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guzzard-today is the day - v/a: - amphetamine reptile

(140 records found)
rate it - headbutt noize systymv/a: home to a totem soul totem
No sleeve yet rate it - headbuttv/a: eat your soup no.2 zealous products
rate it - love among freaks girls against boys alice in chains bash & pop supernova the jesus lizard golden smog bad religion stabbing westward corrosion of conformity seaweed soul asylumv/a: music from the motion picture clerks columbia
rate it - mudhoney tad seaweed pond velocity girl codeinev/a: 1989-1993 the john peel sub-pop sessions sub pop
rate it 16preoccupied toy's factory / bacteria sour
rate it 16 excruciating terror iabhorher cattlepress lack of interest fleabag dystopia factoria de miedo despise you stapled shutv/a: cry now, cry later vol.2 theologian / pessimiser
No sleeve yet rate it ?v/a: bad sun rising nice guy
rate it a.r. kane disco inferno scarce gene the high llamas pulp tiny monroe echobelly gigolo aunts lush tricky credit to the nation loop guru transglobal underground transcendental love machine insides oracle peter perrett's the onev/a: volume ten volume
rate it action swingersquit while you're ahead newt records / caroline
rate it afghan whigs nagic donuts earls of suave mondo paddy? empress of furv/a: stereophonic comp kennel 45 club number three the human ear is now employed to ''mix'' the music blueyedog
rate it against all authority the one eyed kings load wolfdaddys the crumbs bingo mut hudson culture gus radiobaghdad lift u.s. decline donut run tension cowpuncher the murrychesstoes organized painv/a: south florida comp. far out
rate it alabama kids 35007 jf muck hems trumans waterv/a: gonzo circus #10 gonzo circus
rate it american music club shoen knife sonic youth the cranberries bettie serveert dishwalla sheryl crow johnette napolitano redd kross babes in toyland cracker matthew sweet 4 non blondes grant lee buffalov/a: if i were a carpenter a&m
rate it aMINIATURE sister psychic swains smut crain god and texas the hang-ups giant sandv/a: i am not a test market restless
rate it ancient ones citizen fish cringer hard ons scum of toytown snuff sink aos3 blaggers ita back to the planet leatherface cowboy killers neurosis r.d.f. wat tylerv/a: herts & essex hunt sabs benefit
rate it assfactor 4 maximillian colby julia fingerprint policy of 3 hoover acme ordination of aaron shotmaker all the president's men old glory
rate it autechre curve underworld the wonder stuff b12 butthole surfers higher intelligence agency juno reactor james global communication sun electric the fall the afghan whigs submarine elastica come sultans of ping fcv/a: volume eight volume
rate it biff bang pow!bertula bop! tristar
rate it biscuit 3 day stubble the mountain goats the mountain goats & wckr spgtv/a: cool beans! #4 bonus record cool beans!
rate it blank headlice listless horse breedv/a: hot rock action vol.1 reptilian
No sleeve yet rate it bob tilton bugeyed dead wrong kitchener kitov/a: nothing new the kwyjibo corp / armed with anger
No sleeve yet rate it bob tilton fingerprint tribute dead wrongv/a: autotomy subjugation
rate it boss fuel pistolwhip red scare (RI) pollenate amoebic ensemble the royal crowns dropdead scarce the sybil green lovebox halobit von ryan's express lazy eye ashley von hurter and the haters six finger satellite the laurels umbrella backwash robert jazz quartet nonpareils alley sway small factory medicine ballv/a: a bitter pill to swallow over the counter
rate it boss hog cows melvins helmet cosmic psychos chokebore today is the day guzzard janitor joe hammerheadv/a: dope guns and destroying your video deck #3 amphetamine reptile
rate it brownies & blue grass aluminium queen carly mansite cardinal sin liquorball icky boyfriends bullet in the head math cornelius gomez galen mr. velocity hopkins the many moods of marlon magasv/a: enjoy bulb today blackjack / bulb
rate it buzzov-en random killing wordbug union morbide useful idiotv/a: sing along with... an international sampler stichting de wijde wereld
rate it car vs. driver barrel bite rebarv/a: an atlanta compilation innovation
