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No sleeve yet rate it ?v/a: the aftereffects of insomnia volume I three little girls
rate it alastair gailbraith a handful of dust peter jefferies olla the renderers dead c. gate cyclops dadamah david mitchell queen meanie puss stephen kilroyv/a: i hear the devil calling me xpressway / drag city
rate it alice donut amorphous head babes in toyland coffin break helios creed daddy hate box dickless frightwig gas huffer god's acre hullabaloo icky joe jonestown L7 my name nirvana pitbull babysitter porn orchard vexed yeastv/a: teriyaki asthma volume I-V c/z
rate it amenity desiderata seein' red spitboy end of the line man lifting banner born against econochrist profax suckerpunch sawhorse struggle bikini kill downcastv/a: give me back ebullition
rate it bad religion80-85 epitaph
rate it biff bang pow!l'amour, demure, stenhousemuir creation
rate it big drill car popdefect down by law clawhammer the offspring hunger farm distorted pony blackbird the steel pole melvins stack force sharkbait helios creed victim's family cringer monsula mr. t experience green dayv/a: the big one flipside
No sleeve yet rate it big drill car popdefect down by law clawhammer the offspring hunger farm distorted pony blackbird the steel pole melvins stack force sharkbait helios creed victim's family cringer monsula mr. t experience green day motorcycle boy sandy duncan's eye bad religion spiderbaby l7 anus the menace trash can school paper tulips tvtv$ the creamersv/a: the big one flipside
rate it bill pritchard the fatima mansions peter astor geoffrey oryemav/a: voulez-vous chanter cohen? les inrockuptibles bonus CD oscar / les inrockuptibles
rate it bratmobile some velvet sidewalk courtney love the nation of ulysses unwound mecca normal nirvana bikini kill witchypoo melvins infamous menagerie kicking giant fitz of depression jad fairv/a: kill rock stars kill rock stars / pulp
rate it bricks my new boyfriend nation of ulysses the mommyheadsv/a: pulley simple machines
rate it candy machine jawbox geek velocity girlv/a: screw simple machines
rate it david garling talking heads julee cruise neneh cherry crime and the city solution lou reed can r.e.m. elvis costello david darling nick cave & the bad seeds patti smith & fred smith depeche mode dave darling jane siberry & k.d. lang t-bone burnett daniel lanois u2v/a: until the end of the world warner
rate it dawsoncheese market gruff wit / making of americans
rate it dead can dancea passage in time 4ad
rate it descendentssomery sst
rate it devohardcore vol.2 74-77 rykodisc
rate it dinosaur jrfossils sst
rate it distorted pony babyland tse-bomb geko stereotaxic device ethyl meatplow hardboiled pressure hed die happy death ride 69 yeht mae slug open hand attack internationalv/a: hurt - a psychotechnics compilation
a comilation of bands representative of the KXLU los
angeles radio program
13 word case scenarios
rate it drain pain teens crust ed hallv/a: love & napalm vol. 2 trance syndicate
rate it dream syndicate flesh eaters savage republicv/a: 12 O'Clock rocks live in studiot KPFK Los Angeles
rate it einstürzende neubautenstrategies against architecture II ego / some bizarre
rate it endpoint juvenocracy transcend worlds collide youth of today split lip straight from the heart encounter shelter discipline downcast majority of one outspoken rob r rockv/a: voice of the voiceless smorgasbord
rate it field micecoastal danceteria / sarah
rate it g-anx no comment demise neanderthal hellnation nuclear roach chemical dependency extreme noise terror boom and the legion of doom boneheads anal cunt jesus chrust hellocaust atrocity exit 13 go! can't deny skeletal earth generica agathocles assuck infest born against stikky impetigo psycho mothfart citizens arrest cocofonia psycho sin confrontation 7 minutes of nausea piledriver bloody mess and the skabs bulge mindrot mork hotel napalm breath nam land meat shits splatterreahv/a: bllleeeeaaauuurrrgghhh! - the record 41 bands 64 songs slap a ham
