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rate it - colin thomas strawberry colin spring mitch ledford pall madigan doug martsch & karena ben davis love as laughter michael john rhonda pelikan jim acquavella norwood daniel higgs klaus flouride chris lombav/a: ...can't dance, too wet to plow... home recorded cassette culture
rate it 1.6 band1.6 band broke up gern blandsten
rate it 4 non blondes hootie & the blowfish sheryl crow stone temple pilots big head todd & the monsters duran duran blind melon cracker david yow & helmet rollins band never the bride robert plant & tori amosv/a: encomium a tribute to led zeppelin atlantic
rate it ? avail whirlybird action patrol bad guy reaction uphill downv/a: food not bombs benefit tape whirled
rate it ? brainbombs ...v/a: assassins of silence hundred watt violence hawkwind tribute ceres
No sleeve yet rate it ? daily planets n.g. shaggy hound well spotted abdomensv/a: weird noise compression weird
No sleeve yet rate it alboth! oracle pore hems grill désaccord majeurv/a: lágrimas de miedo n°2 muslim women prepare to shoot fear drop
rate it amber inn current wallside car vs. driverv/a: capsule capsule
rate it angel hairpregnant with the senior class gravity
rate it autobody din triptych erasergun fibulator irving klaw trio little my mallemuck rrope the softsv/a: real bad gas silly bird
rate it avocado babya million and nine and sex and gum and stuff slampt
rate it azalia snail saturnine 60 guv'ner guided by voices the sea and cake slim moon shorty pony slant 6 blonde redhead gate giant sand DQEv/a:
threadwaxing space live : the presidential compilatio
n 1993-1994
zero hour
No sleeve yet rate it babes in toyland hole l7 stpv/a: ... and everything nice
rate it bis the golden mile the delgados merzbowv/a: ché trading limited presents... ché
rate it boredoms supernova chokebore love 666 bailter spacev/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume nine amphetamine reptile
rate it built to spill & caustic resin the verlaines east river pipe lisa germano cradle robbers jay farrar & kelly willisv/a: red hot + bothered the indie rock guide to dating vol. 2 red hot / kinetic / reprise
rate it burning heads seven hate oneyed jack toxic bee buzz portobello bones trashcan juice deadly toys dyonisos tuscaloosa sausage biscuit virago bumblebees sleeppers tantrum terminal buzz bomb shout mass hysteria hintv/a: alternative spirit credo
rate it butthole surfersthe hole truth... and nothing butt trance syndicate
rate it buzzcocksproduct emi
rate it cable (USA)st atomic action
rate it chickenhead emily's sassy lime men's recovery project elliott smith solid gold delightful little nothings pansy division fitz of depression black fork red #9 worst case scenario shaken 69 no talent crumbs deerhoof gambling sounds peechees waydowns the couch of eureka bonus track excuse 17 potatomen kitty cat spy club gashley snub bonnot gang third sex mr t experience executioners sunnychar bomb bassetts frumpies teamsters go sailor dig yr grave rickets lice tourettes cub pussycat trash mary lou lordv/a: a slice of lemon kill rock stars / lookout!