rate it carter usm cop shoot cop lotion pavement faith over reason shudder to think palace brothers luscious jackson heather nova wiseblood steroid maximus jeff buckley gary young god (USA)v/a: the big cat five big cat
No sleeve yet rate it cavity dead silence angel hair bunny genghisv/a: rocky mountain arsenal black plastic
No sleeve yet rate it critical beatdown fuck the bureaucracy cranial structure mob action los crudosv/a: chicago hardcore c.s. productions
rate it cuckooland rugrat phantom pregnancies monkhouse wat tyler spizzmas paul wellerv/a: last christmas i gave you my heart damaged goods
rate it david kilgour chug tall dwarfs the clean 3ds solid gold hellv/a: something for the weekend flying nun
rate it des garçons ordinaires sonneville newell katerine les tender whiskers superdrug polar bear boyracer elliott in the bus diabologum cody les molies v/a: the onion most dangerous game aliénor
No sleeve yet rate it designer plainfield pachinko def. master queer mercury 4° f bob s. blue snap judgement polio no tomorrow charlie unholy swill thug mercury players sludgeplow doubleboar forkeye glazed baby daisycutter ted bundy's volkswagon boris the sprinklerv/a: international sludge review bovine
rate it didjits fuckemos gut ed hall cows cherubs (USA) noodle seaweed glorium sockeye chaindrive american psycho bandv/a: live at... emo's !!! rise
rate it donald the nut sun city girls national disgrace lucian teilens lee ranaldo sonic youth the thrown ups strength through joy the whitefronts steve fisk pell mell emil beaulieau caroliner three day stubble tragic mulatto piglatin world of pooh hugh swarts mark davies paul bergmann jay paget anne eickelberg brian hagemanv/a: step, step, steppin' on satan's foot tedium house publications
rate it drugstore primal scream sleeper senser blaggers ita terrorvision cypress hill collapsed lung jale deus the wedding present scrawl helmet dig manic street preachers kitchens of distinction salad shed seven henry rollins mindless drug hooverv/a: volume eleven volume
rate it emperor julian joeyfat hood wat tyler ligament fabric (UK)v/a: big-bollocked bonfire blow-up 5th november 1994 ka-boom!
rate it eternal temperance frail disregardv/a: through the haze overdose
rate it everclear engine kid throneberry nectarine truck stop love silkworm loud lucy edsel punchdrunk fig dish aminiature dexter methorophamv/a: you got lucky a tribute to tom petty scotti bros
rate it everclear pond m 99 caveman shoestorev/a: value pack tim kerr
No sleeve yet rate it everything eats a squirrel kingdom scum sludgecrypt gang of pork colon on the cob screamin' popeyes nine year old mudflesh friendly fossil fuel sockeye kill the hippies boy in love signal 30 krapper keeper silica gel harriet the spy mercury morris olson girdiroy eeyore groan wrecker plasticine gel monsterv/a: orchestral manures in the dork wheelchair full of old men
rate it evolved to obliteration apartment 213 short hate temper s.b.c. prententious assholes spazz christ mess reform control no less deadbodieseverywhere manchurian candidates state of the union agents of satan charles bronson piss poor ansojuan benumb lack of interest potato justice remission slobber nailed down the dreadv/a: el guapo 625
rate it female hercules cruiser pincher martin the knocking shopv/a: raisins and vomit four irish bands volume 2 ratfish
rate it fly ashtray rats of unusual size youth gone mad sea monkeys uncle wiggly smack dab the workdogs pig pen lunachicks artless john s. hall dave the spazz iron prostate dogbowl alice donut the see me feel me orchestrav/a: you know my name (look up the number) dumbrock vol.5 vital music
rate it franklin bruno the mountain goats guiding genius dump marcellus hall buttergloryv/a: i like walt! walt
rate it franklin cap'n jazz assfactor 4 shroomunion red 40 soophie nun squad thumbnail mohinder current julia plunger ordination of aaronv/a: we've lost beauty a compilation for christopher file thirteen
rate it fuel angry son dog tired sticks and stones lost walt mink green day people's court bad trip beef trust gneissmaker go!v/a: can you break through? skene!
