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No sleeve yet rate it - headbuttv/a: 20 golden pieces of chainsaw cassettes compilation c46 chainsaw cassettes
rate it - zygote resist sofa head vex crisis of faith tvtv$ section 46 celibate commandos mutiny academy 23 in/humanity capitalist casualties political asylum culture shock moss icon gag order insytev/a: powerless II: no more flowers, no more ribbons a benefit for the war resisters league black plastic
rate it 123 and three shades of dirty sticks and stones iconoclast husaipungo one blood sleeper born against matter of fact avail greyhouse heroin struggle assuck hey suck my balls unknown band twilight yoda 1.6 band crashwagon moss icon freak beans rorschach hoonah crisis of faith chisel merel spork tsunami shudder to think 3 dudesv/a: superpowers troubleman unlimited
No sleeve yet rate it a.r. kaneamericana luaka bop / warner
No sleeve yet rate it american soul spiders blue burnout dog gamma men gibson bros. & workdogs & barry hayden god and texas tortoisev/a: brain blo 3x7" casting couch
rate it assück crain schedule frictionv/a: emergency broadcast systems vol. 2 allied
rate it auditory clang drinking woman nitrous crain telephone man rodan guitar innovator snakeater erchint sunspring pulse rachel's bush leaguev/a: the aftereffects of insomnia volume II three little girls
rate it b.s.g.singles collection twist and shout x-mist
rate it barry adamson lush the blue aeroplanes mc 900 ft jesus new fast automatic daffodils nine inch nails whipped cream spirea x blur the sugarcubes definition of sound celestial tribes system 7 bomb the bass emf pulp no man (UK) curve gallon drunkv/a: volume two volume
rate it beat happening1983-85 feel good all over
rate it bedlam rovers j church jawbreaker steel pole bath tub strawman timcov/a: the mission district mission merchants
rate it beefeaterplays for lovers & house burning down dischord
rate it big big drama rumble tabula rasa ravens frankly scarlet altro vorsum half inch soul whitey little sister caterpillar the willees lolita grey wall of miracles watusi the rels two hoots & a holler nick brisco meredith l. miller telefones neverbreakers joe "king" carrasco the doo fort worth cats d-day moving products members only schematics assassins ralphs ejectors stick men with ray guns tex & the saddletramps hugh beaumont experience terminal mind the skunks n.c.m. standing waves red tapes quad pi judys expertsv/a: tales from the edge: volumes 5 & 6 crystal clear
rate it bikini kill tribe 8 lucy stoners 7 year bitchv/a: there's a dyke in the pit outpunk / harp recordings
rate it blur dinosaur jr my bloody valentine the jesus and mary chainv/a: rollercoaster ep melody maker
rate it breadwinner coral burma jam fudge tear jerks candy machine slack false face society bratmobile late! lilys whorlv/a: neapolitan metropolitan richmond baltimore washington dc simple machines
rate it buzzsaw bugskull simon wickham smith & bill & karl smog mincemeat oar nothing painted blue lil' johnny h pastev/a: swing set shrimper
rate it calamity jane rancid vat mudhoney night kingsv/a: puget power #3 regal select
rate it choo choo trainbriar high (singles 1988) subway organization
rate it circus lupus jack'o'nuts crain derelict hotelv/a: compulsiv comp no. 1 compulsiv
rate it cmx liimanarina paska radiopuhelimet generators faff-bey death tripv/a: if it ain't the snow it's the mosquitos sympathy for the record industry
rate it codeine velocity girl beat happening sebadohv/a: sassy sub pop
rate it coffin break you am i jonestown green magnet schoolv/a: self mutilation volume one hippy knight
rate it controlled bleeding fat hacker joined at the head techno animal headbutt new mind force fed fudge tunnel cable regime jouissance multicide splintered painkiller meatfly typhoid mary god (UK)v/a: spreading the virus sentrax productions anti-censorship compilation sentrax
rate it cop shoot cop melvins jesus lizard hammerhead (USA) helios creed tad foetus inc thinking fellers union local 282 laughing hyenas drunk tank pain teens of cabbages and kings barkmarket unsane motherhead bugv/a: mesomorph enduros big cat