rate it chris cochrane don caballero duotron the flying luttenbachers gneissmaker jackwacker l-r duo zeena parkins elliott sharp whitev/a: sixty second compilation coat-tail
rate it christie front drive in/humanity baby harp seal torches to rome solar bomb kit kurtv/a: for want of... x-mist
rate it chromev/a: sampler having a wonderful time in the juice drome dossier
rate it chromechrome sampler volume I having a wonderfull time with the tripods dossier
rate it coleman elements of need the fisticuffs bluff amber innv/a: inspirit a compilation benefiting victims of sexual violence... ancestry / static
rate it cooper skippies fake hyppi shaggy hound drip tank condense tantrum garlic frog diet creedle steak daddy six kevin seconds greedy guts headache schleprock abdomens undolor seven hate sleeppers daily planets no use for a name bolweevilsv/a: oh! what a wonderful compilation! wool
rate it cows headcleanerv/a: erase yer head n° 2 pandemonium / sugar & spice
rate it credit to the nation ash noise addict supergrass gorky's zygotic mynci tribute to nothingv/a: crazed and confused fierce panda
rate it daniel johnston deluxx folk implosion the folk implosion sebadoh lo-down slintv/a: kids soundtrack london
rate it david kilgourfirst steps & false alarms the best of the worst - home demos of demos ajax
rate it default toast snap-her slight slappers masskontoroll bonescratch dismachine under threat the gaia in/humanity punisher cum the goblins no side total failure muzelbastards dishonest i.r.f. hocu? necu non sanity assassins 16 b.u.h. one size fits all distraught flash gordon dysfunctional & disfucked d.p.p.s. the piss shivers mortuus plutonium fat day defiance cumbrage disfuse naked aggression times square preachers f.t.d. sedative acroholia budellam calf branding final conflictv/a: no fate H.G. fact
rate it default unsettled laceration disdain ulcer apartment 213v/a: prototype clean plate
rate it devoid of faith bleed kisses and hugs horace pinker benchmark abnormal behavior coleman ox floodgate silence equals three studies for a crucifixion raze dead inside policy of 3v/a: education compilation mountain
rate it drugstore tindersticks pete shelley wedding present violent femmes alex chilton archers of loaf these immortal souls jeffrey lee pierce magnapop dave alvin pale saints tim buckley frente 10,000 maniacsv/a: step right up the songs of tom waits caroline
rate it drunks with gunsdrunks with guns compilation behemoth
rate it edsel heartworms low andrew beaujonv/a: indie rock flea market part 2 flip
rate it elevate bob tilton snuff lung leg quickspace supersport prolapsev/a: easter egg-splosion basketcase
rate it embassy gadje elements of need jihad constatine sankathi grade bev-clone reversal of man bleed the mieciav/a: follow n' believe a food not bombs benefit compilation element
rate it escare freicore krackhouse voodoo muzak jaywalker rwa x rated x kill the thrill w.o.o. one armv/a: ah! quelle belle journée! amanita
rate it eyehategod floor despise you apartment 213 thugv/a: loud n' ugly volume 2 'creeping, crawling, flesh-eating music!' bovine
rate it fig dish lifter pee chokebore barkmarket 7 year bitch treepeople further pinching judy lambchop fitz of depression foreskin 500 karp long hind legs clikitat ikatowiv/a: notes from the underground 2 priority
rate it final conflict lack of interest 324 avulsion noothgrush suppression slight slappers melt-banana godstomper deadbodieseverywhere gob the dread burned up bled dry mk ultra slobber ruido benumb mexican power authority combat wounded veteran assspatula fanatics senseless apocalypse vilenty ill nice view quadiliacha disassociate palatka flash gordon japanese torture comedy hour judas iscariot scalp lock enemy soil charles bronson real reggae mange egotismo disney violence tomsk 7 excruciating terror brother inferior black army jacket smiss army blanket bad acid trip beast devoid of faith despise you harsh misanthropists bastard noise dismal marsh gas in/humanity rash of beatings asstroland los crudos locust society of friends agorophobic nosebleed utter bastard resin pretentious assholes little princess action jackson no less pound hated principles your mother gasp seventh victim none of your fucking business no think gyga degradev/a: bllleeeeaaauuurrrgghhh! - a music war 72 bands slap a ham
rate it flippersex bomb baby infinite zero
rate it folk implosion freedom cruise noise addict grifters liquoricev/a: red hot + bothered the indie rock guide to dating vol. 1 red hot / kinetic / reprise
rate it frank black evan dando arcwelder freedy johnston the verve semisonic american music club ben harper spearhead grant lee buffalo lisa germano dead hot workshop cows soul coughing rev. horton heat they might be giants kristy maccoll rex daisy epic soundtracks peter lack g. love and special sauce v/a: rev 105 radio archive vol. 1