rate it gallon drunktonite... the singles bar clawfist
No sleeve yet rate it go!total first strike
rate it god bullies helmet cows surgery crows tar the thrown ups helios creed boss hog vertigov/a: ugly american overkill amphetamine reptile
rate it gold, francisness and disk drive sore throat danbert nobacon generic political asylum chumbawamba culture dick thought police wat tyler whothehell thatcher on acid snuff why sofahead ex pistolsv/a: abey raid 1 fuck emi rugger bugger
rate it guttersnipes babes in toyland wheeze barrence whitfield and the savagesv/a: 4è rock festival fontenay-le-comte
rate it halo of fliesmusic for insect minds amphetamine reptile
rate it halo of fliesmusic for insect minds amphetamine reptile
rate it hanson brothers the show business giants shovlhed vinaigrettesv/a: blobs vol 1 wide
rate it hijokaidan solmania hanatarash masonnav/a: japan bashing volume 3 public bath
rate it hoodoo gurus crash test dummies the wedding present drunken boat divine weeks carnival art the primitives young fresh fellows the odds clockhammer henry rollinsv/a: a lump of coal first warning
rate it jello biafra & chumbawamba nomeansno L7 graymatterv/a: where are they now file compleg bootilation popbus
rate it jesus lizard fetish 69 cosmic psychos unsanev/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume seven amphetamine reptile
rate it jonestown casus belli the crows hammerhead (USA)v/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume six amphetamine reptile
rate it les thugs original disease déser culturel amnésie les éjectés babylon fighters blaggers outrage et rébellion kochise haine brigade dirty district alto bruit seizure pleüm the ex complot bronswickv/a: cette machine sert à tuer tous les fascistes on a faim!
rate it lizards nuisance 23 more minutes downfall spitboy buggerall pinhead gunpowder tit wrench 3 finger spread horny mormons pounded clown lack of youth juke voodoo glow skulls dukes of burl schlong brontosaurus hedgehog plaid retina blister grinch engage special forces econochrist samiam jawbreaker sleep nuclear roachv/a: very small world very small
rate it love corporation syncro bill drumond house of love swervedriver counterfeit peter astor television personalities biff bang pow! the times the bounty hunters jazz butcher simon turner church of raismv/a: american pensioners on ecstasy
[rejects, mislaid masters and never heard before rheu
matical remedies]
rate it lulueberlocation schemer
rate it meat beat manifesto papa sprain nitzer ebb kitchens of distinction throwing muses the darkside dr phibes and the house of wax equations the popguns the orb new order shamen fortran 5 thrill kill kult consolidated the wolfgang press daisy chainsaw l. kagev/a: volume one volume
rate it moosesonny and sam hut
rate it morbid angel repulsion carcass godflesh terrorizer hellbastard carnage naked city filfthy christians o.l.d. intense degree sore throat napalm death entombed nocturnus bolt thrower lawnmower deth cadaver sweet tooth mighty force spazztic blurr heresy unseen terrorv/a: grind crusher the ultimate earache earache
rate it nausea final conflict neurosis 411 extreme noise terrorv/a: discharged from home front to war front allied
rate it nikki sudden suspense rubberband deity guns tupelo soulv/a: abus 12 bonus zine cd abus dangereux
rate it no means no the sherlocks superconductor shadowy men on a shadowy planet - the smugglers gruesomes me, mom and morgentaler evaporators a-bones the squirrels mudhoney mummies the hoods the muffs devil dogs beat happeningv/a: nardwuar the human serviette presents... clam chowder & ice versus big macs & bombers nardwuar the human serviette
rate it of cabbages and kingsnever too late triple x
rate it only a mother panther burns foetus inc artists unknownv/a: scary songs for kids elemental
rate it operation mind control psycho karaoke billy clark chemical plant somewhere in europe the invisibles guts symboliks factor x pinkie maclure & fiona sail & chemical plant dominic thomas & steve dell headbutt the leper colonyv/a: shake the foundations chainsaw cassettes
