein d. c. 3v/a: the melting plot sst
rate it phillip boa & the voodooclub 1000 violins pastels t.v. personalities palookas hangmans beautiful daughters membranes the vaselines traddodiad ofnus wedding present inca babies talulah gosh christian hound dog faced hermans the legend! jowe head - cakeshop girlv/a: GOSH! the intelligent-listener's guide to 90's rock music constrictor
rate it pogo the clown lonely moans helios creed tar god bulliesv/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume two amphetamine reptile
rate it poke it with a stick throw that beat in the garbagecan the wildhouse shrug thrilled skinny the locations the vinegar blossoms those naughty corinthians the keatons the field mice bobby scarlet the windmills charlotte's web apple moths the volunteers the losers the harbour pilots debonaire this poison! st. christopherv/a: something's burning in paradise again... subtle
rate it poster childrenflower plower 12 inch
rate it redd kross freaks 3 o'clock frightwig government issueL7 white flag pussywillows big dipper christmas pat ruthensmear krave chemical people sonic youthv/a: every band has a shonen knife who loves them the litany of the knife giant / gasatanka
rate it rob johnson thatcher on acid hee haw cheap wat tyler chumbawamba shrug against history the cateran dog faced hermans shamen stretch heads dan llwybr llaethogv/a: a pox upon the poll tax!! peasants revolt
rate it sanity plexus nerve rack nitro puppy edsel auctioneerv/a: ablaze! magazine ablaze
rate it scream ignition soulside broken siren christ on a crutch king face rain 3 marginal man one last wish fugazi thorns fire party fidelity jones red emma shudder to thinkv/a: state of the union dischord
rate it sebadoh king missile happy flowers unrest mystery tramps spook and the zombiesv/a: magic ribbons volume 1 leopard gecko
rate it silverfishcockeye touch and go
rate it snake river soren's law gone dog thee lords of creationv/a: dog plasma: a lansing sampler bonehead
rate it snapping boys scuba drivers les thugs les satellites nuclear device bérurier noirv/a: la nuit noire rock hardi
rate it sonic youth head of david ut big black rapeman dinosaur jr lee ranaldo ciccone youth big stick arsenal butthole surfersv/a: nothing short of a total war (part one) blast first
rate it soul asylum victoria williams & the williams brothers flaming lips nikki sudden & the french revolution loop nick cave bongwater pixies sonic youth psychic tv dinosaur jr. henry kaiser b.a.l.l.v/a: the bridge a tribute to neil young n° 6
No sleeve yet rate it splintered voiceless sofa head identity brainstorm crane instigators hotalacio filler political asylum jfk - feel the weightv/a: tearing down the barricades volume 1 fourth dimension
rate it spook & the zombies joe kafka some velvet sidewalk sub skin cables rockin rod & the strychnines the go teamv/a: re-new: the love rock compilation al
rate it stitch shelley's children chumbawamba robb johnson band the exv/a: greatest hits a benefit for the trafalgar defence campaign a peasant's revolt record
rate it sugar shack blind ignorants da plug uglies non dairy creamers grindin teeth ms. carriage and the casual tease pain teens bayou pigs dresden 45v/a: houston loud anomie
rate it surgery cows tad king snake roostv/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume three amphetamine reptile
rate it swell mapscollision time revisited mute
rate it tad halo of flies bastards helios creed unsane n.y.c. boss hog god bullies mudhoney cows surgery first things first the thrown upsv/a: crunchouse glitterhouse
rate it tad the fluid nirvana mudhoney soundgarden green river cat butt the nights and days blood circus swallow thrown upsv/a: sub pop rock city glitterhouse
rate it the beautiful suit frame 235 the clipes the radium cats vatican shotgun scare thee varikose veins cringe archbishop kebab call me clive good and gone the slim cooks dog faced hermans the wendys the mole people therapy we free kingsv/a: live in a scotch sitting room mctape
rate it the birdhouse bored! les thugs the subway surfers green river blood circus the surfin' dead submentals mudhoney the broken jug loveslug the fluid miracle workers boys from nowhere der beat from bagdadv/a: this house is not a motel glitterhouse
rate it the birthday partyhee haw 4ad
rate it the fallseminal live beggars banquet / rebel rec / spv
rate it the fall the shamen silver chapterv/a: sniffin' rock #9 bonus 7" sniffin' rock
rate it the germs the dils the eyes the skulls the controllers kaos the pandoras the untold fablesv/a: what stuff iloki
rate it the go-betweens james xtc it's immaterial the band of holy joy the nits the feelies pixies my bloody valentine happy mondays étienne daho & bill pritchard devine & statton jérôme soligny wim mertensv/a: un printemps 89 virgin
rate it the groove farm five year plan the golden dawn remember fun benny profane the flatmates the beat hotel close lobsters the rosehips st christopher rodney allen this poison the field mice cud stitchv/a: airspace breaking down
rate it the moffs the mock turtles the cateran giant sand static the primevals richard thompson & clive gregson & christine collister dinosaur jr thin white rope miracle legion the chills the barracudas the icicle works nigel and the crossesv/a: time between a tribute to the byrds imaginary
rate it the perfect disaster mega city four cerebral fix killdozer pussy galorev/a: sounds blasts! ep3
rate it the weather prophetstemperance hotel creation
rate it tragic mulatto alice donut klaus flouridev/a: eat me tender alternative tentacles
rate it turn to flowers the chesterfields kings the thanes the fleshtones the cardiacs the mock turtles wolfhounds the droogs the crocodile shop the thunderbyrds the cateran patch-up boys the reegs cudv/a: shangri-la a tribute to the kinks imaginary
rate it u-men the thrown-ups lonely moans helios creed surgery cows halo of flies mudhoney tar god bullies tad king snake roost pogo the clownv/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume 1-3 amphetamine reptile
rate it velocity girl black tambourine powderburnsv/a: what kind of heaven do you want? slumberland
rate it wedding present montgomerys go-team bats st. christopher mctells earwigs under fire sachiko crocket and jones fenton weills pale saints easter island dog faced hermans beat happening viola crayfish cannanesv/a: diamonds and porcupines international guitar underground beat all the tambourines
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