a collection of rare accoustic performances recorded
live at revolution radio minneapolis, mn
REV 105
rate it freedom cruise built to spill & caustic resin lisa germano noise addict folk implosion the verlaines liquorice babe the blue ox juicy the sea and cake cradle robbers jay farrar & kelly willis grifters east river pipe heavenly future bible heroes flying nuns gastr del solv/a: red hot + bothered the indie rock guide to dating red hot / kinetic / reprise
rate it fuckemos crown roast N.O.T.A. do it now foundation flying saucers orange mothers cherubs (USA) stretford the hamicks inhalants the dropouts the sone of hercules the hormones blind willie's johnson thomas andersonv/a: the beginning of the end again unclean
rate it fudge tunnelin a word earache
rate it girls against boys honeymoon stitch moby low codeine further stanton-miranda starchildren kendra smith versus desert storm godheadsilo face to face tortoisev/a: a means to an end the music of joy division virgin
No sleeve yet rate it goober patrol ron ron clou hi-standard middi shade wat tylerv/a: somehow it don't bother me a tribute to snuff II snuffy smile
rate it green river mudhoney nirvana tad soundgarden screaming trees beat happening seaweed fastbacksv/a: screaming life: a chronicle of the seattle music scene sub pop
rate it ground zero kazuhisa uchihashi u.s. maple xome pencilneck 7000 dying rats james plotkin tsuguto tsunoda ruins jim o'rourke liminal akiyama-sugimoto cult junk cafe melt banana lumbar trio altered states yasahiro ohtani otomo yoshihide flying luttenbachers tv powv/a: the miracle of levitation (experimental sounds from the united states and japan) gentle giant
rate it guv'ner tsunami bügsküll marmaladev/a: compulsiv III compulsiv
rate it headache marker polaris stalingrad underclassv/a: a u.k. punk cooperation common cause
rate it heavenlythis is heavenly elefant
rate it heck rory commadore boyracer cornershopv/a: around the world with sticky records sticky
rate it help me refrigerator wallpaper irving klaw trio the mountain goats good horsey new bad things bugskullv/a: i present this union pole
rate it hurl dianogah lustre king 90 day men c-clamp a minor forest dis-v/a: myohioactionpalboygoldgod300 my pal god / ohio gold / actionboy
rate it iconoclastst old glory
rate it in ano failsafe barrel the sovietsv/a: what april showers bring... ape
rate it indian summer current boilermaker allure shroomunion embassy juliav/a: eucalyptus flutterby tree conspiracy
rate it international strike force taking pictures airport girl kooky monsterv/a: coffee coffee fortuna pop
rate it irving klaw trio national rockombo soul junk trumans water howardianv/a: wantcompdeux wäntage
rate it j churchnostalgic for nothing broken rekids
rate it ja-lo-paz deerhoof tongue bucket self-helpv/a: leg meat comp leg meat
rate it jawbreaker monsula nuisance cringerv/a: brouhaha broken rekids
rate it jim o'rourke tony conrad richard youngs faust keith rowev/a: in god we trust table of the elements
rate it jonathan fire*eater spoiler speedball baby the spitters poem rocket slug noisext '68 comeback chrome cranks slowworm fuse railroad jerkv/a: pcp generics pcp entertainment
rate it junctiona collection of random mishaps art monk construction
rate it krispy 3 whiteout the boo radleys animals that swim juliana hatfield elcka interact throwing muses kaliphz luscious jackson tribute to nothing the flying medallions nova mob done lying down rosa mota edwyn collins tindersticks radiohead velo deluxe reverberation heather novav/a: volume thirteen the lucky issue volume
rate it laurels90-95 dot dot dash
rate it ligament scarfo joeyfatv/a: three thumping spurts of slunchcore suzi quatro lives in chelmsford fierce panda
rate it los cincos kicking giant citizens utilities nuzzle kaia diskothi-q truman's water the boredoms the magic pacer retriever carla and martha old hickory beck man is the bastard antioch arrow engine kid that dog skylab further the fisticuffs bluff karpv/a: los angeles live vol. 1 kxlu eighty-eight point nine fm KXLU
rate it love 666 party diktator today is the day guzzard halo of kitten chokebore cows hammerhead supernova helios creed janitor joe snivlem gearjammer s.w.a.t.v/a: amrep motors 1995 models amphetamine reptile
rate it man or astroman? whirlybird m blanket swank teeth squatweiler shade quadiliacha hot water music waffle stomper maximillion colby tanner boyle second hand horace pinker water monitor less than jake the pee tanks car vs. driver the odd numbers bughummerv/a: attaining the supreme whirled