No sleeve yet rate it fuzz ted bundy's volkswagon steakdaddy six shivv/a: get off my wagon #2 bonus 7" imminent rock / get off my wagon
rate it garment bladder designer (SWI) monoshock unholy swill mystery trackv/a: fuck that weak shit volume 3 pit's bull
rate it girls against boys karp unsane chokeborev/a: jabberjaw no.3 mammoth
rate it girls against boys unwound hole hammerhead (USA) beck teenage fanclub slug chokebore mule helmet southern culture on the skids karp jawbox surgery unsane seaweed inch that dog furtherv/a: jabberjaw good to the last drop mammoth
rate it golden starlet i'm being good pussycat trash skinned teen milky wimpshake lungleg mad kenny's allnight drinker delicate vomit the yummy fur wilfried unseen kenickie missy x avocado baby kid lemonv/a: slampt compilation - elastic jet mission slampt
rate it graue zellen cwill ambush ego-trip golgatha slumlords zorn acme systral lizufers mob stack time to suffer power wounded knee mine corrosive zelot dawnbreed bohrenv/a: plot plot
rate it green day flying medallions fabric (UK) understand china drum joeyfatv/a: built to blast six snorts of aural nutrate fierce panda
rate it guns 'n' wankersfor dancing and listening fat wreck
rate it guzzard today is the day chokeborev/a: clusterfuck '94 special tour 10" amphetamine reptile
rate it guzzard today is the day chokeborev/a: clusterfuck tour 7" amphetamine reptile
No sleeve yet rate it harriet the spyv/a: dan tarantula donut friends
rate it hemlock ashes/dust everready tiltwheel boilermaker unleadedv/a: volume liquid meat
rate it hint cause'n'effect hop stamina dharma bums X-easter greedy guts upper jaw bones six pack shaking dolls little big men loathsome seven hate T.V. killers hot leeks droopy's headache D.I.T. pew bepi falierov/a: noise killers vol 1 twenty one again #6 bonus tape twenty one again
rate it indian summer from ashes of... third rail rhyme embassy cap'n jazz braidv/a: ghost dance slave cut
rate it ivich sea shepherd thrill of confusion ultimate disorder finger print escap autonomia indigena shatter the myth cause'n effect fallacy héros à tort vanillav/a: reconstruction stonehenge / ras l'bol
rate it jacob's mousewryly smilers wiiija
rate it janitor joe atomic 61 superconductor sinatra chrome cranksv/a: up! helter skelter
rate it jawbreaker slug engine kid big damn crazy weight godheadsilo lifelikeweeds johnboy cherubs (USA) steel pole bath tub distorted pony grifters unwound beekeeper soul-junkv/a: smitten karate brand
rate it john oswald aaron williamson f.m. einheit & caspar brötzmann stewart home ether hogg spaceheads blue humans keith tippett & peter brötzmann & uli kellors keiji haino george melly dome robin cook moonshake & skree timelord arkestra john healey bruce gilbert iain sinclair put put terry edwards phill niblock brian catlingv/a: 3 fingers and a fumb blast first
rate it jowe headunhinged overground / hollow planet
rate it kill the thrill voodoo muzak x-rated-x shaking dolls garlic frog diet condense mega sonic boom blast drive blind burning heads cut the navel string sizable jugv/a: a wild state of noise & disorder pandemonium
No sleeve yet rate it kimusawea ambush zorn hitlerv/a: andersen stigma
rate it kraftwerk psychic tv & thee angels ov light hawkwind the orb helios creed legendary pink dots gong delerium ozric tentacles alien sex fiend spiral realms brian eno pressurehed syd barrett coil amon düül II nik turner din tangerine dream sky cries mary clock dvav/a: space daze cleopatra
rate it lack of interest excruciating terror bludgeon dystopia no comment cavity plutocracy discordance axis phobia agents of satan locust gob enemy soil nuclear armed hogs man is the bastard stapled shut no less his hero is gone noothgrush spazz evolved to obliteration crossed out benumb m.d.c. cattlepress cop out hellnation utter bastard capitalist casualtiesv/a: fiesta comes alive ! slap a ham
rate it lambchop rocket from the crypt erectus monotone polvo angels of epistemology metal pitcher the renderers pipe butterglory archers of loaf pure bricks drive like jehu coral superchunk magnetic fields breadwinner wwax portastatic squirrel nut zippersv/a: 5 rows of teeth merge