rate it cows helmet surgery tarv/a: amphetamine reptile peel sessions four barrels, eight cylinders gaz guzzlin' U.S. style amphetamine reptile / dutch east india / strange fruit
rate it daisy chainsaw some have fins midway still loveblobs jacob's mouse tabitha zu the god machine leatherface th'faith healers silverfish gallon drunk die cheerleader milk h.p. zinker sofahead headcleaner spitfire sun carriage sunshotv/a: another kind of noise
rate it daisy chainsaw therapy? depth charge the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy levitation the charlatans psychotropic vibration the breeders honey tongue terrorvision public image limited sweet jesus orbital moby natural life lfo sheep on drugs interferencev/a: volume three volume
rate it DDT pilgrims daddy burns condensev/a: FMDCS la compil canal sud 92,6 FM panx
rate it dezerter lunchbox graue zellen grotus radiopuhelimet wat tyler guts pie earshot ministry of sound good vibrations 2 bad kurort pack the ex & brader lougaroov/a: gift & galle internationaler antifa-benefiz-sampler fat wreck
rate it didjits evan johns & his h-bombs alice donut faith no more napalm death nomeansno steel pole bath tub neurosis les thugs victims family disposable heroes of hiphoprisy mojo nixon & the toadliquors sepultura kramer L7 sister double happinessv/a: virus 100 alternative tentacles
rate it distorted pony oiler muddwimmin calamity jane trash can school bulemia banquet shoeface sandy duncan's eye bobsled geko humpers anus the menace jackknife red auntsv/a: i give you the head of corporate rock and roll vol 1 che/pacifica radio
rate it doug gillard mdid supie t and friends burning lesbians hemlocks rainy day saints boy in love mirrors puff tube vivians flaming telepaths craw the styrenesv/a: hotel cleveland volume III scat
rate it doughboys the fluid coffin break didjits electric love hogs deadspot lunachicks big drill car porn orchard the accused alice donut naked raygunv/a: something's gone wrong again the buzzcocks covers compilation c/z
rate it fire enginesfond rev-ola
rate it fishwife crankshaft helicopter holy love snakes 411 crash worship drive like jehu quescabeza olivelawn rocket from the crypt drip tankv/a: head start to purgatory headhunter
No sleeve yet rate it foreign legion i scream shrug hotalacio culture shock walpurgis volta inside out braindrops red london date bait the uptown bones venus fly trap living in texas rise & fall savage republic david allen geoff leigh tomboys guerilla welfarev/a: à la folie! V.I.S.A.
rate it fudge tunnelfudgecake pigboy
rate it government issue fun junkies black market baby mfd shudder to thinkv/a: odd man out DSI
rate it gruschenko ea 80 pullermann spermbirds sofahead life but how to live it boxhamsters vagrants dark age moss icon samiam alice donut ea80 vernon walzers magnetic adv/a: life is change vol.2
rate it hole yo la tengo seam unsane love child superchunk big ray cell sebadoh eleventh dream dayv/a: slanged! city slang
rate it intense degree capitalist casualties dicktator disrupt skimmed rupture purgative klyster plutocracy cripple bastards buka t.m.p. traitor sarcasm putrid offal extreme smoke slave state supuration macabre hiatus a.m. gibbed arse destroyer arnes plasthjarna audiostench sockeye rottrevore dischange man is the bastard crossed out crazy fucked up daily life (c.f.d.l.) cum dumpster tt task debilana phobia destroy brutal personal resist duh guillotine terror patareni eggs i.a.h. filthy charity cemetarium t.e.k. toxic noise ringworm melvins b.g.t. phlegm jump back jesus intestational loudnessv/a: son of bllleeeeaaauuurrrgghhh! 52 bands 69 songs slap a ham
No sleeve yet rate it janitor joe snag muskellunge john's black dirtv/a: oxo 5 oxo
rate it john davis the mountain goats paste franklin bruno joey burns party of onev/a: hard core acoustic a shrimper compilation shrimper
rate it just say no band of susans gumball samson & the philistines j-church phleg camp mr t. experience flor de mal the punchline when people were shorter and lived near the water vic chesnutt king missile tesco vee's hate police jawbox mitch easter the steel pole bath tub sour boot voodoo milk cult jawbreakerv/a: surprise your pig a tribute to R.E.M. staple gun