rate it mary's child prohibition (FR) deadly toys swell greedy guts hems a subtle plague dum dum boys cryptones drive blind sloy arthur kaos bästard & hint subside daily planets el inquilino comunista the wakes latimer moonstruck D.I.T. straw dogsv/a: collection teen a silvernoise and vicious circle compilation silvernoise / vicious circle
rate it melody dog manxish boys sally skull hello skinny lung leg cotton gum the yummy fur starstruckv/a: in spelunca vesuvius
rate it melvins fu manchu bracket mojo nixonv/a: thora-zines #6 bonus flexi 7" with a special message from the melvins thora-zine
rate it mereldiscography gern blandsten
rate it monorchid the shivers blue tip frodusv/a: the lovitt empire lovitt
rate it morrisseyworld of morrissey parlophone / emi
rate it moto cub paul bevoir paisley shirts mctells baine watson orchestra behaviour savior arne hansen wimp factor 14 yukio yung fondue set schwermut forest kitchen cynics les tender whiskers tables bartlebees david e. lucy six cents and natalie jowe head esq. cee bee beaumont astroburger silly pillows creams mondfähre chris gretsch maylove catfish ii tv personalitiesv/a: candybars little teddy recordings
No sleeve yet rate it mt shasta dimbuld 7000 dying rats moss back stunt copsv/a: the bonus grip insight #4 bonus 7" anti-music
rate it neurosis phleg camp nomeansno strawman jonestown lazyboy sleeperv/a: the making of allied one two three allied
rate it nocturnal projectionsnever ends in power lines raffmond
rate it otis 13 season to risk giants chair pamper the madman molly mcguire tenderloin black calvin grither secular theme boys life germbox first year thief gasoline shiner sin city disciples outhouse quitters club cher uk rocco go kart shallow trust obeyv/a: kansas city misery red decibel
rate it oxbow from outer space upfront the foetus featuresv/a: harakiri no 2 harakiri
rate it palacemountain palace / domino
rate it paste george willard will simmons mag wheels loris altamontv/a: industrial folk vol. 1 squealer
rate it penthouse kenickie joeyfat spare snare scarfo nub bob tilton bis pure morning blumfeld gallon drunk quickspace supersport donkey long fin killie the wedding presentv/a: the camden crawl love train
rate it pere ubuthe hearpen singles tim kerr
rate it plunger grain harriet the spy embassy strictly ballroom anasarca bare minimum feverpitch slowsidedown bubblejugv/a: hand made words toyland
rate it prevail order of importance reversal of man inkwellv/a: placebo concurrent
rate it psychic tv controlled bleeding spahn ranch sky cries mary spiral realms leaether strip ron geesin eden din alien sex friend furnace nik turner the electric hellfire club helios creed pressurehed penal colony EXP melting euphoria farflungv/a: a saucerful of pink a tribute to pink floyd cleopatra
rate it r.e.m. neil and the d-tales smashing orangev/a: the bob #50 bonus 7"
rate it radio inferno sonic youth & iggy pop band of susans caspar brotzmann massaker stewart home iain sinclair robin cookv/a: stereophonic comp kennel 45 club number four blueyedog
rate it rebby sharp god is my co-pilot witchknot blood sausage cub azalia snail red chair fadeaway the petals blind bats louis philipe momus zoe head next time passions linda smith tv personalities lonely pastels honeybunch mambo taxi bartlebees & anja jowe head doorbars mysterious excerptv/a: garden of delights presents... seek refuge... garden of delights
rate it rocket from the crypt final conflict evil powers me crankshaft strain stovebolt 16 septic death cavity bloodthirsty butchers zeus pitchblende doomv/a: taste bacteria sour
rate it rorschachautopsy gern blandsten
rate it rye coalition animal farm impetus inter as good as deadv/a: degrees of... malice stationeight
rate it shellac big'n brise glace us maplev/a: double seven inch and comic book set ac/dc tribute series sides 1-4 shellac record no.7 skin graft / gasoline boost
rate it shudder to think the ropers chisel eggs dj bootious maximus candy machine glo-worm cinnamon toast frodus peter hayes tuscadero edsel mud rollercoaster my life in rain dismemberment plan jawbox trampolinev/a: give me the cure the cure tribute radiopaque recordings / corduroy records
rate it sideshow germbox mercy rule molly mcguirev/a: a caulfield compilation record number 5 caulfield
rate it sleepytime trio remingtin waltz strikeforce diablov/a: the belladona series vol. 1 animism planaria
rate it slowsidedown nineironspitfire botch joug down bakerv/a: brewing excursion
rate it soy danko jones acrid rubber girlfriend daddy's hands ulcer chitz ak-47 26 letter prison doomtown submission hold m-blanket never too late war face grade blundermen disassociate from man render useless goatboy spazmz swallowing shit one eleven moral panic moaning lisas bombshelter i-spy dillinger mob pipebomb go! -v/a: go! - 47 canadian hc bands F.O.B.P.