rate it lard d.o.a. hanson brothers tribe 8 alice donut god bullies brutal juice nomeansno tumor circus vagtazo halottkmet amebix zeni geva neurosis jello biafra & mojo nixon hissanol grotus chill e. b. v/a: the futility of a well ordered life alternative tentacles
rate it las mordidas eggs jawbox pitchblende helium & joan severin sweetie edsel norman meyer group tsunami 9353v/a: wgns gots no station compilation volume two wgns recordings
No sleeve yet rate it lazy susan phleg camp sleeping body stand upv/a: 4 bands i like familyman
rate it lenny kravitz garth brooks anthrax gin blossoms toad the wet sprocket shandi's addiction dinosaur jr extreme the lemonheads the mighty mighty bossstones yoshiki and the american symphony orchestra die artzev/a: kiss my ass a tribute to kiss polygram
rate it leonard cohen & tori amos john cale peter himmelman evan dando & juliana hatfield michael penn x nick cave & the bad seeds beck los lobos lindsey buckingham mark isham brendan perry natalie merchant lucinda williams david wilcoxv/a: KCRW Rare on Air vol. 1 mammoth
rate it les blind tantrum kim david watts v/a: old young calme plat
rate it linus pussycat trash comet gain skinned teenv/a: some hearts paid to lie wiiija
No sleeve yet rate it little my sandycoats chixdigme fibulator ubzub and meghan atkinsv/a: get off my wagon #4 bonus 7" imminent rock / get off my wagon
rate it loonies heiter bis wolkig lucy killed the dragon yok häwi mädels arni arsch dog faced hermans heavy gummis house of suffering amok dread attack ea80 erich friedv/a: es gibt ein leben vor dem tod
rate it lou barlow and his sentridoha collection of previously released songs city slang
rate it lou barlow dymaxion john davis rula lenskav/a: sick & tired + dark beloved cloud compilation sick & tired / dark beloved cloud
rate it lushcookie nippon columbia
rate it lush splendora jale ivy solar race fuzzyv/a: six sparks of effervescence from greer to eternity fierce panda
rate it mark lanegan morphine that dog buffalo tom paul weller madder rose sonic youth wagon christ pressure of speech spooky the divine comedy the cranberries tindersticks kristin hersh jah wobble fun-da-mental rub ultra blessed ethel compulsionv/a: volume nine volume
rate it medfield, ma portobello bones johnny blue mysterious asthmatic avenger paska doom mugv/a: no tears anymore forked tongues
rate it mercylandspillage ryko
rate it monster x via well away frail policy of 3 trees without leaves prozac memory pogrom groundwork portraits of past threadbare shatter the myth endeavor none left standingv/a: xxx some ideas are poisonous ebullition
rate it moonstruck maki's bright experience dog shop the dragstone MC the sleeppers heliogabale mushroom marc m. bubble within a dream drive blind the cryptones explosive coolies tchyzkok concrete idea tom violence crooner of doom hash over the puppetv/a: noise killers vol 2 twenty one again
rate it mukilteo fairies go sailor excuse 17 fitz of depression love as laughter tummy ache raggedy ann cub the crabs appleseed bloodthirsty butchers neutral milk hotel long hind legs tattle tale team dresch copass grinderz beckv/a: periscope yo-yo
rate it napalm parade god is my co-pilot flying saucer princess superstar the mad scene s!t!o!i!n!k!v/a: sympathy for count pococurante vol. 1 dark beloved cloud
No sleeve yet rate it nations on fire current undertow groundwork outspoken sparkmarker function blindfold avail rancid lifetime process farside ashesv/a: land of greed... world of need watermark / trustkill records
rate it nick cave & the bad seeds u2 lou reed herbert gronemeyer simon bonney u2 &johnny cash jane siberry the house of love laurie anderson laurent pettigrandv/a: faraway, so close ERG
rate it no trumpetto & nico (van apeldoorn) dull schiksal the shanks bene gesserit coitus int the ex bart chabot & frank woods archbishop kebab salo mentale courage the valliants hi ho silver blyth power dog faced hermans de kift pieter boskma frank starik & jules beethoven de raggende manne atilla the stockbroker peter abspoel the indestructible beat adriaan bontebal seein' red hallo venraij selfs without shellsv/a: radio mondain den haag de sessies #1 TW