rate it kicking giant bikini kill gravel unwound al larsen lumihoops mecca normal burl some velvet sidewalk superchunk glad courtney love candice peterson oklahoma scramble cannanes heavens to betsyv/a: throw the yoyo studio compilation yoyo
rate it leda atomica x ray pop gong kni crik deity guns wunderlich ausgang déficit des années antérieures rosa crux vox populi! jacky moreau decades étant donnés un drame musical instantanné anne gillis brumev/a: passionnément ultima flux / visa
rate it loveblobsprehistoric extraction wiiija
rate it lubricated goat thee mighty caesars helmet gas huffer jonestown the crows jesus lizard unsane boss hog vertigo melvins dwarves casus belli hammerhead (USA) cosmic psychos fetish 69v/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume 4-7 amphetamine reptile
rate it merzbow chaotic custom cock commandos solmania dislocation monde bruits masonna violent onsen geisha incapacitantsv/a: noise fest les disques du soleil et de l'acier
rate it miss marvel prohibition (FR) les shaking dolls explosive coolies drive blind voodoo muzak deity guns jug hems weird moves mushroom tom violence heliogabale la chambre 16 kill the thrill cut the navel stringv/a: to what end? kill your idols bonus tape bedlam
rate it mountain goats neutral milk hotel duh dosed bernie james rao socks-off the leash!!v/a: those pre-phylloxera years box dog sound
rate it napalm beach M99 nirvana poison idea dharma bums crackerbash hole the whirlees nation of ulysses honey hazel calamity jane saliva tree thurston moore & keith nealyv/a: fourteen songs for greg sage & wipers tim kerr
No sleeve yet rate it night soil man spiny norman quartet internal autonomy sofa headv/a: tired of sleeping art & music compilation No. 1 recorddrom
rate it nirvanaincesticide geffen
rate it nomeansno lard neurosis les thugs alice donut tumor circus victims family vhk (galloping coroners) klaus flouride jello biafra v/a: the bat is back an alternative tentacles records sampler alternative tentacles
rate it oxbowthe balls in the great meat grinder collection pathological
rate it passion foddersongs sacred and profane 1985-1991 compilation barclay
rate it passion fodderand bleed that river dry 1985-1991 barclay
rate it poster children hammerbox superchunk tsunamiv/a: teriyaki asthma volume seven c/z
rate it pure pain browneye the queeweed spjuver derivata the orphans cruel when complete 99 systems disharmonikerna lucky stroke brainbombsv/a: enfants terribles a collection of swedish underground music negabeat
rate it pussy galorecorpse love the first year caroline / hut
rate it refrigerator shoeface franklin bruno sentridoh satnam puppets jim bishop wckr spgt halov/a: ghost of a rollercoaster shrimper
rate it revolverbaby's angry hut / caroline
rate it sator brainbombs wounded kneev/a: king kong #3 king kong
rate it scratch acidthe greatest gift touch and go
rate it scrawl nation of ulysses pastels nikki mcclure melvins L7 spinnanes seaweed ice cream truck shadowy men on a shadowy planet kreviss some velvet sidewalk mecca normal courtney love unwound rose melberg fugazi bratmobile girl trouble kicking giant fastbacks mark hosler, steve fisk, bob basanich beat happeningv/a: international pop underground convention k
rate it sebadoh come beat happening unrest steven jesse bernstein green river codeine afghan whigs smashing pumpkins seaweed vaselines rev. horton heat billy childish & kyrav/a: afternoon delight: love songs from sub pop sub pop
rate it slant 6 drinking woman rastro! the scissor girlsv/a: go in the dark mira
rate it sleeper shadowman spoke askancev/a: emergency broadcast systems vol. 1 allied
rate it slowdiveblue day creation
rate it smashing pumpkins revolver verve moosev/a: hut recordings the peel sessions strange fruit
No sleeve yet rate it sofa headacres of geeses SMR
rate it some velvet sidewalk spinanes crackerbash fyp witchy poo shadowy men on a shadowy planet stiff woodies dukes of burl beat happening thatcher on acid melvins mecca normalv/a: an empty threat
rate it sonic youthhappiness is a warm gun bad fuck
rate it sonic youth slowjam les thugs les shaking dolls jive turkey greater than onev/a: 3" cd comp danceteria