No sleeve yet rate it spacemen 3translucent flashbacks the glass singles fire
rate it SPDFGH pansy division chumbawamba mambo taxi doom wat tylerv/a: gay pride (you don't know what your missing) whoever whenever whatever rugger bugger
rate it starfish sixteen deluxe bedhead desafinado my dad is dead furry things sweetpea cherubs pain teens crust lowbrow ed hall drain johnboy a.c. acoustics cherubs (USA) butthole surfers roky ericksonv/a: cinco años! trance syndicate
rate it steel pole bath tub chrome cranks brainiac today is the dayv/a: dope guns' n fucking in the streets volume ten amphetamine reptile
rate it stereolabrefried ectoplasm duophonic ultra high frequency disks
rate it stereolab wake ooloo coctails haney brothers brian dewan peter holsapple raincoats chandler travis chris smither professor and maryann crystalites jowe head giant sand dog faced hermans hoover rats of unusual size the smugglers they might be giants lisa germano die knodel susan mckeown and the chanting house bob mould max nagl-patrice heral flat old world pork chop richard sinclair katell keineg pinetop perkins amy mcmahon rigby cordell jackson murphy's oil soap boys michael hurley richard barone dots will echo amy allison and maudlins lol coxhill homer erotic zlatne uste balkan brass band kustard kings mental decayv/a: upsalapalooza more live music from wfmu
rate it stone rosesthe complete stone roses silvertone
rate it strangulated beatoffsgreatest hits behemoth
rate it stratotanker the mountain goats franklin bruno railroad jerkv/a: the wedding record walt
No sleeve yet rate it sugarbesides rykodisc
rate it super furry animals baby bird panda mexican pets harvey's rabbit spare snarev/a: six baubles of fizzing rapture mortal wombat fierce panda
rate it superchunkincidental music 1991-95 merge
rate it suppression agoraphobic nosebleed murder suicide beast line of fire pisspoor deadbodieseverywhere benümb society of friends the misanthropistsv/a: the monsters in my head big city bastard
rate it tablest humble
rate it teenage fanclubdeep fried fanclub paperhouse / fire
rate it teenage jesus and the jerkseverything atavistic
rate it television personalitiesyes darling, but is it art? (early singles and rarities) fire
rate it the's some velvet sidewalk loomis slovak ruby falls the mountain goats evergreen (CA) solmania crayon shoeface love child bastard noise cambria nothng painted blue zeni geva unwound refrigerator nomeansnov/a: the basement tapes live recordings at KSPC 1989-1995 kspc
rate it the disciples spring heel jack mister bubbles automation bedouin ascent the rootsman coil the omni trio laika new kingdom tortoise skull & ice bud alzir extremadura 4hero the golden palominos mad professor wagon christ scorn tricky iration steppas & dennis rootical bandulu earthlingv/a: macro dub infection vol. 1 virgin
rate it the goops outcrowd sheer terror buzz hungry sweet diesel deadguy alloy rest in piecesv/a: die soon
rate it the pastels juned modest mouse 764-herov/a: various artists up
No sleeve yet rate it the pastels pizzicato five silkworm s.f. seals run onv/a: robert haber memorial box matador
rate it the pist the showcase showdown fear of reprisal portraits of past naked aggression jim jones party mix rancid hellspawn rye coalition dead silence death side capitalist casualties vanilla the quarelling xenophobic waitresses devoid of faith los crudos potato justice bound action patrol frail fat day fyp coleman maximillian colby chickita stand off christie front drive quincy punx trollin withdrawalv/a: stealing the pocket positive punk
rate it the raincoatsfairytales tim kerr