rate it node spiritualized goya dress garbage prolapse shriek pet lamb moby g love and special sauce massive attack e.a.r. laika ride catatonia love spit love novocaine flinch nitzer ebbv/a: volume twelve winter sports special volume
rate it none left standing everlast mean season within a liev/a: cold war foresight / stability
rate it nra terry hoax sick of it all alloy mink stole rubbermaids jonas jinx only living witness motorpsycho d.i. upset noise brzeszinski 2bad richies baysix big drill car balance gigantor the strangemen alison ate vanilla chainsaws engrained medfield, mav/a: case closed? snoop
rate it palace brothersan arrow through the bitch domino
rate it palace brothers red red meat pavement desert storm smog gastr del sol silver jews fruitcake royal trux alastair galbraith burnout the red krayola mantis king kong vocokeshv/a: hey drag city drag city
rate it peter principal eggs urge overkill david kilgour & martin phillipps johnson gobblehoof hypnolovewheel uncle wiggly diesel meat the gamma rays the mad scene love battery the jetty fly ashtray the deer team smack dab hp zinker das damen teenage fanclub trycycle television personalitiesv/a: we're all normal and we want our freedom a tribute to arthur lee and love alias
rate it red aunts kill city babies velocipede polyestrogen grain shale collette stewface kill the hippies armstrongs secret nine the deconstruction harriet the spy the man i fell in love with mote schistfield ligod varnishv/a: boardgames to keep your mind off the punk rock struggle donut friends
rate it rodan tsunami eggsv/a: the monsters of rock volume II simple machines
rate it rust boilermaker jewel fluf heavy vegetable monument sugartwin reverb the bugburns loraine lucy's fur coat gregory page aMINIATURE inch deadbolt creedle superunloader uncle joe's big driver skinbus back off cupidsv/a: saint doug reel george
rate it s*m*a*s*h done lying down mantaray action painting! blessed ethel these animal menv/a: six bursts of hyperexcitment shagging in the streets fierce panda
rate it sarah rides the greyhound the third sex - team dresch mizzery sue p. fox with rachel carns rebecca gates fifth column 151 containe nikki & jen & rueben the lois(lois) cheesecake azteca x heavens to betsy excuse 17 nikki mclurev/a: free to fight! candy ass
rate it scrawl versus the tinklers lungfish codeine the coctails eggs jonny cohen & the shoe trees veronica lake my dad is dead rastro! nothing painted blue lois small factory tsunami jawbox crackerbash the grifters crain pitchblende superchunk caterpillar mc jason noble danielle howle david greenberger archers of loaf bricks jonny cohen rodan franklin bruno no artistv/a: working holiday simple machines
rate it senseless things power of dreams wat tyler bleach gallon drunk new fast automatic daffodils the shamen holy joy loop the godfathers seven year bitch back to the planetv/a: 'progression' rape crisis compilation progression
No sleeve yet rate it sentridohwinning losers a collection of home recordings smells like records
rate it sinister six gas huffer big foot chester sugar shackv/a: P13 - Texas - Evil a tribute to poison 13 bag of hammers
rate it sleepyhead june of 44 half calf experimental pollen #69v/a: magic eye singles #1 magic eye
rate it sparkalepsy seam overpass hazel nuzzle oswald five-o joe boon & tony platon the brain surgeons the 3m company treepeople vida ethan james & cindy albon tsunami cellophane strawman meat puppets crackerbash nels cline trio dos experimental pollen #68 overwhelming colorfast free kitten jawbox locos borachos thurston moore joe baiza 67 riot kaia unwound the meices blowout corduroy lou barlow d boon minutemenv/a: our band could be your life a tribute to d.boon and the minutemen little brother
rate it spizzenergiunhinged damaged goods
rate it stereolab pj harvey th'faith healers voodoo queens seefeel pram moonshake minxus laika mouse on marsv/a: pop (do we not like that?) too pure
