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rate it - regard extrême alcide nekropo no comment refuge monument the village act of cruelty hems corpus delicti porca miseria the crowd westland tidy throes renaissance noire voix et résonnace in vitro in zhe gaza megakitsch & paquito bolinov/a: freak show ora pro nobis
rate it 1000 spirales the puppet les williams pears the soap eaters les sunflowers smily post san july les mollies the drift (F) mr. de foursaings cork tipped les meubles oranges romeo suspect kaleidoscope des garçons ordinaires crash hems miss marvel lucie vacarmev/a: ces chères têtes blondes cindie
rate it ? skullflowerv/a: RRR-100 RRR
rate it ? skullflowerv/a:
comin' down fast! a gathering of garbage, lies, and r
eflections on charles manson
helter skelter
rate it anger overload n.s.c. born against heroinv/a: our voice pro-choice hands on
rate it anita lane einstürzende neubauten & anita lane die haut & anita lane blixa bargeld & nick cave & mick harvey & anita lanev/a: dirty pearl mute
rate it antiseptic beauty the tony head experience lorelei red letter day flowerpornoes usura mosaic eyes ecstasy of st. theresa die regierung eva luna acid house kings adam met karl die sterne 18th dye u thant hip young things des garçons ordinaires lucie vacarme die allwissende billardkugel fflapsv/a: the noise and the melodies the pearl-compilation pearl fanzine
rate it ass ponys guided by voices appalachian death ride robert griffinv/a: (out of) cowtown vol. 3 anyway
rate it atomic 61 mudwimmin mule love cup action swingers tulips mantis the meathooks honeymoon killers cellv/a: dead end destiny end of the trail beechwood
No sleeve yet rate it avail merel elizabeth herz askance puzzlehead native nod rorschach groove shadowman iconoclast greyhouse born againstv/a: god's chosen people old glory
No sleeve yet rate it baby astronautsall the pancakes you can eat... plus bacon (pig fat) big money inc
rate it band of susans head of david ut sun rav/a: chemical imbalance fanzine #9 chemical imbalance
rate it big boysthe skinny elvis touch and go
rate it bivouac trumans water jacob's mouse cornershopv/a: wiiija vs. elemental ablaze #10 wiiija / elemental
rate it blairmailer hula hoop hoodv/a: 3 band flexi tangled
rate it blast off country style eggs tsunami butch willis unrest the shoetrees bratmobile sexual milkshake cobalt los maraudersv/a: teenbeat 100 teenbeat
rate it bongwater uncle wiggly dean wareham beat happening the tinklersv/a: chemical imbalance fanzine #10 chemical imbalance
rate it breadwinnerthe burner merge
rate it buzzoven dogs on ice everready fiddlehead the fixtures friction jawbreaker j church manic depression nations on fire pissed political asylum radon resist schedule schwartzeneggar scrog seein' red sleeper spoke strait up strawman thatcher on acid trench unamused wat tylerv/a: music for the proletariat allied
rate it campaign factory man is the bastard scapegracev/a: anger and english frame work
No sleeve yet rate it cell vineland love child yo la tengov/a: this is art radiation
rate it cheater slicks honeymoon killers mono men the stump wizards star spangled banana walking seeds mudhoney sugar shack vertigo the philisteins laughing hyenas sunset stripv/a: set it on fire! a tribute to the scientists dog meat
rate it chokebore cows boss hog guzzard surgery helios creed janitor joe today is the day hammerhead vertigo x helmetv/a: 1993 sampler amphetamine reptile records amphetamine reptile
rate it chris knoxmeat a raw compilation the communion label
rate it chris knoxpolyfoto duck shaped pain gum flying nun / the communion label
rate it clawhammer captain nemo stokastikats faroutski neuthrone mercury 4°F hems splinteredv/a: fuck that weak shit volume 2 pit's bull
rate it colonial awards of 1984 the extra glenns the bux nothing painted blue sentridoh goosewind shoeface will simmons insect feelings the mountain goats junket massengil joey burns (creamy original) wckr spgt punk rock diskothi-q franklin bruno halo paste primordial undermind guffey refrigerator simon wickham smith & bill + karl john davis ah bus buzzsaw bügsküll the jim bishop guitar army carne-a satnam puppets jive party of one lil' johnny h lou barlowv/a: abridged perversion a shrimper compilation of shrimper compilations shrimper
rate it corn big'n razorwire legendary lunchv/a: raisins and vomit ratfish
rate it cows babes in toyland eleventh dream day pogo the clown house of large sizes love battery niggerology 2000 shinning path god's acre nerve kevin finegan steel pole bath tub teenage larvaev/a: milk for pussy international virus number 1 mad queen