rate it pain teens trailor trash jesus penis pleasure center turmoil in the toybox sacred cows gut logic fortunes of vicev/a: manifestation anomie
rate it peter plane and the flying cows kivalo dolgozo leviathan volante voodoo muzak rwav/a: en chairs et en os amanita
rate it razorcutspatterns on the water a retrospective creation
rate it reverb motherfuckers youth gone mad rats of unusual size pigpen fly ashtray workdogs sea monkeys the seltzersv/a: vital music sampler vital music
rate it scarecrow sawhorse seein' red political asylum spitboy four one one christ on a crutch suckerpunch the fixtures sleep econochrist jawboxv/a: sign language allied
rate it severin scrawl autoclave circus lupusv/a: lever simple machines
rate it skullflower coil current 93 nurse with wound drunks with gunsv/a: the portable altamont shock
No sleeve yet rate it slammerheads fierce noisy act of protest hardheaded soul zombies under stress blind de kift boerensyndicaatv/a: zoid second compilation zooid equality
rate it smashing orangeabove ming gardens not very much to see native
rate it so much hate life - but how to live it verbal assault ripcord raped teenagers pullermann arm target of demand kina scream nonoyesno melvinsv/a: it's your choice unrelased live material from the your choice live series your choice
rate it sonic boom kurt ralske kathy korniloff jeffery evans wayne coyne j mascis dean wareham mark e. robinson marc gentry dave rick kat bjelland thurston moore helios creed tom hazelmeyer paul leary nick salomon don fleming kim gordon nikki sudden kramer neil haggerty wayne rogers rick mc collum marcy mays lee renaldo steve albiniv/a: guitarrorists n° 6
rate it spacemen 3losing touch with your mind... munster
rate it stereolabswitched on too pure / virgin
rate it swansbody to body job to job young god
rate it tar god bullies helmet surgeryv/a: ugly american overkill tour e.p. amphetamine reptile
rate it test dept creaming jesus mercury rev mutton gunv/a: the catalogue #88 bonus flexi 7"
rate it the derelicts fastbacks gorilla kings of rock mudhoney the mummies marble orchard mono men phantom surfers prisonshake seaweed untaimedv/a: half rack the 12 drunkest bands in showbiz estrus
No sleeve yet rate it the edsel auctioneer ?v/a: ruta 66
No sleeve yet rate it the edsel auctioneer ?v/a: knowing where it all leeds stolen sounds
rate it the house of love ian mcculloch pixies that petrol emotion the lilac time geoffrey oryema james jean-louis murat david mccombs & adam peters r.e.m. lloyd cole robert foster peter astor dead famous people bill pritchard the fatima mansions nick cave & the bad seeds john calev/a: i'm your fan oscar
No sleeve yet rate it the la's my jealous god the charlatans happy mondays pale saints the high throwing muses the field mice it's immaterial ocean colour scene ride cocteau twins lush the verlaines robert forster peter astor world of twist blur v/a: un printemps 91 virgin
rate it the sneetches1985-1991 alias / virgin
rate it these immortal souls gumball sonic youth laughing hyenasv/a: alice cooper tribute sub pop
rate it thrilled skinny shrug the losers pregnant neck angry chair jowe head simon goalpost buy off the barv/a: own goal goalpost
rate it thrown ups unrest pain teens olivelawnv/a: teriyaki asthma volume six c/z
rate it verbal abuse hemi less is more olivelawn the bone shavers blunt committed proudflesh sub society goodbye gemini jfa white kaps wheat chiefs the faction swell the odd numbers dana lynn the fuck-ups bombv/a: explicit sk8rok volume 10 high speed productions
No sleeve yet rate it vertigo john solt ken ando convenient ensemble wisconsin conservatory of noise byron coley sun city girls bastro gregg spence yusuke keida daniel johnston crag hill cruel frederick pgrv/a: flat : the art of truncation vol. 1 locust
rate it victim's family schlong moral crux cringer nuisance nomeansnov/a: sasquatch: the man, the myth, the compilation kirkdog
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