rate it the rentals benett recess josh haden jackknife that dog too much girl radies man the strawberry jams rump crib fleabag the haves the neptunas bobby and the magic pacer waldo the dog faced boy speculum fight rod poole polar goldie cats the geraldine fibbers beck june blake lowercase kryptonite nixon charles brown superstar shady ladies of the mother lode danny frankel brown cow nastassya filippovna vector 3niner slugv/a: the poop alley tapes win records
rate it the sonora pine zeke fiddler new radiant storm king nord expressv/a: magic eye singles #2 magic eye
rate it the vi thompson overdrive the waydowns worst case scenario hughes the irving klaw trio clever the teamsters jane noël unwound the vi thompson overdrivethe teamstersv/a: wä the essential wäntage compilation wäntage
rate it the wives deadguy eletric frankenstein the templars iabhorher sweet diesel mind over matter the hot corn girls die 116 the wretched ones holeshot murphy's law neglect vicious beatings 13 the devil dogs hell no iron prostate garden variety milhousev/a: step on a crack volume two go-kart
rate it thinking fellers union local 282TFUL282 japan overseas
rate it three studies for a crucifixion silence equals in/humanity scout stephen hero thumbnail car vs. driver failure face wellington ipecac lybernum ordination of aaronv/a: amnesia handled the right way any tool is a weapon ebullition
rate it tuscadero chisel frodus bloodnationv/a: squirrel level
rate it u2 pj harvey brandy seal massive attack & tracey horn eddi reader mazzy star the offspring nick cave method man michael hutchence the devlins sunny day real estate the flaming lipsv/a: batman forever original music from the motion picture atlantic
No sleeve yet rate it U2 suede the boo radleys counting crows dick dale faith no more echobelly teenage fanclub sleeper grant lee buffalo swervedriver ride drugstore surpergrass radiohead tindersticks mn8v/a: hold on: BBC radio one sessions melody maker / bbc
rate it universal order of armageddonst kill rock stars
No sleeve yet rate it unsane ?v/a: abus dangereux #43 abus dangereux
rate it unsane everclear morning glories the rugburns alcohol funnycar built to spill sixteen deluxe saturnine thirty ought six godheadsilo slug e.coli pop sickle milk cult prayerfactoryv/a: notes from the underground 1 priority
rate it unwound slant 6 truckstop rodan smog two $ guitar kicking giant sleepyhead ruby falls freakwater salmon king versus polvo retsin big heifer boondoggle crain helium dungbeetle the griftersv/a: half-cocked the motion picture soundtrack a wild ride through southern disillusionment matador
rate it unwound slant 6 truckstop rodan smog two $ guitar kicking giant sleepyhead ruby falls freakwater salmon king versus polvo retsin big heifer boondoggle crain helium dungbeetle the griftersv/a: half-cocked the motion picture soundtrack a wild ride through southern disillusionment matador
rate it voodoo muzak skelter steer vegs no tomorrow charlie skullduggery peter plane urge the rabbit skins rawfrucht one arm soom betty blood triov/a: fat butt without love vol.1 from belgium with love
rate it wat tyler oi polloi wormv/a: bollox fuck shit arse wank piss cunt prick it's big it's tough it's clever swearing rugger bugger
rate it waterwheel fuxa james plotkin little princess larceny tribes of neurot otraslab batterie acid laughing gas masonna pencilneck delphium princess dragon-mom brent gutzeit & james plotkin sheepheadv/a: noise reduction alleysweeper
No sleeve yet rate it white tornadov/a: indigena wide indigena / wide
rate it whrilybird herschel jolly mortals swankv/a: quadruped whirled records starter kit whirled
rate it wirebehind the curtain (early versions) emi
rate it zeni geva x-rated-xv/a: erase yer head numer uno pandemonium / sugar & spice
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