rate it struggle unbroken honeywell groundworkv/a: lacking mindset spoonfed
rate it superconductor stymie crackerbash trash can schoolv/a: teriyaki asthma volume nine c/z
rate it teenage fanclub nirvana weezer cell hole beck sonic youth the dog counting crows the posies sloan st. johnny murray attaway the sundaysv/a: DGC rarities vol. 1 geffen
rate it ten boy summer swing kids campaign indian summer starkweather franklin finger print braille half man premonition railhed currentv/a: food not bombs benefit lp please help... inchworm
No sleeve yet rate it the ah club will simmons iacocca primordial undermind chicken damage god is my co-pilot massengil furniture huschle party of one jack knife the extra glennsv/a: fantasy band (a shrimper compilation) shrimper
rate it the bluetones thurman create! the weekenders the nubiles alvin purplev/a: six blasts of technicolour shrapnel return to splendour fierce panda
rate it the cleanoddities flying nun
rate it the dambuilders archers of loaf versus spatula unwound grifters butterglory crayon nothing painted blue small 23 diskothi-q blaise pascal spent portastatic further refrigeratorv/a: a day in the park the now sound
rate it the ex paxton quiggly spitboy one by one citizen fish spork dogfightv/a: this inheritance must be refused hopscotch
rate it the flying luttenbacher gneissmaker jackwacker whitev/a: hunter's safety midwest noise compilation volume 1 coat-tail
rate it the need daily planets wombles subliminal toxic the preachers deep green water thee eklektiks the gutter kids trashcan juice the bubblies de ku dilacht the bloody beatnix THCv/a: kaiser addicts prune compilation nova express
rate it the ubderwear icky boyfriends the paper tulips hydrafist bakamono love child backbiter black angels death song too much girl goddess possum dixon kryptonite nixon stanford prison experiment babyland bladder cockfight cows dirtclodfight this is edwin wonder popdefectv/a: the devil you know, the devil you don't flipside
rate it tindersticks strangelove the god machine breedv/a: stereophonic comp kennel 45 club number two blueyedog
rate it tourettes cupid car club starpower boredoms helium & the birds of paradise the spinanes team dresch mulkiteo fairies severed lathargy rancid free kitten universal order of armageddon the pee chees star pimp pell mell smog kathleen hanna star sign scorpio the hattifatteners grouse mountain skyride god is my co-pilot fifth column fleabagv/a: rock stars kill kill rock stars
rate it tugboat:3001 back off cupids portastatic steve fisk soul-junk the yak fellaheen o. low barlow's acoustic sentridohv/a: ow, quit it vol. 2 volvolo
No sleeve yet rate it undertow ?v/a:universal chocking sign excursion
No sleeve yet rate it undertow ?v/a:anti-matter anti-matter
No sleeve yet rate it undertow ?v/a:big pants waste precious fabric no idea
rate it vehicle flips twig the ampersands the mountain goats six cents and natalie the gothic archies pest 5000 weeping in fits and starts frank boscoe & karl hendricks the cat's miaow fertile virgin tully craft lotus eaters prickly the extra glenns high risk group the magnetic fieldsv/a: the long secret harriet
rate it voodoo muzak cosmonauts hail satan mousetrap drag kingv/a: fuck that weak shit volume 4 pit's bull
rate it voorhees kito stand off nailbomb ironside submission understandv/a: consolidation armed with anger
rate it we ate songs sodapop 1000 spirales cocottes-minutes peter parker experience cody edgar trampoline he's on fire yvan premant lol scoubidou diabologum thérèse salviat les poissons solubles lucievacarme chloé unaware smiling marianne david heaton rich heart daisy age happy days crystal fields nougatine the sigh romeo suspect marjoriev/a: etreinte & tempo disco 2000 / jms
rate it wreck vexed engine kidv/a: three on the tree c/z
rate it zoinks! freakazoid robot 2000 loadstar gobv/a: a worldwide release from the ass of kill us if you think we should stop satan's pimp
rate it § rorschach acmé ?v/a: no desire to continue living
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