rate it d.c. beggars mudwimin alcohol funny car tastefreeway hell's smells ford captain enema & the rabid cosmonauts blond nation christdriver naked aggression imij bedlam rovers 7 year bitch ovarian trolley pencil thieves j church north american bison grope officer down mud bath the gitsv/a: power flush san francisco seattle compilation broken rekids
rate it dagmar's fiasko postera vita kid with a stick sexual starved provincials whirling pig dervish p.p.? badgewearer dawson sockeye mi-asma aftermath a.d. disaffect primitive tribes nallekherov/a: boredom tapes compilation volume 5
rate it david peel & the lower east side motorpsycho meathead jesus fuck & da murderers starfuckers eugene chadbourne controlled bleeding skullflower v/a: comin' down fast! helter skelter
rate it deity guns pore treponem pal cut the navel string razor edge kill the thrill davy jones locker condense parkinson square casbah club thompsom rolletsv/a: serial killer volume 1 roadrunner
rate it die krups godflesh ministry treponem pal einstürzende neubauten swamp terrorists consolidated killing joke scorn excessive force chrome prong skrew kmfdm wisebloodv/a: terror an industrial metal compilation mental decay
rate it dirt fishermen gnome treepeople the gits alcohol funnycar huevos rancheros 7 year bitch my name built to spill engine kid monks of doom caustic resin voodoo gearshift porn orchard pop sicklev/a: 1993 rawk atlas c/z
rate it distorted pony hydra-fist oiler big damn crazy weightv/a: ow, quit it vol. 1 volvolo
rate it drive blind girls against boys noir désir welcome to julian greedy guts blinfolded dirty hands explosive coolies negu gorriak zen guerrilla d.i.t. arthur kaos skippies mush les petits fiers les oidgts hems les thugsv/a: enragez vous! black & noir
rate it ed hall crust drain johnboy cherubs pain teens john boy cherubs (USA)v/a: love & napalm trance syndicate
No sleeve yet rate it enkindel stick people sunspring pale horse riders plunge crab nebula kill pulse slo pok nickaplegic bush league guilt hula hoopv/a: the aftereffects of insomnia volume III three little girls
rate it eric wood the nation of ulysses tit wrench rorschach charred remains sugarshock rich oliver heroin native nod infest 1.6 band adam woodrow merel moss icon sam & joe hell nov/a: fear of smell vermiform
No sleeve yet rate it everready evergreen (ca) radon lockjawv/a: emergency broadcast systems vol. 3 allied
rate it festering rinyanyons mercury players pachinko thugv/a: loud n' ugly volume 1 'dekalb vs. madison' bovine
rate it fruitcake no tomorrow charlie schwermut forest birdskinv/a: fuck that weak shit volume 1 pit's bull
rate it gag (UK) ablemeshv/a: ...this pop scene needs a shake-up audacious
rate it gauge screeching weasel cap'n jazz smoking popes the bollweevils friction angerhouse heelv/a: it's a punk thing you wouldn't understand shakefork
No sleeve yet rate it half japanese great plains daniel johnston mofungo galaxie 500v/a: chemical imbalance fanzine #8 chemical imbalance
rate it hammerhead (USA) the mighty mofos prest absestus muskellunge lies incorporated with tvbc superball '63 dogfight god's favorite band pseudonymphs salbando dylan hicks + 3 pesos janitor joe vertigo zuzu's petals walt mink flour the blue up? balloon guy willie wisely trio arcwelder teenage larvae big trouble house tvbc the hang-upsv/a: dü hüskers the twin cities replay zen arcade synapse
rate it helmetborn annoying amphetamine reptile
rate it helmet & house of pain teenage fanclub & de la soul living colour & run d.m.c. biohazard & onyx slayer & ice-t faith no more & boo-yaa t.r.i.b.e. sonic youth & cypress hill mudhoney & sir mix-a-lot dinosaur jr & del funky homosapien therapy? & fatal pearl jam & cypress hillv/a: judgement night sony music
rate it hog leg palace brothers bodeco crab nebula evil twin hula hoop rising shotgun king kongv/a: louisville sluggers III self destruct
rate it hot glue gun lonely trailer honcho overload hardvark mother 16 tons corndolly hum judge nothing the suede chain ward dick justicev/a: the mud puddle playoffs mud
rate it huggy bear darlin' colm stereolabv/a: shimmies in super 8 duophonic super 45's
rate it hüsker düeverything falls apart and more rhino / reflex (USA)
rate it I.N.F.S. revenge of the carrots de kift born against dawson strelnikoff wat tyler mr. t. experience dog faced hermans KBO! overflow no means no M.D.C. the ex & tom cora the refugeesv/a: the dignity of human being is vulnerable benefit compilation against the war in former yugoslavia anti war action
rate it jackknife fresh american lamb slug fireworksv/a: star fuck tour singles star fuck