rate it sonic youth the muffs erectus monotone redd kross tiny lights mudhoney das damen finger it's o.k. yo la tengo white flag the connells big dipper polvo hypnolovewheel chia pet permanent green light superchunkv/a: freedom of choice yesterday's new wave hits as performed by today's stars caroline / city slang
rate it stigmata a go go rat at rat r false prophets ism motherhead bug virus emergency broadcast network lysdexic big stick black car nation some weird sin 700 milesv/a: manhattan on the rocks pow wow
rate it suede butterfly child swallow ultramarine bim sherman flower sermon strangelove throwing muses pavement the fall babes in toyland spectrum dub syndicate stereolab little annie meat beat manifesto pop will eat itself aphex twin steroid maximusv/a: volume four volume
rate it suncharms spectral alice pristines lovelies throwaways heavens above smile poet they go boom heavenly white town dreamscape huckleberry pie sweetest ache kindergarten crystal garden gentletrap big paintings saturn v cradleyard poem by rachel hood howard balloon farm gyroscopes shelley's children boyracer librarianv/a: a prospect of the sea a cloud production
rate it superchunktossing seeds (singles 89-91) merge / city slang
rate it sweat engine tit wrench artefakto pain emission bostich unknown artist retro tech things with knobs behind the orange curtain secret secret apparition ford proco hans fjellestad oricom se artefakto v/a: below san onofre vinyl communications
rate it symboliks chemical plant croniamantal headbutt antonym ramzallah factor x the venus handshake operation mind control somewhere in europe thronusv/a: no sell out ('cause no-one's buying) chainsaw cassettes
rate it tar cows vertigo helios creed helmet surgery boss hog god bulliesv/a: smells like smoked sausages sub pop
rate it th'faith healersL' too pure / virgin
rate it th'faith healers stereolab p.j. harveyv/a: too pure the peel sessions strange fruit
rate it the cannanes velocity girl leaky chipmunk scrawl seaweed thurston moore & kim gordon & epic soundtracks geek love child unrest superchunk fish and roses whorlv/a: fortune cookie prize a tribute to beat happening simple machines
rate it the frank and waltersfashion crisis hits new york setanta / go! discs
rate it the great unwashedcollection clean out of our minds the singles flying nun / festival
rate it the jesus lizard thinking fellers union local 282 velocity girlv/a: clear the room WMBR support 7" no life
rate it the orb the grid happy mondays fuel bettie serveert macbeth cocteau twins cabaret voltaire sandals consolidated the jesus lizard l7 hyperhead red house painters the wedding present the auteurs morrisseyv/a: volume five volume
rate it the sea urchinsstardust sarah
rate it the swirlies suddenly, tammy! lorelei veronica lake magnetic fields white town honeybunch swirl our american cousins tree fort angst crayon jane pow whorl small factory velocity girl wimp factor 14v/a: ...one last kiss spinart
No sleeve yet rate it the terminals the dead jefferies/carter/bull alastair galbraithv/a: what's that noise? another xpressway compilation raffmond
rate it the vaselinesall the stuff and more... avalanche (ED) / 53rd&3rd
rate it the vaselinesthe way of the vaselines - a complete history sub pop
rate it the wedding presenthit parade 2 bmg / rca
rate it therapy?caucasian psychosis quarterstick
rate it thinking fellers union local 282 weenie roast the white shark world of pooh idiot (the) the enablersv/a: not all that terrifies harms ajax / nuf sed
rate it treepeople dose ween MX-80v/a: teriyaki asthma volume eight c/z
rate it treepeople karp paste roger nusic and ketchup and mayonnaise cog freebird herschel steamdonkey fitz of depression witchy poov/a: bostonot a tribute to boston face the music
rate it tsunami superchunk rodan unrestv/a: inclined plane simple machines
rate it unsanesingles 89-92 city slang / matador
rate it vanishing heat noise unit shock therapy psyche new mind delerium vampire rodents chrome marque moon front line assembly controlled bleeding & joined at the head radius paul lemosv/a: dossiers dossier
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