rate it jarboe paul lemos splintered ramleh the grey wolves skullflower cable regime headbutt velvet snakeskin orchestra final crash worship ADRV techno animal playground ignus fatuusv/a: shrine cold spring / trident music international
rate it johnny superbad powerdresser nephews sort of quartet custom floor napo fishwife kerosene trumans water heavy vegetable swivelneck donald wilson quartetv/a: ask for disorder : a compilation lsr
rate it kicking giant faust pavement sun city girls tv personalitiesv/a: chemical imbalance fanzine #11 chemical imbalance
rate it kreviss heavens to betsy cub bratmobile kicking giant slowpoke crayon young ginns karp tattle tale nikki and rachel slant 6 long hind legs rockin' rod and the strychnines lync fruit bat adickdid chorea tiger trapv/a: julep yoyo
rate it los crudos ottawa john henry west dead and gone manumission universal order of armageddon naked agressionv/a: a history of compassion and justice? lengua armada
rate it madder rose the spinanes the lotus eaters helium lorelei lois big louise allen clapp twiggy swirliesv/a: unnecessary niceness beechwood
rate it mama tick trenchmouth mow the flying luttenbachers wickerman hog lady uptighty loud lucy the scissor girls god box condeucent stumbleblockv/a: pressure cooker furball
rate it married to a murderer gnezl drei blindfold fingerprint abolition voorhees golgatha wounded knee ivich nothing remains condense hypocritical society ego trip kinav/a: illiterate ebullition
rate it matthew sweet buffalo tom soul asylum urge overkill american music club goo goo dolls pavement smashing pumpkins bob mould straitjacket fits barbara manning the verlaines uncle tupelo beastie boys the breeders patti smith nirvanav/a: no alternative a red hot production arista
rate it mecca normaljarred up k
rate it mekons magnolias cocktails blue hippoesv/a: chemical imbalance fanzine #7 chemical imbalance
rate it mission of burmapeking spring taang!
rate it nausea drop dead sparkmarker dogfight antischism subvert screeching weasel los vampiros trusty vindictives dreadv/a: fallen upon deaf ears the skull duggery label
rate it nirvana anthrax beavis & butt-head megadeth run-dmc aerosmith white zombie primus sir mix-a-lot red hot chili peppers jackyl cher & beavis & butt-headv/a: the beavis and butt-head experience geffen
rate it nothing to lose insult to injury benchwarmer the uniks giblet m blanket dunderheads black kronstadt goatboy splatterboys mexican power authority k.f.c. ignatz blundermen dirtybird mr. nobody wad blowhard hockey teeth minnow whatever the queen-hatersv/a: fuck the commonwealth 22 bands from ontario and bc that hate the queen! fans of bad productions
rate it oilo-o fiddlehead dirt figurev/a: bag of jakes lunchbox
rate it pavementwesting (by musket and sextant) big cat
rate it phoaming edison thinking fellers union local 282 kicking giant caroliner uncle wiggly sun city girls sleepyhead & bob bannister happy cat dumbhead unrest beat happening barbara manning & mad v. dog dogbowl fly ashtray fire in the kitchen empty box jane martin & nathaniel knight gashounds smack dab spawnbath gamma rays the zomboths waldo jeffries wall drugv/a: soluble fish homestead
rate it pitchblende walleye rocket from the crypt rodanv/a: compulsiv for two compulsiv
rate it poison idea cancer gunshot headbuttv/a: 4-way split vinyl solution
rate it poppin mommas sandy duncan's eye superchunk erectus monotonesv/a: self mutilation volume two hippy knight
rate it porcelain boys downside reach inspector 12 a.g.'sv/a: THD comp thd
rate it pulpintro the gift recordings island
rate it r.e.m. & natalie merchant matthew sweet sugar mekons john trudell tom waits lucinda williams pavement nrbq the cowboy junkies soundgarden helmetv/a: born to choose ryko
rate it rocket from the cryptall systems go headhunter / cargo
rate it rocket from the cryptall systems go (japanese version) toy's factory
rate it samantha's favourite not enough coke head hipsters slime fisherv/a: too late to kiss the truth a tribute to snuff snuffy smile
rate it screaching weasel kramer sister double happiness indian bingo babe the blue ox milk toadies tulips dandelion fire lester vegas girls against boys prisonshake treepeople pitchblende swell flaming lips john's black dirt lotion mousetrap crust down by law ed hall vindictives jawbox samiam red footed genius small gnome bad dream house alloy whirling dervishes severin cherubs (USA) poole nod barnabys zonic shockum twitch viva saturn urban dk mind over matterv/a: chairman of the board interpretations of songs made famous by frank sinatra grass
rate it sea shepherd ivich human alert finger print abolitionv/a: le garage obstination
rate it six finger satellite mx-80 gone stinking lizavetav/a: carbon 14 carbon 14
rate it sleepyhead the dambuilders small factory versus polvo monsterland wingtip sloat helium ruby falls twig greenhorn kudgel griftersv/a: why do you think they call it pop? the pop narcotic compilation pop narcotic
rate it sloan jale eric's trip idée du nordv/a: never mind the molluscs sub pop
rate it slugswingers magnatone / piece of mind
rate it snog 6 paste refrigerator the keatons kennedyv/a: does your dog moult? happy dog
rate it spazz 13 crom the fishsticks stapled shut crisis eyehategod despise you meat shits grief capitalist casualtiesv/a: cry now, cry later vol.1 theologian / pessimiser
rate it spiritualized © ultra vivid scene senseless things that petrol emotion björk saint etienne matt johnson the the gallon drunk american music club belly killdozer one dove the drum club sheep on drugs fluke unmenv/a: volume six volume
rate it st. christopherdig deep brother, 1984-1990 vinyl japan
rate it stapled shut crom spazz despise youv/a: left back/left down theologian / pessimiser
rate it steel pole bath tubbest of sento
rate it superchunk guzzard jawbox godheadsilov/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume eight amphetamine reptile
rate it teenage fanclub radiohead verve sebadoh stereo mc's sub sub little axe bang bang machine marc almond slowdive seefeel the heroines the boo radleys redd kross the sabres of paradise delta lady eat static jesus jones v/a: volume seven volume
rate it teenbeat theme scaley andrew bastro circus lupus vomit launch bells of... unrest autoclave jonny cohen teenage gang debs sexual milkshake superconductor velocity girl eggs courtney love krokodiloes helter skillet naomi wolff clarence coral jungle george mark e superstar s.c.u.d. butch willis wall drugv/a: teenbeat fifty teenbeat / matador
rate it the dambuilders table swell sentridoh monsterland grenadine st. johnny hum shadowy men on a shadowy planet china pig don caballero tortoisev/a: caution! hot tips! dedicated
rate it the gories ben vaughn pink slip daddy the nomads la secta the honeymoon killersv/a: enclosed your invitation get hip
rate it the jesus and mary chainthe sound of speed blanco y negro
rate it the outsidersvital years three lines
rate it the pastelstruckload of trouble 1986-1993 paperhouse
rate it the soud dragons the chesterfields razorcuts the flatmates pop will eat itself the clouds rosehips cowboy and spingirl the groove farm fastbacks the charlottes choo choo trainv/a: whole wide world subway organisation
rate it the throttle bottom ballpeen gidget splinter harriet the spyv/a: fast kids go! fast kids go
rate it tiger trap godheadsilo jack acid tribe 8 versus slant 6 karp marylou lord calamity jane heroin acidkid getaway car cwa bumblescrump cheesecake pansy division nikki mcclurev/a: stars kill rock 17 bands that don't want to be rock stars kill rock stars
No sleeve yet rate it tit wrench unitedfull employment vinyl communications
rate it treepeople dirt fishermen gnome alcohol funnycarv/a: 4 on the floor c/z
rate it trenchmouth candy machine gneissmaker hard ons bob evans shades apart sticks and stones mickey finn superball '63 hemi venison baby astronauts oil seed rape cold water flat tulips belt buckle bulkhead sk-70 pipe crazy alice chocolate U.S.A. shrimp boat drink me swales epic soundtracks titanic love affair billy dankert draghounds rank strangers gear daddies golden smog kate jacobs smile tesco vee grover dog faced hermans mothers dayv/a: let's make the weiner kid sing his song skene! / sonic bubblegum / bar none / big money inc / crackpot staple gun / project a bomb
rate it trespassers wdance k-sept für fans #1 (1984-1991)
rate it trusty lungfish tsunami derf wingtip sloat edsel liquor bike the high-back chairs candy machine revisionv/a: echos from the nation's capital a washington D.C. compilation thirld world underground
rate it unrestfuck pussy galore (& all her friends) matador / teenbeat
rate it violent femmesadd it up 1981-1993 slash / reprise
rate it white flag (with two virgins) thin white rope the gories cancer moon the a-10 chrome cranks darkside jackknife mudhoney dum dum boys honeymoon killers luna sonic boom fireworks flaming lips the nomads la secta sick rose rex mundy action family ben vaughn last drive pray TV angel corpus christi zenith codeinev/a: your invitation to suicide a tribute to the songs of martin rev & alan vega munster
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